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File 134757315474.jpg - (398.40KB , 732x1280 , Troop1 Mod7.jpg )
9065 No. 9065 ID: f865ef
Disclaimer: This is for the posting of actual art, and not J Grant bashing.

Basically, post your works in progress or anything you're particularly proud of. Comments and critiques are presumably welcome.
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>> No. 9066 ID: 42ca4f
File 134757336251.jpg - (26.29KB , 367x443 , swisgai2.jpg )
Stickied. Also, my own Original Content is related-if-substandard.
>> No. 9067 ID: b50fae
File 134757358859.jpg - (83.40KB , 525x525 , Bucket_thumb.jpg )
>> No. 9076 ID: e32a8f
File 134758074924.jpg - (2.84MB , 2163x1551 , Ranch Hand Pistols.jpg )
>> No. 9083 ID: 388296

Fuck that opinion; your caricature art is fan-fucking-tastic.
>> No. 9124 ID: b0e602
File 134758982355.jpg - (155.79KB , 743x1155 , joconde.jpg )
Not even kidding.
>> No. 9171 ID: ffba8d
Yet you talk shit about the things made for us.
Wth man?
>> No. 9177 ID: 21dbd0
File 134759700563.jpg - (108.97KB , 432x912 , ink_0001.jpg )
i concur.

you're getting better! love the rendering now.

i like the cartoony style you have going here.
>> No. 9178 ID: c18ac5
File 134759773744.jpg - (97.18KB , 556x720 , OOPFUR.jpg )
>> No. 9179 ID: c18ac5
File 134759941978.jpg - (19.65KB , 420x250 , SWED.jpg )
Really, though. For some reason the whole FTF shitstorm made me want to make a webcomic.
>> No. 9181 ID: f865ef
File 134760015515.jpg - (272.22KB , 1024x655 , Sadie and Vassily Mod0.jpg )
It's ALWAYS a great time to make a webcomic. Speaking of which, I really need to finish my new intro for Blood Money Boogie. Thumbnailing is hard when you're basically making blind stabs at storyboarding. But have a pair of familiar faces. Or soon to be familiar faces.
>> No. 9182 ID: ffba8d
Oh damn, I remember that shit.

That chick was hilarious.
>> No. 9184 ID: f865ef
File 134760147362.jpg - (559.45KB , 1024x1102 , Sketches1.jpg )
And just to prove I still know how to use a pencil...


Many thanks, but I've got a long way ahead of me. I do find it amusing that some people think I could have only done that with a Cintiq. But no, Bamboo Fun and Photoshop CS4 for life. Or at least until I finally get around to buying a damn Intuos.
>> No. 9195 ID: 541d0d
This pleases me.
>> No. 9197 ID: 763d37
File 134761215652.png - (392.12KB , 612x792 , draft1.png )
yeah, theres always room for improvement. try rendering with the pencil a bit more when you sketch those full body poses, thats also fun.

i actually bought an intuos3 a few years back...a few months later the intuos4 came out. still works like a charm, though.

also, heres a thumbnail for a webcomic page im doing. only have this and one other left to do before the end of th chapter.
>> No. 9214 ID: 0ea4b8
File 134766785263.png - (1.48MB , 1000x727 , doodle2.png )
Initiated dump of artwork. Sorry for the shitty scans, I don't own a tablet and personally prefer to work with pencil and paper, with a dabbling of print making.
>> No. 9215 ID: 0ea4b8
File 134766800264.png - (5.99MB , 1700x2338 , aciddrawing.png )
Was tripping nards on acid and adderall. Drugs are bad, except for acid, its great. It'll fuck with your brain though, so I don't do it anymore.
>> No. 9217 ID: 0ea4b8
File 134766940116.jpg - (421.19KB , 1600x1200 , IMG-20120914-00189.jpg )
Water color assignment I had in class. I found out at the last moment that it had to be color, I really preferred it in black and white.
>> No. 9218 ID: 0ea4b8
File 134766946310.jpg - (406.45KB , 1600x1200 , IMG-20120914-00190.jpg )
Midterm for high school senior year. Print making with pastel over it.
>> No. 9219 ID: 0ea4b8
File 134766951652.png - (4.19MB , 1500x2062 , mywife.png )
>> No. 9220 ID: 0ea4b8
File 134766957838.png - (2.30MB , 1250x1719 , japenese soldiers.png )
And that's it for now
>> No. 9264 ID: 388296

1. Seraph's stuff isn't paid commission

2. Seraph's caricatures actually resemble the people it's based on.

>paying for artwork that looks nothing like the reference photos provided, and thinking it's good

ffs, PJ
>> No. 9267 ID: f865ef
File 134772064317.jpg - (166.39KB , 1024x617 , Land1.jpg )
Mostly working digitally these days. Start 'em on paper and then scan and finish on the computer.

Out of curiosity, anyone here use graphite sticks or is that just an affectation I favor along with doing my lines in 6H?

Have a WIP.
>> No. 9270 ID: 388296
>Mostly working digitally these days. Start 'em on paper and then scan and finish on the computer

That's basically what I do with my art. Helps with corrections, especially after I've already inked the drawing.
>> No. 9271 ID: f31680
File 134772857662.jpg - (919.47KB , 610x900 , secretaryc.jpg )
i've always enjoyed drawing with pencil more, but going digital has that edge in diversity i guess.

anyway, is anybody else here working on some stories? comic ideas? prose? rough ideas? i'd be interested in hearing them out.
>> No. 9273 ID: f865ef

Well, I'm currently working out an intro for Blood Money Boogie that is basically a dialogue-less CQB sequence. Got any tips for storyboarding and panel layouts for someone who's better at illustration than comic stuff?
>> No. 9274 ID: f31680
try taking note of how panels are arranged in comics and manga. watching movies, and how each scene/frame is laid out can also help with planning out comic panels and such. i suppose if you're planning out a big CQB shootout, referring to training videos or something might help out with that.

in some comics and manga, sometimes the characters, bgs, etc. sort of pop out of panels, or do away with them entirely in order to emphasize certain elements of the story or scene. try playing around with that!

i remember browsing your DA for a bit and coming across the pages for BMB there. that was some time ago, though...what's the general story about?
>> No. 9277 ID: 388296
>what's the general story about?

Tactical chick takes on everyone?
>> No. 9293 ID: 3ae347
File 13477399707.jpg - (1.69MB , 1728x2256 , FED regular.jpg )
I've had an idea once about magic
>> No. 9294 ID: 3ae347
File 134773998826.jpg - (856.20KB , 993x1251 , SpaceShuttleDoorGunner.jpg )
versus engineering
>> No. 9295 ID: 3ae347
File 134774022568.jpg - (957.84KB , 1386x1774 , BBA Vol4 Page001.jpg )
They'd fight zombies from the Zone or some shit
>> No. 9296 ID: 3ae347
File 134774023712.jpg - (1.00MB , 1422x1798 , BBA Vol4 Page002.jpg )
>> No. 9297 ID: 3ae347
File 134774026217.jpg - (0.98MB , 1392x1808 , SSDG Sketches.jpg )
Or each other
>> No. 9298 ID: 3ae347
File 134774032163.jpg - (885.04KB , 1065x1330 , FED vs SSDG lores.jpg )
>> No. 9299 ID: 3ae347
File 134774040761.jpg - (0.98MB , 1477x1053 , FED_Charge.jpg )
>> No. 9300 ID: 3ae347
File 134774053070.jpg - (688.15KB , 1032x1173 , FED_troops_sketch.jpg )
I laid out the panels on a single sheet of printer paper, and wanting to get more in, I drew the characters very short. But, hey, better than J Grant.
>> No. 9301 ID: 3ae347
File 134774067980.jpg - (299.93KB , 1024x1324 , FED 1.jpg )
and top hats
>> No. 9304 ID: 388296

I've had an idea once, about my beloved Yotsuba and myself.
>> No. 9307 ID: 3ae347
Luckily for you, that's as far as it went - an idea.

Sage for abuse of this thread for the sake of your eternally ineffectual pursuits
>> No. 9310 ID: f865ef

The merry adventures of two mercenaries in a band of mercenaries as they kill their way across the globe in the name of profit!

Also, moved the thirty-odd pages I'd done into my scrapbook since they're crap.
>> No. 9314 ID: 388296

You're just afraid I'd rock your kneesocks off.
>> No. 9329 ID: 7d9221
Well, good sir, if you're still interested, I may have the project for you.
>> No. 9330 ID: 7d9221
Yes. I am. It's a sci-fi military thing in space.
Anonymaus knows about it. I've been thinking of getting some OPERATORS involved, especially knowing how great some of you are at art.
>> No. 9331 ID: ffc9e7
I'm sort of working on a story, it's about the one of the last bastions of humanity surrounded on all sides by an ever changing horde of lovecraftian nightmares.

It mainly focuses on a small group of scavengers on their day to day life, trying to find unspoiled food, looting stores to pawn off goods when they get back, fighting other survivors, and wading through the never ending swarm of death.

Since I have a hard on for impracticable weapons they have things like a cut down M82, a 6 gauge shotgun, one of them even has a short sword.

I'd share more but I'm not really happy with it, I'll probably end up scrapping it like all of my other stories.
>> No. 9335 ID: f865ef
File 134782501090.jpg - (424.63KB , 1024x1579 , Nod Black Hand 3 Mod0.jpg )
Stuff I'm doing for Tiberium Wars. This is the third redesign I've done since the previous ones don't really work properly to reflect the nature of the Black Hand.
>> No. 9341 ID: f67387
File 134784427589.png - (2.89MB , 1000x1339 , FED thumb over bore.png )

Warming up with the mechanical pencil and gel pen today to keep this thread moving
>> No. 9348 ID: 5509cc
File 134786128031.jpg - (229.40KB , 1024x925 , Bloodsucker.jpg )
So we're doing this now? Cool

Loving the post-apoc/futurustic OPERATOR magical girl vibe I get from this.

I have two-to-four hours of free time on busses each day, and it's either shitty drawing, or reading.
>> No. 9349 ID: 5509cc
File 134786145039.jpg - (189.99KB , 872x1024 , Stalkerchar2.jpg )
After a thread on..here I think... Been toying around with doing a STALKER short. and by short I mean visual short story.. Or something.

Rough ideas for a central band of characters.
>> No. 9350 ID: 5509cc
File 134786149055.jpg - (145.88KB , 1024x697 , Kiril_rough.jpg )
>> No. 9351 ID: 5509cc
File 134786160017.jpg - (602.90KB , 2550x3501 , Minsk Renidition.jpg )
Another thing. Working on more dynamic poses.
>> No. 9352 ID: 5509cc
File 134786167044.jpg - (181.10KB , 954x1152 , Blue2.jpg )
Slightly more HSLD, for something else entirely.
>> No. 9353 ID: 5509cc
File 134786176096.jpg - (159.41KB , 590x1024 , red.jpg )
I Gayed up the SOAR-P, I'll fess. Damn this fine-motor dysfunction to hell.
>> No. 9354 ID: d6e397
File 134786329866.jpg - (748.82KB , 1600x1200 , bwsoviet.jpg )
Obviously it loses a lot of it's depth just running it through photoshop like this just to get an idear of what it originally was like but I think it looks cool both ways. The colored version sort of amplifies the "unknown" of the tunnel and the transition of daylight to the darkness.
>> No. 9414 ID: f865ef
File 134794045879.jpg - (317.54KB , 1024x663 , Tokyo Revise Mod0.jpg )
There's a LOT of fun you can have with some basic brushwork. This is going to be developed quite a bit.
>> No. 9592 ID: ffc9e7
File 134818630437.png - (336.60KB , 1183x725 , monst.png )
I drew this while waiting for Just Cause to download, I got a bit lazy when it finished downloading though. I would have added a front view and even drawn the other two legs
>> No. 9711 ID: 23e221
Could we combine a comic strip/short story idea to the magazine idea with Acid Man? We got a lot of resources, I know Jack_Burton is a writer and wrote a few of his own novels, we got the combined technical expertise and the people to do it.

Could be a nice project but we would have to organize it and get motivated.
>> No. 9712 ID: 759167
>comic strip

Anomymouse is already working on an OPERATOR comic book, I believe.
>> No. 9717 ID: f865ef

Yep. I've got the prologue and arc written down, I just need to get my head out of my ass and start committing shit to paper.

Also been trying to job hunt in the interim. Something about my abrasive attitude making it hard to find an in-house illustration job. That, and my refusal to move to the West Coast for a job.
>> No. 9724 ID: 3ae347
File 134827992891.jpg - (322.98KB , 827x1461 , The girl.jpg )
Bumping a sticky
>> No. 9728 ID: 388296
>It's a sci-fi military thing in space

I was made aware of this one comic in that genre, with pretty good visuals (at one point, the protagonist's ship is sliced in half from a missed shot, as it observed a battle - he had to EVA to check on the rest of the crew) but then it went "on hiatus" shortly after introducing the whole "harem of alien bimbos" aspect.
>> No. 9738 ID: f865ef
File 134829199571.jpg - (368.94KB , 1024x663 , Tokyo Revise Mod1.jpg )
Well, progress on that paint thing. The perspective of a screenshot I had from Black Ops fit, so threw it in for a bit of overlaid texture that I'm still painting over.
>> No. 9755 ID: f31680
i remember /co/ on 4chon having this comic compilation called premiere pulp...it's released on a regular basis online, and for free.

maybe we can put together an OPERATOR version of this or something? i'm almost about done with a chapter for my current webcomic, so i'd like to take a break with something else for the meantime. i've had a bunch of ideas i've written down for OPERATOR-themed comics lately, along with character designs and such. mite b cool
>> No. 9761 ID: 3ae347
File 134833814031.jpg - (204.55KB , 660x678 , Afghanistan again.jpg )
Crowdsourcing is all the rage these days - it had proven itself as a viable option time and time again. I don't see why not start something like that.

How did /co/ do it? Was there any consistent story going on, or was it a mix of 1-shots?
>> No. 9784 ID: f31680
its a mix of one-shots, but the stories i have in mind are also ongoing/serial stories that i'd like to put out. the details for submissions are here: http://premierpulp.wordpress.com/submission-details/

i think it would still take a great degree of work and cooperation for something like this to be consistent and of acceptable quality, though. either way i'm down for it
>> No. 9805 ID: bdc429
File 134838257062.jpg - (2.30MB , 2512x3292 , IMG_0002.jpg )
My particularly shittastic drawings.

First up, an ARC Trooper drawn quite a while ago while I was still in HS probably around the same times as the animated Clone Wars cartoon was on tv.
>> No. 9806 ID: bdc429
File 134838317782.jpg - (3.44MB , 2512x3280 , IMG.jpg )
Next up, my own crummy attempt at a newer model of the Turn A Gundam. Drawn around the same time as the ARC Trooper. I was pretty big into Gundam at the time with I think Gundam 0083 airing on Toonami at the time and thanks to mahq.net I was able to see info about other series. I liked the Turn A design and tried my own shot at it with a more classic torso and head.
>> No. 9807 ID: ffc9e7
I know that feel, I'm not very good at drawing but I still doodled away in math class, mostly by drawing interlocking geometric shapes.
>Gundam 0083
mah nigga
>> No. 9808 ID: bdc429
File 134838363091.jpg - (3.97MB , 2496x3304 , IMG_0003.jpg )
And finally a more recent drawing from when I was on a vacation of sorts and had some free time. An Imperator II Star Destroyer "parking" in the middle of a city.

Scale in this picture is all to shit, with SD being a mile in length those are some pretty huge buildings. There is a park at the bottom of the pic that I added because I got lazy and didn't want to draw anymore buildings.

Drawn in pen so fairly shitty even by my already shitty standards.
>> No. 9813 ID: bdc429
I actually did the Clonetrooper pic while I was in Accounting class. I was never the best student in school but I tried to stay awake and pay attention but Accounting was so boring that it was literally the one time in all my years of school since kindergarten I fell asleep.

As the teacher never paid attention to anyone while going on her lectures about the wonders of Accounting I just mostly drew in the class. I'm actually relatively positive I never actually did any work in that class after the first week.
>> No. 9820 ID: b50fae
File 134842170227.jpg - (62.35KB , 825x600 , onthebouncecolour.jpg )
>> No. 9826 ID: f865ef
File 134843049493.jpg - (278.70KB , 1024x1347 , GDI Infantry 3.jpg )
We GDI now. Or at least starting to be. These're the preliminary lines for a new piece. I really ought to scan my paper stuff in, but I'm too lazy and there's not enough new stuff to warrant firing up the scanner.
>> No. 9831 ID: 75d991
File 134844563164.jpg - (807.03KB , 1383x1827 , shocktrooper wip.jpg )
From a /tg/ request I did. I know, I know, but still.
>> No. 9832 ID: 75d991
File 134844571027.jpg - (361.01KB , 1250x1500 , trench trooper.jpg )
Same requester.
>> No. 9833 ID: 75d991
File 134844579268.jpg - (374.56KB , 1125x1252 , PMC chick.jpg )
Just looking at this thread makes me want to draw, but I know I'm gonna end up getting buttfrutrated and quitting half-way through.
>> No. 9834 ID: 75d991
File 134844643959.jpg - (588.07KB , 832x1250 , Rolove Phebs.jpg )
Ah, fun times.
>> No. 9836 ID: f865ef
File 134844849285.jpg - (374.46KB , 1024x1347 , GDI Infantry 3 Mod0.jpg )
I'll admit, I do admire Halo a bit much.
>> No. 9837 ID: 823e94
File 134845297523.jpg - (88.34KB , 745x1024 , scan000122.jpg )
Quick sketch I did for kinder /k/ a long time ago.
>> No. 9838 ID: 823e94
File 134845309239.jpg - (35.22KB , 745x1024 , scan0014.jpg )
and some facial expression work I did another long time ago
>> No. 9839 ID: 823e94
File 134845317163.jpg - (37.33KB , 745x1024 , scan0015.jpg )
>> No. 9840 ID: 823e94
File 134845321824.jpg - (49.51KB , 745x1024 , scan0016.jpg )
>> No. 9841 ID: 823e94
File 134845325047.jpg - (30.55KB , 745x1024 , scan0017.jpg )
>> No. 9842 ID: 823e94
File 134845327131.jpg - (28.46KB , 745x1024 , scan0018.jpg )
>> No. 9843 ID: 823e94
File 134845329640.jpg - (34.26KB , 745x1024 , scan0022.jpg )
>> No. 9844 ID: 823e94
File 134845337578.jpg - (33.20KB , 745x1024 , scan0024.jpg )
>> No. 9845 ID: 823e94
File 134845340026.jpg - (35.15KB , 745x1024 , scan0025.jpg )
>> No. 9854 ID: f865ef
File 134846137559.jpg - (387.65KB , 1024x1347 , GDI Infantry 3 Mod0.jpg )
Finishing up with the lines...
>> No. 9864 ID: 388296
>no visible magazine

Pistol carbine?
>> No. 9865 ID: 75d991
File 134852123414.jpg - (628.34KB , 1000x1250 , Champion sketch.jpg )
Combat rifle from Human Revolution. I really don't know how that's supposed to work, and this is coming from someone who enjoyed the the rifle designs from BF2142.
>> No. 9867 ID: 75d991
File 134852152326.jpg - (504.87KB , 1313x1750 , Krieger outline.jpg )
>> No. 9876 ID: f865ef

Sort of an en bloc type inserted into the receiver, which broke open like one of them old shotguns. Silly, I suppose.
>> No. 9884 ID: 75d991
File 13485363804.jpg - (446.75KB , 1382x935 , Cavalry.jpg )
BF2142 had a break-action battle rifle, but HR's looks like the magazine would prevent the cover from closing down. Granted, I never seen it in action, but it just looked really silly and trying to hard to be high-tech and cool when I first saw it.
>> No. 9972 ID: f865ef
File 134861157656.jpg - (238.92KB , 800x1488 , PMC Refine1 Mod0.jpg )
When NDAs are not given, fun shall be had...
>> No. 10161 ID: 75d991
File 134886887948.jpg - (507.00KB , 1250x2000 , Pershyy.jpg )
Pulled enough motivation outta the ass to make this rough sketch.
>> No. 10211 ID: f865ef
File 134890254670.jpg - (337.67KB , 1024x1347 , GDI Infantry 3 Mod3.jpg )
Update on infantry boy. I need to give drawing all of this tactical shit a break occasionally, but then it's basically what pays the bills...
>> No. 10217 ID: cc7c36
You're an asset artist for games?

>> No. 10355 ID: f865ef

In passing, yes. I'm aiming for a more general market though. Guess that'll have to wait until my art stops sucking though.

By the way, anyone here use an Intuos?
>> No. 10395 ID: 75d991
I use an Intuos 4 6x4in tablet. I haven't tried many tablets besides the Intuos 3, Intuos 4, and the Cinitq 12WX. Currently debating saving up for the Cintiq 12WX or the Yiynova 10.1.
>> No. 10417 ID: f865ef
File 134913750392.jpg - (425.80KB , 1024x1414 , Nod Avatar1.jpg )

Lucky bastard. I need to get a replacement tablet soon. My Bamboo's great, but the active space is really small. Then again, I really need to upgrade everything else while I'm at it.

Have an Avatar Warmech while I'm at it. I'm having too much fun with digital markers thanks to the latest Feng Zhu video.
>> No. 10503 ID: fec813
File 134923953210.jpg - (34.56KB , 375x277 , Foot Platoon.jpg )
Was wondering if I could post a drawfag request here. I was wondering if someone could do some battletech-style art of infantry squads, similar to this or to some of the stuff posted in TRO 3085.

Specifically, for:
>an Inner Sphere Jump Platoon (soldiers with jump packs)
>Clan Infantry Point

Also, no background art is required, just need the troops themselves
>> No. 10510 ID: d8de17
File 13492406137.jpg - (204.97KB , 1275x1584 , img014.jpg )
just settling into seattle. the library is pretty cool here

anyway, a character i doodled for a story i'm working on.
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