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File 144031345464.jpg - (149.74KB , 680x1000 , cat-shit-one_21812.jpg )
33162 No. 33162 ID: ff4ce7
After months of searching, I was able to download a Blu-ray rip of 'Cat Shit 1', unfortunately it's in Japanese. Anyone have, or know where I can get it with english subtitles? Preferably in mp4 format. Thanks in advance.
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>> No. 33163 ID: 2404e6
Just suck it up and read it. They dont say a heck of a lot. Just enjoy the operating bunnies
>> No. 33164 ID: 360825
File 144035492672.jpg - (63.81KB , 463x634 , ngbbs508382ab19852.jpg )
>months of searching
>mp4 and not mkv
I spent a whole two minutes searching and found something with an open container format as well as being a BD-ROM rip in 1080p.

>> No. 33166 ID: 361316
Thanks man... your google-fu is obviously stronger than mine. I should have clarified; I got the jap copy 1080p right away, english subtitles version has eluded even though I once had a copy of it in 2010.

But no loss as I had forgotten about the comix and I used to have those too and rather enjoyed them. Thanks for that!

(..let's see.. 0 peers, 0 seeds. Dammit! This is why I almost never torrent music). -sigh- i'll leave 'er on for a month hopefully I'll get it.
>> No. 33170 ID: f44962
That's a private tracker man there are 16 seeds but you need to register.

I'm upping to Megaz and will post link when done.
>> No. 33171 ID: f44962
>> No. 33187 ID: 275bb3
>but you need to register.
You don't.
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