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No. 33193 ID: d2e752
  Remember that Biting Elbows music video for "Bad Motherfucker?" Well, looks like those guys got to make their own movie with Sharlto Copley.

I hope this becomes their signature style, because it's an interesting perspective for action movies and they do it well.
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>> No. 33194 ID: 2fe518
They put out the whole firefight where Copley has that bren gun. There's something about the camera or something that doesn't look quite right in terms of framerate.

I'm pretty hype though.
>> No. 33195 ID: adbbc9
did i miss where he had a bren?
>> No. 33197 ID: 2cb027
You mean the PPSH?
>> No. 33198 ID: 90a126
File 144242562189.jpg - (72.84KB , 900x683 , doom_movie_-_first_person_sequence.jpg )
I'll watch just about anything with Sharlto Copley (except Chappie though I don't know if he was actually in that, its a Blokamp movie so it usually has Copley) but beyond that this looks fucking badass.

I like the first person perspective. Probably the only thing good about my movie. If used interestingly here this could make a very unique and fun movie.

Also, on the topic of Neil Blokamp, is it just me or does it seem like all of his movies have been very similar? Some outcast guy fighting evil rich white people in an urban wasteland with usually a marked divide between the rich and poor, and the poor (even the criminals, especially the criminals) being the good guys. It seemed that way for District 9 and Elysium. Don't know about Chappie as it just looks like shit and apparently the main characters are some crappy (in my opinion) grunge band but from the synopsis it sounds like it follows a similar formula.
>> No. 33199 ID: 0b7429
Copley played Chappie. I actually liked it.

And Elysium wasn't trying to make the criminals the good guys. The movie actually had a right wing message and was his own warning about opening borders and whatnot, he is extremely against it. But, he even said it himself, he failed with that movie and didn't present the idea the way he wanted.
>> No. 33200 ID: 90a126
File 144245441543.jpg - (56.99KB , 550x309 , bicycle wheel IN SPACE!!!!!!!.jpg )
>Copley played Chappie

Yeah I freaking knew the dude had to be in that movie.

With Elysium it might have started out as anti-immigration (and their are still shades of it especially with the fact that America is a wasteland with like only two white guys and everyone else seems latino while paradise Elysium has like only one brown guy who seems to die in everything he's in including this movie) but mostly it paints Matt Damon and the criminals he's hanging with as good people forced into a bad life (which an argument can be made for that) living on a destroyed earth that has all the rich people in an orbital parasite with all the money and tech but giving nothing back like a parasite.

The spacenoids are made out to be the bad guys because they live in paradise with miracle tech and attempt to stop all the people from hoping the space fence into the station. The fact they aren't sharing the miracle tech is less to do with them being evil and more to do with them being stupid, even if they don't have any noble goals in mind selling or atleast renting that tech to the dirty earthers would make them some considerable money.

The not wanting people to immigrate is understandable especially considering the fact they are on a space station with very limited space. Plus looking at the people on Elysium's point of view immigration is what forced them on the station in the first place, all the dirty darkies coming in droves destroyed earth.

One could argue its the other way around of course, that the rich fucks destroyed the earth with exploitative business practices. They turned everywhere into 3rd world hellholes through unfettered capitalism and escaped the mess they created though their is little to support that theory beyond the fact the rich fucks are massive dicks.

I would have loved to see Blokamps original vision but I guess through studio meddling (which is evident with the forced happy ending) it came across as practically Occupy Wall St the Movie.
>> No. 33201 ID: 0b7429
Yeah, despite what it looked like, Blomkamp identified with the folks on Elysium. I mean, who wants smelly immigrants breaking into your house to use your magic dust machine?

I originally didn't like the movie because I thought it was about class warfare and sided with the immigrants and criminals. I only liked Kruger, the robots, and air bursting AKs.

Rewatched it after reading a Blomkamp interview about his real intention, enjoyed it a little more, but still only truly liked Kruger, robots, and boom boom AKs.
>> No. 33202 ID: f2c4ed
File 144248673679.jpg - (4.51MB , 4288x3216 , 100_1380.jpg )
Elysium...yeah, he failed on that one. It came across as just a bit too sympathetic on the part Matt Damon's character.

Which bums me out.

I'd have liked to have seen that movie if he'd had his original casting choice (Eminem) in the lead role. Because that would have taken Damon's natural charm and likeability out of the equation really fast, and we'd have been left with more of what we had in Chappie, which was a bunch of generally bad people that are hard to like.

I'm still not entirely sure what that movie was meant to be about. Blomkamp generally has a message to his films, with Chappie I was like "uhh, nurture is more important than nature?"

But I'll give Elysium this: In a movie that's meant to portray how important it is for people to fight to retain their safety, wealth, and peace, they managed to have a cast that totally didn't get it. I mean c'mon, Jodie Foster couldn't even sound serious (in her Rhodesian accent) about the need to keep the children safe, and Matt Damon managed to fumble around in a role that should have been Action Movie 101.

Pic tangentially related, it's one of the districts that inspired the movie District 9.

I kinda miss Africa.
>> No. 33211 ID: 90a126
File 144252552360.jpg - (447.95KB , 1280x530 , ElysiumAKM-11.jpg )
>air bursting AK

The real crime of that movie was the fact it, the modded 870, and the Chemrail rifle had so little screentime. Really stupid in the case of the shotgun as it would have been really useful later on.
>> No. 33223 ID: df12a0

Well, it's not like Matt Damon's character was a HSLDG2GTIER-1OPERATOR who would've even given a second thought about keeping the 870.
>> No. 33224 ID: 7feea4
File 144328160864.jpg - (811.82KB , 852x1280 , elysium merc.jpg )

>Watching that film for any reason other than this man among men.
>> No. 33227 ID: 0b7429
Muh kaffir.
>> No. 33237 ID: d8ab9d
File 14438061601.jpg - (20.49KB , 450x257 , mertDermern.jpg )
>> No. 33255 ID: df12a0

Honestly, I watched it for the satisfaction of seeing snooty Jodi Foster get stabbed inna carotid.
>> No. 33344 ID: 6372b6
She got me hot and bothered, was sad when she died
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