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No. 34241 ID: 4c768d
  UN Slotting Floppies
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>> No. 34242 ID: 4d27c6
File 147726634985.jpg - (853.33KB , 1123x1464 , big boss wolf.jpg )
Little bit shorter than I expected, but really god damn cool.
Highlights the absolute incompetency of the UN in regards to military action.
(Or attempted inaction)
But yeah, well worth the watch.
>> No. 34243 ID: 3993ac
File 147727113281.jpg - (51.44KB , 660x450 , The-Siege-of-Jadotville.jpg )

Had a watch. I was a little sceptical going but I actually enjoyed it, decent film.

It has a pleasant aroma of TIA with tones of UN hate throughout.

I agree about the duration al bit, not sure if it was a feeling or an actually shorter run time (neglected to look). I suppose it's better with this kind of story to end a little too soon than too late, so that you don't exhaust the audiences will to care.
It was kind of like not getting in the extra little night cap you half wanted but that you knew you didn't really need. You just shrug and stumble to bed happily buzzed.
>> No. 34244 ID: 4d27c6
File 147731375078.jpg - (172.26KB , 1680x1050 , B52 carpet bomb.jpg )
True, although I was especially curious as to the month they spent in an African jail. I mean, you're telling me not a single noteworthy thing happened there? Maybe not. But i'm curious. Probably not curious enough to look it up, but whatever.
>> No. 34245 ID: 3993ac

Yeah, definitely has to be some stories there alright:

>>“I haven’t told anyone this before,” Quinlan says. “My father was dragged out at night to a mock court martial, sentenced to death, blindfolded and heard ‘ready, aim…’ and then nothing. Then he was brought back to his room. That happened twice.”


They could have explored some tense prison stuff. I'm not a film maker though so maybe it just couldn't work with how they were doing it.
>> No. 34246 ID: 4c768d
yeah I got that feeling too, runtime was less than 2 hours iirc. Definitely didn't feel rushed, but could of expanded on stuff/scenes a lot more.

That kind of pissed me off
>walk into jail
>1 month later
>walk out
>same uniforms and look untouched
>> No. 34250 ID: e19f38
What the hell was up with that Bren gun seen? I'm a sniper with a scoped Enfield better use an open bolt Bren to make my 500 yard kill shot on evil Belgian mine owner man. That made no fucking sense. This movie was not that good.
>> No. 34253 ID: 3993ac

I can't remember if the distance was about 500 yards or not but I always thought using MGs had a history in longer range marksmen/sniper shooting, like the way the M60 held the longest range sniper kill ever for decades from it's use in Vietnam.

Though I get what you mean, I just let it go thinking there must be some reason like barrel length or system stability, benefit of the doubt/suspension of belief kind of thing.
>> No. 34254 ID: e19f38
It made no god damn sense! Its just a shitty movie.
>> No. 34255 ID: 63313b
File 147850429654.jpg - (150.37KB , 914x724 , 50bmg914.jpg )
That was an M2, not an M60, and it only counted because Hathcock had a 10x Unertl scope bolted on top. Using fixed-position guns gets a bit fuzzy when you start talking distance records like that, a GPMG used in an area fire role can be lethal to easily as far as an aimed sniper rifle round, but laying down a beaten zone is a different thing entirely than hitting a single target.
>> No. 34257 ID: ebb4ba
Do you have actual complaints besides that autistic nitpick?
>> No. 34258 ID: e19f38
Its not an autistic nitpick. I't ruined the film for me. IT MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE WHAT SO EVER! Why the hell would a sniper use an open-bolt BREN to make is accurate kill shot? It was a scene that a NEET thought up. As for the rest of the film its still sub-par acting following very rushed and poorly edited scenes of "afrikapolitik" Sorry if it makes you mad but this movie was shit.
>> No. 34261 ID: 4c768d
The Bren actually has a longer "effective" range than the Enfield, although maximum firing distance is shorter
>> No. 34264 ID: e19f38
So do you think the scene makes sense or not?
The answer is pretty clear to me.
>> No. 34265 ID: e19f38
File 147906732543.jpg - (25.03KB , 400x300 , 1474363710814.jpg )
Still makes no damn sense. Nowhere on earth can a BREN gun make a more accurate single shot from an open-bolt then an Enfield with a scope. Assuming you know anything about the Enfield you are aware how an armorer would select the best shooters he/she could from a batch of rifles then mount a scope to it. If a BREN had better effective range and accuracy would it not just be used in place of a scoped rifle?
>> No. 34269 ID: ebb4ba
This is literal autism.
>> No. 34270 ID: e19f38
File 147931262125.jpg - (8.06KB , 138x200 , 1473110034086.jpg )
Ad Hominem much? Tell me why I'm wrong? Or are you only capable of using /pol/ buzzwords? Why don't you call me a "cuck" or "degenerate" Is everyone that disagrees with you autistic?
>> No. 34273 ID: 3bc818
>> No. 34275 ID: ebb4ba
File 147954655392.png - (114.83KB , 600x367 , 1413516729868.png )
>> No. 34276 ID: e19f38
Ah the cancer that killed kinder k has made its way full circle.
>> No. 34277 ID: 3bc818
File 147978118518.jpg - (968.03KB , 5054x3370 , Harold.jpg )
We love you.


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