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File 140806698283.png - (439.13KB , 543x282 , a0bc45e02cfe779ef83674d0cdd92211.png )
30291 No. 30291 ID: 94a5de hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I -think- this is the right place. So basically I started writing bits of a story to see if anyone likes it and if I was any good at writing in general. I love the idea of modern armies facing off with ancient ones and destroying them. I heard about a story about Marines going back in time to Rome and fucking shit up called "Rome Sweet Rome" and I was super excited to read it. Than I found out it wasn't a book. It was nine short paragraphs of 'what happened on this day' on Reddit and it wasn't super interesting. But somehow he got a movie deal off it.

I thought "I could do better than this." so I tried. Let me know if it's bad or good. As far as the actual military lingo goes I've struggled a bit so if anything is wildly incorrect or wrong feel free to let me know so I can edit and change it.

Ultimately I dropped the Rome concept and went to more of a Fantasy setting. Like if Generation Kill met LOTR and than they proceeded to fuck shit up. I figure it was more interesting than Rome and if people like what I wrote I could keep going without being called a rip-off of the Rome Sweet Rome idea.
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>> No. 30365 ID: 94a5de

Nah, I had an idea where US Marines in modern day Afghanistan climb a mountain and on the other side they meet Soviet troops from the 80's and they had to team up to survive the night before slipping back to their own time.

When I told my friends that story they said it sounded like Rome, Sweet Rome which I googled and it's on reddit as a outlined idea for a book. It got a movie deal apparently.

This is the first time I've heard of Pax Romana and it follows a different plot than Rome Sweet Rome. More of a "Guns of the South" vibe than anything. But now that I've heard of it I'm going to read the shit out of it anyway. I love this setting and genre so much, I only write because I can't find a suitable amount of jerk-off material regarding this settings.

There are a few series, books and so forth but not all of them are very good. Zipang was a Manga/Anime and it had it's moments. "The Final Countdown" had some really fucking good potential but than they pull the biggest cock block in movie history and recall the fighters before they can fuck up the attack on Pearl Harbor. There were two Japanese movies where the JSDF go back in time but both movies involved the JSDF being a bunch of retards who immediately abandoned their armor vehicles, forget the concept of mechanized units and than buttfucked by Samurai. The manga 'Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought Here' is really fucking good and still running and I drew inspiration and scenarios from that and put them into writing for a few of these little 'chapters'

Also the book series "Armageddon?" about Hell invading Earth and than getting completely anally annihilated by modern tactics and weapons was possibly one of the best things I've ever read.
>> No. 30366 ID: 94a5de
Four figures weaved their way through the morning crowds pouring into market street of the Imperial capital. They went unnoticed, it wasn't unusual for travelers from distant lands to make an appearance, traders and mercenaries, diplomats and even tourists, this group fit right in. Wearing heavy cloaks, skullcaps and other such garments they blended into the masses easily though these men were not even from this world. Green Berets tasked with a special mission to cripple the legislative body of the Empire and if they were lucky, decapitate it's leadership. They were alert, eyes scanning every last man, woman and child that crossed their path for signs of trouble, noting escape routes, vantage points. Under their cloaks each man was strapped, H&K Mp7's with a chest-rig loaded down with spare magazines, small and concealable. One of the men had a rucksack, a leather and cloth affair that you could buy at any low-end stall in market town but inside was something completely out of place in Odd-World.

One of them nudges the other with two fingers, they all trace his gaze to a large church tower and nod. They had worked together so long that words weren't even nessecary, not to mention speaking English could possibly blow their cover. They filed into the church discreetly, the followers were taking seats and preparing for that mornings sermon, no one noticed the four men duck into a backroom and scale the ladder into the bell tower. Once at the top the device inside the rucksack was withdrawn, a GTLD III or Ground Target Laser Device. It only took a minute to set it up on the edge of the railing and line-up a sight picture with the huge dome roof of the senate building in the center of the city.

"This is Saber, we're in position." One of the men checks in.
"Saber, we copy you. This is Lancer flight, we're passing over the Duma Mountains now. We'll approach the capital from the East at a low altitude." The reply came from the two F-16C's that were fast approaching.

The two F-16's were carry a full payload of GBU-28 laser guided missiles, though ideally they wouldn't need them all they had prepared for the event that the eyes on the ground identified any other targets of opportunity. "What's this about a low pass?" Asks the pilot of Lancer 2. "You can call it a wake-up call." The reply came back like it was a joke, it wasn't like the enemy had anti-air capability but there wasn't any need to create a risk like that. "Whatever, it wasn't my idea though." Lancer 2 sighs, letting the hot-shot wing-leader make the call. It wasn't like he didn't like to show off himself. "Lancer Flight, descend to 3,000 feet. Follow me in and activate your afterburners."

Below in the capital streets the typical morning routines were being carried out. Even in the relatively
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>> No. 30367 ID: 2dddec

>Also the book series "Armageddon?" about Hell invading Earth and than getting completely anally annihilated by modern tactics and weapons was possibly one of the best things I've ever read.

You're thinking "The Salvation War". Originally posted on stardestroyer.net, I think. "Armageddon???" was the first book, followed by...well, I won't spoil it. Anyways, enjoyable read, has a lot of war materiel technical detail that'll make /k/tards cream themselves hard, plus lots of Humanity, Fuck Yeah! moments (pretty much the entire thing).

Last I had read (which, admittedly, was a few years ago), it couldn't "get published" due to some fuckstick out in Ukraine or some Eastern European hell hole basically putting up a torrent of it (mind you, it was posted, in entirety, online in a forum...by the author...), so now "no publisher will touch it, since it's already out there for free". I've got my own qualms with this notion, but whatevs. Maybe I need to update myself on the situation going on with it.
>> No. 30368 ID: fd3911

For some reason, stardestroyer.net is now members-only to read. And I'm not going to register just to read The Salvation War again.
>> No. 30369 ID: 90a126
File 140861481555.jpg - (126.76KB , 800x566 , 21stcenturywarfarebyp0p.jpg )
>Salvation War

Shit I remember that story. Was pretty good and was when that site still was pretty interesting and not dominated by a bunch of US hating overly liberal morons.

Does suck what happened to Stuart, where his story was so spread around that no publisher would touch it. As far as I know because of that he never released the 3rd chapter.

Some sections of the site you cannot access directly for some dumb reason but here's a working link to the story.......


No. 28929 ID: f15682 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Apparently there still are awesome people in Canada.

Why have I not heard of this guy before seeing this just now?
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>> No. 29041 ID: b338a2
Tell me more

Even the anti gunners that describe themselves as such dont feel nearly strongly enough about the issue
>> No. 29051 ID: 823a67
Are you really this stupid?
>> No. 29062 ID: f70034
Between the Bradys having to resort to selling their email lists, and Bloomberg's recent Everytown attempt just being his newest one with MDA and MAIG having failed, and anti-gun 'studies' constantly being debunked (the rigged CCW-vs-active shooter roleplay and the FBI's dumping the SPLC comes to mind), you certainly have some serious money but not necessarily much in the way of grassroots efforts from ordinary folks.

This is opposed to the surge of CHL/CCW applications and increasing NRA/GOA/JPFO numbers, not to mention the ongoing efforts and defense fund by the Armed Citizens' Network, grassroots legislative watchdog groups in nearly every state, not to mention the SAF doing their thing in the high courts, the nonpartisan Appleseed Project and CMP, and Pink Pistols.

I'd say there's more money, more people, and better bottom-up organization behind the pro-side. I understand nothing is wrong with a moderate stance and that it's important to seek balance and be considerate of all sides of the issue and all that, but the real echo chamber is to be found in the hoplophobe camp.
>> No. 29064 ID: f15682
>Both sides have very strong numbers.

If looking at the Brady Campaign is any indication, and it should be, then by looking at their popularity and numbers tell me that's a big fat god damn lie.
>> No. 30362 ID: 57e823
  New ad

No. 29388 ID: 8ef743 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
  What are your favorite science-fiction and fantasy films which no one else seems to know about?

One of mine is The Quiet Earth from the year 1985, about a scientist who awakes one morning to find that apparently all people have vanished. It has low points and B-movie moments, but the overall impact was terrific. The first time I saw it was via a rented VHS tape in the 1990s. The first half of it I think gives a realistic portrayal of how a human being would react in that situation. A scene I will never forget is when the main character wonders into a church while drunk, with a shotgun, and proceeds to shoot the statue of Jesus in frustration.
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>> No. 30326 ID: 885afe
>> No. 30327 ID: 17c549
I just watched "The Man From Earth".

I thought it was excellent, but don't expect an action movie.
>> No. 30328 ID: 8f9173
  Roger Corman's Galaxy of Terror (1981)

>A Sci-Fi movie best known for featuring a scene were a woman gets raped by a giant space maggot.
>> No. 30334 ID: 388296

That scene was so fucking sexy.
>> No. 30345 ID: b1c8a4
File 140847086946.png - (512.49KB , 800x598 , Morgan Freeman he's right.png )
Indeed it was, NSWG.

That scene gave me a boner.

No. 30298 ID: 0b9129 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Kickstarter campaign for a independent Trek film, Star Trek:Axanar. It's the story of Garth of Izar (TOS).

Looks pretty good, high quality visuals (JJ Abrams style ships, though), and some actors who had previously done Trek.

JG Hertzler (Martok, DS9)
Gary Graham (reprising his role as Ambassador Soval, ENT)
Tony Todd (Kurn, i.e. Worf's brother TNG/DS9, adult Jake Sisko, DS9)
>> No. 30299 ID: ed10c5
That looked fantastic, though I'm not sure where you're seeing them as Abrams style, the early ships are based on the Fasa designs and I though they were styled properly to look like they came in between Enterprise and TOS. They may look like some of the background ships from the Abrams shit but he didn't come up with them he just took the designs and made them look like his "raped by a '57 Bel Air" Enterprise. The ships at the end though, those were pure Constitution class heavy cruisers.

Also fuck yeah JG Hertzler.
>> No. 30300 ID: 451480
  Plug for Star Trek continues.
Fanmade continuation of original series. Remade sets and everything.
>> No. 30321 ID: 90a126
File 140833069630.jpg - (32.90KB , 282x364 , EpVII-Stormtrooper-Helmet_zps03ff7af6.jpg )
I vaguely remember that series but mostly because of the fact it is supposed to have the asian dude from mythbusters as Sulu.

I'm glad that fans are making their own little series of Trek because it doesn't look like Paramount will do a Trek series anytime soon.

While I do enjoy the LENS FLARE!!!! Abrams Trek well enough they, like the pre-reboot movies, just are no substitute for an actual tv series.

I really think it sucks that they planned Worf series won't happen.
>> No. 30336 ID: 388296

No. 30279 ID: 451480 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 30281 ID: c565c4
I remember when TPB was funny.
>> No. 30308 ID: 716727
Still is bud.
>> No. 30309 ID: c565c4
File 140829389755.jpg - (208.95KB , 682x600 , 1382335601381.jpg )
>still is

No. 30078 ID: 948045 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  So, my buddy recently showed me Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest film, a David Ayer project. And holy shit was it fucking fantastic. It's got a really good cast, Arnold gives his best performance EVER in terms of straight acting, Sam Worthington is almost unrecognizable, Mirelle Einos (Linden from The Killing) is amazingly entertaining; it's got REALLY fucking good action, like, holy shit it's got great action. It got panned by a lot of audiences for god knows what reason, currently holds around a 20% on RT from audiences. But don't let that fool you, it's fucking awesome. Here's the trailer.
10 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 30288 ID: 50f2b0
  Speaking of Ahnold films, I just saw The Last Stand.

It was ok. I liked the scene with the Vickers Gun, and when Arnold shoots the guy on the bus.
>> No. 30289 ID: d6e397
File 140799240327.jpg - (133.19KB , 640x508 , 21043_5.jpg )
You know, I went into that one thinking it was going to be the lamest cash in shit ever, but I thought it had it's moments.

Not the least of which was finding out Harry Dean Stanton was still alive.

I refer to our nuggets and a couple others as "my little Nazi killer" erry time now.
>> No. 30290 ID: bc7598
Thank you for this recommendation, I considered watching it last week but decided against it due to bad reviews. If it's good enough for OPchan, I'm sure I'll like it.
>> No. 30297 ID: 0b9129

Finally saw it. I'd rate it a 6/10. Convoluted and I didn't care about any of the characters; thought the reveal of the unit's traitor was poorly handled. Ending was unsatisfying.

Some of the shootouts were good.
the cabin shootout with the guatemalans
the end bar scene shootout
>> No. 30305 ID: 885afe
Currently watching it.

By the way, I just watched need for speed. And it was probably 50X better than I thought it was gonna be.

No. 30250 ID: df484d hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Anyone who's enjoyed the various industrial/hard rock/lolkmfdmpickagenre shit i've posted should listen to this.

Or not. Whichever.
>> No. 30275 ID: df484d
  I like this guy more and more as I watch more of his shit.
>> No. 30283 ID: df484d
  and japan was a song

No. 29924 ID: 12e3eb hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Oh my god.
>> No. 29929 ID: 258feb
File 140641794953.jpg - (12.63KB , 431x352 , Dafoe do want.jpg )
That looks fucking awesome. I'm glad Mike got his shit together, dudes funny as hell.

Also was that fucking Norm Macdonald?
>> No. 29933 ID: d94be2
So much yes.
>> No. 30277 ID: 5577d8
File 140786289217.gif - (57.05KB , 900x300 , PBF167-Punch_Bout.gif )
For any Iron Mike fan I would recommend checking out his stand up bit Undisputed Truth. Really a down-to-earth guy that is capable of making fun of himself and all the shit he has been through.

No. 30266 ID: b338a2 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Post songs with funny lyrics/stories
>> No. 30267 ID: e68bea
  the original recording is still the best.
>> No. 30268 ID: b338a2
pop pip
>> No. 30273 ID: acd3e0

fucked up and only uploaded part of the song... here is the full song...uploaded just for this thread
>> No. 30274 ID: acd3e0


No. 30265 ID: 9ce3db hide watch quickreply [Reply]

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