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No. 32583 ID: 68aa6b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

For All Mankind
This movie documents the Apollo missions perhaps the most definitively of any movie under two hours. Al Reinert watched all the footage shot during the missions--over 6,000,000 feet of it, and picked out the best. Instead of being a newsy, fact-filled documentary. Reinart focuses on the human aspects of the space flights. The only voices heard in the film are the voices of the astronauts and mission control.
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>> No. 32605 ID: df12a0
>I really doubt Murica is actually capable of to do both of these feats in less than 15-20 years.

Right, which is why I phrased the question the way I did. America could have done one of the two space programs; space station (as launch platform for long-distance missions like a moonshot and Mars-shot) or moonshot.
>> No. 32618 ID: f013be
That's kind of what USSR went for, if the two superpowers cooperated we could have been Space Odyssey by now
>> No. 32651 ID: 062e74
  To Mars by A Bomb
>> No. 32688 ID: efa770
  Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie.
>> No. 33527 ID: cfe73e
  Nissin Noodles - The Instant Meal with a Lasting Legacy https://youtu.be/fqseyLw2Flg
This episode describes the birth of instant noodles and the technology that turned this modest staple of the Japanese diet into a global phenomenon.

A struggling businessman, Momofuku Ando invented instant noodles 55 years ago. He developed a technique called "flash-frying", in which moisture is removed for better preservation, while locking in flavor. This way, the noodles can be reconstituted by simply pouring hot water over them.

Convenience and good taste assured instant noodles would please the palate of people the world over. Ando's altruistic nature, which inspired him to develop the product to alleviate poverty and suffering, also led him to release the patent. Manufacturers worldwide adopted the flash-frying technique, helping to make instant noodles the world's favorite comfort food.

There was a 205-page English-translated manga in 2006 (Heisei year 18 as the translators would have it) called Project X: Cup Noodle that documents the Cup Noodle development in comic book form. It is less a documentary and more an outright celebration. The men behind the Cup Noodle are presented as shining examples of the Japanese postwar work ethic and ethos, overcoming adversity through lots of hard work, teamwork, trial and error. http://www.amazon.com/Project-X-Nissin-Cup-Noodle/dp/1569709599

In a time when the Japanese food industry was struggling economically, a man named Momofuku Andou sought to turn the tide. Seeking a new type of food for a new era, he ordered the development of a “cup noodle” - a revolutionary idea for a convenient instant noodle. Overcoming public skepticism as well as doubts, even from those within their own company, Andou and his staff of young developers constantly challenged convention to create this new product. Behind the now familiar cup o’ noodle, which has sold over 8.2 billion worldwide, lies a dramatic story of the struggles of the men behind its success. http://www.dmpbooks.com/books/403/

File 144953748574.png - (7.31KB , 561x117 , Untitled.png )
33470 No. 33470 ID: 3052f4 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Just wondering if any of you faggots want access to my plex library, pic related.

email or post your username and I'll invite you, maybe.
>> No. 33473 ID: adbbc9
dont even know what this is
>> No. 33474 ID: 3052f4
File 144971340175.png - (2.07MB , 1920x1080 , Untitled.png )
It's like my own personal netflix. Allows my media library to be streamed to web browsers, mobile devices, consoles, ect.
>> No. 33514 ID: 82a3e8
For Free? Sure. Pay? Fuck no.
>> No. 33517 ID: 3052f4
Yes for free.

No. 33464 ID: 254a6b hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Forget the name of the short film, been trying to find it. Any help is appreciated. It begins with a man standing on a soapbox spouting some shit, and a crowd is cheering him on. Am older German man takes a younger American confederate aside to a bench and begins recounting his memories of germany.
>> No. 33465 ID: 3052f4
  I'd like to watch this if anyone can find it
>> No. 33467 ID: bdae0c

I just watched that through and I realised how badly the american system needs to stand up and combat its detractors. You just don't see shit like this any more (updated versions).

It's still so relevant, like 95% spot of SJW regressive 'progressive' types.
>> No. 33469 ID: a18c5a
>SJW regressive 'progressive' types.
Consider the case of Speedy Gonzales, a looney tunes character born of the 1950's. The character was shelved by Cartoon Network. To quote Cartoon Network Spokesman Laurie Goldberg from a 2002 interview
>"It hasn't been on the air for years because of its ethnic stereotypes."
In order to remain PC and avoid offense, the quick witted, fast talking mouse went unbroadcast for some time. There's just one problem: Mexicans fucking love Speedy Gonzalez. By doing away with the only major Hispanic character in the franchise, Looney Tunes had done them wrong. Their demand for Speedy is what brought him back; he now runs a pizzeria in The Looney Tunes latest incarnation.
>> No. 33472 ID: a18c5a
I've been tired lately, and somehow generalized serv's post to all animation of that era, hence my very tangentially related, off topic post. Here's some WWII propaganda to make up for it.

File 144934394215.jpg - (71.32KB , 659x659 , 1448628314706.jpg )
33468 No. 33468 ID: bb765c hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hear this man learn the truth https://m.youtube.com/user/464wbbs
>> No. 33471 ID: 667a5a
File 144963699199.jpg - (205.24KB , 651x995 , chemtrails.jpg )

Here's an explanation from 1943

No. 33460 ID: 79b400 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  It's not exactly terrible, but it could be so much better. Especially since it has a good location and concept.

Of course, the biggest highlight no matter how shitty the movie is is that it has Burt Gummer.

I facepalmed when I saw it had Jamie Kennedy, but he was no where near as bad as I thought he would be. Actually, surprisingly decent. If the movie was better, he would still fit the role. Never thought I'd say that about him.

Check it out, it might be worth a watch after a couple beers.
>> No. 33461 ID: 13da80
Tremors started sucking when they started going above ground. The reason why Tremors was cool is because the floor is lava. And because the same reason as Jaws, the danger of the plot remained unseen and a mystery for most of it.
In my opinion the Tremors movies would have done better if they stuck to this concept. This kind of movie that engages people and makes them use their imagination at least a little bit is what causes cult fandoms to develop around franchises.

But nowadays it's all CGI where the boring monster is completely visible and completely inferior to what I imagined it to be because I can almost see the damn polygons. Same reason why harry potter was shit, because even a child can imagine a better Dobby than the retard in charge of the CGI program.
Also... holy... they're putting a woman with a bow in every movie now because Catpiss was 'successful'!
>> No. 33462 ID: f2c4ed
>Not having watched it the week it premiered on Netflix
>the current year
Nigga, iz you serious?

Uhh, out of the five of them, it's at least better than #3 and #4.

The first one is still one of the better monster horror movies made. Well-acted, well-cast, great practical effects, and it had verisimilitude. It made sense, followed its own rules, and did a great job of conveying menace.

The second one was comedy-horror. Decent, except for aging CGI, but it was a total genre shift.

The rest, including this one, are just aping the second. This one fails fucking hard, in my opinion. Guns are magic, helicopters are magic, missiles are fucking magic, and all of the sudden, we now have magic lightning bolts on demand.
>> No. 33466 ID: 8dfa9e
File 14492945717.jpg - (62.39KB , 600x338 , 600px-Tremors5vektro1.jpg )
The scene with a close up of the AKs ejection port with the bolt 100% stationary with firing noises is hilarious. I forgive them for it though because GODDAMN the doctor is fine as FUCK.

No. 33256 ID: 798a48 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  gr8 gr8 loooong thick nine inch
>> No. 33257 ID: 798a48
  milfy filthy
>> No. 33258 ID: 798a48
>> No. 33259 ID: 2404e6
I might be birthday drunk, but thats hilarious.
>> No. 33274 ID: 254d85
  (the lemon made the cream curdle)
>> No. 33457 ID: 634497
RIP her tits :/

No. 33451 ID: 381ee6 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 33452 ID: 095a2b
I can't believe I find myself agreeing with a InfoWars video. But how does all of what he says jive with literally everything else from that cesspool that says everything is a conspiracy and false flag, blah blah blah?? Seems like two completely contradicting narratives from the same source
>> No. 33453 ID: 667a5a
PJW is an independent contract journalist

File 144730066153.jpg - (42.68KB , 528x642 , EvilDead.jpg )
33393 No. 33393 ID: 0dcdc8 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Thus far the series is stacking up to be classic awesome.
>> No. 33394 ID: 7443a9
haven't watched it yet

It it worth torrenting?
>> No. 33395 ID: 0dcdc8

It is very well shot and put together.
>> No. 33397 ID: cfe73e
  Great! I loved the Evil Dead movies, back when I saw The Evil Dead II in the theaters in 1987 (a remake of the 1981 movie, later remade again in 2013). ED2 is a terrific and fun horror movie.

I was clued in to Animmex as a site for viewing (and downloading using GetThemAll Video Downloader for Chrome) TV shows and occasionally movies, such as Rick & Morty, The Walking Dead, Top Gear, etc. Unfortunately, even though these are HD videos, sometimes they can look a little glitchy at times.

Are there any other sites for watching and/or downloading TV shows that you swell people recommend?


Ash VS Evil Dead : Episode 1 REVIEW https://youtu.be/Cr69Yxev-FA
Ash vs Evil Dead | Official Trailer | STARZ https://youtu.be/unnLg1TPCYM
>> No. 33443 ID: b2a950
Last nights episode was great.

No. 33412 ID: 9df540 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
16 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 33436 ID: 67d391

That... is absolutely not a Hughes 269 or a Schweizer 300 series airframe.

I've flown more of those fully-articulated pieces of shit trainers than I care to remember. That is not one, there is a 0% likelyhood from the silhouette profile.

Your options are in the 80s-90s era attack helicopter configurations, which are all pretty much indistinguishable unless you can resolve very specific details on them.

Most likely, its a T-129 because only Turkey would be stupid enough to do that, aside from flying top cover for ISIS... seriously what fucking moron noob rotorcraft pilot flies like that in an area swarming with MANPADS and just makes a tight little orbit at about 100ft AGL around a piece of sand off from a highway. It's like "HEY SHOOT ME! I AM A BIG EXPENSIVE TARGET!" without actually providing any security for that convoy...

Really makes me think its edited video, to be honest. I can't figure out what the pilot is trying to even do there, though the video doesn't really show anything... it just feels off to me, like I wouldn't be flying that way to begin with.
>> No. 33437 ID: 667a5a
Still looks closer to a commercial aircraft of some sort

its a joke bro
>> No. 33438 ID: a36556
File 144789698724.png - (436.74KB , 1760x544 , hind.png )
The tail looks too tall in relation to the length of the boom, which extends from the top of the fuselage, for it to be a T-129. No indication of landing gear either.

The compression is really bad, but I'm certain it's a Hind.
>> No. 33439 ID: 7eee47
Besides being basically all toyota's, how do we even know the white trucks are Daesh?
>> No. 33440 ID: 67d391

There's no way to tell any of these people apart without walking up and asking them.

I say we just drop a JDAM on any and all Toyota pickups.

No. 33399 ID: 667a5a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  When did this happen?
7 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 33418 ID: cfe73e
File 144768646963.jpg - (200.16KB , 800x600 , soe-societe-occitane-oc-003-tele-tank04.jpg )
SOE Société Occitane Adaptateur Pour Jeu TV PSU
>> No. 33420 ID: cfe73e
File 144768653610.jpg - (422.38KB , 943x772 , galaxica-occitel-003-soe.jpg )
>> No. 33421 ID: cfe73e
File 144768684915.jpg - (173.17KB , 2000x1383 , Russian WW2 T-26 teletank radio-controled flame-th.jpg )
Seventy-four years ago, Russia accomplished what no country had before, or has since—it sent armed ground robots into battle. These remote-controlled Teletanks took the field during one of WWII’s earliest and most obscure clashes, as Soviet forces pushed into Eastern Finland for roughly three and a half months, from 1939 to 1940. The Finns, by all accounts, were vastly outnumbered and outgunned, with exponentially fewer aircraft and tanks. But the Winter War, as it was later called (it began in late November, and ended in mid-March), wasn’t a swift, one-sided victory. As the more experienced Finnish troops dug in their heels, Russian advancement was proving slow and costly. So the Red Army sent in the robots.
Specifically, the Soviets deployed two battalions of Teletanks, most of them existing T-26 light tanks stuffed with hydraulics and wired for radio control. Operators could pilot the unmanned vehicle from more than a kilometer away, punching at rows of dedicated buttons (no thumbsticks or D-pads to be found) to steer the tank or fire on targets with a machine gun or flame thrower. And the Teletank had the barest minimum of autonomous functionality: if it wandered out of radio range, the tank would come to a stop after a half-minute, and sit, engine idling, until contact was reestablished.
Notably missing, though, was any sort of remote sensing capability—the Teletank couldn’t relay sound or audio back to its human driver, most often located in a fully-crewed T-26 trailing behind the mechanized one. This was robotic teleoperation at its most crude, and made for halting, imprecise maneuvering across uneven terrain.
What good was the Teletank, then? Though records are sparse, the unmanned tanks appear to have been used in combat, including during the Battle of Summa, an extended, two-part engagement that eventually forced a Finnish retreat. The Teletank’s primary role was to throw fire without fear, offsetting its lack of accuracy with gouts of flame.
On March 13, 1940, Finland and the USSR signed a treaty in Moscow, ending the Winter War. It was the end of the Teletank, as well—in the wider, even more brutal conflict to come, the T-26 was obsolete in practically every way, lacking the armor and armament to stand up to German tanks, or even to antitank weapons fielded by the Finnish. With no additional units built after 1940, the T-26 was a dead design rolling, and the remote-controlled version was just as doomed.
For a few months, nearly three quarters of a century ago, Russia led the world in military robotics. It’s a position the country would never hold again, as both Soviet and post-breakup forces have all but abandoned the development of armed ground and aerial bots. Even as recently as 2008, during its conflict with Georgia—triggered, in part, by the downing of Georgian reconnaissance drones—Russian dron
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 33422 ID: cfe73e
  Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun! https://youtu.be/SNPJMk2fgJU
Can't really vouch for the veracity of what is being displayed here.
>> No. 33423 ID: cfe73e
  Drone vs Phone: Samsung Galaxy S IV - Drone Strike https://youtu.be/jxThXvuP4Vo
In 2013, a company that makes smartphone screen protectors filmed a drone firing a handgun. Bad decisions involving armed robots are only going to get worse. http://www.popsci.com/ban-autonomous-killer-robots-inevitable

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