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File 143849557619.jpg - (255.23KB , 2048x1370 , 1438486592524.jpg )
33048 No. 33048 ID: 4930b8
Are you guys excited for the new all female socially empowering Ghost Busters!?
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>> No. 33049 ID: 4930b8
File 143849563734.jpg - (33.29KB , 622x276 , 1438486801263.jpg )
>> No. 33050 ID: 8b7039
I can already see how shitty the box office returns on this will be.
>> No. 33051 ID: 4930b8
File 143849802447.jpg - (110.84KB , 960x642 , 1438497341236.jpg )
>> No. 33052 ID: 5577d8
so "promising" that even a leukemic kid would rather die
>> No. 33053 ID: 304e9b
Wow, I am totally not going to see this, because I'm a misogynist.
>> No. 33054 ID: ae11c2
Am I supposed to know these actresses? Or are they meant to be totally unknown?
>> No. 33055 ID: 2404e6
>Fat funny girl
>Awkward funny girl
>Random blonde girl
>Random black girl.
>> No. 33056 ID: 781bc0
File 143852820762.jpg - (44.96KB , 468x391 , Putin take this away.jpg )
The female"Ghostbusters"

So bad they'll give you a coma.
>> No. 33057 ID: 90a126
File 14385293778.jpg - (74.18KB , 799x533 , 16694-GhostbustersRule_63.jpg )
These pictures I do think perfectly captures this movie, its soul, its very essence.

A bunch of dickholes or I guess cuntholes prancing about in shitty knock-off Ghostbusters uniforms while their audience is literally dying.

I feel terrible for these kids. Imagine you are dying and suddenly some nurse comes in and says "Hey little Timmy, I know your life sucks because God hates you and kiddy cancer is eating your balls and lungs but cheer up because the Ghostbusters are here!"

And then you are all like, "Holy shit nigger, the motherfucking Ghostbusters! Fuck yeah bitch! I guess there is only 3 of dem magnificent bastards but fuck it Egon will still be here in spirit! I'm so excited imma about to release so spirit from my cancer bawls, open up bitch and taste the cancer!"

Then in walks four random ass women who you have no idea are acting like idiots and calling themselves the Ghostbusters. You are dying and they are smiling for photos in front of your very soon to be dead ass.

And then you know it, God doesn't hate you. The universe hates you. And your balls.

Then you reach for the plug because death is preferable to this. Though you do note before you go that the blond chick has a nice ass.
>> No. 33058 ID: d92cd6
As someone who hasn't watched television since the 1990s, and who has disconnected from pop culture as much as possible, I still feel compelled to ask: is this a joke?

But then I had the same reaction when I heard there was going to be a live-action "Scooby Doo" movie.
>> No. 33059 ID: e9c3ed
Jesus Christ, I'm laughing so hard at these.

That poor kid in the background and they're all posing for a picture "CHEESE! YAY DEATH! "
>> No. 33060 ID: e9c3ed
On top of that, though, Kristen Wig does look pretty uncomfortable. Like she knows how inappropriate it is.
>> No. 33061 ID: 832f77
Yeah! Because Bridesmaids was amazing and it's being made by the same people.

I mean if you're all about protecting the sanctity of goofy eighties movies as if they weren't goofy eighties movies I suppose this is a travesty.

Bill Murray's apparently all for it.

The big question here is why they thought the kids would be excited for this? Ghostbusters came out in 1984. This movie isn't even out yet.
>> No. 33062 ID: 832f77
Dude these kids have no idea what Ghostbusters is. Even the cartoons are before their existence.
>> No. 33063 ID: a4bc16
Wow those are some really fucking uncomfortable pictures. Also the new proton packs look fucking gay. They look like the props department tried to make them "home made", but ended up looking way more ghetto than the "home made" packs that Egon made in '84.

I was kinda thinking this too. Do any of those kids even know what A ghostbuster is, to begin with? They seem really young. I mean, I was born in '85 so I grew up watching the damned ghostbusters, but these kids were born 20 years after ghostbusters 2. I imagine them saying "Mommy, who the hell are these people in jumpsuits?"

Those lot look way more like ghostbusters in those outfits than the stuff they put the new movie cast in.
>> No. 33064 ID: 7d9420
File 143854571426.jpg - (38.83KB , 577x373 , j5inputb.jpg )
What's next? Short Circuit remake in full CGI?
>> No. 33065 ID: e9c3ed
That already happened. They renamed it Chappie.
>> No. 33066 ID: 7d9420
Well shit.

Had a giggle at that guy's Databank. I have the same one
>> No. 33067 ID: 4930b8
File 143855228543.jpg - (71.41KB , 500x500 , 1377562007268.jpg )
>Bridesmaids was amazing
>> No. 33068 ID: 2e2bab
Actually, they are remaking it. I shit you not.
>> No. 33069 ID: e9c3ed
...you just ruined my night...
>> No. 33070 ID: 798a48
No, since you're not American, but if even then you wouldn't. But you're supposed to, according to the director promoting them.

>> No. 33072 ID: aaff85
>Giant negress
>Fat femenazi cunt
>Weird blonde girl
>Bangable awkward redhead

Don't think I'll be seeing this at the show. Call me racist, call me misogynist, call me the patriarchy. I do not care, this does not look good.
>> No. 33073 ID: 3cb6a2
File 143860536179.jpg - (86.74KB , 582x600 , cant wake up.jpg )
I recently saw a video of Johnny Dep doing the whole Captain sparrow bit for a bunch of kids with cancer. It was really heart warming.

Then I saw this.
>> No. 33078 ID: 781bc0
File 143863976239.png - (1.40MB , 1160x979 , Who you gonna call.png )
My sides are gone.
>> No. 33079 ID: 4930b8
File 143867596083.png - (553.45KB , 1048x548 , 1438674762499.png )
>only post the not-horrible photos
>cry about trolls and misogynists
>> No. 33080 ID: 4930b8
File 143867772791.jpg - (107.22KB , 492x634 , 1438677491787.jpg )
>> No. 33099 ID: e9c3ed

Brother just sent me this.
>> No. 33101 ID: 9aea35
>everyone sleeping
>try to laugh quietly
>force it down
>laughed so much
>force it down harder
>too much
>gotta be quiet
>pressure builds up
>burst a capillary in my nose
>finally laughing out loud
>roommate barges in
>"keep it down! im trying to slee-"
>im giggling like a maniac
>slowly turn head towards door
>there's blood all over my mouth, neck and chest
>"who you gonna call hahahaha, WHO YOU GONNA CALL!?"
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