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No. 32631 ID: 68aa6b
  Trailer thread?
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>> No. 32633 ID: 9eea57
I've seen this and it's my opinion that it's a terrible film. Sure Brosnan is good in it, even a couple of other decent actors but the story is dumb and predictable, the badguys are cartoon-evil and the action is often times poorly paced and rather boring.

Had potential, never met it.
>> No. 32634 ID: 6cc8dd
I heard Brosnan is actually terrified of firearms and has had to be couched through handling them for a good bit of his acting career.
>> No. 32635 ID: 90a126
Well he is British, the people who call the cops, sorry bobbies over empty shell casings.
>> No. 32636 ID: 7c1f6d
I meant him in it. It was enjoyable.
>> No. 32637 ID: adfbaa
The November Man was bretty gud.
>> No. 32641 ID: 1e7cc7
File 143204859287.jpg - (370.40KB , 1247x905 , US WW1 artillery shell casings on the roadside nea.jpg )
Yeah, you can scoff, Doomguy, but when I come across stuff like this in the streets of Castle Rock, I call the cops.
>> No. 32643 ID: 68aa6b
  Is your body ready?
>> No. 32644 ID: 5e5745
>> No. 32645 ID: 52ed6e
That doesn't even look ironically entertaining.
>> No. 32650 ID: 017bee
  Potentially very /k/-related. Civil war/SHTF in SE Asia, foreigners being targeted for execution and ethnic cleansing.

>calling the cops
>not making freedom angels in the shell casings
>> No. 32653 ID: 439b7d
wasn´t that Daniel Craig (too)?
>> No. 32654 ID: cd4a7e
>being targeted for execution and ethnic cleansing

So it's every tumblrites wet dream but with azns instead of SJWs?
>> No. 32656 ID: 7c1f6d
Im all about this movie.
>> No. 32657 ID: 7c1f6d
  Im also digging this.
>> No. 32699 ID: 086510
  Looks pretty good.
>> No. 32702 ID: 68aa6b
  Look, it's Gravity for earthside.
>> No. 32745 ID: 68aa6b
>> No. 32773 ID: 9eea57
Castaway in space.

Looks cool though.
>> No. 32774 ID: df12a0

No wonder Dr. Mann was such an asshole; he'd been stranded before, and didn't much like it...
>> No. 32779 ID: c550c6
>> No. 32780 ID: 511ecb
>Sean Bean cast in a role


I don't want to know who dies.
>> No. 32782 ID: 2090e6

Was total shit. Not worth seeing.

>No escape

LOL, flashbacks of my father's escape from the Belgian Congo. :)
>> No. 32786 ID: bdae0c
I still don't forgive him for his role as a supreme race traitor in Interstellar.
>> No. 32863 ID: e9c3ed
This was terrible. Just an hour and a half of a German overacting and screaming every line. His role might have been entertaining if they used him sparingly, but the camera was focused on him the entire time.

I need a palate cleanser, so I'm going to watch this later tonight.
>> No. 32865 ID: f2c4ed
Owen Wilson's best film was Behind Enemy Lines, so this looks like he's finally getting back to what he's really good at.
>> No. 32992 ID: 134a40
  more retro shit
>> No. 33006 ID: e57a3d
  I can't wait to see this.

It's a western based on the life of frontiersman Hugh Glass. Mother fucker was a straight up bad ass! The dude killed a goddamn Grizzly Bear with a knife.

>> No. 33007 ID: bdae0c
Been in awe of that man's story since hearing about him in a Ray Mears show years ago.

Film looks great and good ol' Leo is an actor that has just continued to better himself at every step so I suspect it will be quite the performance.
>> No. 33017 ID: 7dadba
This just looks to me like a more action-oriented, less historically based, and probably more stupid version of The Year of Living Dangerously.
>> No. 33018 ID: 7dadba
Oh, or maybe even The Killing Fields.

I know this is a thread for upcoming films, but the similarities seemed too strong for me to pass up.
>> No. 33104 ID: ff4ce7
  Just saw this trailer last night prior to watching MI:5 and didn't see it posted hrre yet:

"13 Hours"
>> No. 33869 ID: 490e84
>> No. 33870 ID: 1e7925
>> No. 33871 ID: ae87b5
File 14577780043.jpg - (82.81KB , 500x667 , JPbHLcL.jpg )

Looks pretty good
>> No. 33872 ID: 79b400
That spiderman looked and sounded terrible.

Everything else looks good, though.
>> No. 33874 ID: 06a0fb
baleted my old post; i made ass-umptions, which were wrong.

They're going with the "Spidey is a high-schooler and should be played by one" route instead of the Let's have a 30-year old play a high school junior route like Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

Maybe in this version he can finally get with Gwen Stacy instead of fucking fucking MJ Watson. Worst fucking comic book relationship ever.
>> No. 33875 ID: 90a126
File 14578224335.jpg - (40.55KB , 600x448 , 5330183+_a7807c2a4880e4e46a422d2c41b5b754.jpg )
I like the look of the suit itself but the eyes, man fuck the eyes. They look like shite.

Ass for the movie, ehh it'll probably be okay. I've not really been let down by any Marvel movie save Iron Mon 3.

This does look like Avengers Civil War but that ain't a bad thing. One of the main complaints about most of the stand alone Marvel films, and Winter Soldier in particular, was the fact they kept forgetting the other Avengers existed.

One thing I really have to complain about, though this might just be the trailer, is the fact Cap seems to be getting shit on. Getting bitch slapped by Tony, his shield stolen by Spooderman, shit like that.

I like Cap, not so much Iron Man. Stark is kind of an idiot who is responsible for alot of the bad in the MCU and judging from his siding with William ButtHurt and fighting his former friends that seems to be a trend that will continue. I want him to be the one getting bitch slapped. Or Hulk Smashed. Something to knock some sense into his ass. Maybe Ant Man can pull an Candiru on him, that would be sure to make him re-examine his life choices.
>> No. 33876 ID: 06a0fb
>One thing I really have to complain about, though this might just be the trailer, is the fact Cap seems to be getting shit on. Getting bitch slapped by Tony, his shield stolen by Spooderman, shit like that.

The same happened in the comics too. Except in the comics Tony Stark gets voted in as POTUS, signs the Superhero Registration Law into effect, heroes who register start having family members and friends killed, Civil War main plot kicks into gear, and then Tony hires a supervillain through a CIA-run Suicide Squad rip-off program to assassinate Cap America. Then Spider Man switches sides and gets blown up by a bomb or some shit, I can't remember.

So Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes (lazy spoiler alert) takes over as Cap, half-Mexican/Half-black Miles Morales gets his ass bit by radioactive spider cunts and becomes new Spider Man, etc,etc,etc.

I can't remember how they bring Cap back to life. Rhodes repaints his War Machine suit for a bit before Barnes takes over as Cap and fights as Iron Patriot.

It wasn't a very good plotline, as I recall. Doesn't help that it ran from 2006-2007 and now nobody gives a shit because the only fucking Marvel movies doing well then were the Blade and Punisher movies. Cable vs. Deadpool was selling more issues and Punisher Max was kicking everyone's dick in in Marvel lines besides C&D for monthly issue sales numbers.

Fuck, even Ultimate Marvel Onslaught was a better done plot and they dick-teased the return of Ben Reilly Spider-Man for months before just making it Kain with makeup on and a retarded 3rd Parker clone.
>> No. 33877 ID: ebb4ba
File 145786740932.jpg - (51.76KB , 640x632 , 1378506982985.jpg )
>civil war
>a dozen faggots running at each other on open ground
It's like poetry.
>> No. 33880 ID: 7c90e8
>One thing I really have to complain about, though this might just be the trailer, is the fact Cap seems to be getting shit on. Getting bitch slapped by Tony, his shield stolen by Spooderman, shit like that.
Marvel has gone full oikophobia America-hating craziness. Mutant registration = gun registration, Captain America was against it so he had to be humiliated. It's a recurring theme in comics, and even if anti registration wins it's usually from an argument of "hurr minority oppression".
>> No. 33881 ID: 0cb322
The Civil War plotline started up in late 2005, and was the core plot for 2006 and most of 2007. Gun registration/confiscation wasn't an issue en vogue back then. The AWB had sunset only a year before Civil War kicked off as main plot proper.

It was all just bullshit writing "laws" then editor-in-chief Joe Quesada heaped on Marvel's differing author's to "spice things up." Immediately after Civil War we get Marvel Onslaught 2.0, and soon after that House of M, which combined killed off something like 60% of primary hero characters across all major Marvel lines, just because.

But again, Punisher Max, which never tied in to the regular marvel "heroverse" was outselling most other Marvel lines back then, and Cable and Deadpool was for like 3 years one of marvel's best selling lines by number of newsstand issues sold per month by like 3 to 1 over X-Men, Avengers, Spider-Man. So none of it really mattered to most readers back then anyway.

I mean, there's a reason Marvel got bought out by Disney after 60 years of independence, and it wasn't because Marvel was raking in cash from media deals like DC was with Batman Begins series and all the Justice League animated shit. MArvel was starting to feel the pain of Quesada's poor leadership and wasn't going to survive very long by killing off popular characters willy-nilly.
>> No. 33885 ID: 53e7c0
Joe Quesada's ideal comic would be him, in a threesome, with Spiderman and Captain America.
>> No. 33886 ID: 6372b6
File 145927335164.jpg - (404.35KB , 1276x807 , punisher.jpg )
>Punisher Max
Needs a fucking movie with Mickey Rourke in similar fashion to Marv from Sin City, firearms and fight scenes set up by the guy from Way of the Gun.

Frank has to be very sparse in conversation, but each word has to weigh more than all the speeches from netflix's Daredevil's Punisher combined. Hand to hand combat has to be the epitome of non-showy, being quick and brutal.

Then I would finally see a Punisher movie worth watching.
>> No. 33887 ID: 82a3e8
Youve seen the "Dirty Laundry" short on youtube yes?

Cause it was pretty damn good.

Also because I dont feel like starting a new thread.

Batman V Superman was pretty much what youd expect. Fairly Meh.

Wonder woman was hot as fuck though. Few fan service shots of her.
>> No. 33888 ID: 6057a8
>dirty laundry
Yeah it was pretty good.

Just not Punisher Max-level movie I have in my mind.
>> No. 33889 ID: 06a0fb
I'd be really interested in a Punisher MAX movie if Tom Sizemore were Castle.

Or Jason Isaacs. In case you don't know who that is, he's the British cavalry doucheofficer in Patriot. He was also in Black Hawk Down, Green Zone, and Fury. Soldier with Kurt Russel, and Windtalkers too.
>> No. 33890 ID: 82a3e8
>He was also in Black Hawk Down
If I ever hear you mocking your superiors ever again, ill have you cleaning the latrines with your tongue until you cant tell the difference between shit and french fries.
>> No. 33894 ID: 4c768d
You'll motherfuckers need to go watch Daredevil season 2. Jon Bernthal is a fitting Punisher.

Also do they really need another movie about a guy who lost his family and just goes around killing people? Wouldn't mind if he showed up as a side character, but not enough substance for another standalone imo
>> No. 33913 ID: 06a0fb
File 145948224549.jpg - (1.66MB , 640x2864 , m9792_SageforPedo.jpg )
The Punisher works best when he is not part of the heroverse, though.

He's the collective pressure valve for readers to hate and take revenge on the criminal, the corrupt and the soulless elements of societies. Reading about Jared Fogle touching kids or ex-cops raping and murdering 19 year olds and then butchering and dumping them alongside the highway in suitcases doesn't make me want to see the Punisher beat up and arrest the Scorpion or goddamn Baron Zemo.

They read it because they want to fucking do something but goddamn America's legal system is so monumentally fucked that vigilanteism makes more sense than putting a fucker on trial. Justice is bargained and double-dealt and redefined and bought and sold. I want to see sick fucks ventilated because I can't do that in real life.

The Punisher is the hate we all feel, and the fist we wish we could throw into the face of the current flawed justice system in America.
>> No. 33926 ID: 53e7c0
Right. The Punisher is a more adult take on Batman. Early on Batman used guns, but it was very early, and at the same time then it was more focused on fantasy, as it had vampires, etc.

Already by 1940 Batman had been "sanitized" and started going away from the grittier pulp/noir styling and was marketed to a younger crowd with Robin, actually pre-dating Batman getting his own comic. Over time we had stuff like Ace the Bat Dog, etc. till it became the over-the-top 1960s Adam West TV show.

In the MAX line, the Punisher, (or at the time just Frank Castle,) is a 'Nam vet (again). At the will of writer Ennis, Frank's old; he's been active for 30 years as the Punisher, or close to it, and he drops the goofy super-hero uniform, but (possibly) gains (almost) superpowers. In the MAX origin comic, Frank seems to make a deal with some unspecified dark power to survive a botched operation. However immediately he is found near catatonic, being the sole survivor of what seems to be vicious melee combat. So it's definitely left open to reader interpretation.

Punisher was not only an embrace of the vigilantism of the Western-genre resurgence at the time (1974), or sort of an answer to Batman, he was also one of the first true anti-heroes to hit it big. He was embraced by a public that had lived through Watergate, and was largely disgusted with government/authority.

The Punisher was also a bit of a mistake, if you will; he was designed to be a tier-2 supporting role character and his popularity caught Marvel off guard. This helps explain the thin-ness of his character and the sort of archetypal roots and personality early on.

Watched the Punisher episodes with my roommate, who was watching Daredevil. I thought the speech at the end was a little much, but overall very good. Put the Tom Jane and Ray Stevenson movies to shame.
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