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No. 34387 ID: 6046bf
  A profound statement about late capitalist cultural stagnation, though Cline probably wasn't aware of it. The book came out in 2011, its impact in our decade's culture industry is hard to overplay. The real is fading out of view, movies have become self referential pieces dealing with the consumption of reified pop culture long reduced to empty signifiers. We live in a bleak post apocalyptic wasteland, we have no future of our own and our past has been annihilated. The only escape: the fading dream of the 1980s. The Reagan-Thatcher 80s marked the beginning of our current economic and cultural order. Our world keeps trying to return to its infancy.
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>> No. 34388 ID: 025354
i dont remember a fucking vehicle race.
>> No. 34389 ID: 278cbe
File 150152893410.jpg - (79.04KB , 600x388 , 19_ ВДНХ_ Центральный павиль.jpg )
It is never too late to start from the beginning.
>> No. 34390 ID: 278cbe
File 150152929360.jpg - (168.56KB , 1277x626 , gdr key.jpg )
Why does key emblem look like East Germany coat of arms?
>> No. 34391 ID: 3e9aae
  I read RPO back when it came out and hated it. It's not even really a glorification of the 80s itself, rather a glorification of fandom and mindless consumption of media.

For example, there are a bunch of references to Blade Runner in the book. But does Cline use them to compare the movie to the hellish world he has created where people live in piles of old mobile homes stacked up to make vertical favelas and escape to a virtual reality wonderland, where the only hope for real life happiness is finding Steve Jobs' fortune? Nope, it's "Harrison Ford was also Indiana Jones and Han Solo and thats awesome!"

And it's the most passe references too. "oh I'm a fan of a little science fiction series called Star Wars, you've probably never heard of it."

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