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No. 33118 ID: 667a5a
>> No. 33119 ID: df12a0
>recieve shipment of explosives
>"We'll just leave this right here..."
>> No. 33120 ID: 2404e6
>A random shipment of explosives blew up in china.

Job well done CIA
>> No. 33122 ID: adbbc9

wont embed, i know you have to click to play but trust me it is worth it

also i like locals saying it was military warehouse and gov media saying it was unspecified chemicals, first boom estimated at 3 tons of tnt second as 21 tons.
>> No. 33124 ID: 33338c
Looks suspiciously like fireworks.
>> No. 33128 ID: 2404e6
Jesus, I hadnt watched full videos, That second explosion is pretty wicked.

Again I reiterate, good job CIA. Or in light of having just seen the most recent mission impossible movie recently, You lucky IMF fuckers got out of there in the nick of time.
>> No. 33130 ID: adbbc9
and the video is gone
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