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No. 33732 ID: 82a3e8
  Is fucking amazing.

This is the newest. Ill post more tomorrow.
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>> No. 33733 ID: bdae0c

Hahaha I love the ad campaign. It has been getting real chest deep laughs out of me. The shit he pulls out of the top of his head man, pure funny guy.
>> No. 33734 ID: 82a3e8
Its pretty top notch. Honestly the ad campaign is probably better than most movies.

Heres the 12 days of christmas teaser thing they did. They released a new deadpool thing every day for 12 days. Billboards, posters, trailers, etc.
>> No. 33735 ID: 82a3e8
And the redband trailer 2.

Im stoked. GF and I are seeing it as our valentines day date.


Video was posted elsewhere, probably by me.
>> No. 33736 ID: 6372b6
>oh shit that's a hat
I fucking lost it
>> No. 33737 ID: 06a0fb
They're going to have Weasel in the movie. Weasel was awesome.
>> No. 33738 ID: 360765
Didn't we already have a deadpool thread?
>> No. 33739 ID: ebb4ba
Simply epic. My wife's 13 and 15 year old sons are so hype.
>> No. 33751 ID: 9723b1
>My wife's 13 and 15 year old sons
>my wifes sons
cuck harder.

(Keep the cuckoldry shit on /b/ )
>> No. 33754 ID: 82a3e8
  This add is so meta it hurts.
>> No. 33755 ID: 82a3e8
  Its hysterical.

Your persistence is admirable.
>> No. 33762 ID: 9723b1
Why are you talking to me.
>> No. 33764 ID: 82a3e8
I figure by the way you act that no one in real life will speak to you, so I figured I would acknowledge you existence, and maybe then you wont be such a raging autistic fag who shit posts, gets his post deleted, and comes back a few weeks later to post the exact same shit post.
>> No. 33770 ID: 82a3e8
>> No. 33771 ID: 82a3e8
  For Clio, and Soren
>> No. 33773 ID: bbf288
File 145492402659.jpg - (202.02KB , 980x1040 , 1434938374604.jpg )
>be a cuck
>get triggered
>cry to those who eat hotpockets
>still triggered
>> No. 33774 ID: 9723b1
No I mean why the fuck do you care what I say to a third person, here >>33739
I said nothing to your dumb ass.

Are you the internet police?

He actually got me temporarily banned because he couldn't handle a joke.

I feel sorry for the mods who had to put up with his whining.
>> No. 33775 ID: 037541
And this is what we call shit posting.
1) It's a personal attack for no god dam reason.
2) It is completely off topic.
3) Calling someone a cuck because their girl friend has kids.

Please this kind of stuff is for /dmz/ this thread is about the Dead Pool ad campaign and anything else Dead Pool related. Keep it on topic avoid the shit posting and stop crying you got temp banned because you broke OPchan's rules.

It's time to balls in holes.
>> No. 33776 ID: cfaec1
Explain then why it's ok for Sneaky Git to call Soren gay?

Is that not a personal attack worthy of at least a warning ban?
>> No. 33777 ID: 06a0fb
The cuckoldry stuff is dumb, and shouldn't be on here. take it back to reddit or ebaums world or wherever the fuck that shit is supposed to be funny.

That kind of retardation is exactly what the mods/ownership don't want when everyone complains that no one new stick around. Because you fucktards do idiot shit like that.

It's ok because you touch yourself and children at night.
>> No. 33778 ID: 360765
Reported for accusing someone of pedophilia.

Let's see how fair the mods are.
>> No. 33779 ID: 06a0fb
reported for mental retardation and being a whiny bitch. Let's see how much you still touch children.
>> No. 33780 ID: 9723b1
Can you fuck off and stop derailing even more?

Same to everyone else.

I was just joking, and sneaky jumped down my throat. That shit was unnatural the way he took umbrage to a simple offhand comment. I'm starting to think maybe his girlfriend has a son as well and he just got triggered.

Just get back on topic and stop shitposting.
>> No. 33781 ID: 06a0fb
File 145506199731.jpg - (20.11KB , 300x423 , k209398_burninate.jpg )
Except Sneaky isn't user ID: ebb4ba.
Thats not sneaky posting. That's just some random dude, with a mixed-family marriage. Who you pulled your cocksuckingly stupid "cuck cuck cuck" shit on.
So you fuck off. You're a retarded fucking idiot that's now accused two separate posters of cuckoldry in the same thread. ebb4ba and Sneaky.

Pic extremely fucking related.
>> No. 33782 ID: a4acc8
Learn reading comprehension. It's WEIRD for sneaky to get butthurt on behalf of the other guy.

It's fucking WEIRD for you to get that butthurt as well.

Are you in a "mixed family marriage" as well? Even if you are, quit getting butthurt over banter.
>> No. 33783 ID: 07ad08
its not weird.
>The cuckoldry stuff is dumb, and shouldn't be on here. take it back to reddit or ebaums world or wherever the fuck that shit is supposed to be funny.
>That kind of retardation is exactly what the mods/ownership don't want when everyone complains that no one new stick around. Because you fucktards do idiot shit like that.
Its not banter, its not funny, and it drive away new people.

Have you been reading the post where the admins are taking the donated money to possibly advertise OpChan on other sites or support our shooting competitor members with competition swag to drive up visitor rates? spouting bullshit to anyone who comes in about"you're a cuck, cuck harder, lolcuckcuckcukcuck" is asinine, and doesn't belong here. Hasnt ever. Isn't funny.

We don't want that shit outside of dmz, and it shouldn't be outside dmz. Hence the original ban, and the deleted original comment.

If anyone wanted to get shitty reddit memes, we'd go there. Instead you bring that faggotry here and spread it all over. Hence why /n/ sucks with all the pseudo-intellectual SJW/anti-government stormfront-lite bullshit everyone wants to spout there.

Get it through your thick fucking skull and get the fuck out.
>> No. 33784 ID: 82a3e8
Lol, I saw the first "cuck" post that got deleted, and you are out of your mind if you think I remember poster IDs. So I saw >>33751 and figured it was the same poster so I replied with "your persistence is admirable" in >>33755 to which >>33762 asked me why I was replying to him, so I replied with a smarmy insulting post for shits and giggles.

I was probably drunk off my ass when I made most of those posts and I could still follow it. Its not that hard.

Cuckcukcukcukcucklolcuckcuckcuckcuck so edgyfunny gaiz right kekekekeke.
>> No. 33785 ID: 037541

Fox knows you're going to love Deadpool so much this weekend that the studio has already rubber-stamped sequel plans. THR reports the powers that be want to maintain the first film's creative team for round two, which would entail a quick and likely reunion for star-producer Ryan Reynolds and helmer Tim Miller. Original scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have already been reattached to write the follow-up. Fan approval on everything from the movie's leaked test footage to the trailers have been loud and clear, but the trade notes an estimated $65 million opening box-office haul could be another justification for the quick green light. Though the sequel's story is still in the works, its existence could possibly mean a closer look at X-Force and will definitely mean another half-year of naughty marketing virtuosity. »

- Sean Fitz-Gerald
>> No. 33786 ID: 82a3e8
They showed the entire film to two groups of fans (one in LA and the other in NY) and those fans have all said basically "Its even better than you think it could be"
>> No. 33787 ID: 82a3e8
Betty White is my nigga.
>> No. 33789 ID: 79b400
Just saw it this morning, along with 13 Hours.

Can't recommend both enough.

Honestly, I was either smiling or laughing the entire time I was watching Deadpool. It was great.
>> No. 33790 ID: 79b400
Also, nude Morena Baccarin.

That is all.
>> No. 33791 ID: 7ba4f2
My wife's sons really enjoyed it.

Negasonic looks a lot like my wife when she was younger; her boyfriend got a real kick out of that.
>> No. 33792 ID: 82a3e8
Just got back from Deadpool with my lady.

We both absolutely loved it. Better than I could have hoped. Even the post credits scene was so deadpool it hurts.

I am pro Morena Baccarin. My gf did make a point "I wish the love story shit wasnt in it, but gotta move the plot for the girlfriends who got tricked to come."

>her boyfriend got a real kick out of that.
Just for clarification... your wifes boyfriend (not you) got a kick out of that?
>> No. 33793 ID: 8cb5f6
just say it with lulzmacher and his wife
not bad, 7.5-8/10.
there were a few lulls, but for the most part, entertaining.
stan lee cameo was funny.
>> No. 33794 ID: a4acc8
Do you have a problem with that?!

It's just a non-standard family arrangement you horrible racist!

>> No. 33795 ID: 79b400
To be fair, her boyfriend is kind of a douche. His boyfriend is pretty cool, though. And his boyfriend's boyfriend is a really nice guy, spends his time helping cancer kids.
>> No. 33796 ID: a4acc8
File 145555703982.jpg - (30.43KB , 500x334 , 0692b9526339b2f5596beefd81fcbb66.jpg )
>His boyfriend is pretty cool, though.
Is that the mustang?
>> No. 33797 ID: 037541
  Great interview.
>> No. 33798 ID: 037541
File 145558662111.jpg - (428.50KB , 1024x1619 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (01).jpg )
For those of you who waited till the end, you will understand why I am dumping this.

>> No. 33799 ID: 037541
File 145558665167.jpg - (333.32KB , 1024x1626 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (02).jpg )
End as in after the credits.
>> No. 33800 ID: 037541
File 145558666818.jpg - (321.67KB , 1024x1631 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (03).jpg )
>> No. 33801 ID: 037541
File 145558667815.jpg - (324.11KB , 1024x1606 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (04).jpg )
>> No. 33802 ID: 037541
File 145558669458.jpg - (368.27KB , 1024x1605 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (05).jpg )
>> No. 33803 ID: 037541
File 14555867218.jpg - (428.01KB , 1024x1621 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (06).jpg )
>> No. 33804 ID: 037541
File 145558673638.jpg - (398.61KB , 1024x1600 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (07).jpg )
>> No. 33805 ID: 037541
File 145558675966.jpg - (466.53KB , 1024x1606 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (08).jpg )
>> No. 33806 ID: 037541
File 145558683678.jpg - (426.51KB , 1024x1639 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (09).jpg )
>> No. 33807 ID: 037541
File 145558686915.jpg - (323.34KB , 1024x1585 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (10).jpg )
>> No. 33808 ID: 037541
File 145558688968.jpg - (421.84KB , 1024x1618 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (11).jpg )
>> No. 33809 ID: 037541
File 145558696168.jpg - (366.79KB , 1024x1641 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (12).jpg )
>> No. 33810 ID: 037541
File 14555869784.jpg - (387.35KB , 1024x1645 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (13).jpg )
>> No. 33811 ID: 037541
File 145558699290.jpg - (396.30KB , 1024x1609 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (14).jpg )
>> No. 33812 ID: 037541
File 145558701265.jpg - (269.11KB , 1024x1593 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (15).jpg )
>> No. 33813 ID: 037541
File 145558703232.jpg - (326.93KB , 1024x1603 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (16).jpg )
>> No. 33814 ID: 037541
File 145558712939.jpg - (374.59KB , 1024x1634 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (17).jpg )
>> No. 33815 ID: 037541
File 145558715680.jpg - (381.37KB , 1024x1621 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (18).jpg )
>> No. 33816 ID: 037541
File 145558718510.jpg - (427.28KB , 1024x1635 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (19).jpg )
>> No. 33817 ID: 037541
File 145558729767.jpg - (370.25KB , 1024x1609 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (20).jpg )
>> No. 33818 ID: 037541
File 145558731571.jpg - (404.10KB , 1024x1637 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (21).jpg )
>> No. 33819 ID: 037541
File 145558849943.jpg - (341.15KB , 1024x1561 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (22).jpg )
>> No. 33820 ID: 037541
File 145558852994.jpg - (321.91KB , 1024x1619 , Cable & Deadpool 01 (Pyrate - DCP) (23).jpg )
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