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No. 33312 ID: 9aea35
>> No. 33318 ID: bdae0c

One thing I never get is how offended police in the U.S. seem to get over swearing and the like.

They will start acting all authoritative and fucking up someone's day. Then get surprised when some profanity is used as if they would never ever do something so horrible to anyone else.

That said though these videos are always enraging but I get a bit sceptical about the image they present. I mean there is around the 320 million people in the states. Each state is a full nation unto itself really when I consider it on the scale of most other nations I think about. It's easy to condense a whole load of bad shit together in a handful of youtube videos.

These individual abuses are bullshit and should be pursued to find justice but the wider problem needs verifiable studies and investigation to separate from the sport of outrage and the actual issues.
>> No. 33377 ID: fd7157
if the officer is being swore at that's a pretty good indication of hostility / verbal resistance, which can quickly escalate to things much more physical.
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