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No. 33372 ID: 667a5a
  The funniest thing is it's not going to work against Russia
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>> No. 33374 ID: f10ed4
File 144684752516.jpg - (41.88KB , 608x604 , Face.jpg )
This shit just keeps getting more ridiculous.
>> No. 33383 ID: 70d38f
  >Sir Anduin Lothar, the lead protagonist for the Alliance. Steadfast and charismatic, Lothar is a knight who has sacrificed everything to keep the Kingdom safe.

>Durotan, an orc who is the lead protagonist for the Horde. Durotan is the noble Chieftain of the exiled Frostwolf clan, battling to save his people and his family from the vengeful Shadow Council.

>Gul'dan, a sinister Orcish warlock and leader of the Shadow Council. Wielding powerful fel magic and driven by his ravenous hunger for power, he orchestrates the actions of the Horde from behind the scenes.

So, erm, humanity, moderate orks and evil orks?
>> No. 33387 ID: 9df540
>use women in cages as shields
>"ha ha ha they cannot bomb us!"
>putin bombs them anyway
Bad Vlad ordered a hundred Russian kids killed to get to two dozen terrorists, I don't know what the fuck FSA was thinking.
>> No. 33388 ID: bdae0c
They are too used to the idea foreign powers that tie the hands of soldiers and leaders even when they okay the use of force.

In the West leaders really need to learn once again that making the decision to achieve political ends by military force requires letting the starving dogs out of the cages we've been kicking. Don't take the decision lightly and get the fuck out of the way once you do; it will be over sooner that way.

Sun Tzu and Von Clausewitz should be required authors to study if you get into office.
>> No. 33389 ID: a18c5a
File 144718594589.gif - (156.67KB , 500x298 , bombing-of-dresden.gif )
War is hell. We can go street to street, door to door, losing men on the ground and prolonging the conflict for years, or we can incinerate everyone in Nagasaki and end it right quick. That's the conundrum, carefully kill some people for a long time or kill everyone now. Which is preferable? I won't even pretend to know.
>> No. 33390 ID: 70d38f
File 144719517412.jpg - (26.12KB , 599x419 , 14471695926810.jpg )
Lesson to be learned for you - killing some people is always a pretext to kill more people. This is called "a circle of violence" and those leaders of yours are far too used to spinning them instead of eliminating them.
>> No. 33396 ID: faf5b0
>nukes were necessary meme

C'mon son.
>> No. 33403 ID: ebb4ba
>subhuman weeb apologist
cmon senpai
>> No. 33406 ID: f2c4ed
Wars of conquest are always supported by the civilian populace, even though they're started by the leaders. It's the civilians that support the war logistically, morally (in the sense of "moral support", not morality), through voting (in democracies), etc, etc, et cetera. The civilians in Dresden may not have fired a shot themselves, but they certainly supported the war effort every bit as much as the civilians who built the bombers that burned Dresden to the ground.

In the end, the destruction of Germany was a direct and just punishment for the election of Hitler and the Nazi party, and the subsequent material support of the war.

Same with Japan.

Don't want to get all your shit burnt to the ground along with your family and friends?

Don't start shit.

It's pretty simple.
>> No. 33407 ID: faf5b0
>the destruction of Germany was a direct and just punishment for the election of Hitler and the Nazi party

the bootlicking is on another level
>> No. 33408 ID: f2c4ed
Sorry, whose boots am I licking?
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