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No. 33921 ID: 1a91fc
  So I know the message the creator of this short was trying to send. Personally think it was a bit ham fisted but the end result was cool.

What I really thought about through it though is that Humans are one hell of a creature. How many other animals are capable of such focused will and conviction that they can truly hate. In that respect humans are actually kind of awesome.
>> No. 33922 ID: c550c6
So only those with true dedication will prevail?
>> No. 33923 ID: 4c768d
>> No. 34056 ID: 79b400
It may be a story of hate, but it's a labor of love.

Everyone involved in this is incredibly skilled, everything about it is astoundingly beautiful and well crafted.

However, it makes a better Gunship music video than it does as a stand-alone short movie. The music video was able to capture an emotional side that seemed almost void in the short.

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