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No. 32113 ID: 963c4b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  The fine line between discipline and sadism.
The Hill (1965) - Sean Connery, Ian Hendry & Harry Andrews
The Hill is a 1965 film directed by Sidney Lumet, set in a British army prison in North Africa in World War II. It stars Sean Connery, Harry Andrews, Ian Bannen, Ossie Davis, Ian Hendry, Alfred Lynch, Roy Kinnear and Michael Redgrave.

In a British Army "glasshouse" (military detention camp) in the Libyan Desert, prisoners convicted of service offences such as insubordination, being drunk whilst on duty, going AWOL or petty theft etc. are subjected to repetitive drill in the blazing desert heat.
The arrival of five new prisoners slowly leads to a clash with the camp authorities. One new NCO guard who has also just arrived employs excessive punishments, which include forcing the five newcomers to repeatedly climb a man-made hill in the center of the camp. When one dies a power struggle erupts between brutal Staff Sergeant Williams (Ian Hendry), humane Staff Sergeant Harris (Ian Bannen), Regimental Sergeant Major Wilson (Harry Andrews), and the camp's Medical Officer (Michael Redgrave) as they struggle to run the camp in conflicting styles.

Roberts (Sean Connery) is a former Squadron Sergeant Major from the Royal Tank Regiment, convicted of assaulting his Commanding Officer - which he explains to his fellow inmates was because he was ordered to lead his men in a senseless suicidal attack. Roberts openly scorns Williams brutality and serves as challenge to his authority. The RSM is a career soldier who sees his vital task as breaking down failed soldiers, then building them back up again, in his words, "into men!"

Staff Sergeant Williams is new to the prison, and his ambition is matched only by his cruel treatment of the prisoners; he seeks to use their suffering as means for promotion. "And what are you supposed to be," Roberts asks him when he is accused of cowardice in battle, "a brave man in a permanent base job?" The RSM seems to agree; in another scene, he slyly mentions the fact that the Germans were bombing the UK (including the civilian prison Williams worked at) just as Williams was volunteering for prison duty in Africa.

Staff Sergeant Harris is the conscience of the prison who sympathises with the men, too closely, according to the RSM. The officers of the piece, both the CO (Norman Bird) and the Medical Officer, take their duties casually and, as Roberts points out, "everyone is doing time here, even the screws."

In the finale, the camp's Medical Officer and Staff Sergeant Harris decide to report the abuses at the camp. Sadistic Staff Sergeant Williams goes to administer one final, perhaps fatal, beating to Sergeant Major Roberts, when two prisoners intervene and appear to beat Williams to death while Roberts plea
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>> No. 33687 ID: cfe73e
  Not to be confused with
Chikamatsu Monogatari, aka The Crucified Lovers (1954), directed by Kenji Mizoguchi https://youtu.be/A4-kjHrIobg
Ishun is a wealthy, but unsympathetic, master printer who has wrongly accused his wife and best employee of being lovers. To escape punishment, the accused run away together, but Ishun is certain to be ruined if word gets out.
>> No. 33692 ID: 8aa34f
Great movie but the ending sucked.

Poor guy doesn't even get his revenge.

I liked Kiru a lot better.
>> No. 33693 ID: cfe73e
I just saw that movie, Kill! (1968). Another classic in the Criterion Collection.
In this pitch-black action comedy by Kihachi Okamoto, a pair of down-on-their-luck swordsmen arrive in a dusty, windblown town, where they become involved in a local clan dispute. One, previously a farmer, longs to become a noble samurai. The other, a former samurai haunted by his past, prefers living anonymously with gangsters. But when both men discover the wrongdoings of the nefarious clan leader, they side with a band of rebels who are under siege at a remote mountain cabin. Based on the same source novel as Akira Kurosawa’s Sanjuro, Kill! playfully tweaks samurai film convention, borrowing elements from established chanbara classics and seasoning them with a little Italian western. https://www.criterion.com/films/763-kill

One of the first samurai movies I ever saw was Shogun Assassin (1980), a combination of the first two films in the 1972 Lone Wolf and Cub 6-movie series, using 12 minutes of the first film, Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance (Kozure Ōkami: Kowokashi udekashi tsukamatsuru or Wolf with Child in Tow: Child and Expertise for Rent), and most of Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart at the River Styx (Kozure Ōkami: Sanzu no kawa no ubaguruma or Wolf with Child in Tow: Perambulator of the River of Sanzu). These in turn were based on the long-running 1970s manga series, Lone Wolf and Cub, created by the writer Kazuo Koike and the artist Goseki Kojima.

That got me interested in the original series and in Japanese films in general.

SHOGUN ASSASSIN HD Trailer https://youtu.be/ZxAPEyzcCtU
>> No. 33694 ID: cfe73e
  Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance (1972) Trailer https://youtu.be/x2eMNC9E6dc
>> No. 33695 ID: 963c4b
  Sansho the Bailiff (1954)
Another period piece of corrupt officials abusing their power, misfortune, degradation and woe. Virtue is punished, wickedness rewarded, and ethical but powerless common people are crushed under misfortunes.

While on a journey to visit their father, a banished governor, Zushio (Yoshiaki Hanayagi) and Anju (Kyoko Kagawa) are attacked, separated from their mother, Tamaki (Kinuyo Tanaka), and sold as slaves to an estate managed by the brutal Sansho (Eitaro Shindo). The children grow up as slaves on the estate, but when Anju hears a newly acquired slave singing song that mentions their names, they realize their mother may still be alive and make plans to find her.

Sansho the Bailiff / 山椒大夫 (1954) https://youtu.be/YbBC4wK3YKU

No. 32904 ID: 017bee hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Ash vs Evil Dead TV Show trailer.

I really do enjoy anything with Bruce Campbell, but having him back as the iconic character that put him on the map is pretty awesome.
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>> No. 32981 ID: 84c4e8
>> No. 32982 ID: e9c3ed
I was 5 years old when I was first exposed to Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead 2, seeing him in Congo later that year and then Tornado in '96. Then unknowingly seeing him in Escape from L.A. when I watched it with my grandparents. Then I saw Army of Darkness shortly after I moved back to Kentucky.

Been a fan since I was a young'un.
>> No. 32986 ID: 1e7cc7
The Evil Dead 2 was fantastic. Saw it in the theaters in 1987 after enjoying the Evil Dead (1981) in a video tape rental. It was a close remake of that prequel, but a really good one.

Half in the Bag Episode 50: Evil Dead
Published on Apr 16, 2013 https://youtu.be/zFXFvYeP8Kw
Mike and Jay literally got to Hell to discuss yet another remake. This time it's Evil Dead, a modern update on the Sam Raimi cult classic.
>> No. 33689 ID: cfe73e
File 145210711476.jpg - (534.63KB , 1118x727 , Bad Taste (1987) directed by Peter Jackson 1.jpg )
The Evil Dead 2 was a great and goofy horror movie from 1987, but a real gem was Bad Taste, a sci-fi/horror/comedy film from New Zealand directed by Peter Jackson who is making a cameo appearance here.
>> No. 33690 ID: cfe73e
  Bad Taste (1987) https://youtu.be/4pLQmNH2ZwE
In Peter Jackson's debut film, the population of a small town disappears and is replaced by aliens that chase human flesh for their intergalactic fast-food chain.

Derek and his friends must investigate the missing people in a small village. Then they find out its human formed aliens that are really big headed monsters that used all the people in the small village into their snack burgers. Now, Derek must save the day and the world with his chainsaw before the meat eaters strikes the whole planet. Will Derek kill all the aliens? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092610/

No. 33667 ID: 82a3e8 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Just got around to watching Into the Badlands. Im mid episode 2.

Some of you guys might like this a bunch like I do.

Post apocalypse (like revolution sorta, no guns) meets crouching tiger hidden dragon.
>> No. 33675 ID: bbfe61
No guns post apocalypse doesn't really make sense, there should be muzzle loaders at least, but I'm going to watch a couple episodes and see how it goes.
>> No. 33678 ID: 82a3e8
Yeah they have muzzle loaders in Revolution and then legit guns later on after stockpiles are raided.

I think they did no guns for a stylistic approach.

Let me say it works very very very well.

This show is like nothing youve ever seen, in the best of ways.

No. 33641 ID: 82a3e8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  New Dead Pool Trailer.
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>> No. 33668 ID: 06a0fb
i'm sorry about>>33666
i've been fighting insomnia the last 4 days, have maybe 12 hours sleep in 96, and i've been grouchy.
>> No. 33669 ID: 67d391

I think the rest of us would appreciate it if you dumped the comics.
>> No. 33670 ID: eb1ee5
Yeah would be nice, I could dump my cable vs deadpool which is amazing but it will take me a day since not with my externals right now.
>> No. 33673 ID: f013be
Fine, I was a huge dick too
The best kind of dick


No direct uploads because
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>Sorry, that filetype is not allowed on this board.
>Sorry, that filetype is not allowed on this board.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 33676 ID: eb1ee5
Thanks bud!

Got any suggestions for top picks from these torrents? I loved cable vs deadpool if that helps lol.

No. 33674 ID: de0bec hide watch quickreply [Reply]

No. 33648 ID: 3052f4 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  under-appreciated war movies
>> No. 33649 ID: 3052f4
  danish resistance fighters
>> No. 33671 ID: 842824
  already seen this one?

No. 33663 ID: 667a5a hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  C O N D U C T O R WE H A V E A P R O B L E M


Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 33658 ID: 0ea1a5 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  But you're like fuck it. It's catchy
>> No. 33660 ID: 095a2b
Yo, that guy doesn't give a fuck
>> No. 33661 ID: 095a2b
  more YG

No. 33631 ID: 3052f4 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  doubt they make training shit like this now
>> No. 33632 ID: 3052f4
>> No. 33633 ID: cfe73e
  Those Private Snafu instructional films were a hoot.
Private SNAFU: Booby Traps 1944 US Army Training Film Cartoon, Mel Blanc, Bob Clampett
"Private Snafu learns about the hazards of enemy booby traps the hard way. This is one of 26 Private SNAFU ('Situation Normal, All Fouled Up) cartoons made by the US Army Signal Corps to educate and boost the morale the troops. Originally created by Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss) and Phil Eastman, most of the cartoons were produced by Warner Brothers Animation Studios - employing their animators, voice actors (primarily Mel Blanc) and Carl Stalling's music."

No. 33515 ID: 7eee47 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
15 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 33538 ID: 26858e
>Its a bit like Stargate Universe.
As someone who actually did stick around past S1 of SGU I can say it was arguably worse. At least from my perspective, SGU sucked because your most/only likeable character at the beginning was the sociopathic Marine, primarily because all the other characters were mopey unfun bitches. Come S2 they gave the two mopiest bitches girlfriends, this genuinely made them better characters as they ceased being whiny cunts, also Lou Diamond Phillips was brought on full time. What makes this worse for SGU is that whatever writer it was that improved these characters was scared off by an errant raccoon or something and thus allowed the shit writers to come back and immediately unceremoniously kill both characters girlfriends, at the same time, one of them off screen. So now everyone sucks again, worse actually, except Gerald from Hey Arnold! and Lou Diamond Philips. It'd be like Enterprise getting S4 instead of S2 then going straight to killing Trip's sister and lol Xindi. Though I'll give SGU credit, they at least had the decency to not put their sex appeal character in a skin tight cat suit.
>> No. 33582 ID: df12a0
>they at least had the decency to not put their sex appeal character in a skin tight cat suit.

No, they just put her in a t-shirt and lacy, non-regulation panties...
>> No. 33626 ID: 82a3e8
I recently dug more into the movie and Im actually a little curious to see how it turns out.

Simply because the Director did the good fast and furious movies (inb4 hurrdur no good fast and faggoty movies).

And Simon Pegg wrote the damn thing. He is a fuckhuge star wars nerd, and is a good movie writer.
>> No. 33627 ID: 82a3e8
also this.

Ive seen half of the first season of TNG so far. thats it.
>> No. 33629 ID: 26858e
>fast and furious movies
>Simon Pegg
Both things I genuinely like, but I still think this trailer looks meh at best, and even though I don't like Abram's Star Trek the first one is objectively a good movie. Admittedly part of this is that their obsession with Kirk loving "Sabotage" bugs me, even if it's a good song. Though if the proposed new series turns out to be proper Star Trek, and admittedly Star Trek always worked better as a show, then I suppose I can live with the movies being dumb fun doolally bullshit.

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