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No. 34206 ID: 2da07a
  Every mainstream media network today has turned to complete shit.
The amount of shit they lie about openly is just horrifying.

What would you good boys do, and can you enlighten me on what started the mainstream medias downfall?
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>> No. 34207 ID: d4c8ee
File 147406084274.jpg - (252.66KB , 1024x757 , 1024px-Independence_Seaport_Museum_224_JPG.jpg )

Yet another victim of the "muh past was so much better" meme.
>> No. 34215 ID: 90a126
File 147415622886.jpg - (49.81KB , 600x269 , glados.jpg )
Media has always been shit. Look up crap in the past like yellow journalism, the media war between William Hearst and Joseph Pullitizer, or the history of tabloid journalism.

We know modern media is shit because we no longer have to rely on just their biased crocked reporting. There are alternatives sources of news, there are piles and piles of research material proving or disproving bullshit, there are entire websites dedicated to disproving bullshit, and every person with a phone that doesn't suck (everyone but me) has it in their pocket at all times.

Like this dude said in >>34207 you are under the not at all accurate assumption that the past is better. You see things through rose tinted googles, only know a condensed version of history that leaves out all the bad.

Mostly everything wrong today has existed for a long, long time before now.
>> No. 34217 ID: bc78c2

Remember this movie? that was 1976.
>> No. 34223 ID: 9723b1
>Every mainstream media network today
>Yet another victim of the "muh past was so much better" meme.
Media has the ability to erase history by simply not mentioning failures of the media. This means every failure of the media is forgotten in the scant few moments after it happens.

All they have to do is keep the total outrage at the media below a "fuck you" threshold of the current generation of people, and they're golden.

There are signs that the internet will degrade the media ability to erase history, since the internet remembers everything. Hence the rapid drop in publics confidence of media since 1990s.
>> No. 34224 ID: 087371
>what started the mainstream medias downfall?

The advent of the 24 hour cable news channel. When there is not enough actual news to fill the 24 hours, you need to sensationalize stories to maintain ratings.

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