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File 139641959277.png - (265.31KB , 504x653 , Inspire_magazine_cover.png )
28161 No. 28161 ID: f9c80b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
whats your opinion?

I find it interesting,
outside of the terrorism
it's like american military magazines but with bomb making

but overall: fuck jihademons
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>> No. 28166 ID: b338a2
reported to nsa
>> No. 28167 ID: 58a76a
>Make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom.
Reading that sentence never gets old.
>> No. 28184 ID: f57e28
How can these magazine have such a good design?
>> No. 28226 ID: f9c80b
y no one delete this thread?
>> No. 28227 ID: 9bf2a3
Lol r u srs?

No. 28209 ID: 626b5e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  YFW you literally live somewhere with less personal freedom than Nazi fucking Germany.
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>> No. 28212 ID: 1ac568
File 139684868142.jpg - (153.91KB , 292x304 , bb_subway.jpg )
When a government agency becomes too large, it must justify it's continued existence via alternate means. A large lobby is fundamental towards this goal. Note that the mayor is supporting tactics he surely knows are not effective and make him less popular. The unspoken threat is that the alternative is even more disastrous for him.
>> No. 28213 ID: 90a126
File 139685128993.jpg - (46.42KB , 289x351 , NYPD Racist.jpg )
I hate to defend the damn NYPD but saying "less personal freedom then Nazi frakking Germany" is a bit too far.

Maybe less personal freedom then Adolph Shitler and the SS, blond haired blue eyed politically elite citizens, sure. But I'm betting you weren't meaning them, probably talking about das juden, the cripples and dem faggots with buttsexing and anal....retentiveness.

Being stopped for being brown in Jew York City is considerably less bad then being stopped for being Jewish is Nazi Germany. For one, even with the trigger happy New York Bloomberg Edict Enforcers (the BEEs, so when they comes you do your best Nic Cage impression) most of these stops don't wind up with the person dead or even in jail. While those in NYC city are stopped for being brown, when they are put in jail its usually for actually doing something actually wrong whereas those that were arrested by Hitlers Super Fun Happy Time Regime of Murderous Death were arrested for literally being Jewish or Gypsy or whatever. While jails in the US are no picnic they certainly are no fucking concentration camps, which I'm told weren't camps to help those affected by ADD and ADHD but are slightly more tolerable then creepy ass rapey Jesus camps.

The NYPD is a horrifically corrupt organization that regularly shits of citizens rights and even locks up their own in mental wards for telling the truth but by no means are the anyway shape or form comparable to goddamn Nazis.

Nazi's were in shape and fashionable, NYPD cops are fat douchebags who try to be tactical and fail. Also the whole mass killing of peoples, Night of Broken Glass (not to be confused with Night of Broken Glasses, which was the night after the failed Beer Hall Putsches when Nazi's drowned their sorrows in beer), horrifying human experimentation, slave labor, and making the Hitler mustache uncool for generations to come is not really the same as stopping people and feeling them up.
>> No. 28215 ID: 626b5e

Actually I was making reference to the way they treated the average German citizen at the time, which was pretty police-state style, random checks of papers and all that, still not going as far as the way NYPD treats the average US citizen.

You'd have to be a gun owner or at least a registered Republican to get the full Nazi treatment, just instead of a yellow star or a pink triangle they just put your name in the paper and list your address, at least until their final solution against anyone who doesn't toe the blatantly National Socialist line of the Democratic party.
>> No. 28216 ID: 6e827b
>the blatantly National Socialist line of the Democratic party.

Oh come the fuck on. I do not like the Democrats much (or the Republicans, or even the Libertarian party for that matter) but you would be hard pressed to compare them to an extremely militaristic, racialist ultranationalist organization that abolished all trade unions and leftist organizations as one of its first acts. Inb4 "B-but, they both support welfare states!" so did Bismarck.
>> No. 28222 ID: 222727
I agree with Doomguy. It's not as bad yet and we don't need to uselessly invoke a historical series of events to rile people up. I say uselessly because it's just that. Useless as it doesn't really have much of a bite anymore since everyone, everything, and everyone's dog is either Hitler or like Nazi Germany, apparently.

We do have the human experimentation, the secret prisons, and the Stasi. But we do not have the mass extermination, relocation of people, extremely broad bans on free speech, troops on every corner, or concentration camps. We're bad. We're really damn bad, but we aren't as blatantly bad as the Nazis. We have a subtle evil. The one that doesn't break into your house and search your shit, but the one that monitors who you're talking to. The kind that doesn't brand you, but it keeps you on a list. The evil that doesn't make you wish to fear or even right it, but the kind that makes you even unaware of its existence.

No. 28138 ID: e9341d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  This thread is for short-n-sweet youtube videos ( >30s )
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>> No. 28201 ID: e2653e
>> No. 28202 ID: e2653e
  smoke coal erryday
>> No. 28211 ID: 1455b2
  that's a ten
>> No. 28217 ID: e50883
>> No. 28221 ID: b7cad6
  A game?

No. 28022 ID: f8a6b7 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  I don't think you all know this, but my brother is the creator of the Ferret 50.
I was looking on youtube for some vids on his upper conversion and saw this. I was very impressed with the review.
Good job, Dave.
>> No. 28035 ID: 604f11
bolt action a shit.

(This ain't kinder)
>> No. 28040 ID: 329f54
Your brother is a great welder.
>> No. 28219 ID: f8a6b7
Thank you. I shall pass that along to him next time I talk to him

File 139661545872.jpg - (158.86KB , 600x600 , image.jpg )
28175 No. 28175 ID: 200462 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Do you know your potheads?
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>> No. 28193 ID: b338a2
>> No. 28195 ID: 8ca3ea
From personal experience, I do not think it does. More so, it changes the input to your consciousness so dramatically that you believe it to be a new place, such as in dreams.
>> No. 28199 ID: 1bddb7
File 139676894887.png - (77.82KB , 1022x582 , jgX5Gb8.png )
>> No. 28200 ID: 1bddb7
>> No. 28214 ID: 329f54
>"ron paul fan"

10/10 would rage again

File 139610687739.jpg - (65.12KB , 432x628 , bwstaff.jpg )
28096 No. 28096 ID: 9a4c10 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

does anyone knows a good films which contain PMCs?
No matter if documentary or not.

Bonius points if it has a German synchro.

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>> No. 28160 ID: 591338
  This popped up on my recommended list.
>> No. 28162 ID: d6e397
That's definitely the one I had in mind.

I think the teaser I saw was a lot shorter, and thus much better looking

Thank you so much for posting that though.
>> No. 28190 ID: 3f34a6
>> No. 28194 ID: 591338
>Like I told you on the roof that day, " shut the fuck up. "

Lost it.

But, yeah, that was good. Learned some new things about that day.
>> No. 28208 ID: daa9e8
I wonder if his involvement and specifically the "turkey shoot" video that was so popular back in the day had much to do with Haleys success in the years since then.

I recall sometime after the video a company actually released a Haley commemorative edition rifle that was set up like the rifle he used in that video so there was already a level of hero worship before his name was a brand.

No. 28156 ID: a87030 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Come on Fhqwhgads
>> No. 28170 ID: 1f19f4
Music is over, and it's a good thing.

I forgot how much I liked homestarrunner
>> No. 28173 ID: eeeb33
You're in good luck then pal, they just updated their site for the first time in like four years.

No. 28168 ID: 7d9fe3 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Only album i've bought on release day.
>> No. 28169 ID: 7d9fe3
  Herp derp text needed

No. 28100 ID: 9869a6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  i don't even
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>> No. 28141 ID: 1455b2
Danderdude/LeadBaron: the music video
>> No. 28144 ID: d3252a
True that, those bitches fine too.

I actually kind of like that song... catchy.
>> No. 28148 ID: 388296
>that art dealer chick

Hot damn.
>> No. 28155 ID: 9869a6
  fuckign great
>> No. 28165 ID: 626b5e


No. 28158 ID: 1ac568 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  I got a government job now. The last two months, I've been working in a welfare office. Driving in today, I was dreading it because of what day it was. I worked the crisis booth today. Any walk-ins on cash assistance, anyone who needs an assessment prior to approval, any odd-ball that nobody knows what to do with ends up in crisis. Just as I pull into the lot, this song comes on the radio. It took all of my will not to drive past that long line out front with the windows down, speakers blasting.
ITT: Perfect music moments

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