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File 143904716850.jpg - (104.70KB , 900x600 , 55c241fb169027501c6ecf92_hollywood-racial-inequali.jpg )
33097 No. 33097 ID: 798a48

Kind of an overblown title and a topic that's hardly press-stopping.


To be frank, I don't care the way they want me to care, and I don't watch movies either. But if someone really ever wanted to press me on it, I'd say it's less a white thing and more of a Jew thing.

Speaking of Fantastic Flop, internet mill's saying that the movie had a willfully poor production value and Josh Trank is such a basket case that he got fired by Disney from the upcoming Star Wars movies.

Kate Mara was on with Kelly Ripa and she said that nobody in the crowd at Comic-Con noticed them outside their panel.

I don't really feel sorry about what Fox has done for the same reasons that despite being Asian I'm not really railing for more Asian-Americans in Hollywood. Capeshit's a business just like show business is a business, and unless the diversity crowd can bend the producers' ears in the future (which they might), it won't matter if they're already controlling the art and letters in the comics themselves, because all the Kamala Khan or Miles Morales or whatever merch isn't going to cut it for the bottom line. Their respective top audience demographics that bring in the most bucks are neither minorities nor women.

Side note, if you guys thought stuff with that Nick show Bella and the Bulldogs was ridiculous and didn't have much of a basis, or even if you did, imagine how some of the Asian Americans triggered by Make It Pop must feel. They got pretty upset at a rumor that a producer said Asian guys were not gonna happen on his show, and white this and white that, but if that rumor is true, last I checked Nick Cannon is one of the two executive producer and he sure ain't white. So does that mean it's not cultural appropriation anymore? The K-Pop thing was his idea too.

Unless the progs want to start calling him an Uncle Tom, and I'm sure some of the harder ones already have, I'm pretty sure the casting was his decision too.

To a certain degree it's depressing to consider how little the progressive must think of people to believe that I stake so much of my racial identity and self-esteem based on how my demographic is portrayed in TV and movies, and that how others view me and treat me is also derived from the same.

I feel the ones who have the most room to complain about it would be those in the industry themselves, and that's something they've had to come to terms with in their own way, in a place here they're trying to make a living from the realm of the highly arbitrary and subjective.

Also, as for that title pic, you might get some leeway with Peter Quill, and maybe an academic consideration for Cap and Quicksilver, but Chris Kyle was a real person, so unless somebody reeeeeally wants revenge for Emma Stone, Mickey Rooney, Rex Harrison, etc etc, I hardly see any reason to have him portrayed by anyone but a white male actor. Not that Hollywood's lacking in those anyway, natch.
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>> No. 33112 ID: f2c4ed
Just off the top of my head, I was thinking of Sanaa Lathan's character in the first Aliens Vs. Predator movie. Yeah, the movie was not Oscar material, but it wasn't bad, and she did a wonderful job with what she had to work with. Black, female, action-movie star.

Anderson in Ender's Game was black, I don't remember her or Graff even having race mentioned in the book. It was a good casting call.

I think a lot of the problem is that roles are either written for characters that couldn't really easily be race-switched because they're written to have a certain background (How to make a lower-middle-class wannabe-soldier like Captain America black, without turning it into a racial commentary on 1940s Brooklyn?) , or that they're heavily (badly) stereotypical.

I haven't read the comics, was Iron Man's buddy Rhodes white? Wouldn't have mattered, really, and that was an example of a role that literally any race could have played, and played well. Same with Falcon. The Matrix was all over the place, and well-cast as well.

But then, you also have the Fast and Furious movies, which are diverse as hell, but they're all fairly stupid stereotypes, too. Big muscly guys, cars and hoes, lotsa booze, etc... It's not helping the situation when folks of Race B are acting in movies that make them all look like assholes or fools.

I don't have a problem with the Human Torch being black, I have a problem if that characterization turns, for lack of a gentler way to phrase it, into gangsta ghetto trash. It's the culture, not the skin color, and separating the two in film seems to be a very tricky thing.

I mean, look at the two Bad Boys movies. Black heroes, but instead of being cool, professional, and upstanding, you've got Martin Lawrence. Will Smith yelled a lot, but I'd be angry and yelling too, if I had to deal with that number of gunfights and an utterly fucktarded partner. But how do I, as a white guy, write a movie where there's a proper (let's say "equal to the demographic disposition of America") number of females and blacks, if the current crop of black actors is of a certain culture, but I'm writing a movie about some calm, collected scientists and soldiers dealing with an alien invasion?

I mean, I'm a few thousand words into a story about an alien invasion. Let's say the book (which I'll probably never finish, because I'm lazy as fuck) is a huge hit, and they want it adapted into a movie. Let's say that I'm not really the type to talk much about the skin tones of my characters, so the character of "Paul Stone, radioastronomer, audiophile, and all-around average guy who gets tapped to be on the First Contact team by his local gov't " gets played by a black guy. Easily doable, right up to the point where they start deciding that they can't have a black guy on the screen who doesn't talk like he's from Compton, who doesn't chase women, drink excessively, etc, because he's an academic, and never wanted to be part of the Life.

But...that guy's probably not black enough. God forbid a black guy listens to classical music, drives a crappy used car, and spends his nights in a radio telescope control room listening to static from stars. So we'll cast an Asian instead, and then it works out just find. Kinda nerdy, soft-spoken, perfect.

The reason there are stereotypes in movies is that there are stereotypes in real life. My TL at work's soft-spoken, quiet, black, and in his 40s. He's cool as hell, and seems to be generally a good guy. But there's another black guy that's loud, brash, foul-mouthed (Everybody's a "motherfucker") and he always seems to be trying to start shit with people, in a casually-offensive way. He's the negative half of every stereotype I've seen except for the criminal part.

So if I'm writing that story, and it gets made into a movie, they have to find a way to make roles suitable for characters of any race (which, culturally speaking, is hard), and then they have to find actors to play that role who will be believable (Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist? John Wayne as Genghis Fucking KHAAAAN!!? Martin Lawrence as a cop? Colin Farrell as Alexander of Macedonia?), all while avoiding the Outrage Patrol.

Fuck it, let's just write a story about white folks. That's easier, safer, and won't cause (as many) problems.
>> No. 33113 ID: 90a126
File 143924695280.jpg - (400.84KB , 1296x1728 , Mail-Attachment.jpg )
From the first link.

>film lovers wanting to see change in Hollywood have the opportunity to vote with their dollars. So whether you’re supporting Michael B. Jordan in Fantastic Four or Meryl Streep in Ricki and the Flash, make your moviegoing bucks count for something this weekend.

Most film lovers and goers might want change but they want a good movie more.

Both those movies are just going by ranking alone fucking terrible. Really fucking terrible in the case of Fant4stic and average to bad for Ricki and the Flash. They are bad movies. Ricki and the Flash was apparently a poorly written Diablow Cody movie and Fant4stic was a jumbled mess made by some immature asshole. Also The Thing without pants.

They aren't bad movies because black Johnny Storm or because there is a vagina in the movie not about the Scarlett Speedster, they are just bad. And people shouldn't expect people to watch bad movies just because they have minorities or women.

If movies starring or made by minorities and women are good then it stands to reason if we carry the one, reverse the polarity on the proton couplers that those movies will have people watching them. People watch movies with Denzel Washington when they are good. People watch movies made by Robert Rodrigious and Del Toro when they are good and mostly stopped when Rob made shitty Spy Kids and shitty NotShirtlessShirtlessWerewolfBoy and RedheadLoliGirl. Oprah movies get watched by buttloads of people even if they rewrite history.

Most people watching movies don't give a shite if the main actor or actress is white or negroid or male or woman. Most people watching movies watch because it looks like a good movie or because they like the main actor/actress.

Now right now most big name actors and actresses are white. But they aren't big names because they are white, its because people enjoy their performances.

People don't watch Chris Pratt because he's white, its because he's a good actor and is funny. Also dem abs.

People don't watch Katniss because she is white (though some people didn't want to watch her because she is) but because she can act I guess.

So on for all the other Chris's and whomever else is a draw. People didn't watch Denzel Washington because he was a black dude, they watched him because he was a good actor usually in good movies. The reason why he isn't as much of a box office magnet is because he hasn't been in a good movie in awhile.

I know there is racism and sexism in Hollywood and the movie going public but I also know most of its the fact that most of the "diverse" actors and directors tend to unfortunately be in or make shitty movies.

And nobody but idiots wants to see a shitty movie.

But that won't stop people from blaming failing minority movies on racism. Like the upcoming Black Panther, if it fails its because movie audiences are are racist and not because it either was a bad movie, written and directed by some shite director who likes to play fast and loose with source material, or just doesn't connect with audiences because the character isn't good.
>> No. 33115 ID: df12a0
>was Iron Man's buddy Rhodes white?

No. And neither was Falcon.

My only issue is when the actor, presence-wise, doesn't fit the role; Don Cheadle's a fine actor. For certain roles; "military man" is not one of them, IMO.

Same goes for Will Smith, Martin Lawrence & Jamie Foxx. None of them suspend my disbelief that they are supposed to be "action stars." I primarily see them as comedians.

Terrence Howard? Yes, I can see him as an action star/military man. Michael Jai White? Yes. Denzel Washington? Yes (and Goddamn if he hasn't played military men convincingly). Tucker Smallwood (Commodore Ross in "Space: Above & Beyond")? Yes.
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