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File 143089628098.jpg - (2.48MB , 5202x3465 , JessCherry.jpg )
32539 No. 32539 ID: 8532bf Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Because I dunno what happened to our old one. This will be for photographs you've actually taken, not cool shit you saw on the front page of Reddit. (Maybe a mod can sticky this, or not, doesn't really matter)

Don't be afraid to post stuff that you might not think is very good, because sucking at something is the first step to being really good at something. Besides, one of the photog guys here (like AH) will undoubtedly give you helpful advice.

Starting off with my first ever attempts at night photography. I was very much not sober and I didn't have a tripod so the exposures aren't super clean, but I still think they turned out kinda cool.
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>> No. 34354 ID: 13f512
File 149469134270.jpg - (4.45MB , 2941x2372 , 1 (1 of 1)-2.jpg )
>> No. 34355 ID: bc78c2
File 149480532736.jpg - (2.81MB , 6082x1600 , PANO_20170514_094237.jpg )
Schnebly Hill Rd

File 134757315474.jpg - (398.40KB , 732x1280 , Troop1 Mod7.jpg )
9065 No. 9065 ID: f865ef Stickied hide watch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Disclaimer: This is for the posting of actual art, and not J Grant bashing.

Basically, post your works in progress or anything you're particularly proud of. Comments and critiques are presumably welcome.
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>> No. 34366 ID: fe9a82
File 149665011624.jpg - (1.17MB , 2435x1741 , img264cropped.jpg )
>whats your pixiv fam?
>> No. 34367 ID: fe9a82
File 14966509419.jpg - (635.20KB , 1667x1208 , img234resize.jpg )
what's wrong with Audi?

No. 34376 ID: f9fa2a hide watch quickreply [Reply]

No. 34372 ID: c3b8cf hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 34373 ID: 19518e
That was fucking OPERATOR.
>> No. 34374 ID: 8c40bd
Nerf Team Fortress https://youtu.be/OYXiYcX3sQ8

File 149758356045.png - (1.15MB , 842x1254 , H1IpM4s.png )
34369 No. 34369 ID: 13f512 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
"The Last Fag"
>> No. 34370 ID: 13f512
File 149758364967.png - (1.13MB , 842x1254 , dmZgm0Z.png )
>> No. 34371 ID: 13f512
File 149758366542.png - (1.35MB , 845x1315 , Wlt9p6O.png )

No. 34335 ID: 9723b1 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  >Kellyanne Conway makes a point about smart ovens
>liberals lose their fucking minds
>msm desperately trying to prove smart ovens dont exist
>every leftist "comedian" using it as a punchline
>stephen colshart talking to her through an oven
What the fuck is wrong with the left nowadays? Used to be a time when at least they had their shit together. Certain individuals have been spying on kids through wireless cameras and toys for ages, it's not farfetched for a government agency to do it.

Oh by the way liberals, CIA can spy on you through your silicone companion as well:
>> No. 34340 ID: 334c17
Ugh, first world problems.
>> No. 34368 ID: 8abb7b
A leftist is someone who believes in some form of Karl Marx's theories.

A liberal is someone who believes in limited government

These are silly city people who follow fads.

File 149661168824.gif - (1.92MB , 700x1050 , tumblr_o24qitktjM1sqqsygo1_1280.gif )
34358 No. 34358 ID: 1d281d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 34361 ID: 1d281d
File 149661181172.jpg - (26.92KB , 736x684 , b5e4b805e619bde0662e0954126a893c.jpg )
>> No. 34362 ID: 1d281d
File 149661184574.gif - (1.50MB , 609x912 , tumblr_nz1v49YDLW1sqqsygo1_r1_1280.gif )
>> No. 34363 ID: 1d281d
File 149661186566.jpg - (68.78KB , 1080x1620 , tumblr_nz6bf1pLVr1sqqsygo1_r2_1280.jpg )
>> No. 34364 ID: 1d281d
File 149661188480.jpg - (186.71KB , 1279x1920 , tumblr_nzeq9tlGir1sqqsygo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 34365 ID: 1d281d
File 149661189731.gif - (1.24MB , 500x750 , tumblr_o2nz1jXHhh1sqqsygo1_500.gif )

No. 34352 ID: 13f512 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Perhihelion Ship - Bird of Fire

Great Finnish metal, includes mellotron.
>> No. 34356 ID: 8b43b7
  >Great Finnish metal
>> No. 34357 ID: e45ab8
  >Great Finnish metal

No. 34345 ID: 72cb51 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Rick and Morty - Season 3 Episode 1 https://youtu.be/f-OmtdM7yFQ
>> No. 34347 ID: 22c903
File 149300446346.jpg - (214.89KB , 1920x1080 , 1492997751220.jpg )
>> No. 34348 ID: fb5138
File 149304090166.jpg - (82.01KB , 800x401 , McDonald's 'Mulan McNugget' Szechua.jpg )
McDonald's 'Mulan McNugget' Szechuan sauce makes epic comeback thanks to 'Rick and Morty'
‘Mulan’ McNugget Sauce Fetches $14K on eBay - The dip hasn’t been available in nearly two decades
Apr 17, 2017 http://www.eater.com/2017/4/17/15327054/mcdonalds-mulan-szechuan-teriyaki-sauce-ebay-rick-and-morty
Someone on eBay placed a bid worth $14,700 for a pair of 19-year-old McDonald’s MgNugget sauces that the seller recently found in “an old car.” One of these condiments, the “Szechuan teriyaki dipping sauce,” was released as a tie-in for the Disney movie Mulan, but it hasn’t been available since the film came out in 1998. People shell out big bucks for nostalgic food products on eBay all the time, but this is an unusually high price tag. Its popularity can only be explained by a viral stunt that the creators of Adult Swim animated comedy Rick and Morty launched a few weeks back.
...Although McDonald’s has not announced any official plans to bring the sauce back, a spokesperson recently remarked: “We never say never, because when our customers speak, we listen.”
Until the chain’s head honchos decide to put the sauce back into commission, fans can continue to troll eBay, hoping and praying that someone else in the world discovers a lost packet of “Szechuan dip.” Currently, one eBay seller is offering another packet of the sauce for the comparatively low buy-it-now price of $1,000:
>> No. 34349 ID: fb5138
  Binging with Babish: Rick & Morty Szechuan Sauce https://youtu.be/wBhhlE92mIQ
>> No. 34350 ID: ebb4ba
hahah dude I love science!

No. 34332 ID: d4c8ee hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  A bunch of meatheads on a bodybuilding forum try to figure out how many days in the week there are.
>> No. 34334 ID: ebb4ba
File 148962466460.gif - (18.58KB , 528x359 , timecubeflierimg.gif )
Everyone knows there's 28 days in a week.
>> No. 34337 ID: ea8f9f
  What a great series.

>> No. 34339 ID: e188a9
  That anguished NO.
>> No. 34343 ID: 030fd9
Yeah this guy's stuff is a real hidden gem of Youtube.

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