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No. 33165 ID: de0bec
  Some fuckers crawling around the fenced and mined border between north and south korea, and a mine goes off.

No idea which side it's on, or who's who.
>> No. 33167 ID: adbbc9
  hope yu kno w moon speak
>> No. 33168 ID: a34477

South Korea's military has promised "searing" consequences in retaliation for land mine blasts last week that maimed two of its soldiers on the Seoul-controlled southern part of the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

The army's announcement didn't go into specifics about what exactly is planned, though included is the resumption of propaganda broadcasts across the border towards rival North Korea for the first time since 2004.

As a result of Tuesday's explosions, one soldier had to have part of each of his legs amputated, according to the South Korean Defense Ministry, while the other had his foot removed at the ankle. The two had been on a routine patrol near a wire fence in the southern side of the border.
>> No. 33174 ID: f013be
There was some shelling beforehand, could SK have been dropping minelets?
>> No. 33182 ID: adbbc9

na the mine started it all, norkos placed a landmine right at a south Korean gate into the DMZ, soldiers going through the gate stepped on the mine. south Korea demanded an apology and some other stuff so norko fired some arty at the south Korean speaks that have been blasting k-pop at the north for years.
>> No. 33183 ID: a34477
Well K-pop aside the real issue is that those speakers are blaring up to date weather information making them a more reliable, accurate and timely weather knowledge disseminating device then anything the average North Korean has access to.

The North Korean gov has access to accurate weather info they just dont have a quick and easy way to disseminate it to its peoples so Norks actively go to the DMZ to listen to the South's weather broadcasts. Pretty hilarious stuff if you ask me.
>> No. 33184 ID: 2404e6
Thats fucking hysterical if thats true.
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