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No. 33460 ID: 79b400
  It's not exactly terrible, but it could be so much better. Especially since it has a good location and concept.

Of course, the biggest highlight no matter how shitty the movie is is that it has Burt Gummer.

I facepalmed when I saw it had Jamie Kennedy, but he was no where near as bad as I thought he would be. Actually, surprisingly decent. If the movie was better, he would still fit the role. Never thought I'd say that about him.

Check it out, it might be worth a watch after a couple beers.
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>> No. 33461 ID: 13da80
Tremors started sucking when they started going above ground. The reason why Tremors was cool is because the floor is lava. And because the same reason as Jaws, the danger of the plot remained unseen and a mystery for most of it.
In my opinion the Tremors movies would have done better if they stuck to this concept. This kind of movie that engages people and makes them use their imagination at least a little bit is what causes cult fandoms to develop around franchises.

But nowadays it's all CGI where the boring monster is completely visible and completely inferior to what I imagined it to be because I can almost see the damn polygons. Same reason why harry potter was shit, because even a child can imagine a better Dobby than the retard in charge of the CGI program.
Also... holy... they're putting a woman with a bow in every movie now because Catpiss was 'successful'!
>> No. 33462 ID: f2c4ed
>Not having watched it the week it premiered on Netflix
>the current year
Nigga, iz you serious?

Uhh, out of the five of them, it's at least better than #3 and #4.

The first one is still one of the better monster horror movies made. Well-acted, well-cast, great practical effects, and it had verisimilitude. It made sense, followed its own rules, and did a great job of conveying menace.

The second one was comedy-horror. Decent, except for aging CGI, but it was a total genre shift.

The rest, including this one, are just aping the second. This one fails fucking hard, in my opinion. Guns are magic, helicopters are magic, missiles are fucking magic, and all of the sudden, we now have magic lightning bolts on demand.
>> No. 33466 ID: 8dfa9e
File 14492945717.jpg - (62.39KB , 600x338 , 600px-Tremors5vektro1.jpg )
The scene with a close up of the AKs ejection port with the bolt 100% stationary with firing noises is hilarious. I forgive them for it though because GODDAMN the doctor is fine as FUCK.
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