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File 146063128695.png - (761.03KB , 1366x768 , Screenshot (14).png )
33928 No. 33928 ID: dda126
ITT we post screenshots of interesting/retarded/funny gun stuff as seen on TV/films/games etc.
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>> No. 33929 ID: dda126
File 14606314975.png - (746.59KB , 1366x768 , Screenshot (24).png )
>> No. 33930 ID: 89f12f
File 14607103317.jpg - (219.91KB , 1920x1080 , maxresdefault[1].jpg )
I love how often Hollywood substitutes the Cobray/Etcetera/DPMS launchers for 203s, even in good movies.
>> No. 33931 ID: 90a126
File 146074217851.jpg - (24.60KB , 500x208 , gunfails2.jpg )
I could be completely wrong but it might be for safety reasons. Not for the actor, for the weapon. Some untrained idiot finger fucking the no doubt expensive 203 probably has alot of weapon masters saying "fuck that" and substituting it for the no doubt far cheaper and far easier to acquire flare launcher.

Its probably why you will see airsoft, blank, or just plain fake guns used instead of real firearms in some movies or tv shows. An airsoft gun or something like an MGC replica M16 is not going to break someones budget (or heart) when some retard actor invariably fucks it up.
>> No. 33932 ID: 90a126
File 146074250593.jpg - (122.45KB , 1280x544 , SF_31.jpg )
I just love when you can see obviously fake guns like in the Street Fighter movie.

I understand some props don't need to look the best but goddamn, shit like this should be obvious even to people who don't know guns.

Or like the fake M16s you will see in Bulgarian movies built from a Arsenal AR. You see it in plenty of made for Syfy movies, Universal Soldier Regeneration or the remake of Day of the Dead or the live action trailers for FEAR 3.
>> No. 33933 ID: 89f12f
File 146076476883.jpg - (26.85KB , 450x203 , 450px-SpawnfakeP90[1].jpg )
>Some untrained idiot finger fucking the no doubt expensive 203
I don't think you're far off likely, there's not much to fuck up on a 203 my fiddling with it, but it's real easy to ruin a $300 barrel assembly by dropping it. I find it interesting that the fake 203s still show up today, when an airsoft 203 is both cheaper and more convincing.

Also, I love the Spawn FN-P90.
>> No. 33934 ID: 90a126
File 146076725733.jpg - (82.50KB , 614x455 , f0491b487ccbe916d601503828de0c54a0fc7586c43ffe48a5.jpg )
>there's not much to fuck up on a 203 my fiddling with it

Maybe. I'm sure though some Hollywood idiot especially the roided out motherfuckers who will be handling the weapons at times could find away to break the M203's trigger or slid it too far forward or something that would fuck it up. To say nothing of non damaging mistreatment from the careless numbnuts. I wouldn't put it past some of the fucktards to try to stick shit into the barrel like food or drink just because they are that willfully careless.

I really don't have a high opinion of most actors.

That is a good point about the airsoft 203s. Its not like they don't use airsoft launchers already, I recall Punisher War Zone had a AG36 airsoft grenade launcher. But still had a Cobray 37mm standing in for a M203.

I'll admit, I kinda have a soft spot for the Spawn P90 though I have a soft spot for that whole movie. It was corny as fuck but as I kid I loved the fuck out of it. More coherent then the HBO Spawn series and the Clown was fucking hilarious. I still got the VHS in some box somewhere alongside Wing Commander. That movie I have less of a soft spot for.
>> No. 33935 ID: 89f12f
Yeah, you're not wrong. I suppose someone could break the trigger on a 203 if they were being dumb enough, and they can be a bitch to swap parts on.
>fucktards to try to stick shit into the barrel like food or drink
One of the questions I got from an old friend about owning a 203 was whether or not I had stuck my dick in the barrel. No, I haven't and wouldn't recommend it as the rifling is fairly sharp. Also, why?!

Farcry 2: How do I 1903A4?
>> No. 33936 ID: 8be205
>Farcry 2: How do I 1903A4?

All the guns are stupidly mirrored in FarCry 2. The art team did all kinds of stupid work animating bolts and locking lugs operating and ejected brass, then game director Clint Hocking told them the guns were backwards and Ubisoft said, "Fuck it, put it in anyway."

There's also the AR-16, which looks like an AR-15 with FAL forend furniture and carry handle, and somehow fires 5.56 despite the real prototype AR-16 firing 7.62x51.

Also, the Deagle in game ejects .357 magnum brass, despite being labeled on the slide as the .50 AE version.

Far Cry 2 is the epitome of stupid gun stuff in games.
>> No. 33937 ID: 7c621a
File 146093078270.jpg - (43.22KB , 553x195 , wa2000-1 Tactical.jpg )
>> No. 33938 ID: 89f12f
File 146093568168.png - (91.41KB , 798x313 , MGL-140.png )
Farcry 2 if certainly filled to the brim, the '03 just happens to be my favorite, particularly the part where you reload it by jamming a stripper clip into the bottom and it just magically stays there. Another favorite is their version of the Milkor MGL-140 which only hold 4 shots for some reason, yes probably balancing, that wouldn't be all that funny except that LMT revealed at this years SHOT that they're making a 4 shot 40mm. So life is imitating bad art.
>> No. 33939 ID: 89f12f
File 146093584853.jpg - (44.34KB , 640x480 , 65vno5.jpg )
The aformentioned LMT
Why would Bubba do that? Yeah, I know, 'cause he's Bubba. Where is that from?
>> No. 33940 ID: 8be205
P2W Combat Arms. Whats the point anyway, on that thing. They're both already chambered in .300 Win Mag, all it does is add an extra inch or two in barrel length and change the compensator, which could be done anyway.
>> No. 33941 ID: 90a126
File 146094779880.jpg - (274.22KB , 1280x800 , FC2-Deagle-idle.jpg )
Its best to just think of Far Cry 2 is a parody of action movies rather then the super cereal racist colonialism examination that is was trying to be.

Between the 1 dimensional characters, guns made of tinfoil and bubble gum, gold AKs that somehow were more durable then regular guns, trucks of invisible AKs that drive in endless circles, the Deagle, and the stupid malaria gimmick its pretty clue this game was only slightly more serious then the far more superior BLOOD DRAGON.
>> No. 33942 ID: 8be205
I know. I still love FarCry2, and as far as that goes, for the unique choices that make it a good game and give it immersion, it is still my favorite of the series.

Clint Hocking had to work with the heads of Ubisoft in France, the writers going all bullshit kind-of-understand-Nietzsche-but-don't preachy on him, the art team being complete fucking retards, and console limitations for coding and compiling heaped on him when Far Cry 2 was originally supposed to be PC-only when initially pitched.

He did great work as AI lead, environment planner, and mission pathing designer on the later Rainbow Six and first and third Splinter Cell games, and did great work there. He's back with Ubisoft now, and hopefully he can get on to Far Cry 5 and show us what he's learned since Far Cry 2 shipped.
>> No. 33944 ID: 4c768d
File 146103881567.png - (1.27MB , 1440x900 , Untitled.png )
Monsters Dark Continent, honestly thought it was pretty good on gun/military related stuff, then this pops up, and the "badass veteran Sergeant" ends up using it no problem.
>> No. 33978 ID: 33338c
File 146216191553.jpg - (153.16KB , 1282x536 , AKAR-15.jpg )
Christ, that movie was bad. Not the military stuff, I barely noticed that, but the trying to be Apocalypse Now. Except with no budget, no talent, and no Ride Of The Valkyries.

If you haven't already, go read the IMFDB pages for Far Cry 2/3/4 and the others done by the same guy. Shit's absolutely hilarious.
>> No. 34011 ID: 59033e
File 14639836743.jpg - (188.22KB , 1440x900 , M4.jpg )
So Chasing Dead(Wii U, PC) is a game that exists, and that might be the nicest thing I can say about it. The firearms representation in it varies from mundane to hilarious. For instance here's the M4.
>> No. 34012 ID: 59033e
File 146398373065.jpg - (134.54KB , 1440x900 , AK47.jpg )
Compare that to the venerable Russian AK-47.
>> No. 34013 ID: 59033e
File 146398385840.jpg - (230.70KB , 1440x900 , MP5.jpg )
Or if you're in a particular mood you can grab the legendary MP5, accurately modeled with it's no goddamn sights and a big fuck off AN/PEQ-2.
>> No. 34014 ID: 59033e
File 146398406111.jpg - (176.61KB , 1440x900 , M79.jpg )
Or you can grab an M79, but only grab the handguard as this particular model is fired by sheer force of will. Should you manage to actually get it fire, you will be treated to what might be the funniest fucking representation of a grenade launcher I've ever seen. https://youtu.be/aRrlMNaPEz0?t=506
>> No. 34029 ID: 2292a5
good imfdb page

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