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No. 33641 ID: 82a3e8
  New Dead Pool Trailer.
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>> No. 33642 ID: 9df540
Wait WTF is his superpower? Is he like like Wolverine?

The only thing out of the ordinary he seems to do is snarky one liners, and while I'm chuckling over here, that's still a really shitty superpower.
>> No. 33643 ID: b60dd0
He's wolverine with a magic murder bag minus adamantium skeleton.
>> No. 33644 ID: b60dd0
Also, if you read any of the comics, read the ones written by Brian Posehn.
>> No. 33645 ID: 06a0fb
File 145119271783.jpg - (196.02KB , 800x550 , pancakes-deadpool-deadpool-movie-wolverine-to-join.jpg )
he was a soldier, who was "volunteered" for teh weapon X program. He was given a version of wolverine's healing factor, but had undiagnosed terminal brain cancer. Healing factor kicks in, fights with cancer, scars the hell out of his body and drives him insane. His superpower is that he no longer needs to acknowledge the 4th wall.

Other than that, he loves guns and explosives and gives no fucks. About anything. Also, pancakes.
>> No. 33646 ID: 82a3e8
As the others have said he has a super good healing factor. From what I understand its a metric ton better than wolverines.
>> No. 33647 ID: 06a0fb
yes. And while many different writers have shown varying degrees of "better" it is generally accepted that he can regenerate limbs in seconds. It's also given him near-immortality (see X-Men: Messiah War issue 1.)
>> No. 33650 ID: a18c5a
File 145127726059.jpg - (337.57KB , 1027x1599 , 1hutmp.jpg )
>> No. 33651 ID: 82a3e8
Well that and in that one series Thanatos got jealous that deadpool loved death and death loved deadpool so thanatos made him immortal.
>> No. 33652 ID: 67d391

Technically, most problems in the Marvel universe all go back to Thanos being beta as fuck and Death just ignoring him in favor of Wade. Thus Thanos tries to destroy the universe to woo her and she just shakes her head at him.
>> No. 33653 ID: 9aea35
I read the entire series, all some 90 comics or so, and I gotta say it's one of the best superhero arcs ever
Hope hollywood doesn't take a shit on it

She loves a dude with a sense of humor
>> No. 33655 ID: 06a0fb
What entire series? Of Deadpool comics? Deadpool's had 7, not including mini-series.
>> No. 33657 ID: 381ee6
Every comic ever mass published with a Deadpool appearance
>> No. 33659 ID: 06a0fb
that'd be several thousands of issues, across multiple lines, going back to '91. He was around for 7 years in various X-Men related titles as a super villain before getting his first self-titled series in '97.

That's what I'm trying to figure out. None of his volumes are 90 issues in length, so either >>33653
has like a volume and a half, or just very sporadic Deadpool comics over the 217 issues of his main Deadpool line. No matter what the reality is, he's missing a heck of a lot of Deadpool's history and character.

Hell, I am too and I have 37 issues of Cable and Deadpool and have read a lot of his other self-title issues (thanks to 4chan /co/ back in the day.)
>> No. 33664 ID: 667a5a
File 145153622321.jpg - (27.28KB , 415x343 , Capture.jpg )
You realize 90 wasn't an exact number right? I didn't count them nor did I have the number memorized just to make a post on /m/, that's why I said
>all some 90 comics or so
If you want to be absolutely autistic its 239 issues according to windows explorer

And no I'm not going to post any because you're being an autistic twat, but I will mercilessly tease you with screenshots if you persist
>> No. 33666 ID: 06a0fb
File 145155167861.jpg - (448.90KB , 1024x1531 , 1177977234559.jpg )
the fuck do i care whether you post the full collection or not? I already said I've read most of deadpool's run.
>> No. 33668 ID: 06a0fb
i'm sorry about>>33666
i've been fighting insomnia the last 4 days, have maybe 12 hours sleep in 96, and i've been grouchy.
>> No. 33669 ID: 67d391

I think the rest of us would appreciate it if you dumped the comics.
>> No. 33670 ID: eb1ee5
Yeah would be nice, I could dump my cable vs deadpool which is amazing but it will take me a day since not with my externals right now.
>> No. 33673 ID: f013be
Fine, I was a huge dick too
The best kind of dick


No direct uploads because
>Sorry, that filetype is not allowed on this board.
>Sorry, that filetype is not allowed on this board.
>Sorry, that filetype is not allowed on this board.
>Sorry, that filetype is not allowed on this board.
>Sorry, that filetype is not allowed on this board.

And I don't want to spend days uploading thousands of pics one by one
>> No. 33676 ID: eb1ee5
Thanks bud!

Got any suggestions for top picks from these torrents? I loved cable vs deadpool if that helps lol.
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