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No. 33280 ID: 0dcdc8
  Yeah this looks potentially very awesome.
154 posts omitted. Last 50 shown. Expand all images
>> No. 33591 ID: 832f77
File 145067973329.gif - (1.21MB , 245x200 , tumblr_mx5b83QJyp1ss6wowo3_250.gif )
>turning it into an emotionless checklist of cheap nostalgia

I'm not sure what type of conniption fit you're having here. Either you've got a terminal case of rose colored glasses for a franchise you got into when you were a kid, or you're so obsessed with not being a normie that you're short circuiting trying to rationalize that with being into the most mainstream media franchise on Earth short of Disney Princess movies.

>taking franchises that were created and grew with quality filmmaking

Remember the time Chewbacca's father watched porn

>> No. 33592 ID: f2c4ed
I just got back from it.

I spend enough time writing to know that there's a difference between rehashing plot points from other movies and books and actually telling a good story.

TFA looked like Star Wars. It sounded like Star Wars. It just didn't have the heart and passion that Star Wars did. It's not that the story was bad, it just felt plagiarized, an imitation of what Lucas had created, instead of "what happens after the Empire was defeated at Endor?"

I don't think it was "bad", it just wasn't all that good. Unremarkable, like Avengers 2. It had all the right elements, they just weren't mixed properly. I don't know if it was the script, the director, or what, but it just lacked heart.

I'll give it points for having elements of humor that didn't stem from annoying characters. The bit in the hallway with the two stormtroopers backing up and going another way when Ren's trashing a room? Fucking brilliant, whoever thought of that should get another $50K on the next paycheck.
>> No. 33593 ID: 53e7c0
Just remember aspies, the series went to shit with Return of the Jedi.
You've been in love with Disney bullshit for years, only now you're not 8 years old and have the ability to understand shitty movies.

The guy hashed up Flash Gordon, just enough to not get sued, and followed up Return of the Jedi with fucking Howard the Duck for Christ's sake. How many red flags do you need, and how big do they need to be?
>> No. 33594 ID: 90a126
File 14507046711.gif - (1.66MB , 636x374 , ds0tdgvjnh0dgzvxquxp.gif )
>I think you just insulted an entire race of people.

Ehh, nothing new about that. A reason I should never run for President, I'd make Trump look politically correct. Though when I insult an entire race I rarely do so because of hatred. Except Canadians, because fuck those snow Mexicans.

>rose colored glasses

That is all Star Wars is. Good memories blinding them to the truth. OT fanboys have on the nostalgia goggles and think Originals are perfect, they remember the joy and wonder they had as kids watching those movies. They didn't get the same joy and wonder watching the Prequels being cynical adults.

Prequel lovers are the same, the grew up with the Prequels and, much it was for the old farts with the OT, it was something magical. It blinds them to any criticism of the PT and makes them not like the Originals as much if at all.

I am to the stage with the Sequels right now. I got into the OT before the Prequels but more or less grew up watching the Prequels. I enjoy them both. Both had a magic to me. The first time seeing the Originals and being old enough to understand the Death Star in 4 and 6 weren't the same had an impact. The Prequels did the same, especially 3.

Being old and cynical I cannot find much joy to direct at the ST. It to me doesn't hold any magic, its crime is its just a movie but a movie connected to a series I felt so much for. My nostalgia makes me unduly harsh on this movie, more so then if it was just a normal crappy movie.

The nostalgia with Star Wars is so bad people are hot gluing the rose colored glasses on about the old EU, remembering only the good and forgetting the piles and piles of terrible schlock.
>> No. 33595 ID: 90a126
File 145070558484.jpg - (520.47KB , 1743x570 , Jaxxon.jpg )
>Just remember aspies, the series went to shit with Return of the Jedi

No the series went to shit in January of 1978 with another 7. It was when Marvel Comics Star Wars #7 was published the Expanded Universe began and fan fiction made in into the canon.

That is all Episode 7 is, fucking fan fiction. And not even good fan fiction like a time traveling Padme meeting Leia and deciding to make out and somehow Aayla Secure, Padme's handmaidens, and Mon Mothma all get involved while in the background a army of lightsaber wielding stormtroopers attack and completely destroy an army of Federation goldshirts. You know, quality writing.
>> No. 33596 ID: df12a0
File 145071413248.jpg - (84.75KB , 410x292 , leiachewybrazzers.jpg )
>> No. 33597 ID: df12a0
File 145071415755.jpg - (233.47KB , 1600x683 , princess-leia-definition-star-wars.jpg )
>> No. 33598 ID: df12a0
File 145071418486.png - (361.49KB , 594x396 , daisyridleybrazzers.png )
>> No. 33599 ID: 832f77
Yeah. I mean I'm not dissing Star Wars at all, I fucking love it and spent the entire movie grinning. That doesn't mean it was perfect, but I think they did an excellent job.

All this shit about people saying it has less heart than the original movies doesn't make sense--odds are they think that because you didn't see the originals as jaded adults. Hell, you can say the same about most movies you see as a kid. You go on about how they're the greatest and modern stuff just doesn't compare, just like your parents did, just like your kids will.
>> No. 33600 ID: f2c4ed
>All this shit about people saying it has less heart than the original movies doesn't make sense
No, there's some justification for that. Not every movie manages to pull off having heart. It doesn't matter how many explosions, gunfights, and moments of superheroism a movie has, sometimes they just don't manage to tug at the heart.

Like...anything with the words Fantastic Four, or especially Spiderman 3. I mean, they had action, etc, etc, but even if the ingredients were right, the recipe was wrong.

Avengers was amazing. Avengers 2 had all the right elements, but it felt cheap. Like "here's all the scenes you want, kids, now buy the toys."

Mad Motherfucking Max was the best movie I've seen this year. It was all about the characters, and maybe that's the difference. George Miller and George Lucas manage to write stories about amazing characters who go on adventures, Abrams simply said "Oh, we need an orphan, and a hot-shot pilot, and a literal Darth Vader wannabe, and then it'll be just like Star Wars."
>> No. 33601 ID: 832f77
I agree about Mad Max but otherwise...eh. I guess it was just a matter of opinion? If you compare The Force Awakens to just about every family-friendly action movie coming out of the US of the last ten years, I'd say as much or more heart. I'd say the only ones really comparable are the better Marvel movies.

I mean hell, comparing this to JJ's other works: I have trouble believing the same guy was even involved in both the Star Trek reboot and this.
>> No. 33602 ID: 832f77
And: I didn't go in thinking it would be this good. I expected something slightly better than the prequels with better art direction.
>> No. 33603 ID: 90a126
File 145073002144.jpg - (120.78KB , 674x505 , Yoda_fleshlight.jpg )
>I have trouble believing the same guy was even involved in both the Star Trek reboot and this


Star Trek 09 was practically a demo reel to show Abrams wanted to make a Wars movie and followed the same formula. Arguably was with the same PC hang-ups too.

Unrelated but lets see what anyone can find wrong with this picture.
>> No. 33604 ID: 832f77
Nah--the plot isn't nearly as good. I realize The Force Awakens hews close to A New Hope, but A New Hope was itself rehashing old scifi serials. But it's written by Lawrence Kasdan, who's damn good. JJ's Star Wars is true to the original, whereas JJ's Star Trek just really isn't. Star Trek was basically his audition, but it's clear JJ just plain LIKES Star Wars more. He even said that when promoting the Star Trek movies.

The one place they're really similar is excellent casting (minus Khan). I think that's JJ's strength--he's good at finding the right people to work for him.

Expecting more complexity and deviation from patterns out of the core trilogy Star Wars movies is going to be like expecting the Avengers movies to look like Jessica Jones. If you're looking for that, you'll likely find it in the spinoff movies.

>Unrelated but lets see what anyone can find wrong with this picture.

Wrong shade of green.
>> No. 33605 ID: 0c927f
But that's Yaddle.

>> No. 33606 ID: 82a3e8
Its true. He is.

On a happy movie related note: I just found out today that they are shooting a John Wick sequel already.

>> No. 33607 ID: 90a126
File 145073760945.jpg - (139.79KB , 680x661 , Spot+the+difference+its+the+negro_d649cb_5735156.jpg )
>Nah--the plot isn't nearly as good.

Neither the Abrams Trek nor Wars plot was that good but thats just like my opinion man. And this is coming from someone who more or less enjoyed both reboot Treks (somebody should really reboot Reboot) and will presumably enjoy The Force Is Late For Work whenever I can get the time (and lack of crowds) to go see it despite my constant bitching (whining) about it.

>I realize The Force Awakens hews close to A New Hope, but A New Hope was itself rehashing old scifi serials.

Yes it borrows heavily from old Flash Gordon, WWII real footage and movies, The Hidden Fortress, and follows the Joseph Campbell Monomyth formula. But it doesn't plagarise nearly as bad as TFA atleast to me seems to (though I'll admit I might be giving slack to ANH while not doing so for TFA).

>JJ's Star Wars is true to the original, whereas JJ's Star Trek just really isn't.

Its really not though. Its got more of a connection to the earlier works whereas its not a reboot but a continuation much like someone deluded might consider "My Immortal" a continuation of the Harry Potter series. But its not true to the original, especially half of the original. It borrows shamelessly from the originals, has the same characters and archetypes as the originals, but much like reboot Trek it isn't really true atleast in my not so humble opinion.

Its ascended fanfiction. Made by a fanboy. I'm almost suprised the main character ain't named JyJy Smarba.

>Expecting more complexity and deviation from patterns out of the core trilogy Star Wars movies is going to be like expecting the Avengers movies to look like Jessica Jones

But we did get deviation and arguably complexity in numbered Star Wars movies, that was the whole deal with the PT, they didn't follow the formula laid by their predecessors/sequels. And look at the sheer amount of fan bitching and backlash. Star Wars fans don't want anything different, they want the same shit over and over hence why TFA is doing so well so far.

>Wrong shade of green.

Nope, wrong! Clearly you aren't a Star Wars fan. Next you'll say you don't know the name of the guy on Bespin with the ice cream maker who was actually a undercover rebel agent.

This man is clearly a fan.
>> No. 33608 ID: 2a3867
File 145073967156.jpg - (37.34KB , 310x482 , Kreia.jpg )
>This man is clearly a fan.
My favorite Star Wars related media is Kotor 2.
>> No. 33609 ID: 67d391
File 14507396864.jpg - (147.99KB , 768x1147 , vintage willrow.jpg )

>ice cream maker

That was the computer core from the (rebel front) A'roFilter Corp office where he worked, what contained rebel spying data. Duh. Willrow Hood ain't no fool.

What kinda fuckin' casuals are you all, fuck.
>> No. 33610 ID: 90a126
File 145074050116.jpg - (40.24KB , 495x361 , 4Rg2w.jpg )
You play it with the fan patch?

Omg, he actually got an action figure? Jesus, I make jokes about how the old EU made everyone important (hence my mockery of some guy holding a ice cream maker...sorry computer core for literally a second of screen time in the background being made some secret rebel agent with some super important mission but couldn't be arsed to help out Luke and Co.) but I didn't think they'd give the motherfucker a action figure. Hell shit like Prune Face getting an action figure and a backstory or the alien who bought Luke's landspeeder was dumb enough but this takes the cake.

Pic semi-related, I'd actually buy these figures if they were real.
>> No. 33611 ID: 2a3867
File 145074126187.jpg - (263.21KB , 1920x1080 , 2015-11-09_00008.jpg )
Of course I have.
>> No. 33612 ID: 67d391
File 145074389189.jpg - (40.82KB , 522x381 , Willrow-hood.jpg )

That's exactly what I love about the EU.

Thanks to little bits mentioning him in like 20 different sources for a couple lines, Willrow Hood actually has a complete biography. We know more about him than we do about any of the characters from Episode 7. JJ is fail.

>A'roFilter work

>At some point in his life, Willrow Hood, a Human male miner, moved to Bespin, once his homeworld. He began working for A'roFilter, a mining company based on the gas giant. Hood was a longstanding resident of Bespin's primary Tibanna gas facility, Cloud City, and, as of 3 ABY, had been working with A'roFilter for quite some time. The mining company he was employed by was sympathetic to the cause of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and, as such, sold much-needed Tibanna gas at discounted prices to the fledgling Rebellion. Hood headed the department responsible for the deals and monitored the company's main computer. All transaction data was stored, heavily encrypted, on the main computer; this data included such things as Alliance codenames and locations of Rebel agents.

>Hood's job was made difficult by the presence of spies working for the Galactic Empire; Hood knew such individuals existed, but had firm suspicions about only one individual: Tian Chyler. Chyler was posing as a Corellian mining official, who was forced to relocate to Bespin after the Imperials occupied her former station on Ando. Unbeknownst to the population of Cloud City, Chyler was actually an Imperial Security Bureau agent, recruited to monitor questionable Tibanna gas transactions. Hood was unable to gather any solid proof of her complicity, but nonetheless his suspicions persisted.

>Imperial invasion.

>Shortly after her transfer, Chyler discovered the underground Tibanna gas market. She contacted Darth Vader, who was visiting Cloud City to trap a group of Rebels fleeing from a recent battle on Hoth. Vader used the information to blackmail Baron Administrator Lando Calrissian, so that the Baron Administrator would have to aid the Dark Lord in trapping Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa, and their companions, in an effort to eventually force Luke Skywalker into confronting the Dark Lord. Eventually, parts of Vader's plan fell into place; Solo, Organa, and company were captured, and Skywalker was on his way to rescue them.

>An Imperial occupation force began to invade Cloud City, per Chyler's instructions. Hood knew that the discovery of A'roFilter's main computer would lead to the discovery of the contacts kept within and so he retrieved the computer's memory core and dumped it in a nearby waste disposal unit. The core was never found by the Empire, and the Rebellion contacts remained hidden.

>Hood, however, stayed behind on Bespin during the course of the invasion. He did so not because it was his desire, but rather to aid his fellow miners. While he tried to stay out of the spotlight, he was arrested under the charges of possible sedition. The Imperial authority subjected Hood to information gathering techniques, including scan grid interrogation; however, Hood managed to resist the interrogation and withheld his information. He was eventually released for not knowing anything relevant to his arrest.

>Taking back Cloud City

>During the occupation of the City, Tian Chyler became disenfranchised from the Empire after an incident with Aqualish miners. When word of the Rebellion's successes in the Galactic Civil War eventually reached Bespin and Cloud City, she defected to the Alliance. She possessed knowledge pertaining to the defense of Cloud City, and sought to contact Willrow Hood. She, like Hood, had suspected the other knew more than what appeared, and had further deduced that Hood had contacts within the Rebel Alliance.

>While Hood at first distrusted the former ISB agent, he watched to see what she was willing to do. Eventually, the former A'roFilter employee agreed to aid her, and began to trust her and her motives. Chyler came through on her end and presented Hood with the defense information, which he in turn sent to the Rebellion, who used the plans to retake both the city and the planet. After the liberation of Cloud City, Hood decided he had had enough action, and planned to settle down.
>> No. 33613 ID: 67d391

The EU making "Everyone important" to me feels like a more real universe, its not just a one off story, its a living and breathing universe full of real people whose lives all have some form of meaning, not just the few titular characters of the main film series.
>> No. 33614 ID: f013be
>Willrow Hood
Better acting than the Force Awakens, of course he got an action figure

Force Awakens actors going to get lackofaction figures
>> No. 33615 ID: d95b0a
File 145074538972.jpg - (42.82KB , 492x645 , 12376240_907289022686473_9136984090430138182_n.jpg )
Jar Jar Abrams.
Charging me $15 to see a subpar mashup of three movies I already have, at home, on Blu-ray.
The Prequels were better.

At least I hadn't seen those stories before.

At least there was depth to Qui-gon, and Obi-wan, and Yoda.

At least the Force wasn't just a plot point to do cool stuff in past films, and actually felt like a religion people could live and die for.

At least in the original trilogy Han, Luke, and Leia weren't utter and complete failures.

At least in the previous films Anakin and Luke weren't Mary Sues, unlike Rey. She's perfect at everything from the very beginning of the film, and never stops. Her 'conflict' is not wanting to be a Jedi. But when she changes her mind, she does in 30 seconds what it took Luke 3 films to achieve.

Base your marketing strategy on bashing three of the six films, then show why in your new film the battles won in the remaining three didn't matter.

The only good characters were Not-Wedge and Finn the Space Garbage Man, the guy put in the movie to keep you from figuring out who the main character is from the first teaser trailer (Kinda like 'Benedict Cumberbatch wasn't Khan' except he was, and screw-the-audience-I'm-an-auteur-you'll-buy-my-garbage-anyway).

The best part? In six months all the folks praising this film will agree with me. In 15 years the prequels will be seen as better films than this one.
>> No. 33616 ID: 90a126
File 145074596533.jpg - (327.89KB , 660x990 , star_wars_celebration_anaheim_miscellaneous_31.jpg )
To me that makes it feel unreal. In real life everyone isn't important, everyone isn't some undercover agent, every car isn't made from the remains of some winning NASCAR. But in the Star Wars EU it is. Everyone has a connection, everyone has a complete backstory, most of it stupid. From the bartender in the cantina who met Aurra Sing as a kid, hated droids based on the line he doesn't serve their kind (considering he can't) but later on learned to appreciate them, and made a drink for Jabba from Greedo's corpse to pipe smoking guy from the catina being a psychic vampire with a hard-on for drinking Han Solo's "soup" to the R5 unit who was lazy actually being a force user who committed suicide because he had a force vision to probably worst of all IG-88 having 5 copies, taking over the 2nd Death Star and planning the robot uprising (mean he is no doubt Bat Guano's favorite SW character).

Thats just dumb. We live on one planet and most people aren't important, most people don't meet many celebrities and important people. This is an entire galaxy.

Ice cream guy should have just been a dude with a ice cream maker escaping the Empire, not some secret agent with a super duper computer core. The bartender should have just been a bartender who doesn't want droids who can't drink taking up space. The guy smoking should have just been some guy smoking and maybe thinking about getting his ugly ass nose fixed. The R5 that blew up should have just been a normal droid in a state of disrepair thanks to being owned by shady ass Jawas.

The guy with the
>> No. 33618 ID: f2c4ed
Me, too. I liked how all the backdrop characters were actually characters. Makes it feel like a real universe that's actually going through a civil war, and not just an action movie.

I mean, think about it: If there was a civil war in the US, wouldn't most everyone know (whether they knew it or not) someone who was either directly connected to the rebels or working with an operative? And the same for the loyalists. The Rebels had agents everywhere, even on Coruscant.

So everyone's got a backstory, even if not everyone's really all that important.

Which is very real.

And if you think about, the less-real version is that the entire galaxy revolves around Anakin Skywalker and his family. That's way more absurd.
>> No. 33619 ID: 90a126
File 145080247968.jpg - (251.74KB , 1330x1920 , mikael-kihlstrand-medieval-stormtrooper-redesign.jpg )
>So everyone's got a backstory, even if not everyone's really all that important.

Thats the problem, everyone has a backstory (well except the poor Weequay thrown first into the Sarlacc pit) but everyone is important, everyone has connections to important peoples, nobody is just "some guy".

That is nowhere near realistic.

And it leave no mystery. Did we really need to know Salacious B. Crumb backstory? Was anyone clamoring to hear about the backstory of the torture droid in Jabba's palace and how she murderized most of the droid population of Cloud City? Did Admiral Ackbar really need to be the slave of Tarkin? Why did Dengar have to have a personal grudge against Solo and why did we need to even know the backstory of some guy wrapped in toilet paper? Does Boba Fett need to be in every fucking thing like the Star Wars version of Samuel L Jackson?

It makes the galaxy seem positively tiny and completely without mystery. Mystery is good. Mystery was what made Boba Fett so awesome to begin with, over-exposure and knowing exactly what he did for every moment of his life since Jango jacked off in a mug to create cloning material makes him considerably less awesome (that and being the personal fap toy of Karen Traviss).

The Force when it was mystery was intriguing. The Force lost its magic (pun no intended) when it was all about midichlorians.

The mystery of who those people are in the background, what their story is, is far more interesting then the actual pay-off much like it is in real life with most people.
>> No. 33620 ID: 67d391

Nobody's going to take generic bargain-bin Jacen Ben Solo and the teenage scooby gang away from you guys.

We just don't buy into the JJ bullshit hype, is all.

You'll come around in time.

I really just don't understand why if they were going to make an abortive EU ripoff they had to skip over the really good Thrawn era stuff and go straight to that horrible, pointless Jacen Solo / Galactic Alliance arc that they just re-did better later in the Legacy series better anyhow.

He didn't even "throw out the EU" he just got rid of all of it besides one of the worst possible story arcs to grab onto, and then made it even more shitty and generic.
>> No. 33621 ID: 67d391

Oh and the fucking annoying marblemouth furry is supposed to die, not Han.

Should have just done the fucking Thrawn movie...
>> No. 33622 ID: 90a126
File 145082003159.jpg - (228.86KB , 1681x1003 , 2fb66d_5370934.jpg )
Dude, I'm no fan of Darth Caedumbass/Revan wannabe. But the old EU is no better, its the same damn problem.

I've long since become a movie purist, knowing that with very, very, very, very few exceptions the entirety of the old EU (and the new EU judging by Aftermath) was complete and udder shit that made even the most Jar Jar-iest bits of the Prequels, the Ewoks singing nub yub while playing the drums on the severed heads of Imperial troops, and WIZARD!!!! to be goddamn Shakespeare in comparison.

I don't trust Abrams either because 1, he's a hack who hasn't had an original idea ever and 2, The Force Dozes is more of the same problem of the old EU. Its fucking fan fiction. Kylo Ren is the same as Jacen, Rey is the same as Jaina (though argueably even more of a Mary Sue), the entire movie is a rehash of ANH with fucking shitty ass EU shit ripped off.

Its all bad. Its all trash. TFA is the same as the snore fest Joiner Trilogy, on par with the crappiest new Jedi Order books, and only better then anything written by Karen Traviss and fucking goddamn motherfucking Crystal Star.
>> No. 33623 ID: f2c4ed
Here's the problem with doing the Thrawn Trilogy:

Disney would have to buy the rights for the story from whoever owns it (Zahn) and he'd get writer's credit.

Which means he gets a paycheck.

And there's no way that Disney is going to cut a check for a respectable, appropriate amount to an author for a book written 20 years ago.

Not when they've got a director that thinks he's a writer, throws out the script he was handed, and rewrites the film himself.

Thankfully, JarJar isn't the director for EP8.
>> No. 33624 ID: 67d391

They could obviously just rename him Ben Thrawn and write "Disney OC Do Not Steal!" on the side of his star destroyer, given what they did with this film.
>> No. 33625 ID: 381ee6
That's exactly the kind of thinking that's ruining movies

If Disney actually paid the actually talented writer, they could have made a great cult classic story and milked the merchandising market for diehard fans upwards of 20+ years

Sure they saved a few million on getting Jar Jar, but they lost billions in the long run...
>> No. 33628 ID: df12a0
...y'know, can we all just agree that Poe Dameron would be fucking awesome in an A-10? I mean, he nailed the Stormtroopers guarding Han & Chewie, using a snubfighter not designed for CAS, mid-dogfight.

>down a TIE, down a TIE, rescue some people, down some more TIEs
>> No. 33630 ID: f2c4ed
Meh, anything's easy when you're Wedge Antilles 2.0 and JarJar Abrams is writing your actions. I'm not sure Abrams knows anything more than Lucas does about how planes actually function, so why not pull absolutely impossible maneuvers and snap-shots?
>> No. 33635 ID: df12a0

George knows enough to be a certified pilot.
>> No. 33636 ID: f2c4ed
A Private Pilot's License is no way equivalent to actual knowledge of air combat maneuvering.

This is the sort of retarded shit that was in Red Tails, and it's bad enough to make me think that Lucas isn't even sure how a 172 flies.
>> No. 33637 ID: cfe73e
  STAR WARS: A Bad Lip Reading https://youtu.be/1w8Z0UOXVaY
Vader keeps texting Leia, while Ben continues his quest for the Pickaxe of Cortez. Jack Black, Maya Rudolph, and Bill Hader guest.
>> No. 33638 ID: cfe73e
  THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: A Bad Lip Reading https://youtu.be/UkiI2vM2lfA
Yoda believes in the magic of song, while Vader struggles with technology. Bill Hader, Jack Black, and Maya Rudolph guest.
>> No. 33639 ID: cfe73e
  RETURN OF THE JEDI: A Bad Lip Reading https://youtu.be/_Ge4_stUpqs
Ben criticizes Luke's taste in music. Jabba redecorates. Maya Rudolph, Bill Hader, and Jack Black guest.
>> No. 33654 ID: 832f77
I haven't had to

I loved the movie, but it's too.. sequel-y. There are too many cues that just don't make sense if you aren't already familiar with Star Wars. If you compare that with The Phantom Menace, you don't need to know who Anakin is to appreciate the movie. It certainly adds another layer, but it isn't necessary.

I can see why they made this decision--Star Wars is so much a part of our popular culture even for kids that it would be like the filmmakers imagining audiences walking into Concussion without knowing what football is. Of course they know what football is, so you don't have to explain it. Of course your audience knows who Leia and Han are, what the Millennium Falcon is, what Vader's mask looks like. The only people who won't are really little kids who aren't paying attention at that level anyway. But it makes the movie suffer as an independent work.

I still think it's right up there with the original trilogy, but it's a different sort of movie. I loved all the callbacks (why are you watching a big franchise movie if you don't like references to that franchise?) but it's not the same. Granted I'm not sure you could do that again with Star Wars; it's too iconic and the industry is too different.

Also: massive end of movie spoilers do not watch unless you've seen it:
>> No. 33656 ID: b2a950
Spoiler Alert: Robots and whatnot.

If you know what that's from. High five!
>> No. 33665 ID: a18c5a
I found that video somewhat amusing. Then the lightsaber fight happened and I fucking lost it.
>> No. 33677 ID: 963c4b
  The top ten things YOU didn't know about Darth Vader's suit!
Published on Dec 31, 2015 https://youtu.be/FVzc20Bm8Xo
http://www.redlettermedia.com - Happy New Year! Last video of 2015! Rich and Mike learn lots of new things about Darth Vader's iconic suit! CLICKBAIT!

Apparently, the Red Letter Media folks were browsing through Wookiepedia or some other Star Wars fan site and struck comedy gold. Although it would not surprise me at all if it was revealed that George Lucas wrote this nerd drivel.
>> No. 33679 ID: 037541
I died watching this when it showed up on my YouTube subscriptions feed. God I am at the point where I have already gone through all their content and need more!
>> No. 33683 ID: df12a0
>> No. 33688 ID: de0bec
File 145206403126.jpg - (96.02KB , 918x816 , Emperor Palpatine Surgical Reconstruction Center.jpg )
>> No. 33707 ID: 667a5a
File 145235400759.jpg - (1.47MB , 2592x1936 , 1452292822680.jpg )
>reys original concept name was
>rey mixer
>> No. 33709 ID: df12a0

That concept book mention why Rey's costumes MUST have exposed shoulders & calves?
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