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File 134757315474.jpg - (398.40KB , 732x1280 , Troop1 Mod7.jpg )
9065 No. 9065 ID: f865ef
Disclaimer: This is for the posting of actual art, and not J Grant bashing.

Basically, post your works in progress or anything you're particularly proud of. Comments and critiques are presumably welcome.
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>> No. 33276 ID: 0b7429
I has question, artfags.

I'm wanting to improve my ability to draw. I'm not that good, but like this thread is named, I'm better than J Grant and you can definitely make out what I'm drawing, even though it's just reduced to its simplest form without a lot of detail. I am good with angles, though.

Is there any reason to actually pick up art supplies for general sketching? Is there a purpose to sketch pads that I don't understand? I just have a shitload of grid paper that I plan to carry around and doodle with.

My end goal is to improve my art to be as realistic as I can, so I'm just going to keep doodling while waiting around for appointments and whatnot. Seems more productive than playing on a phone like everyone else does.

I essentially want to be able to draw what I see, be able to sketch out ideas and plans, and I want to pick up charcoal drawing because I've always been interested in that. I just want to improve in something I've always enjoyed doing, but never actually put any time into.

Tldr: art supplies, yay or nay? Should I stick with the #2 and grid/ruled paper?
>> No. 33336 ID: df12a0

Practice makes perfect, IMHO.
>> No. 33349 ID: d1a611
File 144614957835.jpg - (956.51KB , 956x1200 , daily_sketching 1.jpg )
daily sketching
>> No. 33350 ID: f0df0e
File 144617000921.jpg - (174.46KB , 1280x932 , 1428261355_klokwrkblu_x15_ravin_png.jpg )
>> No. 33617 ID: e45b11
Are there any /k/ drawfags here who take requests? I want to get some guns drawn for a fallout campaign.
>> No. 33743 ID: 0c6790
File 14538345869.jpg - (253.69KB , 1700x2338 , tiffany0001.jpg )
personal file hosting, used a weapon outfitter image as reference

never drawn a woman before
>> No. 33744 ID: 0c6790
I'll do what I can, I know the SCAR in my image sucks but I was more focused on the woman's facial features.
>> No. 33750 ID: 0c6790
File 145407731566.jpg - (184.76KB , 1700x2338 , tiffany0002.jpg )
File hosting again.

Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner.

Used some stock image of WWII reenactors as a reference
>> No. 33752 ID: 0c6790
File 145408845060.jpg - (191.31KB , 2338x1700 , roland.jpg )
>> No. 33767 ID: ab87d3
Goddamnit lapland. You've drawn three things for us and every one has been a hit.

Why the fuck won't you let us give you money for your fucking draws? Literally fucking years and we're still wanting more. Maybe one of your peers can replace you
>> No. 33788 ID: 3455ae
A combination of lack of motivation, short attention span, and most importantly, lack of a tablet prevents me from drawing right now. Pretty sure one of the draw-operators here would certainly like to take your requests and even produce you better art work.
>> No. 33821 ID: 031f6a
Pretty sure at this point we'd just buy you a goddamn tablet.
>> No. 33822 ID: 031f6a
Also your sketches look better so we'd still pay for those.
>> No. 33854 ID: fcb208
File 145686803150.jpg - (1.92MB , 2000x1291 , Sketch17.jpg )
Man, it's been a while. Recent sketchbook stuff after rereading Princess of Mars.
>> No. 33943 ID: 61bb11
File 146096496299.jpg - (153.08KB , 1625x1067 , img002.jpg )
i did thing
>> No. 33989 ID: 9d645e
File 146278468498.jpg - (895.04KB , 725x1000 , 02240901.jpg )
breddy gud
>> No. 34005 ID: 52ed6e
When are you actually going to launch this comic?
>> No. 34006 ID: 93d42b
File 146385234611.png - (6.76KB , 220x280 , ultramarine.png )
Did some quick doodling in Paint after watching some cutscenes from WH40K games (Space Marine and Dawn of War). Note that I only recently started reading up on the universe and don't really have much of a clue yet, but here's an Ultramarine anyway. Color scheme and details taken from this one here, since it's a nice clean design: http://mavhn.deviantart.com/art/Ultramarine-120466821

This size would probably work decently in a game with 16x16px tiles, but with Games Workshop being Games Workshop, I'll probably leave it at some pixel art.
>> No. 34009 ID: 93d42b
File 146387639633.png - (31.90KB , 580x530 , power marines.png )
Some more.
>> No. 34024 ID: 709454
File 146441968942.jpg - (215.40KB , 1428x1548 , img017.jpg )
>> No. 34042 ID: 9d645e
File 146598265721.jpg - (1.20MB , 970x1500 , sample0.jpg )
when it's done.

i actually just nuked the smackjeeves site for a reboot. there will be new a new page or two up in a couple of weeks.

do u hab tumblr m80?
>> No. 34045 ID: f0df0e
File 146613847358.png - (1.79MB , 932x1280 , no_surrenderc.png )
>> No. 34048 ID: 43218b
File 146663113183.png - (12.43KB , 648x387 , italianguns.png )
Some Italian WW1-era guns. The wooden-stocked Villar-Perosa was really difficult to draw (and is probably still wrong) since there's precisely two pictures of it on the internet, both from above.
>> No. 34050 ID: f87148

>dat subgun doe

Holy shit, that looks like something from Fallout.
>> No. 34189 ID: 92e833
File 147340454619.jpg - (66.56KB , 1000x1000 , skelly1.jpg )
Picked up a Surface Pro 4 for drawing on the go and to replace my old Intuos 4. So far I'm pretty happy, but damn, I have not drawn in a hot minute.
>> No. 34198 ID: 391a27

>> No. 34205 ID: d166f9
File 147373796841.jpg - (0.97MB , 2391x4623 , img041.jpg )
i gotta pixiv and thats about it
>> No. 34299 ID: fd465c
File 148177774271.jpg - (631.67KB , 1536x2048 , 15493597_10209570508712270_4667667783338751568_o -.jpg )
Something I sketched up pretty quickly.
>> No. 34306 ID: 6d019b
When I found this dude's facebook profile, I had a mutual friend with him.

So I guess the question is which one of you guys is Florkofcows?
>> No. 34329 ID: 033e11
File 148896058350.jpg - (320.67KB , 1280x1243 , LA LVOA.jpg )
>> No. 34338 ID: 7b825a
What dude's profile, JGrant?
>> No. 34344 ID: fe9a82
File 149284372491.jpg - (655.47KB , 1366x1056 , img230resize.jpg )
been on a bit of a milsurp rifle kick
>> No. 34351 ID: 9ae5bb
File 149456800767.jpg - (188.14KB , 487x674 , prev.jpg )
there are now three pages, and three character profiles on the smackjeeves site. better late than never i guess; i just want to get the comic rolling already after hyping it for all this time.

i can't really say it's officially launched yet until i complete the layout and keep my update rhythm down (there are two more pages in the works right now) but there is now finally material to speak of.


whats your pixiv fam?

we warsport now
>> No. 34353 ID: 2bfa23
Eww, an Audi.
>> No. 34366 ID: fe9a82
File 149665011624.jpg - (1.17MB , 2435x1741 , img264cropped.jpg )
>whats your pixiv fam?
>> No. 34367 ID: fe9a82
File 14966509419.jpg - (635.20KB , 1667x1208 , img234resize.jpg )
what's wrong with Audi?
>> No. 34419 ID: 7e827c
IHC hates everything VW.
>> No. 34420 ID: f7374f


Nothing, really.
At least not until you have to work on one, or buy parts, or drive it.
They're nice to look at though. Giugiaro had some great designs in the '70s.
>> No. 34495 ID: a11463
File 151769532847.jpg - (377.04KB , 1600x789 , air fighter J-7 01 midres.jpg )
dunno, man
>> No. 34496 ID: 8f4706
File 151772310984.jpg - (238.39KB , 1000x1148 , LF late uniform 003.jpg )
Time for rounding up some sketches I've had lying around but hadn't bothered to scan.
>> No. 34497 ID: 8f4706
File 151772313973.jpg - (111.40KB , 982x640 , Assault System Infantry sketch.jpg )
>> No. 34498 ID: 8f4706
File 151772318476.jpg - (98.04KB , 1200x731 , air attack Object XA-61.jpg )
>> No. 34499 ID: 8f4706
File 151772323338.jpg - (180.80KB , 1200x856 , air attack Object XA-62.jpg )
>> No. 34500 ID: 8f4706
File 151772330266.jpg - (175.03KB , 1400x834 , M2 Carbine Mod Vers.jpg )
>> No. 34504 ID: 4d62f8
File 152054862976.jpg - (5.62MB , 4160x3120 , 20180308_023116.jpg )
My midterm for Drawing 2. It was a pain in the ass.
>> No. 34505 ID: 1685d5
File 152066511585.jpg - (770.22KB , 3467x2514 , img279.jpg )
i've always enjoyed your fictional gun designs.
>> No. 34529 ID: 577256
File 153287427782.jpg - (777.99KB , 1000x1297 , In the Cold Rifles 1 lowres.jpg )
>> No. 34537 ID: 577256
File 153592382721.jpg - (738.29KB , 1000x1292 , In the Cold Rifles 2 3 lowres.jpg )
>> No. 34559 ID: 32c421
I love that SKS.
>> No. 34560 ID: 32c421
Good job!
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