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No. 32975 ID: c044b5
  >watching The Last Ship
>guy disagree with captain and immediately shits his pants at the stare back
>"Yes Sir" cocks gun
>no sound of gun cocking
>sweet sound editing
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>> No. 32977 ID: df12a0

Well, you can't really disagree with a guy who replaced a high-voltage electrical fuse with himself, to save the ship in the pilot episode.
>> No. 32993 ID: e7f332
I have watched like two episodes and I swear to god this is the most retarded show ever made.

Although I did talk to navybro on a destroyer and he reports: "Yep it's just like the real navy"

So there's that.
>> No. 32994 ID: c1c101
I enjoy it most of the time. The premise of the show is pretty feasible (Although wouldn't a lot more ships have survived?) and most of the characters are ones you can like, or enjoy disliking.

But. As with all things of this nature, it's important to realize that it is intended for an audience who in general doesn't know any better. Like when the captain called the M240 mounted in the front of a RHIB a "fifty cal" or when Spearfish torpedoes pass within 10 meters of the Nathan James and just continue on straight like dumbfire torps and make no attempt to home in on their target at all. Most people don't know better, or care if they do.
>> No. 32996 ID: e7f332
When they were boarding that medical ship, the chick sniped a guy with a 25mm gun.

Freakin stupid.

That having been said, if it's on I will watch it so I guess I don't hate it as much as I say I do. There was a great mini scene where there were some guys monitoring some shit and taking notes on clipboards, then a chick came up behind them and took notes on HER clipboard about their clipboard notetaking. That is the most accurate representation of the military I've seen on TV.
>> No. 32997 ID: e7f332
>Although wouldn't a lot more ships have survived?

I kind of get the impression they did. Although the cure or whatever was discovered on their ship, it seems like there are a bunch of other people also working on stuff throughout the world.
>> No. 32998 ID: 90a126
File 143774335945.jpg - (131.03KB , 1000x681 , QE-aircraft-carriers-infographic-food.jpg )
The spanish guy Juan Carlos mentioned that he and the rest of the sub's crew was pulled off of various naval vessels. So somehow alot of ships got infected, probably picked up survivors or hit an infected port. Thats probably how the sub got infected, it had to make landfall for supplies and picked up some unwelcome passengers.

There are probably other ships that survived but just by their nature of survival they wouldn't be advertising their existence. They'd probably be out of the way in remote regions like the Nathan James was. The Nathan James however was supplied before the virus and barely had enough supplies to last the months it was in the artic, ships unprepared would probably be fucked when they have to make landfall for provisions.

Like a aircraft carrier has pretty much unlimited power and can create its own drinking water but probably only have very limited food supplies onboard. Doing a bit of googling the USS HW Bush has to be resupplied every week. Smaller ships probably aren't as bad but still, very few ships are going to have the supplies to last the months since the outbreak began.

I personally enjoy the show. Its not perfect, not by a longshot, but its entertaining and has some pretty decent action. Most of the characters are pretty likable, its got Adam Baldwin, and Rhona Mitra. I want that toothpick guy Niels or whatever his name is to be shot in the face but that probably intentional on the shows part.

The best way to enjoy the show I think is to treat it like it is, its a Micheal Bay production so its going to have action, explosions, mil-wank, and be pretty dumb but pretty entertaining in a mindless way.

>> No. 33002 ID: 963c4b
Supplies of food can really dwindle away when serving 18,000 meals a day to the 6,000 crew on a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. The newer Ford-class has a smaller crew of a little over 4,000 but their food supplies probably expend just as fast.

The largest food supplies I have ever heard of on a Navy ship are for submarines. The crew on an Ohio-class nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine is only 155, but they (like most US Navy subs) can go more than 6 months without resupplying. Food is the main limiting factor on subs as the sub's nuclear plant can make distilled water but the crew goes schizo on tours longer than 6 months. Normally, submarines carry a 90-day supply of food. http://www.navy.mil/navydata/cno/n87/faq.html

USS Toledo Sub Chef https://youtu.be/uOPeD1N4MbM
>> No. 33003 ID: 963c4b
File 14378066263.jpg - (406.81KB , 2500x2063 , US carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) footbal.jpg )
And yes, you could play a regulation football game on an American supercarrier.
>> No. 33004 ID: a4bc16

Why is this nuclear supercarrier football league not happening yet?

We could spread even more freedom for the cost of our carriers by using them as floating stadiums with high priced tickets for rich folks and dignitaries from countries we visit or invade in order to sway them to the cause of freedom and real football.

I promise to make this happen. Possibly also pay-per-view professional wrestling.
>> No. 33008 ID: a34477
I liked the first season it was fun, although the scenes on the Russian ship where they clearly were showing dual 5inch gun mounts from WWII era American BBs kinda triggered me and that whole M240 being called a 50. cal. But what can you expect from a TV show it would be impractical and expensive to not have those faults because its a fucking tv show. Waiting to watch season 2 for the final episode on season one kinda turned me off but that's prob just me being weird.
>> No. 33009 ID: e9c3ed
Now that they're starting to rebuild, I want them to go to an oil refinery to get it started only to be stopped at the gates by a skinny guy wearing nothing but a hockey mask, belts, and tighty whities spray painted black saying "walk away."

Looks like we're going to have to buy our own Nimitz class carrier and do it ourselves.
>> No. 33010 ID: 90a126
File 143785987346.jpg - (99.79KB , 1024x571 , 14630974498_bb9968eb07_b.jpg )
I still love during the pilot when the dudes were calling clearly American choppers Russian helis. And one of the snowmobile guys taking out a choppa with an AT4 Stargate style. Plus the troops the Americommie helicopters disgorged were wearing black and gas mask.....in the snow.

Its a pretty dumb show.

I could have bought the Russians using American helicopters, the Admiral even says helicopters are cheap so he's probably looting choppers and probably wouldn't care about using non-Ruskie designs. It even makes sense to use American designs for a snatch and grab on an American team, would give them the element of surprise.

However they call the copters Russian even before the fighting starts so that blows the theory out of the water.

What is that a reference to? It sounds vaguely familiar.
>> No. 33011 ID: a34477
And how two operators somehow dodge 1000+ rounds of enemy fire and come out 100% unscaved while never missing a single shot themselves. I had to intentionally shut off my brain to make it through that fighting on the glacier scene. That was the strongest plot armor I had seen in a lonnnng time.
>> No. 33012 ID: e9c3ed
Be still my dog of war. I understand your pain. We all lost someone we love. But, we do this my way.

Whispering this to a poodle with a purple mohawk wearing chaps with the name "Wez" on the dog collar.

We do it my way. Fear is our ally. The guzzaline will be ours. Then you shall have your revenge.
>> No. 33015 ID: df12a0

Yeah, but don't forget that the SEAL's black buddy died (off-screen, even!) when it was necessary to the plot.
>> No. 33041 ID: 9aea35
Russian uniforms look wrong to me somehow, idk maybe they were updated

What I want to know is where they got the actual ships we see in the film, are they just file footage and clever sets, or actual vessels?
>> No. 33042 ID: 134a40
I would imagine a shitton of stock footage or preplanned scenes
>> No. 33044 ID: 90a126
File 143854868951.jpg - (137.44KB , 600x721 , shprl.jpg )
>What I want to know is where they got the actual ships we see in the film, are they just file footage and clever sets, or actual vessels?

According to wiki and google, they used the USS Halsey and USS Dewey for the Nathan James and also filmed aboard USS Iowa (most likely for the Ruskie ship). For interiors there is recreations of the interiors of the boats the pilot was filmed in but enlarged to handle the cast and crew.



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