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File 146269458013.jpg - (65.53KB , 400x615 , hk7_baltimore2006con.jpg )
33988 No. 33988 ID: c2499b
Well because my tablet can’t install the new FunimationNow App I will have to remove my current app. Is there any other apps I can use for a Android based tablet like Funimation that shows every anime in English Dub. I thank you for letting me know this.

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>> No. 33998 ID: 634497
I've had a very positive experience with Anime Mobile, a free application produced by (IIRC) animefreak.tv, but their content, at least as served through the mobile application, is overwhelmingly subbed rather than dubbed. If you can overlook that, give it a shot. Bonus: it allows you to download episodes to your device, and keeps them sorted by series in an organic library.

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