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No. 30265 ID: 9ce3db hide watch quickreply [Reply]

No. 30124 ID: e28d25 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  umm ok then...

downloading in HD
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>> No. 30240 ID: 07ad6c
File 140755300438.jpg - (796.77KB , 1200x800 , Cherry Blossom Season 17 - Yasukuni Shrine.jpg )
This is correct.

I think one of the primary discriminants between Japanese and, at least, American culture is Japanese people commit to their roles slavishly. You're not going to find any trace of the individual 98% of the time you encounter Jane Yamada at some restaurant working vs Jane Doe you'd find in the US. This can be easily misinterpreted as fakeness, but another way to think of it is 'if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right' taken to an extreme.

Thus most people with normal jobs are in a rigid, soul crushing place all day. This coupled with the aforementioned commitment to roles is why Japanese people drink so fucking hard (we're moving from 'work mode' to 'drinking mode'), why a lot of entertainment looks so bizarre to us, or how you can explain the extremes of World War II (fighting tooth and nail 'til the very end and the 180 the country did after capitulation). Of course maybe I'm just some stupid faggot who bumbled around Japan for 7 months and now I'm talking out of my ass 'cause I think I'm some kind of fucking expert - so take my words as you will and your mileage may vary.

Pic related: Japanese folks during cherry blossom season near Yasukuni shrine and Kudanshita metro station.
>> No. 30241 ID: 07ad6c
  Kinda reminded me of this video.

Only tangentially related, I'll grant you that.
>> No. 30242 ID: f9a18e
File 140756185663.jpg - (3.14MB , 3072x2048 , Kyoto and Umechika 047.jpg )
As someone who lived in Japan for 8 years, you're mostly correct. The drinking after work thing is, in fact, part of work. Many young salarymen would prefer to go home and crash but are more or less stuck drinking til they can barely walk because that's what the boss man wants to do.

The weird, zany entertainment is every bit as weird and zany to the Japanese as it is to us. There is also significantly more boring stuff on Japanese TV than there is weird zany shit.

Pic tangentially related; the only pic you will ever see of a pre-hipster hipster garbage.
>> No. 30243 ID: 06ae7b
Same thing in Taiwan if you work a corporate job it's part of the job that you have to go out to drink after work to 1) entertain clients to talk business and closing deals 2) Be a team player and hang out with the boss 3) How well you can hold your alcohol is also factor into your work performance

Last time I went back to visit I was able to out drink my cousin who is twice my size, he ask me how can he learn to drink like that because his co-worker are laughing at him the fact he can't hold his alcohol.
>> No. 30246 ID: 559ef9
Childhood friend of mine can attest to this. He took over the family business and went overseas for meetings, and was pretty much hung over every single morning he was there.


Mammoth @ 7:35
his final form @ 9:30

No. 30244 ID: 2a3729 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Leaked footage from Game of Thrones season 5.
>> No. 30245 ID: d6e397
Space Truckers was fucking radical.

No. 30164 ID: e7f78d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  The girls from Veruca Salt took over Sirius Radio Lithium and played 90's chick rock for an hour. Shit was awesome.

Post chick rock.
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>> No. 30227 ID: fd33bd
>> No. 30228 ID: fd33bd
>> No. 30233 ID: 6bbcf0
  Good chick rock.
>> No. 30234 ID: 6bbcf0
  Best chick rock.
>> No. 30236 ID: ce6aa5
  Punk chick rock

File 14073923212.jpg - (46.97KB , 285x354 , Dana-photographer.jpg )
30222 No. 30222 ID: 329f54 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Calling the benevolent Bat Guano machine to dump Vietnam war photos.
>> No. 30224 ID: 451480
File 140741481667.jpg - (264.09KB , 964x981 , KoXxbla.jpg )
>> No. 30225 ID: 823a67
You're not him. Fuck off.

File 14073010793.jpg - (95.46KB , 1024x1024 , Starship Troopers.jpg )
30198 No. 30198 ID: 4c768d hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone have any Starship Troopers comics?


Got the Dominant series but can't seem to find the others.
>> No. 30199 ID: acd3e0
which ones are you missing?
>> No. 30209 ID: 4c768d
literally everything except Dominant Species #1-4
>> No. 30213 ID: acd3e0

heres a start

>> No. 30214 ID: 4c768d
Don't really torrent things, found that collection somewhere else but part 2 404'd I guess, so I have Blaze of Glory and some other random issues now

No. 29937 ID: ba2636 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  My body is ready...
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>> No. 30118 ID: d65b1a

I'm afraid to watch trailers for films. They will generally give away enough of the film to ruin it or so little as to leave me a bit confused and/or angry at my time being wasted.
>> No. 30120 ID: f18153
The new Robocop was actually really good; it just wasn't trying to be the same movie. So they just took a similar concept and ran with it.

You just can't redo Robocop or make a proper sequel. It's too much of its time. It'd be like trying to remake Demolition Man.
>> No. 30129 ID: d6e397
File 140701374157.jpg - (90.61KB , 570x450 , robocopbike.jpg )
Alright. I'm going to watch it in the next couple of days, but I'll be back to yell at you if it sucks as bad as it looks.
>> No. 30130 ID: 90a126
File 14070174614.jpg - (116.18KB , 887x960 , your move creep.jpg )
>The new Robocop was actually really good

Nope. Better then Robocop 3, sure, but not really good. I'd even argue it was an okay watch, nothing special but nothing blatantly assrapingly terrible, but certainly not really good.

Spoilers ahead so anyone who hasn't seen it shield your eyes lest they be violated by my spoiled word dribble.

Samuel L Jacksons newscaster role was both over-utilized and under-utilized. Over utilized in the fact it was what was trying to paint the stories narrative rather then letting it tell itself. Under-utilized in the fact it was DRONES DRONES DRONES. None of the world expanding extra bits like the commercials or news broadcasts telling us about the Amazon War and Presidents being killed by Star Wars.

Murphy was too human which would have been less of a problem if they hadn't done some stupid reason to robotify his personality.

Micheal Keaton's slightly more moral version of Steve Jobs character went full evil retardly fast.

The tweest about Murphy's murder was incredibly obvious.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 30188 ID: f18153
I would have liked more humor and commercials, but again: it looks like you wanted a remake of the original (why does changing those two characters matter otherwise?). Again, I think a staight-up remake would be a bad idea. A more human Murphy allows a bit of body horror and a new take on it.

For the record, I say it's really good compared to the usual nostalgia schlock being served up to us lately.

No. 25817 ID: d6fe30 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
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>> No. 30137 ID: 4c768d
>> No. 30138 ID: e1fa77
Oh fuck yeah, the Real Mackenzies are great, and I love every version of that song. Try this too.
>> No. 30159 ID: cd4dce
Eargasm. This prompted me to start digging up all the old soviet sci-fi movies, Solaris, stalker etc, some really out there stuff that I never saw as a kid.
>> No. 30174 ID: 329f54
  I used to listen to Flosstradamus years ago when he was doing mashups, but I hadn't listened to him in years until the other, when I came across this. I'm not really into EDM music, but it just melted my face.
>> No. 30186 ID: 385f49
  >this whole album

No. 30101 ID: 58a76a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  It's out, finally.
Go see it, it's excellent.
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>> No. 30160 ID: 388296
File 140718032892.gif - (1.26MB , 250x192 , groovy_groot.gif )
>> No. 30162 ID: d444df
It was extremely predictable, and absolutely nothing about it blew me away. The only thing that I found funny was Quill dancing around like an idiot at the beginning of the movie. The entire rest of the movie I sat there like Mr. Bean on a roller coaster.
>> No. 30163 ID: 58a76a
But not Quill dancing around like an idiot at the end of the movie?

All these spoilers are getting silly.
>> No. 30173 ID: 388296
File 140720809320.png - (529.59KB , 665x694 , screen-shot-2014-07-14-at-7-35-32-am-meet-the-nova.png )

Yeah, well that's just, like, your opinion. Man.

Also, I'd do terrible, terrible things to Naomi Ryan, the Nova Corps Millenian assistant to Nova Prime, most notable at the end of the movie, standing at the holo-table when the Novas are thanking the Guardians for a job well done
>> No. 30185 ID: d5e5a4
File 140725270729.jpg - (149.86KB , 1500x973 , ophelialovibond_nyl1.jpg )

I liked the Collector's assistant
Man, it was somewhat difficult finding a SFW pic of her.

No. 30161 ID: 451480 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  So netflix is making two more seasons

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