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No. 33947 ID: 8be205
>> No. 33948 ID: 8be205
>> No. 33977 ID: 33338c
I...I need to watch this. Grew up and still live in a town of 15,000 in Newfoundland, this shit looks hilariously familiar.
>> No. 33980 ID: 8be205
I would like to, but it's only available to Canadian cable subscribers, either on Bell networks or on CraveTV. Sucks, since I'm a syrupless hamburger Ameritard.
>> No. 33982 ID: 5a6ad6
>> No. 33983 ID: 8be205
you're a gentleman and a scholar sir.
>> No. 33984 ID: 53e7c0
Sure as God wears sandals.
>> No. 34004 ID: e9c0bd
tell ya what, i may not go down in history, but i'll go down, on you

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