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No. 33464 ID: 254a6b
  Forget the name of the short film, been trying to find it. Any help is appreciated. It begins with a man standing on a soapbox spouting some shit, and a crowd is cheering him on. Am older German man takes a younger American confederate aside to a bench and begins recounting his memories of germany.
>> No. 33465 ID: 3052f4
  I'd like to watch this if anyone can find it
>> No. 33467 ID: bdae0c

I just watched that through and I realised how badly the american system needs to stand up and combat its detractors. You just don't see shit like this any more (updated versions).

It's still so relevant, like 95% spot of SJW regressive 'progressive' types.
>> No. 33469 ID: a18c5a
>SJW regressive 'progressive' types.
Consider the case of Speedy Gonzales, a looney tunes character born of the 1950's. The character was shelved by Cartoon Network. To quote Cartoon Network Spokesman Laurie Goldberg from a 2002 interview
>"It hasn't been on the air for years because of its ethnic stereotypes."
In order to remain PC and avoid offense, the quick witted, fast talking mouse went unbroadcast for some time. There's just one problem: Mexicans fucking love Speedy Gonzalez. By doing away with the only major Hispanic character in the franchise, Looney Tunes had done them wrong. Their demand for Speedy is what brought him back; he now runs a pizzeria in The Looney Tunes latest incarnation.
>> No. 33472 ID: a18c5a
I've been tired lately, and somehow generalized serv's post to all animation of that era, hence my very tangentially related, off topic post. Here's some WWII propaganda to make up for it.
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