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No. 33859 ID: 490e84
  You are part of a team of scientists using time travel to study early humans and hominids, you can have them listen to one song and study their response.
What is it?
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>> No. 33860 ID: bdae0c

Too many choices but this song always hits the spot so why not.
>> No. 33861 ID: 90a126
  This or some heavy metal.

Also would have them react to my dick. Improve the gene pool by banging some cave bitches and cucking some beta cavemen.
>> No. 33862 ID: 06a0fb

But really, probably something like Hotel Axos by Parov Stelar.
>> No. 33864 ID: 81f866
>> No. 33865 ID: 6372b6
  Probably something like this.

It's slow, builds slowly, and would let the early homonid get accustomed to the new sound. I'm pretty sure bombarding someone that is used to rocks, sticks, and birds chirping as a soundtrack wouldn't really yield any useful information; it would probably just sound like noise to them.
>> No. 33866 ID: 06a0fb
Well if we're going to go all srs bznuss on the thread...

Single instrument, easily identified indivdiual notes and chords are differentiated easily, slow enough pace for notes and chords to register before moving on to each measure, but still a wide range of tones, octaves and speeds.

Could provide some interesting data on how the early hominid brain cued on different volumes and frequencies, and relational data to evolutionary psychology for pattern recognition within sound patterns which could be used to infer an early developmental capability for recognition of vocalization and language development.

Would be interesting to take an early hominid and put them in an FMRI and see how a non-verbal holotype genus brain substructures activate when listening to the music versus natural sounds of, say, prey organism vocalizations. I wonder if a non-verbal hominid uses an analogous area of the brain for musical processing as we homo sapiens use for speech recognition.
>> No. 33878 ID: 798a48
File 14580229349.png - (147.60KB , 954x433 , rAnVP.png )
confirmed for W.Virginny
>> No. 33879 ID: 90a126
File 145804737739.jpg - (120.98KB , 294x600 , 2180.jpg )
Hey don't act like you wouldn't fuck a cave bitch. Its the ultimate fuck. You'd be doing some historical shit. You'd be the first to do anal, the first to do some ass to mouth, the first to tell your women to shave before you go down on her, the first to go down on her, the first to do cow girl, and the first to break some poor bastards heart.

Everything you do you can pass it off on your own, changing the course of human development and knowing that you did it first. In the butt.

Plus considering the average size of ape dingles, even an average dude would feel like a goddamn horse compared to all the inferior cave dongs and would both frighten and arouse the cave woman with your superior shaft of future wang. They would tremble in terror and lust, falling before you like children before Anders Brehvik, unable to resist your mighty meat and your revolutionary come-on lines they never heard before.

You would be a towering inferno, a stiff idol which the women worship without hesitation. A hairless (mostly hairless) god that is superior in every way to the poor beta cave men.

Plus in the modern day you can say truthfully that you fucked everyones great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great greatx50 great grandmother.

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