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No. 33667 ID: 82a3e8
  Just got around to watching Into the Badlands. Im mid episode 2.

Some of you guys might like this a bunch like I do.

Post apocalypse (like revolution sorta, no guns) meets crouching tiger hidden dragon.
>> No. 33675 ID: bbfe61
No guns post apocalypse doesn't really make sense, there should be muzzle loaders at least, but I'm going to watch a couple episodes and see how it goes.
>> No. 33678 ID: 82a3e8
Yeah they have muzzle loaders in Revolution and then legit guns later on after stockpiles are raided.

I think they did no guns for a stylistic approach.

Let me say it works very very very well.

This show is like nothing youve ever seen, in the best of ways.
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