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No. 32898 ID: 8b4a40

This movie is going to kick ass.
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>> No. 32989 ID: 2404e6
You probably HAVE seen this, I just want to double check that you have. Fan made, with their own monies, because they fucking wanted to. Got a fuck ton of views.

Tons of rumors exploded after that dirty laundry video. Jane was interviewed on vice or some shit and he basically was all "Nah, I aint doing castle again, I dont feel physically I am what castle needs to be"

He supposedly did a reddit AMA (guess I might have to keep my eye on reddit sometimes, that place is as bad as b) where he said "Yeah Id love to do castle again if it was written right".

Some well founded rumors supposedly hint at a punisher netflix only spinoff much like the recent daredevil. And with daredevil's success it wouldnt be beyond them. That and I think most would push hard r for punisher. Because like dead pool, he needs it
>> No. 32991 ID: df12a0
The worst thing about Deadpool are the Deadpool cosplayers.
>> No. 32995 ID: 2f62b7
File 14377200873.jpg - (325.63KB , 1276x807 , punisher1.jpg )
Why can't I see anyone but Rourke doing a proper Punisher?

You know, like he looked in Sin City as Marv. Real MAX shit.
>> No. 32999 ID: 2404e6
File 143776521091.jpg - (195.95KB , 1000x991 , jasonmomoa.jpg )
You know what, I never pictured him as the Punisher. It would probably be a really really good fit. Age might be an issue though.

How about Jason Mamoa (or however its spelled). Albeit he is already playing aquaman.
>> No. 33000 ID: a4bc16

But I thought Kanye West was Aquaman.
>> No. 33001 ID: e9c3ed
Mickey Rourke would make a great Punisher MAX Punisher.

He'd make a great Punisher from The Tiger issue.
>> No. 33013 ID: aaff85
File 143787267369.jpg - (440.86KB , 1920x1280 , jonbernthal1.jpg )
Y'all know Jon Bernthal is the new Punisher, right?
>> No. 33014 ID: a34477
I fucking hope not, that actor always seems to get on my nerves. Could never take him seriously as a Punisher.
>> No. 33019 ID: 0ea1a5
File 143802941778.jpg - (76.79KB , 636x912 , 1336148427618045100.jpg )

The fuck did you just say?
>> No. 33020 ID: 33338c
File 143804176664.jpg - (111.61KB , 640x627 , aMYIagf.jpg )
>> No. 33021 ID: 2404e6
>> No. 33022 ID: 7dadba
I never noticed this in the Walking Dead, but the shape of Jon Bernthal's head is really not suited for buzz-cuts and high fades. It is a too dolichocephalic for that. Looks a little freaky.
>> No. 33023 ID: e9c3ed
>"Jon Bernthal is going to be the Punisher? Let's look it up."
>Find this in the process.

Never knew. I loved that game as a kid.

>> No. 33028 ID: 798a48
New 52 is garbage characterization of all DC characters in general, but I imagine I'm preaching to the choir.

To me, at this point Harley Quinn's just popular life support for what is actually a garbage accent and even more garbage dialect, both of which get real old, real quick, in person. In that sense I can understand why a good chunk of NYPD officers and NYC citizens alike must hate each other as much as they hate themselves, and why the bystander effect was so strong that they'd rather let Kitty Genovese scream while getting stabbed to death instead of having to listen to each other attempt to use the English language to call for help.

This is a poor joke as well as a bad generalization, I'm not being serious. Except the New 52 part.
>> No. 33034 ID: a4bc16

No seriously NY should all kill themselves. I'm kinda with Raz Al'Ghoul on this one.
>> No. 33035 ID: c550c6
>No seriously NY should all kill themselves.

Yea NYC is quite a shithole.
>> No. 33075 ID: 2404e6
Deadpool did a trailer for a trailer. What a post-modern asshole.

>> No. 33077 ID: 360825
File 143863627836.png - (45.56KB , 271x288 , 1431848456599.png )
I've almost completely given up on comic book movies. The rare exceptions (e.g. The Watchmen, Dredd) don't make up for the atrocities like Constantine or X-Men. Reboots don't help either. They only make me wish someone competent was still alive and making films.

And adding a "VS" tends to only make everything even shittier when actually played out (yes, even "Series-A X Series-B" fighting games like MVC3 or SFXT). A cute novel thought to be played out on the internet, but in theaters? They're not getting my cash. To make things worse, plebs will eat this shit up faster than they can grill them.
>> No. 33081 ID: 2404e6
>> No. 33082 ID: 4930b8
Upvoted! I can't wait to show Derpina this! Simply epic ;)
>> No. 33083 ID: 798a48
>complaining about Mahvel
>trying to compare it to the SFxT awfulness
>> No. 33084 ID: 90a126
File 143879284949.png - (525.79KB , 500x687 , I_Am_In_Love.png )
Deadpool you magnificent bastard!

I wonder who the big bad is. Most people are saying Ajax, the Posh Spice doc, but I dunno.
>> No. 33085 ID: 2404e6
Probably ajax, as he is in a couple scenes of that trailer (The doc that mentions the sense of humor dying, and then deadpool fights him later in the trailer).

But its deadpool, so who knows.
>> No. 33086 ID: df12a0

Why does there need to be a "big bad?" It's not like Deadpool has any enemies.
>> No. 33087 ID: a4bc16

Deadpool has to fight somebody.

I mean, I'd be happy for 2 hours of him running around randomly doing shit and making snarky comments, but cinema narrative structure kinda demands there be a "polt" and a "conflict" to be "
>> No. 33088 ID: 2404e6
Well theres that one series in the comics where he kills the entire marvel universe (good guys and bad guys) because he knows he is in a comic book so he can get away with that shit, He then hops out of the comic and starts killing comic creators and implies he could kill you, the reader, if he wanted too.

Im just hoping at some point in the movie deadpool grabs like a boom mike or a camera from off camera and beats somebody to death with it. Because that would be so gloriously 4th wall breaking...
>> No. 33089 ID: 90a126
File 143880769451.jpg - (154.57KB , 500x380 , classic-wade.jpg )
There has to be an antagonist. Thats just the way the movies work.

And Deadpool has plenty of enemies. T-Ray, Ajax, Agent-X, Killbrew, Copycat, Dreadpool, the alternate dimension evil Deadpool, Norman Osborn, the dude who had a crush on Death and cursed him with immortality, Loki who cursed him with an indestructible Tom Cruise face, AIM, people who think he is Spiderman, Squirrel Girl, and Abe Lincoln.

Plus considering who is playing him he can count Green Lantern and Dudepeel amongst his enemies. Maybe they'll give us an amalgamation of the two.
>> No. 33090 ID: 2404e6
>the dude who had a crush on Death and cursed him with immortality,

A lot of the others you listed seem to be in this movie thats coming out (Copycat for sure, ajax for sure, killbrew possibly)

All I know is I cant wait.
>> No. 33092 ID: a4bc16

Should just cancel the other Avengers movies and have Deadpool deal with Thanos. That is one seriously creepy love triangle, Death is crazy in love with Wade, Thanos is jelly as fuck and keeps trying to destroy the universe to impress her, Wade is batshit crazy and who knows what the fuck he wants aside from microwaveable mexican food and booze.

Somehow I don't think they're actually going to make the MCU's entire plotline be about Thanos' beta ass getting pissed that his dream corpse-goddess waifu is in love with a half-crazed human mercenary. Though they really fucking should.
>> No. 33093 ID: 90a126
File 143888868720.jpg - (310.21KB , 1215x746 , Deadpool_Corps_(Evil)_(Multiverse).jpg )

I should have fucking knew that. Why didn't I know that? WHY!!!???!!!

But yeah, it doesn't really matter because like you all I know is I cannot wait.

I just wish it was closer to sTard Wars so I have something to wash what I know will leave a rearry bad taste in my mouth, wallet, and fandom.
>> No. 33094 ID: 2404e6
Though whats funny is some comic "experts" are thinking they might be using deadpool to tie all the universes together before they start doing more cross overs, Since deadpool basically goes wherever the fuck he wants.
>> No. 33116 ID: 283f87
File 143934659634.jpg - (813.92KB , 690x1018 , Thomas-Jane.jpg )
This gives me a boner every time I watch it.

I really liked Jane as Frank Castle.

With that fucking nose, and those ears??? I hope you're fucking Joshing me.
>> No. 33121 ID: e9c3ed
I was just watching the Fantastic Four trailer and was thinking. If I was directing it, I would have cast a white guy as the Human Torch, then I would have cast a black guy to play him after he flamed on for the first time.
>> No. 33126 ID: 90a126
File 143942978366.jpg - (63.59KB , 443x640 , 2163618-shething.jpg )
I'd have probably just made stretchy dude or rock guy a black guy. Might have lessened the whining slightly.

Of course I'd probably also know what a train wreck this was and decide to ride that motherfucking train hard.

I'd probably leave the Thing sans pants but give him something to swing. I'd just love to have someone come out about ready to fight the Thing and then they see a giant rock cock and a set of balls with it. Their expression would be glorious.

Or even better make the chick the Thing. And still nude. Might get feminist cred or hate (either is good) for having the vag/misogyny to turn the pretty blond bitch into some horrific rock monster. A monster that people on the internet would probably still want to fuck.

I'd probably borrow a page from the Venture brothers and make its some real body horror shit to where it hurts like fuck for people to use their powers. The Fantastic Flamer would have the feeling of being burned any time he flames up even if he isn't actually burnt, it just feels that way. Stretchman would have the feeling of his muscles and bones and ligaments and squishy bits grinding and popping as they stretch. Rockman but now Invisadude would be perfectly fine as I always thought Grimm got the short end of the stick.

Fuck not having catchphrases, imma add more, much more! The Thing will say shit like "you got rocked" or "you haven't got the stones...BUT I DO". Flameguy will say "I'm so hot I'm on fire!" and "you don't need to catch an STD to burn when you get with me baby!". Stretchman will say "Its not a stretch to think that I can beat you" and "you don't need a rubber when you are with me honey, I'm like all rubber". Invisible woman will say...... nothing because anytime she tries to say a line she is sent in the kitchen and also I can't think of any invisible puns.

I'd make Doom the most cartoony shitty villain possible, turns literally into cardboard after his transformation. Go with the hacker 4channer type deal they had and run with that too. He fights the FF by sending pizza to their house or SWATing them, then cackles manically from his throne in the basement of his mom's castle about the success of his latest dastardly plan.

And finally I'd do full glorious 80s music for the soundtrack.

Knowing movie audiences this would wind up being a new Sharknado or something and wind up actually making money.
>> No. 33127 ID: 2404e6
>I'd have probably just made stretchy dude or rock guy a black guy.
>Make thing a black guy
Prepare for SJW rage.
>> No. 33129 ID: 90a126
File 143943988888.jpg - (281.65KB , 950x380 , 2012-03-28.jpg )
You'd have it either way. With Black Thing you'd maybe lessen some of the bitching by fanwhores because most of the time it wouldn't matter because Rockman is like brownish or orange and SJWs would still have a black superduperhero.

There would still be bitching from bitches who bitch on both bitchy sides because Thing is canonically a white dude and because the only black role is the guy who most of the time is a giant dickless rock and taking away dicks from black men insults their culture probably.

But making Stonedude or Rubberbabybuggiebumpers Man black would only be if I was actually trying to make a good movie.

If I was trying to make a movie like Fant4stic I'd make Johnny Black and Sue super asian and their biological parents Native Injun and Mexican. I'd make Reed still be white but gay as all fuck. And maybe crippled but just the legs because that way he has to walk with his stretchy arms.

Ben would still be a woman but would be like some feisty feminists who bitches about how she don't need to be pretty or be feminine and don't need no man but then turn into a pile of rocks that either looks like a pile of shit (literally or because of how bad the effects are) or a orange foam shit suit and starts bawwing about how she ain't pretty anymore and can't get no man.

Doctor Doom would be some neckbeard fedora m'lady basement dweller freak who doesn't actually fight the FF despite them saying he is a bad guy. Though he is still the bad guy because he pulls a Sol and tries to spy on Sue with cameras. Doesn't do the same with fem-Ben which infuriates her all the more that Sue is getting all the attention and d0c70r d00m420 doesn't. Because even some basement dweller ain't that desperate.

I'd be trying to literally piss off like Gary Oldman said EVERYYONEEEE!!!!
>> No. 33131 ID: a4bc16

Ben Grimm is already in the largest minority of all among comic characters, he's Jewish. He's also married to a black girl, who is disabled.

Sigh. How much more fucking "diverse" do people want shit, honestly, does he have to turn into a black/mexican/LBGT/muslim/hemophiliac? Can't it just be good enough that he's a Jewish rock monster golem thingie from Brooklyn?
>> No. 33132 ID: a4bc16
Besides, these days? A bunch of theoretical scientists in America... everyone on that team besides Ben (the Jewish pilot who flies the ship the others designed) should be Indian or Chinese.

If we absolutely must "racially update" things, there is simply way less believability in a group of scientists who are hispanic and black. You don't see that. Should be way more curry and kung pao going on.
>> No. 33133 ID: 90a126
File 143950222582.jpg - (134.25KB , 500x667 , tumblr_mlojnryAsQ1qlrzzdo1_500.jpg )
Jewish isn't minority enough for SJWs. They are rich, white, religious, and usually well educated and from good neighborhoods.

Plus they don't look minority. Other then the stereotypical jews, most jews look just like any other white person. You can't toss them in a movie and have your minority quota without playing up their Jewishness even if people will accept Jews as minorities. You gotta give that funny Jewish cap or make them saying funny Jewish words that sounds like clearing phlegm from your throat.

Its the same problem gays have. Unless they are stereotypical or wear some gay pride shit, you wouldn't know they are gay most of the time. Its I think the reason most gays wear funny clothes or speak in bitch voices in alot of movies and tv shows. That way some SJW or someone trying to court them can say "look, look a gay! I'm so in with them!".

For most its easier just to go with the tried and true obvious minorities. The ones with different skin colors, the ones with obvious disabilities, the ones with obvious bewbs, all that.

Now a intelligent person would think SJW types and gay supporters and the like would want minorities that don't really look or act any different from anyone else. A gay person who you can't tell is gay unless he says he likes the cock, a black person who is interchageable with a white person, a woman who does the same shit as a dude at 80% of the cost, and so on.

Of course intelligence in the thoughts of Social Justice Warriors and race obsessed idiots is like eating at (now overpriced) Taco Bell with diarrhea and regrets, its just not possible.
>> No. 33134 ID: a4bc16

Fuck that shit, there's all of 2 top billing Jewish characters in comics. Thing, and Magneto. Neither of them need racial-reassignment surgery. No. I know we might not "look minority" but apparently we are since there's a total of two, who aren't even -really- A-listers anyways, besides Magneto but he's also a villain... and replacing either one means we're down to only one, replace him too and you've just made comics judenrein.

Unless... SJWs are actually just really nerdy stormfag nazis using a cunning disguise and trying to use clandestine means to both cause a race war and erase Jews from comic books.
>> No. 33135 ID: 90a126
File 143950992692.jpg - (247.86KB , 575x839 , tumblr_nn9qjgDc3A1shb0boo1_1280.jpg )
There are apparently more then 2, though very few A-listers. A google search shows that Kitty Pryde, Batwoman (also a lesbo), Scarlett Witch, Quicksilver, The Atom, Moon Knight, Polaris, and possibly Shaloman but I'm not sure where anyone would get the idea he's Jewish, no idea.

And no, SJWs aren't neo-nazis but they are just as stupid and racist as our skin headed untermensch friends.
>> No. 33136 ID: e9c3ed

For some reason I pictured Silver Surfer and the thought of him being Jewish made me smile. Then the image of Galactus with yarmulke and curly payot made me laugh.
>> No. 33137 ID: 4930b8
>be a kike
>ruin everything I touch
>be upset when treated appropriately like rats
>muh representation
>> No. 33140 ID: f4c3c8
Where the fuck are these people coming from, guys? Why are they here?
>> No. 33141 ID: 6bf7d6
>> No. 33142 ID: 4930b8
>The resident retard shitposting jew is being cyberbullied! Must be /pol/! It definitely cannot be that he's the worst poster on the site and should be ridiculed for every shitpost he makes!

Perhaps you'd be more comfortable on reddit?
>> No. 33144 ID: a4bc16

They're everywhere, you're just not wearing your special glasses that allow you to see them.


You're not a "cyberbully", we're not teenagers. Sigh. Don't you have windows to wash or headlights to clean or something? Do I come knock the squeegee out of your hand?
>> No. 33145 ID: a4bc16

Also no I can't "spare a few dollars" so you can get some meth food.
>> No. 33146 ID: 90a126
File 143967684546.png - (73.25KB , 250x164 , na2mA2KHgt2z0mUl.png )
Congrats bro, you just become the newest member of the Opchan tripfriend stalker club.

People like Clio, Slavic, Brospeh, serv, Acid Man, Dece, Rimfire, Meplat and probably more Imma forgetting, all stalked by stalkers who called them the worst posters and never makes a good post and blah blah I got no life so I must focus on some random internet person blah.

As part of your membership you get a lifetime supply of whiny posts directed at you, a butthurt stalker of your very own, and all the moldy cottage cheese you can eat. Yum yum.

Seriously though, do people not have anything better to do then bitch about posters? I know the board has gotten slow but come on.
>> No. 33148 ID: a4bc16
File 143967888645.jpg - (74.64KB , 700x600 , abdenturesofstalker.jpg )

>stalking stalker
>inna zone

Blyad, suka.
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