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No. 33839 ID: 037541
  "Lao Yang and Eddy both work for a company called CREC (Chinese Railway Engineering Company). They have just set up camp near the remote mining town of Kolwezi in the Katanga province of the RDC. The goal of the company is to redo the road - covering 300km - that connects Kolwezi with the capital of the province Lubumbashi. Lao Yang is head of logistics of the group. He is responsible for the equipment, building materials and food (mainly chickens) to arrive in the isolated Chinese prefab camp. The Congolese government was supposed to deliver these things but so far the team hasn't received anything. With Eddy (a Congolese man who speaks Mandarin fluently) as an intermediate, Lao Yang is forced to leave the camp and deal with local Congolese entrepreneurs, because without the construction materials the road works will cease. What follows is an endless, harsh, but absurdly funny roller coaster of negotiations and misunderstandings, as Lao Yan learns about the Congolese way of making deals."
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>> No. 33840 ID: 037541
  "Cijeli Dokumentarni Film, na engleskom jeziku, sa americkog kanala.. Nije Sinkroniziran. English Language.
Marshall Tito was a man who accomplished many things. He led the resistance against the Nazi occupation throughout World War II, established independence from the USSR in 1948, and formed a way of communism (Titoism) that actually succeeded in keeping Yugoslavia its own country, keeping Yugoslav people prosper with steady progress... Where Stalin and Mao failed, Marshall Tito succeeded and made history. He will always be remembered as theYugoslavian leader who succeeded with communism..."
>> No. 33912 ID: 360765
File 145947708663.jpg - (161.55KB , 2377x1402 , Rush-Hour-3.jpg )
This was nothing like rush hour.
>> No. 33951 ID: 4c3ae6
  Vietnam: The Ten Thousand Day War - America in Vietnam [1/13]
Vietnam: The Ten Thousand Day War, a 26-part half-hour Canadian television documentary on the Vietnam War, was produced in 1980 by Michael Maclear. The series aired in Canada on CBC Television, in the United States and in the United Kingdom on Channel 4.

Maclear visited Vietnam during the production of the series and had access to film material there. He was the first Western journalist allowed to visit that area since the war.

The documentary series was consolidated into 13 hour-long episodes for American television syndication.

Series writer Peter Arnett was an Associated Press reporter in Vietnam from 1962 to 1975. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vietnam:_The_Ten_Thousand_Day_War
>> No. 33975 ID: 88971d
Empire of Dust. I watched that documentary this week just to get the full effect of that clip. Honestly that clip at the end is the best part. The whole movie was leading up to that movie when the Chinaman put that nigga on blast. It was day in day out of observing mismanagement, laziness, thievery, wasting time, and low effort thinking by the Africans until finally he let loose on him.

Not a bad documentary but its a bit slow to build up.
>> No. 33976 ID: 490e84
>> No. 33986 ID: 94b3dd
China has invested heavily in Africa, building transportation infrastructure, towns, mines, factories, etc. for extracting resources out of Africa and also selling Chinese goods in Africa. People complain that this is imperialistic exploitation, but expecting altruistic motivations in big money international trade is wildly unrealistic.

Empire - The New Scramble for Africa https://youtu.be/_KM06hTeRSY
Described by many as the ‘new scramble for Africa', the US, China and other nations are attempting to consolidate their grip on Africa's natural resources and its growing consumer class. Empire travels to Kenya, France and the USA to examine who is gaining, who is losing and what it means to Africans.
>> No. 33990 ID: 490e84
  This is another video produced by the USDA Forest Service. The video mostly covers methods for restoration work on old cabins, but includes a good amount of wood working techniques, in particular, hewing with a broad axe.
>> No. 33992 ID: 5d0636

Watched this, holy fuck man. I couldn't work there without bringing or being in a team who were big enough to cover enough of the shit and included enough people with the language to avoid all the fucking lying in alternate tongues.

Like it's unreal. Also with the country what is the deal with throwing away infrastructure, maintaining nothing, building nothing, doing...wait for it...nothing?

I mean the locals probably should have gotten fed up and done local private schemes for power, water, etc. If the Gov is doing so little, and done it like 20 or 30 years ago.
Truly content with dusty dry earth and nothing more.
Have their best been killed by war or jump ship already?

>>33990 Watched this a while ago on youtube since I like the idea of log cabins, from the simpler designs to the more house like ones. It's really good, the guy is in a couple other videos on felling, sharpening axes, hanging axes and so on. Really great stuff I learned a lot from years ago.

Seriously, is there are man right in the head that doesn't want to build a log cabin deep in the forest at the foot of the mountains?
>> No. 33994 ID: e9c0bd
  im honestly disappointed in all of you that this has not been posted yet
>> No. 33995 ID: 8a8a80
>this video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by bob (((swerer))) productions
>> No. 33996 ID: e9c0bd
well that was fucking quick

Richard Louis "Dick" Proenneke (May 4, 1916 – April 20, 2003) was a self educated naturalist who lived alone for nearly thirty years in the mountains of Alaska in a log cabin he had constructed by hand near the shore of Twin Lakes. Proenneke hunted, fished, raised and gathered his own food, and also had supplies flown in occasionally. He documented his activities in journals and on film, and also recorded valuable meteorological and natural data.[1] The journals and film were later used by others to write books and produce documentaries about his time in the wilderness.

if you are reading this you need to watch this movie

you can watch it here, it's safe i use solar-movie all of the time

>> No. 33997 ID: e9c0bd
if you want a vhs copy

>> No. 33999 ID: 53e7c0
You didn't tell it right dude.

Proenneke moved out to the Alaskan wilderness alone, in 1968, AT THE AGE OF 52. FOR HIS RETIREMENT.

total badass.
>> No. 34000 ID: e9c0bd
true, then stayed out there for 30 years
>> No. 34003 ID: 1e7925

IIRC from the book he was only going to stay a year. Loved it so much he stayed until he couldn't handle the cold anymore at age 80-something. Died a few years later.
>> No. 34021 ID: f44962
A primer on building a log cabin from scratch with traditional methods. Remember to turn on closed captions.
>> No. 34022 ID: b2f730
This thread has me looking for a good hewing axe again. I want to find an old one that's a bit fucked up looking so someone will sell it cheap. Easy to fix up and rehang.

Fuckers like that wranglerstar lad has the ebay prices, and the like, sky fucking high these days.
>> No. 34025 ID: f87148

Think a CS Trail Boss would work for you? 'Cause those are pretty damn affordable, and seem to be well-received.
>> No. 34026 ID: b2f730
File 146448693271.jpg - (12.07KB , 400x83 , curved_helve.jpg )

Nah, I have axes that fit that role well already. Couple of felling axes and a gransfors bruks small forest (a favourite bit of kit).

It's the offset wide blade hewing axe thing I'm looking for, like in the image.

It's a want, a tool for a fairly specialised task, so I'm not going to stress it. Still I would love to hand process at least a few beams or something for a project. Pure satisfying idea to my mind.
>> No. 34027 ID: f87148

I gotchya. Well, it was a thought. I'll try to keep an eye out for you as I conduct future, tangentially related research; you might be amazed by some of the shit I find by sheer happenstance...

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