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No. 33260 ID: 27de3b
  ITT We recommend horror movies to watch on Halloween

Saw Let Us Prey recently. It was pretty good.
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>> No. 33261 ID: 27de3b
  "Good news is your dates are here, the bad news is they're dead."
>> No. 33262 ID: 0b7429
  Personal favorite here.

The first half is a claustrophobic fight for survival, which would be great on its own. But the second half turns into a damn good creature feature. This is a creature feature done right.
>> No. 33263 ID: cfe73e
  Blacula Intro (1972) https://youtu.be/4XzQabdzAqQ
>> No. 33264 ID: 0b7429
  I thought I was going to hate this movie because I love the original. And usually when you try to remake a campy movie into a serious movie, it fails hard.

But, I love this version, they did a fantastic job on it.
>> No. 33265 ID: 0b7429
  This made me feel uneasy. Elijah Wood is my favorite creepy actor.

Thank you, Sneaky, for the recommendation.
>> No. 33266 ID: 90a126
File 144512164383.jpg - (127.38KB , 550x535 , 56e830c577247d8bdfb4a6b534c153bd.jpg )
Isn't that movie set in WV? Because I take offense to Hollywood portraying we Mountaineer Americans as literal monsters, incest lovers, rapists, and obsessed with pepperoni rolls.

Pepperoni rolls are just okay.
>> No. 33267 ID: 0b7429
Are pepperoni rolls those things where you put pepperoni and cheese in crescent roll dough and bake it for like 7 minutes? Because if so, I have an awesome recipe for those.

I actually like the monster idea in the movie. They were just a bunch of humans that evolved to the darkness of the cave.

And Juno was my guilty pleasure of that movie. Bitch be fine. And her early morning stretch did all sorts of things for me.
>> No. 33268 ID: 90a126
File 14451251888.jpg - (87.87KB , 800x800 , img_5561.jpg )
They can have cheese but the basic is pretty much just bread with pepperoni baked in.

But yeah, the movie wasn't bad. Certainly nothing special but okay.

Its just kinda funny movies like it or Wrong Turn or Silent Hill that portray WV as this land of crazy serial killers.

Really probably the best portrayal of WV is Tucker and Dale vs Evil. Most WVians aren't bad people, they just look weird and people assume they are.
>> No. 33269 ID: 615268
The orignal is pretty good too. Joe Spinell plays one hell of a convincing serial killer.
>> No. 33270 ID: 615268
  Cannibal Holocaust

Best found footage movie ever.
>> No. 33271 ID: 615268
  City of the Living Dead

One of my favorite Lucio Fulci films. Heavily inspired by the writings of H.P Lovecraft.
>> No. 33272 ID: 0b7429
Well, the Descent wasn't really about serial killers or even crazies.

It was about an unexplored cave system where early humans evolved into underground predators. It did a fantastic job playing off the claustrophobic darkness of being trapped in a cave, it had great atmosphere. The second movie fucked that up, it was terrible. It was one of those movies where the background is brightly lit up, but the characters are feeling around in the dark. The story didn't make any sense.

The first found footage movie ever.

I recently saw The Green Inferno, which was inspired by it, and I liked it. It was campy in some spots, but I was pretty entertained.

Another movie I like, The Ruins. The trailer is retarded, nothing really to do with the movie. It makes it look like a fucking haunting or creature feature.
>> No. 33273 ID: 0b7429

I wish I had it on dvd.

I may need to pull out my copy of Zombi. Dat eye scene.
>> No. 33275 ID: 615268
I got it on blu-ray recently. The HD transfer is really good. I need to pick up a blu-ray copy of the Beyond too but the version I want is expensive as hell.
>> No. 33277 ID: 752d9e

Highly underrated horror film set in the backwoods of France. It's basicly a cross between The Hills Have Eyes and I Spit on Your Grave (without all the rape).

Really brutal stuff.
>> No. 33278 ID: 0b7429
  Saw this movie a few years ago and didn't expect much of it.

But, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. I love movies where I go in with low expectations and come out pleasantly surprised that it was actually worth watching. Plus, I love horror movies based in this time period when it's done right.

Been wanting to watch it again, just haven't been able to. I'll check the library just on the off chance they have it.
>> No. 33279 ID: 06a0fb
The original Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

John Carpenter's the Thing. The good one with Kurt Russel, Keith David, and Diabeetus.

I guess the original Blair Witch is old enough now to be considered classic if not good.

Mothman Prophecies, but not really scary or all that great plotwise.

The new Wolfman with Benicio del Toro and Anthony Hopkins was good.

An American Werewolf in London.
>> No. 33294 ID: f2c4ed
I saw that one a few years back, it did a great job of setting up suspense in an environment that's not easily suited to it. Caves, abandoned buildings, forests, those get used a lot. Plains are a lot harder to make "scary", even at night.
>> No. 33315 ID: 6372b6
  Found-footage movie related. Slow paced, not a very big budget, some might hate it, but if it's your cup of tea and you get sucked into the atmosphere, I found it to be very chilling.

I can't say the two reasons why I love this movie so much because spoilers, for the suspense fright it's pretty much my favorite horror flick ever made.

It's not exactly the same unsettling as Jacob's Ladder, so I'm not sure which one I'd pick of the two, but I enjoy both movies about as much as the other.

Seconded for favorite dark claustrophobic survivalesque horror. Really good.
>> No. 33316 ID: 6372b6
fffffff just watching the trailer again gave me some goosebumps.
>> No. 33326 ID: 70fa59
  The Church AKA Demons 4

It's a movie about a cursed Church that was built over the mass grave of devil worshippers.

The monster effects in this are fantastic.
>> No. 33343 ID: 0b7429
  I just finished this movie and highly recommend it.

It has endearing characters, great writing, and I haven't seen a movie build tension this well since the '70s. Almost ever, really.

Seriously, give it a shot. I'm glad I did.
>> No. 33346 ID: 70fa59

One of my favorite Clive Barker movies.

If you're gonna watch it be sure to watch the director's cut and NOT the theatrical version.
>> No. 33347 ID: 70fa59
And since we're on the subject of Clive Barker.

Lord of Illusions
>> No. 33348 ID: 70fa59
>> No. 33352 ID: 70fa59
If you love Noroi then you'd love The Cure (1997). A lot of people call it Japan's answer to Seven.
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