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No. 33720 ID: 7eee47
  Embrace your fear comrade
>> No. 33721 ID: b3b917
What is that? Some kind of russian Transformers rip off?
>> No. 33722 ID: 7eee47
It's a movie called August Eighth, about the Georgian invasion of Russia(movie is clearly pro-Russian propaganda). The main plot is the women sends her kid to stay with her ex-husband who is a peacekeeper on the border, then war breaks out and she goes to find him. The robots come from, the kids imagination, as basically every time he sees something terrible he thinks of his favorite play
>> No. 33724 ID: 91b0ea
>Georgian invasion of Russia
South ossetia.

Rest is correct.
>> No. 33725 ID: 70d38f
  >>33722 >>33724
>South ossetia.
Citizens of SO received Russian Federation passports by bilateral agreement between local government and Moscow. Russian peacemaker
contingent at the local base was attacked by Georgena forces. Russia have had all the rights to respond, despite Saakashvili's belief that America can save him from anything.

Recommend you to watch Olimpius Inferno which leans more into war drama side.
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