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File 146160923631.jpg - (31.51KB , 600x677 , 1461564770372.jpg )
33958 No. 33958 ID: 79b400
I just saw it. I went into it expecting a terrible movie with a good Batman.

I got a decent movie with an amazing Batman (I actually like Ben Affleck more than Michael Keenan).

The story was stupid as shit, though, but I'm going to withhold bitching about that until the 4 hour director cut is released. It might tie everything together. I'm hoping for a situation like the Total Recall remake, where the theatrical version sucked and the directors cut kicks ass.

I mean, a lot of the elements were there, I loved how it began showing a mere mortal's perspective of the Man of Steel fight scene, which would be terrifying. The atmosphere was probably the best thing about the movie, except for Batman pretty much killing everyone he came across. Well, not outright killing, more like killing through influencing the environment. I love that side of Batman.

One thing that deserves its own standalone movie was the scene where Bruce was dreaming about being Batman in a post apocalyptic world. That was amazing and there needs to be a post apocalyptic Batman movie with Ben Affleck.

The worst offense this movie has going for it is casting Jesse Eisenberg for Lex Luthor. Which baffles me, since casting is usually one of the few things Zack Snyder is really good at.
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>> No. 33959 ID: ebb4ba
  >zack snyder
>> No. 33960 ID: 5d0636

Wait, hol' up WE WUZ KANGZ

The Total Recall remake was good in the directors cut? I might have to revisit if so because it was shite first time round I that disappointed me.

Didn't see Batman s Superman but the sister did, she seemed to agree with you more or less so I avoided spending the cash on the cinema (with popcorn and drinks the prices really climb).
>> No. 33961 ID: 90a126
File 146162161338.jpg - (72.29KB , 748x574 , Batman+doesn+t+kill_18432a_3057686.jpg )
>I got a decent movie with an amazing Batman

That seems to be the general consensus. The movie was meh but Batfleck was actually pretty damn good in the role. And Jesse Eisenberg thought he was playing the Joker.

The movie had the makings of a good movie if it was just Batman v Superman. However it was like 3 stories crammed into one. Batman v Superman, Doomsday and the Death of Superman, and setting up the Justice League. Any of those would have been excellent stories in their own right, but together? No, it didn't work.

BvS and to a degree Man of Steal was trying to set up their own cinematic universe but that was stupid. For the Marvel cinematic universe there was like 5 movies they used to lay the ground work. One movie or two doesn't work.

Plus Zack Snyder is a fucking retard that seems to be trying to ape Micheal Bay. Big fight scenes and explosions do not equal a good story.

The dumb fuck actually had the gull to bitch about how people didn't have a problem with the Empire and First Order blowing up entire but had a problem with Superman tag teaming Metropolis with Zod like a couple of fuck bots. He didn't seem to understand why people would have less of a problem with a group called the EVIL Empire destroying worlds compared to fucking Superman, a superHERO, destroying an entire city.

The DCCU just looks like it can't do anything right. Even the upcoming Suicide Squad is kinda looking iffy considering the rumors the only comedy in the show was what they showed in the trailer and they are having to do reshoots to liven it up.

I do look forward to a standalone Batfleck film though. If they are going with a dark and gritty Batman they may as well go all the way and have him kill. Well maybe he doesn't kill, he just stuns the bad guys. Those .50 cal bullets and rockets were stun bullets and rockets, when he seems to kill someone he just knocks them out. Hey if you can run over someone with the Batmobile in Arkham Knight and only knock them out then bullets and shit can stun people.
>> No. 33962 ID: 79b400
I wouldn't pay to see it, but it was at least entertaining. I am hoping that the director's cut fixes some of the issues with it.

It was actually really good. It's like a completely different movie. And it has more Bryan Cranston.


I am excited to see more Ben Affleck Batman movies, because he did a really good job,

I mean, I had no objections when I first heard it, but I didn't think I'd like him that much.
>> No. 33963 ID: 79b400
Also, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor was one of stupidest decisions ever made.

Should have gotten Sharlto Copley. Every role can be improved with Sharlto Copley.
>> No. 33964 ID: ebb4ba
File 146163227769.jpg - (198.84KB , 1135x835 , 1377562007269.jpg )
>Should have gotten a meme. Every role can be improved with a literal, walking meme.
>> No. 33965 ID: 7e765f
More overt Christ allegory than Man of Steel.

Even released it Easter weekend.
>> No. 33966 ID: 90a126
File 146163441026.jpg - (83.73KB , 500x500 , why-so-cereals.jpg )
I'll admit I was iffy about Affleck just from his turn as Durrdevil which other then Jennifer Garner's tits and Micheal Clark Duncan and Colin Ferrel hamming it up was a really shitty movie. Its actually kinda funny in retrospect that the movie had two people who would go on to make comic book gold, Batfleck of course and Jon Faveru who would direct the 1st Iron Man movie that started the MCU, while Daredevil would be remade into a fantastic tv series.

I'm glad he proved Daredevil wasn't his audition for Batman and actually plays a damn good Batman. I wouldn't say he is the best Batman, Keaton is the best live action and Kevin Conroy is perfect voicing Batman in the animated shows and games. That might change once he gets his own movie to shine though.

I think they should have just used Micheal Rosenbaum from Smallville. The show itself was kinda meh but Rosenbaum made a fucking excellent Lex.

Copley I think might make a good Riddler.

Either way, it would help to have Lex act like Lex and not the fucking Joker. With all the stupid little twitches and manic bullshit you could tell Zuckerburg was trying to ape Heath Ledger's Joker.

That was bad for multiple reasons. One, Lex Luthor even Lex Jr ain't the fucking Joker. If they wanted the Joker they should have had Jared Leto mosey on over with his grill and play the twitchy psycho.

Two, Ledger's Joker wasn't even that great. All sure, it was fine I guess but severely overrated. If Ledger hadn't taken a dirt nap he'd be remember as a good Joker but nothing special. He irritated me mostly because of how unrealistic he was despite how people kept calling the Nolan films realistic. Because some guy having any army of people willing to do his bidding including attack cops and sew bombs in their stomachs is realistic. Having access to military grade weapons and explosives and able to plant those explosives everyfucking where is realistic. Able to tie up a body of a guy in broad day light and toss him off the roof of city hall is realistic.

The Ledger Joker only succeeded in his stupid ass plots because the script let him.

So Eisenberg failed on multiple levels. He failed as Lex and failed as the Joker, who he wasn't even fucking playing.

Speaking of Copley though, you see Hardcore Henry yet?
>> No. 33967 ID: 79b400
I was going to see Hardcore Henry yesterday, but they took it out of the theater because it wasn't doing so well.

I thought I had time, they were only playing it for a week and a half.

I'm sure it's playing at other theaters around here, but the only reason I have occasional movie days is because my brother gets me in for free.

I guess I'll check it out when it comes out on dvd. Which sucks, I wanted to see the POV action in theater.

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