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No. 34060 ID: 798a48
  Listen, I don't care if you think the originals weren't great (the numbers prove you're a revisionist if you do), or if the Feig version's gonna be any good (whether in watchabilility or as in 2x production and marketing budget).

All I know is I like the Fall Out Boy / Missy Elliot cover and the advertisement campaigns are deliciously shilly.
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>> No. 34061 ID: 798a48
  NBA tie-in
>> No. 34062 ID: 798a48
>> No. 34063 ID: 798a48
  Papa John's
>> No. 34064 ID: 798a48
  You get an internet cookie if you know who these four Japanese ladies are.
>> No. 34065 ID: 798a48
File 146742219951.jpg - (225.18KB , 640x739 , 1-5.jpg )
>> No. 34066 ID: 798a48
File 146742230430.jpg - (144.25KB , 720x484 , ectocooler-hi-c-come-back.jpg )
>> No. 34067 ID: 798a48
>> No. 34068 ID: 798a48
File 146742257429.jpg - (46.23KB , 570x297 , ghostbusters-ecto-1-570x297.jpg )

>> No. 34069 ID: 798a48
File 146742263732.jpg - (281.31KB , 1200x1200 , CkdntrpXIAIGSGI.jpg )
>> No. 34070 ID: 798a48
>> No. 34072 ID: ebb4ba
This is going to be so shit and all the jews will blame neckbearded autistic retards like ShogunNamedMike instead of themselves for making such pile of garbage.
>> No. 34073 ID: 90a126
File 146759610117.png - (592.04KB , 680x1111 , BURNNNNNNNNNNNNN.png )
They (who is they you ask? Don't ask!!!) already have blamed either fatty neckbeard nerds angry at a remake or angry men angry at women for the vitriol the movie has gotten even pre-release.

Those who are running with it won't accept that somebody may not like it because it looks terrible or because they don't like the director or don't like the actresses but not because they are women but because they find them unfunny (I'm in this category for McCarthy, she just isn't funny).

The Angry Video Game Nerd put out a video stating he isn't going to do much of anything with regards to the movie because it looks terrible and holy fuck did some feminists and douchebags in general blow up. Unfunny shrimp shitbag Patton Oswald was a total d-bag and left himself open to dead wife jokes like fucktard he is and the only time Lindsay Ellis hated on someone so hard was when she was supposed to give birth to them. Also Dane Cook said something but nobody noticed because its not the early 2000s.

When this invariably fails it will be blamed on evil stinky men and evil stinkier nerds and if somehow it turns a profit because China really loves them some giant sheboon smacking fat bitches it will be touted as a victory for feminism.
>> No. 34074 ID: 82a3e8
Im just not looking forward to it because it boils down to Mcarthy being Mcarthy (which I find funny, but its getting a tad tired, she doesnt do much but play her) also the same for Kristen Wig.

I might be wrong, and they might both blow me away with a new showing of depth to their acting talent.

I doubt it though. Nothing to do with women, id say the same about Wil Smith (deadshot? Really?)
>> No. 34075 ID: 90a126
File 146765051945.jpg - (53.73KB , 702x360 , large_f4.jpg )
Will Smith has proven he has actual acting talent by doing comedy, action, even drama roles all well. Plus he has loads of charisma, like he is playing the IRL version of an RPG an dumped all his skill points into his Charisma skill. Dude is so charismatic that despite being a closet scientologist and creating two of the stupidest most annoying out of touch untalented kids ever to grace Earf he is still likeable.

However Will Smith playing Deadshot is probably going to just be Will Smith playing Will Smith in a mask with lots of guns. But thats still far superior in my opinion to McCarthy playing unfunny Rule 63 John Candy and the rest of the cast playing caricatures of the original Ghostbusters other then the black chick who is playing a black stereotype caricature.
>> No. 34076 ID: 9723b1
They seriously couldn't find four women that can act? There are dozens of great female actresses for fucks sake.

Cast Bullock, Emma Stone, Portman, Theron or Jaime Pressly. Isla Fisher is sort of cringy funny and couldn't act during the serious scenes.
Maybe Helen Mirren as the secretary, she was hilarious in Red. See the secretary doesn't have to be a dude, because that is fucking retarded.

Plot itself seems based on one liners and actual jokes. The original plot wasn't based on this, it was based on situational comedy. Women excel at situational comedy but Katie Dippold and Paul Feig (retards in charge) drrm to have zero common sense soooooo..... this movie is neither funny nor suspenseful.
>> No. 34086 ID: 9723b1
  Oh fucking spoiler.
The bad guy is defeated by blowing up his cock with feminism rays.
>> No. 34088 ID: 798a48
File 146831789176.jpg - (43.72KB , 500x500 , ghostbusters.jpg )
Roeper blasted it. The paid bloggers who cried misogyny wrote their purple prose to promote it. At best, it looks like some of these guys deliberately withheld honest opinions in favor of political posturing. Also some shenanigans going on in ghostbusters, movies and moviescirclejerk subleddits, i.e. shill accounts asking loaded questions and cherry picking shitposts to screenshot and write articles about.

I'm not one to believe movies are art, but even if I did, I'd still fail to understand how social capital and civil rights of women or minorities is supposed to be positively vested in Hollywood schlock like this, as the critical theorists believe.
>> No. 34092 ID: f44962
  I'm Finrandojin and I approve of this message.
>> No. 34093 ID: 1807a4
Savage but less savage than the Star Trek movies trashing.
>> No. 34126 ID: 798a48
  What a waste.

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