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No. 32341 ID: c550c6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Get used to it
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>> No. 32482 ID: df12a0
>Not exactly following the anti-gun cynical logic here

It's a point that makes itself.
>> No. 32486 ID: 69eef6
Are you on substances not approved by Chris Christie right now
>> No. 32489 ID: df12a0

Are you sure you don't want to show us pics of what you look like, Clio?
>> No. 32493 ID: c550c6
File 142947078799.jpg - (92.24KB , 751x556 , star-wars-pilot.jpg )
>derailing this thread

Stay on target, stay on target.
>> No. 32511 ID: cb5ffa

No. 32114 ID: 68aa6b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Give me new youtube channels to sup to
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>> No. 32172 ID: 9a14ca

Strikes me as slow for things that look like engines with small ailerons tacked on.
>> No. 32258 ID: 1e7cc7
  Picking through my old videos, I came across this competition:
Kenny vs Spenny - Season 4 - Episode 10 - Who Can Commit the Most Crime?
Published on Dec 11, 2012 http://youtu.be/txpcNcJd76o
Possessing a natural criminal mind, Kenny tries to break every law in the book, while Spenny tries to commit politically correct crimes and unleash his inner-criminal. http://www.kennyvsspenny.com/
Crimes committed by Kenny: 1 incitement to commit murder, 2 smoking in the workplace, 3 uttering a death threat, 4 criminal harassment (crank calling), 5 dumping trash in public, 6 trespassing, 7 utility box tampering, 8 pigeon feeding, 9 mail theft, 10 voyeurism, 11 public incitement of hatred, 12 damage to personal property, 13 climbing a telephone pole, 14 destruction of currency, 15 DVD piracy, 16 music piracy, 17 assaulting an employee, 18 high treason, 19 music copyright infringement, 20 threat of physical assault, 21 illegal use of fireworks, 22 assault with a weapon, 23 soliciting abortion, 24 vagrancy, 25 1878 law against grazing, 26 damaging city horticulture, 27 climbing municipal trees, 28 sexual harassment, 29 disrupting traffic, 30 reckless endangerment, 31 hitchhiking, 32 bathing in public, 33 disposing soap in sewer drain, 34 parking in a prohibited zone, 35 damaging a rental vehicle, 36 driving without side mirrors, 37 obscuring license plate, 38 disturbing the peace, 39 driving without insurance, 40 driving without a seatbelt, 41 driving barefoot, 42 obscuring rear view mirror, 43 drinking while driving, 44 speeding in a school zone, 45 littering into a mailbox, 46 tampering with police property, 47 theft of an automobile, 48 aggressive driving, 49 failure to wear proper safety gear, 50 illegal gambling establishment, 51 illegal busking (street performing), 52 stalking, 53 unauthorized use of city equipment, 54 destruction of city property, 55 union labor violation, 56 distracting city workers, 57 product tampering, 58 public mischief, 59 shoplifting, 60 inciting genocide, 61 reckless driving, 62 parking in a handicap space, 63 passing a school bus with lights flashing, 64 desecrating a grave site, 65 tampering with a fire hydrant, 66 indecent exposure, 67 lewd behavior, 68 providing tobacco to a minor, 69 providing alcohol to a minor, 70 enticing a minor into a vehicle, 71 tampering with a parking ticket, 72 spitting in public, 73 public disturbance, 74 defacing public property, 75 theft of newspaper, 76 littering but nearly BUSTED he did so right in front of a cop, 77 propositioning a minor, 78 interfering with railway signals, 79 obstructing railway tracks, 80 vandalism, 81 jaywalking, 82 parking at a prohibited time and BUSTED-- ticketed for that offense.

Crimes committed by Spenny: 1 d
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 32273 ID: 626b5e


Kill he.
>> No. 32303 ID: 68aa6b
  https://www.youtube.com/user/TheBestFilmArchives historical war and news films
https://www.youtube.com/user/britishpathe historical newsreel archive
https://www.youtube.com/user/CriticalPast historical war footage archive
https://www.youtube.com/user/QuarX war department films
https://www.youtube.com/user/TheGreatWar british pathe subchannel following history of WW1 from 1914 to 1918, exactly 100 years ago. Week for week.
https://www.youtube.com/user/BlastfromthePast british pathe subchannel with moar general history

https://www.youtube.com/user/crashcourse pop-science and general knowledge channel.
>> No. 32488 ID: 68aa6b

No. 32435 ID: 68aa6b hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 32461 ID: 68aa6b

No. 32378 ID: 68aa6b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 32431 ID: 369bd6
You forgot to mention Project Orion's military offshoot, Casaba-Howitzer. While Orion directed dense plasma slowly at the pusher plate, Casaba-Howitzer (neither a melon nor an artillery piece) was to send a jet/beam of lower density plasma at very high velocities. Kinda like a nuclear HEAT shell. Details are a bit scarce as it is still classified, it also cropped up a bit during SDI's development (along with all the other oddities like nuclear bomb pumped x-ray laser discoballs)
>> No. 32432 ID: e1fa77
I'm unclear on whether Casaba-Howitzer was ever something being seriously investigated, or if it's just something either cooked up by the internet or looked at once as a possibility and discarded (like the plan the Army had for a moon base in the '50s). Which is not to say I don't believe it's possible, or that it was potentially taken seriously as a weapon, I just don't know much about the origin of the story on it. It's certainly no more crazy than some of the other stuff that was considered for alternate uses of nukes (looking at you, Project Chariot).
>> No. 32433 ID: df12a0


>> No. 32436 ID: 90a126
File 142914130448.jpg - (315.42KB , 1280x640 , bolo___we_are_already_in_hell_by_shimmering_sword-.jpg )

My nigga!

I really need to get back around to buying up that series again. Probably going to be awhile though, I've got to rebuy all the Deathlands, Outlanders, and Destroyer book series first.
>> No. 32438 ID: e8f72b
Speaking of Orion any of you guys read the book footfall?
1980's world gets invaded by aliens. Great read. A lot of crazy tech gets implemented, aliens using kinetic bombardment, lasers and all other kinds of cool tech that is in the realm of possibility and things govs at that time were thinking about. US builds project Orion, with Nuclear pumped laser cannons aka Project Excalibur, shit gets dope as fuck.

No. 32383 ID: 667a5a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 32422 ID: 360825
File 142889115964.jpg - (70.16KB , 776x561 , Veni-Vidi-Vici.jpg )
No prob.

Getting gainz as tall hungry mr. skeletal is difficult.

Keeping excess fat off of a manlet is also difficult.

But that's okay. We're all gonna make it, brah.
>> No. 32426 ID: adfbaa
I am taking baby steps. Half a gallon a day to start.

Also, lol fucking Zyzz. "It's just a vaccination."
>> No. 32428 ID: 885afe
Yeah, vaccination against a properly working heart.
>> No. 32429 ID: 294081
Why is he dressed like a police officer?
>> No. 32434 ID: 360825
More importantly, why is he upside down and why is youtube allowing snuff films now?

No. 32388 ID: c044b5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Monsters: Dark Continent is finally fucking out http://vidzi.tv/96qwwmc2gotx.html
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>> No. 32395 ID: 9093a8

I am downloading the first film and this one too. I'll watch them both then. Unless that really inst necessary or if the first is too shit?
>> No. 32396 ID: 885afe
Jesus fucking christ. Its about god damned time.
>> No. 32398 ID: c044b5
You might learn a little more about the monsters in the first one, but other then being in a similar or the same universe they're not really related. I enjoyed did enjoy the first one though.
>> No. 32399 ID: cd49aa
You don't have to, but I personally watch the first movie of any sequel I plan to watch even if I don't have to. I hate starting anything later in the series.
>> No. 32415 ID: 885afe
My girlfriends synopsis was pretty spot on "That was more social commentary than I was expecting in a monster movie"

No. 32166 ID: e2b601 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  holy. shit.
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>> No. 32371 ID: 626b5e

What are you talking about? Russia has been doing nothing at all to stop the chaos in the middle east, they keep giving advanced weaponry and nuclear technology to Iran and it's allies. This whole "negotiated solution" was promoted by the Russian Foreign Ministry during that whole time when they were blocking the Bush administration from taking out Khameini.

Keep giving arms to Assad, because those totally aren't going to fall into enemy hands nearly immediately since he's militarily ineffective. Keep giving arms to Hezbollah, because those totally aren't going to be used to murder Russian citizens living in Israel (who mostly populate the Northern areas where Russia keeps sending weapons to be used against)...

If Russia were to say no to the nuclear deal going on, refuse to lift the sanctions, and demand that Iran disarm... there could be no great war in the middle east at this time. That kind of about face would show what's really going on.

>What do you suggest to him, start bombing Kiev?

Oh don't be so 20th century. Kiev is useless, it's just a shiny distraction meant to bother you.

True strength is not demonstrated through careless and random military action, be more creative. Domination of the energy sector could be an option to go after, for one. Replacing the US as the "world police" is also doable right now, but only for the time until a new President starts honoring his commitments to his allies again. You'd just have to start engaging more with the global community besides saying "USA SUCKS!" while sitting there doing nothing besides arming loony rogue states.
Maybe try making quality weapons systems that you can sell to people who aren't camelfucking omnicidal maniacs, that could be a good one. Look at what having India as a client did for your economy.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 32372 ID: 385f49
>giving advanced weaponry and nuclear technology
I don't think that war in the middle east is conducted by any of these things, especially I don't really believe it is possible to use the technology of modern nuclear reactors for conventional warfare. By the way let me remind you who started all that deal with nuclear technology in Iran and who uses this argument most of the time.

>Keep giving arms to Assad, because those totally aren't going to fall into enemy hands nearly immediately since he's militarily ineffective.
On the other hand, US has been given tons of weapons to the "rebels" and never even bothered to cover this up.

>True strength is not demonstrated through careless and random military action, be more creative. Domination of the energy sector could be an option to go after, for one.
Well, I have bad news for you - Russia has been 100% dominating Ukrainian energy sector. Unfortunately, reasonable arguments have no effect on Nazi cultists whom US supports and supplies.

By the way, stop trying to lead the discussion in a different direction. As I told you, the war is inevitable, just like the WW2 is inevitable, because the only way to stop it was to destroy the reasons for it to happen - economical crisis, revanchist politics, local conflicts, major arms dealers' lobby, the psychology of "controlled chaos", and everything in between. Namely, the will of NATO members to ensure their myth of "winning the Cold War" is what US using to excuse it's involvement in Europe. It is not just Ukraine is "another failed state"(which isn't even a part of EU in the first place) - if this continues, Europe is going to become a failed state.
>> No. 32375 ID: 626b5e

My, there are things I wish I could tell you right now... Obviously I can't get the point across by layering it into my usual cryptic speech.

All I can say directly... is you're being distracted. This isn't what you think it is, and that will become clear to you shortly.

Your enemy is creating something from nothing, repairing the gallery roads but sneaking through the passage of Chencang. They are lying in wait, watching the fires burn from across the river. You must sacrifice the plum tree to save the peach tree.
>> No. 32376 ID: 70d38f
Nope, not going to fall for that mind game of you. Do you really think I would tell you all the things I know? You wouldn't be interested in most of them, anyway.
>> No. 32377 ID: 626b5e

OK. I tried to warn you. Have fun walking into a trap with a big neon sign of Admiral Ackbar on it.

No. 32346 ID: c96934 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  This movie cannot come out fast enough.
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>> No. 32360 ID: cd49aa
Right? I think a reimagining is the right course. A sequel could have worked, but there are too many variables there and it would have most likely failed. A remake would have been the worst option, considering Hollywood thinks "remake" means to just throw the same name on something completely different.

The way this comes across in the trailer is as a labor of love. George Miller has a huge budget and a great cast to do whatever he wants, so he's rolling with it. The cast looks like they're having a great time because they pretty much get to do crazy off the wall shit set during the Carmageddon.

The movie looks like it's going to be really fun.
>> No. 32361 ID: c573ed
I read somewhere George Miller said he can now finally make the movie in the image he originally wanted to make it in. With 2 headed lizards and more post-apoc now that we have the technology to do so. Or something similar to that.
>> No. 32368 ID: cd49aa
I will lose all hope for humanity if he pulls a George Lucas and digitally enhances Mad Max and Road Warrior with random CGI.
>> No. 32370 ID: c573ed
Dat 2 headed cgi... gecko?

Forget the subs, the video has been posted already. It seems there are 3 or 4 movie trailers out now.
>> No. 32374 ID: faf5b0
Looks like a steaming pile of shit.

No. 32304 ID: 885afe hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  I finally got around to continuing "The Strain", I was on episode like 2 and am now almost done with the first season.

It is a little slow at first but then gets pretty baller.

And holy fuck the HSLD Vampire killers are so fucking cool it hurts.
8 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 32320 ID: 90a126
File 142671321483.gif - (3.96MB , 426x375 , RhonaMitra-AliGInDaHouse005.gif )
Its a good show. I've just started rewatching it recently. The 1st season ends on a cuntpunch of a cliffhanger but I think the 2nd season is coming out this year.
>> No. 32340 ID: e1fa77
If it follows the books, it doesn't end well.
>> No. 32342 ID: df12a0

What, you mean the nuclear winter thing? I thought it was pretty "cool."
>> No. 32343 ID: 457a14
File 142785392441.jpg - (20.80KB , 324x263 , rimshot-troll-ba-dum-tss.jpg )
>> No. 32373 ID: 9093a8

Just watched it all over the last 3 days. Cuntpunch is right. I'm actually a bit annoyed.

No. 32321 ID: c044b5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Hopefully soon...
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 32325 ID: f850a1
Previously on Strike Back
>Scott framed and discharged from Delta relating to some shady CIA shit and Iraq's WMDs
>Stonebridge lost his wife and killed a SAS trainee and has a deathwish
>They go innashithole looking for terrorists
>MIssion goes south
>Get captured and/or stuck behind enemy lines
>OPERATE the shit out of everything with VZ58's and escape despite impossible odds
>Scott fucks blazing hot chick
>> No. 32328 ID: 885afe
Yeah pretty much.

My issue is I started rewatching it a bit ago, but its hard to find a torrent for american season 2 or overall season 3. All the ones I downloaded were misnamed and were really murican season 1.
>> No. 32329 ID: 90a126
File 142681602348.jpg - (229.38KB , 1000x563 , strike-back.jpg )
Could try watching individual episodes on semi-legal streaming sites.


>> No. 32334 ID: dd4941
A mediocre season of Strike Back is still better than 90% of other TV programs.

I can't wait for the next season.
>> No. 32338 ID: 885afe
Agreed. Im on season 4 of my rewatch.

I man teared when foxy mossad chick got domed. Poor AmeriBro

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