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File 134757315474.jpg - (398.40KB , 732x1280 , Troop1 Mod7.jpg )
9065 No. 9065 ID: f865ef
Disclaimer: This is for the posting of actual art, and not J Grant bashing.

Basically, post your works in progress or anything you're particularly proud of. Comments and critiques are presumably welcome.
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>> No. 9066 ID: 42ca4f
File 134757336251.jpg - (26.29KB , 367x443 , swisgai2.jpg )
Stickied. Also, my own Original Content is related-if-substandard.
>> No. 9067 ID: b50fae
File 134757358859.jpg - (83.40KB , 525x525 , Bucket_thumb.jpg )
>> No. 9076 ID: e32a8f
File 134758074924.jpg - (2.84MB , 2163x1551 , Ranch Hand Pistols.jpg )
>> No. 9083 ID: 388296

Fuck that opinion; your caricature art is fan-fucking-tastic.
>> No. 9124 ID: b0e602
File 134758982355.jpg - (155.79KB , 743x1155 , joconde.jpg )
Not even kidding.
>> No. 9171 ID: ffba8d
Yet you talk shit about the things made for us.
Wth man?
>> No. 9177 ID: 21dbd0
File 134759700563.jpg - (108.97KB , 432x912 , ink_0001.jpg )
i concur.

you're getting better! love the rendering now.

i like the cartoony style you have going here.
>> No. 9178 ID: c18ac5
File 134759773744.jpg - (97.18KB , 556x720 , OOPFUR.jpg )
>> No. 9179 ID: c18ac5
File 134759941978.jpg - (19.65KB , 420x250 , SWED.jpg )
Really, though. For some reason the whole FTF shitstorm made me want to make a webcomic.
>> No. 9181 ID: f865ef
File 134760015515.jpg - (272.22KB , 1024x655 , Sadie and Vassily Mod0.jpg )
It's ALWAYS a great time to make a webcomic. Speaking of which, I really need to finish my new intro for Blood Money Boogie. Thumbnailing is hard when you're basically making blind stabs at storyboarding. But have a pair of familiar faces. Or soon to be familiar faces.
>> No. 9182 ID: ffba8d
Oh damn, I remember that shit.

That chick was hilarious.
>> No. 9184 ID: f865ef
File 134760147362.jpg - (559.45KB , 1024x1102 , Sketches1.jpg )
And just to prove I still know how to use a pencil...


Many thanks, but I've got a long way ahead of me. I do find it amusing that some people think I could have only done that with a Cintiq. But no, Bamboo Fun and Photoshop CS4 for life. Or at least until I finally get around to buying a damn Intuos.
>> No. 9195 ID: 541d0d
This pleases me.
>> No. 9197 ID: 763d37
File 134761215652.png - (392.12KB , 612x792 , draft1.png )
yeah, theres always room for improvement. try rendering with the pencil a bit more when you sketch those full body poses, thats also fun.

i actually bought an intuos3 a few years back...a few months later the intuos4 came out. still works like a charm, though.

also, heres a thumbnail for a webcomic page im doing. only have this and one other left to do before the end of th chapter.
>> No. 9214 ID: 0ea4b8
File 134766785263.png - (1.48MB , 1000x727 , doodle2.png )
Initiated dump of artwork. Sorry for the shitty scans, I don't own a tablet and personally prefer to work with pencil and paper, with a dabbling of print making.
>> No. 9215 ID: 0ea4b8
File 134766800264.png - (5.99MB , 1700x2338 , aciddrawing.png )
Was tripping nards on acid and adderall. Drugs are bad, except for acid, its great. It'll fuck with your brain though, so I don't do it anymore.
>> No. 9217 ID: 0ea4b8
File 134766940116.jpg - (421.19KB , 1600x1200 , IMG-20120914-00189.jpg )
Water color assignment I had in class. I found out at the last moment that it had to be color, I really preferred it in black and white.
>> No. 9218 ID: 0ea4b8
File 134766946310.jpg - (406.45KB , 1600x1200 , IMG-20120914-00190.jpg )
Midterm for high school senior year. Print making with pastel over it.
>> No. 9219 ID: 0ea4b8
File 134766951652.png - (4.19MB , 1500x2062 , mywife.png )
>> No. 9220 ID: 0ea4b8
File 134766957838.png - (2.30MB , 1250x1719 , japenese soldiers.png )
And that's it for now
>> No. 9264 ID: 388296

1. Seraph's stuff isn't paid commission

2. Seraph's caricatures actually resemble the people it's based on.

>paying for artwork that looks nothing like the reference photos provided, and thinking it's good

ffs, PJ
>> No. 9267 ID: f865ef
File 134772064317.jpg - (166.39KB , 1024x617 , Land1.jpg )
Mostly working digitally these days. Start 'em on paper and then scan and finish on the computer.

Out of curiosity, anyone here use graphite sticks or is that just an affectation I favor along with doing my lines in 6H?

Have a WIP.
>> No. 9270 ID: 388296
>Mostly working digitally these days. Start 'em on paper and then scan and finish on the computer

That's basically what I do with my art. Helps with corrections, especially after I've already inked the drawing.
>> No. 9271 ID: f31680
File 134772857662.jpg - (919.47KB , 610x900 , secretaryc.jpg )
i've always enjoyed drawing with pencil more, but going digital has that edge in diversity i guess.

anyway, is anybody else here working on some stories? comic ideas? prose? rough ideas? i'd be interested in hearing them out.
>> No. 9273 ID: f865ef

Well, I'm currently working out an intro for Blood Money Boogie that is basically a dialogue-less CQB sequence. Got any tips for storyboarding and panel layouts for someone who's better at illustration than comic stuff?
>> No. 9274 ID: f31680
try taking note of how panels are arranged in comics and manga. watching movies, and how each scene/frame is laid out can also help with planning out comic panels and such. i suppose if you're planning out a big CQB shootout, referring to training videos or something might help out with that.

in some comics and manga, sometimes the characters, bgs, etc. sort of pop out of panels, or do away with them entirely in order to emphasize certain elements of the story or scene. try playing around with that!

i remember browsing your DA for a bit and coming across the pages for BMB there. that was some time ago, though...what's the general story about?
>> No. 9277 ID: 388296
>what's the general story about?

Tactical chick takes on everyone?
>> No. 9293 ID: 3ae347
File 13477399707.jpg - (1.69MB , 1728x2256 , FED regular.jpg )
I've had an idea once about magic
>> No. 9294 ID: 3ae347
File 134773998826.jpg - (856.20KB , 993x1251 , SpaceShuttleDoorGunner.jpg )
versus engineering
>> No. 9295 ID: 3ae347
File 134774022568.jpg - (957.84KB , 1386x1774 , BBA Vol4 Page001.jpg )
They'd fight zombies from the Zone or some shit
>> No. 9296 ID: 3ae347
File 134774023712.jpg - (1.00MB , 1422x1798 , BBA Vol4 Page002.jpg )
>> No. 9297 ID: 3ae347
File 134774026217.jpg - (0.98MB , 1392x1808 , SSDG Sketches.jpg )
Or each other
>> No. 9298 ID: 3ae347
File 134774032163.jpg - (885.04KB , 1065x1330 , FED vs SSDG lores.jpg )
>> No. 9299 ID: 3ae347
File 134774040761.jpg - (0.98MB , 1477x1053 , FED_Charge.jpg )
>> No. 9300 ID: 3ae347
File 134774053070.jpg - (688.15KB , 1032x1173 , FED_troops_sketch.jpg )
I laid out the panels on a single sheet of printer paper, and wanting to get more in, I drew the characters very short. But, hey, better than J Grant.
>> No. 9301 ID: 3ae347
File 134774067980.jpg - (299.93KB , 1024x1324 , FED 1.jpg )
and top hats
>> No. 9304 ID: 388296

I've had an idea once, about my beloved Yotsuba and myself.
>> No. 9307 ID: 3ae347
Luckily for you, that's as far as it went - an idea.

Sage for abuse of this thread for the sake of your eternally ineffectual pursuits
>> No. 9310 ID: f865ef

The merry adventures of two mercenaries in a band of mercenaries as they kill their way across the globe in the name of profit!

Also, moved the thirty-odd pages I'd done into my scrapbook since they're crap.
>> No. 9314 ID: 388296

You're just afraid I'd rock your kneesocks off.
>> No. 9329 ID: 7d9221
Well, good sir, if you're still interested, I may have the project for you.
>> No. 9330 ID: 7d9221
Yes. I am. It's a sci-fi military thing in space.
Anonymaus knows about it. I've been thinking of getting some OPERATORS involved, especially knowing how great some of you are at art.
>> No. 9331 ID: ffc9e7
I'm sort of working on a story, it's about the one of the last bastions of humanity surrounded on all sides by an ever changing horde of lovecraftian nightmares.

It mainly focuses on a small group of scavengers on their day to day life, trying to find unspoiled food, looting stores to pawn off goods when they get back, fighting other survivors, and wading through the never ending swarm of death.

Since I have a hard on for impracticable weapons they have things like a cut down M82, a 6 gauge shotgun, one of them even has a short sword.

I'd share more but I'm not really happy with it, I'll probably end up scrapping it like all of my other stories.
>> No. 9335 ID: f865ef
File 134782501090.jpg - (424.63KB , 1024x1579 , Nod Black Hand 3 Mod0.jpg )
Stuff I'm doing for Tiberium Wars. This is the third redesign I've done since the previous ones don't really work properly to reflect the nature of the Black Hand.
>> No. 9341 ID: f67387
File 134784427589.png - (2.89MB , 1000x1339 , FED thumb over bore.png )

Warming up with the mechanical pencil and gel pen today to keep this thread moving
>> No. 9348 ID: 5509cc
File 134786128031.jpg - (229.40KB , 1024x925 , Bloodsucker.jpg )
So we're doing this now? Cool

Loving the post-apoc/futurustic OPERATOR magical girl vibe I get from this.

I have two-to-four hours of free time on busses each day, and it's either shitty drawing, or reading.
>> No. 9349 ID: 5509cc
File 134786145039.jpg - (189.99KB , 872x1024 , Stalkerchar2.jpg )
After a thread on..here I think... Been toying around with doing a STALKER short. and by short I mean visual short story.. Or something.

Rough ideas for a central band of characters.
>> No. 9350 ID: 5509cc
File 134786149055.jpg - (145.88KB , 1024x697 , Kiril_rough.jpg )
>> No. 9351 ID: 5509cc
File 134786160017.jpg - (602.90KB , 2550x3501 , Minsk Renidition.jpg )
Another thing. Working on more dynamic poses.
>> No. 9352 ID: 5509cc
File 134786167044.jpg - (181.10KB , 954x1152 , Blue2.jpg )
Slightly more HSLD, for something else entirely.
>> No. 9353 ID: 5509cc
File 134786176096.jpg - (159.41KB , 590x1024 , red.jpg )
I Gayed up the SOAR-P, I'll fess. Damn this fine-motor dysfunction to hell.
>> No. 9354 ID: d6e397
File 134786329866.jpg - (748.82KB , 1600x1200 , bwsoviet.jpg )
Obviously it loses a lot of it's depth just running it through photoshop like this just to get an idear of what it originally was like but I think it looks cool both ways. The colored version sort of amplifies the "unknown" of the tunnel and the transition of daylight to the darkness.
>> No. 9414 ID: f865ef
File 134794045879.jpg - (317.54KB , 1024x663 , Tokyo Revise Mod0.jpg )
There's a LOT of fun you can have with some basic brushwork. This is going to be developed quite a bit.
>> No. 9592 ID: ffc9e7
File 134818630437.png - (336.60KB , 1183x725 , monst.png )
I drew this while waiting for Just Cause to download, I got a bit lazy when it finished downloading though. I would have added a front view and even drawn the other two legs
>> No. 9711 ID: 23e221
Could we combine a comic strip/short story idea to the magazine idea with Acid Man? We got a lot of resources, I know Jack_Burton is a writer and wrote a few of his own novels, we got the combined technical expertise and the people to do it.

Could be a nice project but we would have to organize it and get motivated.
>> No. 9712 ID: 759167
>comic strip

Anomymouse is already working on an OPERATOR comic book, I believe.
>> No. 9717 ID: f865ef

Yep. I've got the prologue and arc written down, I just need to get my head out of my ass and start committing shit to paper.

Also been trying to job hunt in the interim. Something about my abrasive attitude making it hard to find an in-house illustration job. That, and my refusal to move to the West Coast for a job.
>> No. 9724 ID: 3ae347
File 134827992891.jpg - (322.98KB , 827x1461 , The girl.jpg )
Bumping a sticky
>> No. 9728 ID: 388296
>It's a sci-fi military thing in space

I was made aware of this one comic in that genre, with pretty good visuals (at one point, the protagonist's ship is sliced in half from a missed shot, as it observed a battle - he had to EVA to check on the rest of the crew) but then it went "on hiatus" shortly after introducing the whole "harem of alien bimbos" aspect.
>> No. 9738 ID: f865ef
File 134829199571.jpg - (368.94KB , 1024x663 , Tokyo Revise Mod1.jpg )
Well, progress on that paint thing. The perspective of a screenshot I had from Black Ops fit, so threw it in for a bit of overlaid texture that I'm still painting over.
>> No. 9755 ID: f31680
i remember /co/ on 4chon having this comic compilation called premiere pulp...it's released on a regular basis online, and for free.

maybe we can put together an OPERATOR version of this or something? i'm almost about done with a chapter for my current webcomic, so i'd like to take a break with something else for the meantime. i've had a bunch of ideas i've written down for OPERATOR-themed comics lately, along with character designs and such. mite b cool
>> No. 9761 ID: 3ae347
File 134833814031.jpg - (204.55KB , 660x678 , Afghanistan again.jpg )
Crowdsourcing is all the rage these days - it had proven itself as a viable option time and time again. I don't see why not start something like that.

How did /co/ do it? Was there any consistent story going on, or was it a mix of 1-shots?
>> No. 9784 ID: f31680
its a mix of one-shots, but the stories i have in mind are also ongoing/serial stories that i'd like to put out. the details for submissions are here: http://premierpulp.wordpress.com/submission-details/

i think it would still take a great degree of work and cooperation for something like this to be consistent and of acceptable quality, though. either way i'm down for it
>> No. 9805 ID: bdc429
File 134838257062.jpg - (2.30MB , 2512x3292 , IMG_0002.jpg )
My particularly shittastic drawings.

First up, an ARC Trooper drawn quite a while ago while I was still in HS probably around the same times as the animated Clone Wars cartoon was on tv.
>> No. 9806 ID: bdc429
File 134838317782.jpg - (3.44MB , 2512x3280 , IMG.jpg )
Next up, my own crummy attempt at a newer model of the Turn A Gundam. Drawn around the same time as the ARC Trooper. I was pretty big into Gundam at the time with I think Gundam 0083 airing on Toonami at the time and thanks to mahq.net I was able to see info about other series. I liked the Turn A design and tried my own shot at it with a more classic torso and head.
>> No. 9807 ID: ffc9e7
I know that feel, I'm not very good at drawing but I still doodled away in math class, mostly by drawing interlocking geometric shapes.
>Gundam 0083
mah nigga
>> No. 9808 ID: bdc429
File 134838363091.jpg - (3.97MB , 2496x3304 , IMG_0003.jpg )
And finally a more recent drawing from when I was on a vacation of sorts and had some free time. An Imperator II Star Destroyer "parking" in the middle of a city.

Scale in this picture is all to shit, with SD being a mile in length those are some pretty huge buildings. There is a park at the bottom of the pic that I added because I got lazy and didn't want to draw anymore buildings.

Drawn in pen so fairly shitty even by my already shitty standards.
>> No. 9813 ID: bdc429
I actually did the Clonetrooper pic while I was in Accounting class. I was never the best student in school but I tried to stay awake and pay attention but Accounting was so boring that it was literally the one time in all my years of school since kindergarten I fell asleep.

As the teacher never paid attention to anyone while going on her lectures about the wonders of Accounting I just mostly drew in the class. I'm actually relatively positive I never actually did any work in that class after the first week.
>> No. 9820 ID: b50fae
File 134842170227.jpg - (62.35KB , 825x600 , onthebouncecolour.jpg )
>> No. 9826 ID: f865ef
File 134843049493.jpg - (278.70KB , 1024x1347 , GDI Infantry 3.jpg )
We GDI now. Or at least starting to be. These're the preliminary lines for a new piece. I really ought to scan my paper stuff in, but I'm too lazy and there's not enough new stuff to warrant firing up the scanner.
>> No. 9831 ID: 75d991
File 134844563164.jpg - (807.03KB , 1383x1827 , shocktrooper wip.jpg )
From a /tg/ request I did. I know, I know, but still.
>> No. 9832 ID: 75d991
File 134844571027.jpg - (361.01KB , 1250x1500 , trench trooper.jpg )
Same requester.
>> No. 9833 ID: 75d991
File 134844579268.jpg - (374.56KB , 1125x1252 , PMC chick.jpg )
Just looking at this thread makes me want to draw, but I know I'm gonna end up getting buttfrutrated and quitting half-way through.
>> No. 9834 ID: 75d991
File 134844643959.jpg - (588.07KB , 832x1250 , Rolove Phebs.jpg )
Ah, fun times.
>> No. 9836 ID: f865ef
File 134844849285.jpg - (374.46KB , 1024x1347 , GDI Infantry 3 Mod0.jpg )
I'll admit, I do admire Halo a bit much.
>> No. 9837 ID: 823e94
File 134845297523.jpg - (88.34KB , 745x1024 , scan000122.jpg )
Quick sketch I did for kinder /k/ a long time ago.
>> No. 9838 ID: 823e94
File 134845309239.jpg - (35.22KB , 745x1024 , scan0014.jpg )
and some facial expression work I did another long time ago
>> No. 9839 ID: 823e94
File 134845317163.jpg - (37.33KB , 745x1024 , scan0015.jpg )
>> No. 9840 ID: 823e94
File 134845321824.jpg - (49.51KB , 745x1024 , scan0016.jpg )
>> No. 9841 ID: 823e94
File 134845325047.jpg - (30.55KB , 745x1024 , scan0017.jpg )
>> No. 9842 ID: 823e94
File 134845327131.jpg - (28.46KB , 745x1024 , scan0018.jpg )
>> No. 9843 ID: 823e94
File 134845329640.jpg - (34.26KB , 745x1024 , scan0022.jpg )
>> No. 9844 ID: 823e94
File 134845337578.jpg - (33.20KB , 745x1024 , scan0024.jpg )
>> No. 9845 ID: 823e94
File 134845340026.jpg - (35.15KB , 745x1024 , scan0025.jpg )
>> No. 9854 ID: f865ef
File 134846137559.jpg - (387.65KB , 1024x1347 , GDI Infantry 3 Mod0.jpg )
Finishing up with the lines...
>> No. 9864 ID: 388296
>no visible magazine

Pistol carbine?
>> No. 9865 ID: 75d991
File 134852123414.jpg - (628.34KB , 1000x1250 , Champion sketch.jpg )
Combat rifle from Human Revolution. I really don't know how that's supposed to work, and this is coming from someone who enjoyed the the rifle designs from BF2142.
>> No. 9867 ID: 75d991
File 134852152326.jpg - (504.87KB , 1313x1750 , Krieger outline.jpg )
>> No. 9876 ID: f865ef

Sort of an en bloc type inserted into the receiver, which broke open like one of them old shotguns. Silly, I suppose.
>> No. 9884 ID: 75d991
File 13485363804.jpg - (446.75KB , 1382x935 , Cavalry.jpg )
BF2142 had a break-action battle rifle, but HR's looks like the magazine would prevent the cover from closing down. Granted, I never seen it in action, but it just looked really silly and trying to hard to be high-tech and cool when I first saw it.
>> No. 9972 ID: f865ef
File 134861157656.jpg - (238.92KB , 800x1488 , PMC Refine1 Mod0.jpg )
When NDAs are not given, fun shall be had...
>> No. 10161 ID: 75d991
File 134886887948.jpg - (507.00KB , 1250x2000 , Pershyy.jpg )
Pulled enough motivation outta the ass to make this rough sketch.
>> No. 10211 ID: f865ef
File 134890254670.jpg - (337.67KB , 1024x1347 , GDI Infantry 3 Mod3.jpg )
Update on infantry boy. I need to give drawing all of this tactical shit a break occasionally, but then it's basically what pays the bills...
>> No. 10217 ID: cc7c36
You're an asset artist for games?

>> No. 10355 ID: f865ef

In passing, yes. I'm aiming for a more general market though. Guess that'll have to wait until my art stops sucking though.

By the way, anyone here use an Intuos?
>> No. 10395 ID: 75d991
I use an Intuos 4 6x4in tablet. I haven't tried many tablets besides the Intuos 3, Intuos 4, and the Cinitq 12WX. Currently debating saving up for the Cintiq 12WX or the Yiynova 10.1.
>> No. 10417 ID: f865ef
File 134913750392.jpg - (425.80KB , 1024x1414 , Nod Avatar1.jpg )

Lucky bastard. I need to get a replacement tablet soon. My Bamboo's great, but the active space is really small. Then again, I really need to upgrade everything else while I'm at it.

Have an Avatar Warmech while I'm at it. I'm having too much fun with digital markers thanks to the latest Feng Zhu video.
>> No. 10503 ID: fec813
File 134923953210.jpg - (34.56KB , 375x277 , Foot Platoon.jpg )
Was wondering if I could post a drawfag request here. I was wondering if someone could do some battletech-style art of infantry squads, similar to this or to some of the stuff posted in TRO 3085.

Specifically, for:
>an Inner Sphere Jump Platoon (soldiers with jump packs)
>Clan Infantry Point

Also, no background art is required, just need the troops themselves
>> No. 10510 ID: d8de17
File 13492406137.jpg - (204.97KB , 1275x1584 , img014.jpg )
just settling into seattle. the library is pretty cool here

anyway, a character i doodled for a story i'm working on.
>> No. 10513 ID: f865ef
File 134924134524.jpg - (718.27KB , 768x1925 , AFFS D31A.jpg )

Oh, hell yes. I fucking love BattleTech. Dem Clanners are baseline or Elemental-sized?

Pic related, it's from a story/campaign I was working on for BT using child soldiers.
>> No. 10566 ID: 2beb61

baseline clan infantry, no elemental-phenotypes.
>> No. 10721 ID: f865ef
File 134949506343.jpg - (697.65KB , 2550x3509 , img067.jpg )
Some logo design for Sua Sponte, worked with another dude on the look.
>> No. 10723 ID: 3ae347
File 134949788950.jpg - (761.72KB , 986x1130 , the girl 150 DPI.jpg )
Child soldiering, eh?
>> No. 10724 ID: f865ef

Yep, based on the old MechWarrior 3ed life paths. High school ends early at 16 if I'm not mistaken, with enlistment being an immediate option afterwards.

Got some shit in the works, will post when I can/am released.
>> No. 10805 ID: 843198
File 134965556755.png - (60.70KB , 1300x664 , AutoSave_OPchanDPV1stdraft1.png )
working on a better armored turret for armored cars.

also, armored cars.
>> No. 10806 ID: 843198
File 13496556293.png - (114.13KB , 1300x664 , AutoSave_OPchanDPV1stdraft2.png )
75 gallon fuel tank, armored, compartmentalized, and self sealing.
>> No. 10807 ID: 843198
File 134965570630.png - (249.01KB , 1300x664 , AutoSave_OPchanDPV1stdraft3.png )
crew compartment, seating for three, driver has both vision blocks AND cameras in certain vision blocks hooked to a panoramic monitor.
>> No. 10809 ID: 843198
File 134965594092.png - (191.45KB , 1300x664 , AutoSave_OPchanDPV1stdraft4.png )
still working on the gun cradle, but this shows where the pivot point is. turret is fully enclosed with vision blocks. very spacious so as to have plenty of room for more ammo, personal weapons, and comfort items for the gunner.

traverse motor is in the vehicle hull, with control by bluetooth or probably more likely conductive rings in the turret contacting copper brushes. anyone who is familiar with alternators' certain electrical motors know what kind of brush I'm talking about.
>> No. 10810 ID: 843198
File 134965608475.png - (50.86KB , 1300x664 , AutoSave_OPchanDPV1stdraft5.png )
turret is arranged so that the only time the gunner is most vulnerable to enemy fire is when he's aiming at you, and even then he's less exposed at this angle than in a current gen military turret.
>> No. 10811 ID: 75d991
Iz dat sum Halo ODSTs?

Looking pretty light and very recon-y, what's the intended weight? I mean, you give them what appeared to be nice spacious windshield but that turned out to be fully-enclosed. Why not give them at least a more direct view that can be closed off when necessary in addition to the cameras and vision blocks?
>> No. 10812 ID: 843198

because I wanted to play around with the idea.

I also applied the turret to my older Killdodge concept. I may move the windsield style over.
>> No. 10813 ID: 843198

I haven't figured out the intended weight yet, how much does 1" AR500 plate weigh per square meter?
>> No. 10815 ID: 75d991
Honestly, no clue, but I'd imagine it to be oppressively heavy if it's 1" all around.
>> No. 10818 ID: f865ef
File 13496717294.jpg - (583.46KB , 1024x650 , Halol1 Mod0.jpg )
A bit of Halol.
>> No. 10836 ID: e32a8f
File 13497406857.jpg - (188.53KB , 578x1200 , Community Control.jpg )
>> No. 10843 ID: 843198

no doubt, but it'd have to be thick to withstand anything larger than a .30.
>> No. 10932 ID: f865ef
File 134992332099.jpg - (504.74KB , 1240x1713 , Nod Avatar1 Mod1.jpg )
Update on the Avatar. Gonna start doing the detailing now.
>> No. 11026 ID: 541d0d
File 135013583982.png - (168.75KB , 366x672 , SuperBattleDroidDetail-SWE.png )
Just sayin'
>> No. 11044 ID: 5c251e
File 13501666812.jpg - (194.60KB , 910x1600 , Kyujyuhachi.jpg )
The best rifles get no love nowadays.
>> No. 11061 ID: 054e00
File 135019092069.jpg - (396.10KB , 1194x907 , img025.jpg )
more studies of >>9177

i was thinking of submitting a story with her to the /co/ premiere pulp thing since i have a bit of time on my hands.
>> No. 11063 ID: 388296

MOAR. So I can doujin the shit out of her
>> No. 11065 ID: 054e00
File 135019274715.png - (2.73MB , 960x1300 , rendered2.png )
o-okay. here's an old one.

also, will you wait until the comic is actually finished before you release the doujin?
>> No. 11075 ID: e28a05
Doujin isn't necessarily porn.
>> No. 11082 ID: 388296


>not necessarily porn

>NSWG involved

Uh, okay.
>> No. 11084 ID: 75d991
>NSWG doujin is released
>it's a slice-of-life style doujin
>only sexual part is nothing but making love in the missionary position and no money-shots at all
>nudity is conveniently censored or blurred out like in some ecchi media

>> No. 11125 ID: 5509cc
Either way, would read.
>> No. 11152 ID: 843198
File 135033491686.png - (106.65KB , 1300x664 , Kraken01.png )
modernized Bismark/Tripitz
>> No. 11153 ID: 843198
File 135033492768.png - (267.43KB , 1300x664 , Kraken02.png )
>> No. 11154 ID: 843198
File 135033493862.png - (309.25KB , 1300x664 , Kraken03.png )
>> No. 11155 ID: 388296

omg, Maxi, you glorious bastard, model me a catamaran-style carrier/assault ship, using two WWII CVEs with a solid section of flight deck (maybe the same size as the CVEs' flight decks) joining their flight decks. Maybe some support structure to show reinforcement for high seas deployment.


I'll grab your weapon..?
>> No. 11159 ID: 843198

we already made the /k/aligula
>> No. 11177 ID: e32a8f
File 135035684888.jpg - (381.11KB , 800x1287 , helmet seal.jpg )
Is such a thing even possible... to make a mask that snaps onto the helmet for quick attachment/detachment?
>> No. 11180 ID: 843198
File 135036194060.jpg - (134.51KB , 791x900 , 16728.jpg )

>> No. 11183 ID: f865ef
File 135036557235.jpg - (421.80KB , 1024x1552 , Nod Black Hand 3 Mod4.jpg )
Speaking of full-face helmets...
>> No. 11187 ID: 843198
File 135037522259.png - (207.48KB , 1300x664 , kraken04.png )
made some alterations.
>> No. 11188 ID: 843198
File 135037524539.png - (122.13KB , 1300x664 , kraken05.png )
>> No. 11189 ID: 843198
File 13503753359.png - (156.04KB , 1300x664 , kraken06.png )
I always thought current Naval uniforms lack the kind of traditional flair that they've always been famous for.
>> No. 11190 ID: 843198
File 135037540085.png - (132.51KB , 1300x664 , kraken07.png )
quite an imposing view, yes?

how'd you like to see a trio of these monsters steaming towards your battlegroup?
>> No. 11194 ID: 123dc5
>Helipads to the sides of the ship
Maxi what are you doing?

Try to get the helipads as centered as possible (fore and aft as well as side to side) to reduce their movement.
>> No. 11207 ID: 5c251e
File 135043636881.jpg - (223.63KB , 965x1600 , esemiry.jpg )
Another dispatch from the Western Front.
>> No. 11213 ID: 6fced1
I know what you mean, but think about trying to fly a helicopter into such a place, especially on a battleship. First off, it's moving forwards, so the helo's moving. Can't fly straight to the helipad, so you'd have to match speeds, then adjust sideways or straight down to land.

Now, watch most helicopters land nowadays. They land and take off forward for the most part, because it takes less power, and is easier, than going straight up.

Yes, Maxi's design would have more variables for the pilot to consider, but a failure to land properly wouldn't result in a helicopter joining the Admiral on the bridge. "Where things go when they go horribly wrong" is always something to consider.
>> No. 11217 ID: 71d13c
File 13504508472.jpg - (72.76KB , 748x325 , letsgetdowntobusiness.jpg )

Reminds me of this I did a few years back.

Lets get down to business; to defeat the hun!
>> No. 11220 ID: f865ef
File 135045693858.jpg - (442.35KB , 1024x1511 , GDI Zone Trooper 4 Mod1.jpg )

Now that...is mighty inspirational. While I make something of myself, have a Zooper.
>> No. 11232 ID: 843198
File 135046526656.png - (260.56KB , 1300x664 , kraken08.png )

that was one consideration along with giving the pilots maximum space to maneuver for landing.

also, if you notice, the CIWS turret is directly over and in front of the hangar. offsetting the helipad goes along way to free up space in the firing sector of the Zenith gun AND gives alot more free space for a landing pilot to get the fuck out of the way in the event the Zephyr goes loud.

and then it lets a pair of helicopters take off at once, cutting launch time in half.

finally designed a hangar door that suits my liking, also acts as an additional safeguard against accidental CIWS damage.
>> No. 11238 ID: 843198
File 135048680621.png - (114.29KB , 1300x664 , kraken09.png )
working on sensory equipment now.

initial placement of the phased array radar emitters makes the ship look like a grumpy old man.

I am keeping this arrangement.
>> No. 11276 ID: e32a8f
File 135052007663.jpg - (249.80KB , 958x922 , I dont even know.jpg )
I don't even know.
>> No. 11288 ID: a7d215
File 135054313910.jpg - (261.55KB , 768x1024 , DSCN2105.jpg )

You should feel good though. I mostly just doodle on my notes.
>> No. 11289 ID: a7d215
File 135054367899.jpg - (96.10KB , 480x640 , DSCN2110.jpg )
I'd say 90% of what I do is gesture drawing. Occasionally I'll polish something up in GIMP.
>> No. 11290 ID: a7d215
File 135054428496.png - (346.14KB , 600x1000 , Craw.png )
>> No. 11292 ID: b722bc
File 135054533322.jpg - (134.43KB , 1024x768 , IMG-20120927-00170.jpg )
>be bored at work
>this happens

I was really bored.
>> No. 11293 ID: a7d215
File 135054685250.png - (51.93KB , 600x480 , Podf.png )
Recently I've been thinking a lot about a hard-science approach to extraterrestrial warfare.
is of particular relevance.
>> No. 11294 ID: c2f1f3
File 135054978289.jpg - (649.41KB , 1200x870 , img023.jpg )
>I'd say 90% of what I do is gesture drawing.

my nigga

bg study before i resume work on my webcomic.
>> No. 11299 ID: f865ef

Holy shit, I need to work on ink stuff more. Thanks for reminding me.
>> No. 11308 ID: c2f1f3
File 135060016194.png - (607.49KB , 1000x850 , alleywaybw.png )
you're welcome, i guess...!
>> No. 11309 ID: e32a8f
What medium/technique do you use?
>> No. 11311 ID: f865ef

Looks like pen and marker to me, but I've been known to be frequently wrong.
>> No. 11316 ID: c2f1f3
File 135061916412.jpg - (438.82KB , 740x1000 , img019s.jpg )

yep, it's pen and marker. i've only been using the markers for a couple of months so far but i'm liking them.

also, do any of you guys have accounts on deviantart/tumblr that i can follow?
>> No. 11325 ID: f865ef
File 135066025496.jpg - (210.09KB , 1024x682 , GDI Guardian APC Baseline1.jpg )

Well, you know mine.
>> No. 11330 ID: f865ef
File 135068364037.jpg - (476.54KB , 1024x1517 , Nod Confessor1.jpg )
Working over a sketch...
>> No. 11368 ID: 843198
File 135077990441.png - (122.45KB , 1300x664 , krakenescort.png )
decided to work on an escort for the battleship.
>> No. 11383 ID: b68f06
File 135080128978.jpg - (517.34KB , 2264x1500 , US_Navy_070111-N-4515N-509_Guided_missile_destroye.jpg )
Why do you have ESSM launchers on ships with VLS?

Instead of the, I'm assuming, Mk 54 Mod 2 5" gun I'd use the Mod 4 version. It has a longer barrel for extra range and a stealthier housing, which probably wouldn't help much on a fuckhuge BB.

I'd also ditch the stern turret. The only thing your main battery is gonna be used for is fire support. You're not gonna need 360 degree coverage to take on enemy ships. A better use for that space would be a larger helipad/hanger and turn the ship into some sort of BB/LHD hybrid. With automation you could clear up a ton of space to house marines.
See: http://www.shipbucket.com/Never%20Built%20Designs/United%20States%20of%20America/BB-61%20Iowa%201982.gif

You have a weird thing for point defense. 57mm Bofors?, Goalkeeper, and those 5" dual purpose guns. The Bofors are kinda superfluous on an escorted ship, it fill a small niche between the 30mm and 5". Perhaps scrap the Bofors and put a pair of goalkeepers on either side?
>> No. 11396 ID: 843198
File 135081998225.png - (100.02KB , 1300x664 , krakenescort02.png )

>Why do you have ESSM launchers on ships with VLS?

more direct angles of attack than VLS, and less maneuvering for missles when seconds count.

>Instead of the, I'm assuming, Mk 54 Mod 2 5" gun I'd use the Mod 4 version. It has a longer barrel for extra range and a stealthier housing, which probably wouldn't help much on a fuckhuge BB.

I forget what the nomenclature is, but it's a 5" 52 caliber gun seeing as how it's mostly intended as a defensive armament for use against aircraft, and boats that get too close it should be fine. stealth is not a consideration for these ships. you WILL see them coming, and you will know their intent long before.

>I'd also ditch the stern turret. The only thing your main battery is gonna be used for is fire support. You're not gonna need 360 degree coverage to take on enemy ships. A better use for that space would be a larger helipad/hanger and turn the ship into some sort of BB/LHD hybrid. With automation you could clear up a ton of space to house marines.

while it IS a good idea, this battleship is named "Kraken". it's only role is to eliminate enemy warships. therefore it's better to have a strong broadside than a platoon of marines.

>You have a weird thing for point defense.

On a battlefield where every ship can easily fit at least eight anti ship missiles with 1000 mi range the idea of large defensive armaments on a big scary expensive warship that needs to close to 35 mi for its primary armament to have effect is weird to you?

>57mm Bofors?
>The Bofors are kinda superfluous on an escorted ship
>Perhaps scrap the Bofors

the hell are you talking about? the defensive armaments are the 5" guns, the Sea Sparrow launchers, and the 25mm CIWS. the battleship having 6/3/4 and her escorts having 1/2/4

the CIWS turrsts are something I found on the #D warehouse called the "Sea Zenith MK II", I'm assuming it's a 25mm platform like the real sea zenith. also I modified it a bit to include an onboard tracking system.

I have alot of them because when the shit starts flying you want to be able to eliminate at least 19 out of every 20 missiles they shoot at you.

as for offense, the VLS cells hold the AShM and the anti sub torpedoes, the 16" shells can be programmed to detonate shortly after impact, at a certain altitude or distance from a target, or at a certain external pressure so they can be used as depth charges.

furthermore, I chose a similar platform to the AH-1 as the on-board helicopters primarily because of the size; you can house two AH1s in the same space as 1 seahawk, and you can perform most of the same missions with the exception of troop transport.

transport is not on the list of mission requirements for this battlegroup right now.

finally, the ship's own armor is the last, and best, line of defense against the anti ship missiles; since AShMs are designed with modern warships in mind, and modern warships actually having hulls less than an inch thick and not even being ballistic rated, an AShM would likely just mash itself against the hull of an old style battleship and explode somewhat harmlessly in the water.

so basically the whole idea is to get the battleship in range to set up her broadside and start dropping 2,000 lb loads of HE onto the enemy ships while the escorts and battleship alike tear into them with AShMs, and the twelve gunships search for subs.
>> No. 11417 ID: b68f06
>>the hell are you talking about?
I didn't know they were 25mm, It was hard to tell by your other pic. They looked like a really old 57mm mount from a distance.
>> No. 11439 ID: 8da9d4
Guys this thread is more about art itself, not necessarily the technical aspects of the subject matter.

I would invite you to discuss the various aspects of vehicles in /v/ and weapons in /k/, or the appropriate board for any other aspect of technical discussion that is unrelated to the production of art. If you start a thread based on a technical disagreement here, feel free to reference and link this thread, but keep the actual discussion out.
>> No. 11441 ID: 71d13c
File 135087290810.jpg - (72.86KB , 789x527 , downtime_preview.jpg )
Agreed, post moar drawings of operators
>> No. 11443 ID: c2f1f3
File 135087467081.png - (261.64KB , 1000x980 , secretarydraft.png )
here's a sketch mockup for an illustration i'm working on containing >>11065 and her boss >>10510

the story's supposed to be a multi-part/issue/episode thing, but i'm still seriously considering putting a short one for that Premiere Pulp thing, or just as something i can post up here. here's the synopsis so far:

Stationed on the quiet, rustic border town of Soyus, Joseph Lane has come a long way since serving in the special forces. As his years of service come to a close, he looks forward to retirement, and finally rejoining his family back home. But first, he has to train a replacement...

A candidate arrives just in the nick of time to pull old Joe out of a heated border scuffle. Kelly Mullens, a former Marine, reports for duty with guns blazing. Promising, talented, and combat-capable, her over-qualification for the job raises some suspicion.

Both come from a war-torn past from a cataclysmic conflict eight years prior. Much will be revealed about their experiences on the battlefield as they go about their day-to-day lives on the border.

>> No. 11506 ID: 5509cc
Fund it. Now.
>> No. 11522 ID: 6fced1
My next story is going to be a hard-as-possible-scifi take on the standard "Alien Infiltration" genre. A little bit Body Snatchers, a little bit Alien Conspiracy, with a chunk of This Is How Avatar Should Go.

Still brainstorming it, though, and I don't think it'll be PBE-related.

I loves me some hard scifi.
>> No. 11536 ID: 51c58d
I had the same idea!

Except in mine there's some creepy cult that's feeding E.T. intel about Earth (targets, biosphere, disease vectors etc), and some LEO or civvies blunder into their operation out in the mountains and have to escape the wilderness to sound the alarm.

Human vs. alien counterintelligence would be an awesome premise for OPERATING.
>> No. 11559 ID: 51c58d
File 135103481792.jpg - (211.06KB , 1024x768 , DSCN2114.jpg )

Today I found out that superluminal communication is impossible; Although it is possible to transfer information using entanglement, the bits 'travel' at luminal speeds. This has massive implications for future political units, unless there some post-human advancement of society, maintaining a cohesive political unit will be an uphill battle. Therefore some degree of state-on-state violence is inevitable.

However: my scenario assumes a species-on-species interaction in the immediate future. With all humans less than a lightyear apart, it is possible to act as a cohesive unit.
Note that sub-luminal communication means that the invading party may be completely out of touch and cohesion with the rest of it's species. The rules of human-on-human conflict may not be relevant to this meeting.

Think of man as a bacterial culture; The human pathogen must dominate the petri dish.
>> No. 11560 ID: 51c58d
File 13510373189.jpg - (238.08KB , 1024x768 , DSCN2108.jpg )
The Scenario: Several objects hit or narrowly miss Earth at relativistic speeds. The fact that humanity isn't destroyed outright indicates an attacker with limited resources or intelligence. Earth faces ecological and agricultural collapse. There is a severe increase in orbital debri.
In any case, there is a critical phase of political change on Earth; Not everyone buys the 'aliens' story, and even fewer are able to reach a consensus on the correct response. There is a dramatic increase in state powers, and backlash to that expansion. All this occurring during an agricultural catastrophe on an apocalyptic scale.

Massive ground operations are mounted to quell insurgencies across the globe.
>> No. 11562 ID: 6fced1
I'm still trying to figure out why any spacefaring civilization would actually need to invade an inhabited planet. If it was for natural resources, cheaper and easier to go full-scale genocide from 2 AU away.

Once I get that figured, I'll have a framework for the story to build on, but I don't want to write a story wherein human organs are actually worth invading for, as much as I enjoyed Skyline.

OOoooooooHhhhh, what if the aliens were themselves refugees? So they had a decent fleet, but nothing capable of glassing Earth, and needed the place to be inhabitable? They'd just gotten their asses completely stomped, and needed to hide in the far corner of the galaxy (relatively speaking) and survive until they could grow again, and we just happen to be on the only inhabitable rock around?

That would work, and would explain why Act Two isn't Orbital Bombardment.

It also allows for some politics and philosophy as the aliens face up to the fact they're committing genocide of a species in order to survive as a species.
>> No. 11564 ID: 51c58d
File 135103981182.jpg - (232.25KB , 1024x768 , DSCN2116.jpg )
Meanwhile, space agencies scramble to detect additional projectiles and replace Earths ruined satellite networks. The space junk demands shielding and armor, and new, heavier launch vehicles consume fortunes worth of fuel. Entire industries are formed to support the manufacture of fuel, and are in turn targeted by militants.
The believers have won a culture war against the skeptics, with dissident media shouted down and confined to the underground. The world's police ruthlessly hunt the members of this counterculture.

Governments move to ban private use of wireless broadcast devices. Pirate radio stations are met with armed raids, as the airwaves are hijacked by counterintelligence personnel. Some people continue to consume the wildly fictional wireless media out of ironic enjoyment. Meanwhile, objective information is transferred through secure landlines.

With dissenting airforces destroyed, the aerospace industry and it's military customers turn to the doctrine of space combat. Launching systems from Earth is now extremely expensive; the sheer number of space launches is actually altering the atmosphere. They pursue the capture of asteroids and attempt to develop orbital mining and manufacturing techniques. Progress is slow.
>> No. 11565 ID: 843198

>I'm still trying to figure out why any spacefaring civilization would actually need to invade an inhabited planet.

the alien civilization invades planets to give the inhabitants the test of fire, if they fight well they are rewarded with friendship, fight poorly or act cowardly by submitting, and they get wiped out.

or maybe they just do it for sport?
>> No. 11567 ID: 51c58d
File 135104385394.jpg - (253.39KB , 1024x768 , DSCN2111.jpg )
The worlds scientists are unable to find the "muzzle flashes" from the incoming kill vehicles. Worse, the next burst of missiles are properly aligned with Earth's orbit. Obsolete and damaged satellites are sacrificed to blunt the impacts. Orbital forces suffer significant losses; most die slowly. Earth's ecological crisis is renewed and the resulting food shortages cause another wave of insurrection. The world is cold and starving. The powers now tolerate ethnic cleansing as a means of suppressing dissent. Some political blocs are using addictive substances to control their remaining security forces. War planners struggle to replace wireless technology as a means for communication.

Entanglement-based communication is developed, but requires another form of passive communication and periodic 'reloads' of entangled matter to be effective. It's use is reserved for missions into far space and as crisis lines between the remaining governments that can afford to maintain them.

Most orders to orbital platforms are transmitted visually. A fleet of drones flash binary messages across inner space and around planets, relatively secure from interception.

Wireless communication is a fading feature of planetary life. Every so often, pirate radio will boom from the center of some uprising, and are quickly silenced. The remaining broadcasts maintain the apocalyptic tone mandated by powers. With Earth's surface now approaching the miserable, tabloid reality of the radio, most of it's viewers have turned away from it out of depression. Privately, leaders admit that the wireless ruse has done more harm than good.

Regardless, man's mechanisms of defense maneuver silently across the ruined sky. Orbital personnel are largely in a state of medicated fatalism; their positions exposed, their doctrine untested and their health in a general state of decay. The construction of various centrifuges and hydroponic systems has failed to sustain free-fall operations, and Deployment to Space is widely regarded as a life-ruining event. Sexual Services and Pharmaceuticals are administered diligently to keep crews "on the level" and distracted from the gravity of their situation.
>> No. 11569 ID: 51c58d
>I'm still trying to figure out why any spacefaring civilization would actually need to invade an inhabited planet.

Why not? It's clearly a profitable endeavor, considering how easy it is just to drop an asteroid on the Yucatan and ruin the human food supply, scooping up our biomass could be pretty cost-effective
>> No. 11570 ID: 9b5ec0
File 135104541254.jpg - (130.42KB , 1275x1650 , ING.jpg )
Opforian, I like your noisy and sketchy style, I can see it going really well with high contrast shading and low white-low-gray-high-black color scheme. Luckily, it is very dark in space.
>> No. 11571 ID: 6fced1
I meant invade in the ground troops, Allies-into-Europe sense. Dropping asteroids on the planet isn't an invasion, even if ground troops show up later to scoop the Unobtainium off the surface of the planet and take polaroids.
>> No. 11577 ID: 51c58d
File 135104939256.jpg - (7.91KB , 220x301 , 220px-Civil_Protection_(Half-Life).jpg )
Probably because it's more compelling to the viewer, and you have to explain less to the audience.

I think a real 'invasion' with that goal would be led by a Cortez figure:
Suppose you had a guy come out of the sky dressed as the 12th Imam; he could fold whole swathes of Earth's muslim population into his forces, just like the conquistadors did with local tribes when they came to America. Add that to plagues and other 'acts of god' and you have a compelling political presence.
>> No. 11579 ID: f865ef
File 135104972934.jpg - (639.24KB , 1024x1413 , Blue Max1.jpg )

Here's something. Not even close, but hey, there's a jet pack.
>> No. 11581 ID: 6fced1
If I wrote a movie, it wouldn't be aimed at the general Hollywood audience, it'd be aimed at people who want to think. Scifi used to be a way for writers to discuss modern issues in depth, they'd take an issue and pull it out of the context of modern society in order to highlight it. Star Trek:TOS comes to mind.

However, Hollywood wants another version of Star Wars, where nothing's really all that complicated, and the things that aren't immediately apparent to the audience generally aren't important. It's been done, and while that sort of thing can be fun, it's generally not much more than that.

Lost in Space is a fun movie, but there's not much substance.
District 9 had something to say.

Writing for an audience that can't deal with complex characters or rich backstories doesn't appeal to me, I would rather write the kind of stories that I would read. The overarching thought when I write, past spelling and grammar, is always "Is this the sort of story I'd actually read?"
>> No. 11583 ID: 388296
>I'm still trying to figure out why any spacefaring civilization would actually need to invade an inhabited planet.

Because they want the planet, not the humans, but if they don't deal with the humans here, God help them when we get our shit together and hit them in their homes.

>> No. 11586 ID: 51c58d
File 135105776256.jpg - (55.69KB , 507x752 , 135104767683.jpg )
Sometimes I wonder if Hotaru Maniac doesn't regret this meme just a little bit.

Well, fortunately for you, the Body Snatchers angle pushes peoples buttons. Anything where people are acting creepy is good material for a thriller. Just make sure that the fact that something is amiss is established through behavior and not some cgi transformation scene, although adding small cgi or makeup tweaks to the character over time might enforce a feeling of unease. Having the character do something weird in the background is also good for this.
>> No. 11592 ID: 1c3ad8
File 135106947342.jpg - (111.10KB , 1024x768 , Mia-Kirshner-5.jpg )
He does.

Hell, even I do.
>> No. 11593 ID: c2f1f3
File 135107127769.png - (552.94KB , 870x900 , sec1.png )
yeah, i'm coming up with a short one-off concept right now as a submission.

i guess reading some of the other concepts from you guys also made me think about the bigger picture, too. the universe they're in will take light sci-fi and cyberpunk elements, combined with late cold-war weapons, gear and tech (operation eagle claw/gothic serpent era) for the characters.
>> No. 11597 ID: 51c58d
File 135108067915.png - (266.08KB , 600x800 , det.png )
Just don't try too hard to achieve realism; women don't maintain that fecund appearance after a life of anaerobic exercise.

Anyway, I figure the challenge in my scenario is developing characters people will become attached to. All this so they will feel genuine horror as dear friends are reduced and consumed by random violence. The goal is to inflict as much emotional trauma on the audience as possible. This secures an interest in the minutia of space combat.
>> No. 11614 ID: c2f1f3
File 135110383437.png - (449.66KB , 1308x930 , secretary4.png )
>Just don't try too hard to achieve realism; women don't maintain that fecund appearance after a life of anaerobic exercise.

yeah, that's a given. it will hardly be the most deep, grimdark and edgy story on the planet, because i like a kind of light-hearted sense of storytelling too, but it will still have plenty to ponder on with a woman soldier around. i learned a lot about that particular topic just lurking around opchan and kinder /k/ and that got me interested.
>> No. 11616 ID: c2f1f3
and yeah, you are very right about this...i really just want to draw a hot chick doing OPERATOR things at the end of the day. that's all.
>> No. 11620 ID: 51c58d
File 135111446975.png - (544.46KB , 1000x1080 , Californi Rebs.png )
I pulled my last post; it was a little over the top and didn't really fit in with a larger narrative.

I can think of quite a few franchises based on that model.
Is she some kind of loli battle machine?
>> No. 11645 ID: c2f1f3
File 13511455934.jpg - (99.86KB , 305x800 , kellywalk.jpg )
>I can think of quite a few franchises based on that model.
yeah totally. hardly the most original idea to base a story from but this is all really in the name of good fun for me.

>Is she some kind of loli battle machine?
not really, she's meant to be a little fit/built/busty
>> No. 11658 ID: 9b5ec0
File 135117509129.jpg - (141.77KB , 647x1000 , Haruhi bunnysuit.jpg )
Them's birthin' hips

Also, are you making her into a gym rat? All the arms and shoulders and no core?do you even lift?
>> No. 11660 ID: 318a4b
i guess she works out a lot but not to the point that shes totally built. shes got upper body muscles too but also some sizeable tits, but i guess i drew em wrong if it isnt immediately apparent.

>tfw i cant view spoilers on an iphone
>> No. 11664 ID: 75d991
File 135119738554.jpg - (219.46KB , 624x1878 , before and after wip.jpg )
I need to start drawing much more consistently.
>> No. 11665 ID: c2f1f3
File 135119793153.png - (74.88KB , 500x481 , secretarydraft_s.png )
do you guys have a deviantart/tumblr/blogspot/whatever that i could follow?

draw the hands and feet and stuff, and draw often. get critiques, gesture drawing, etc. you'll do good if you dedicate yourself!

revised this sketch draft a bit, an art friend i'm staying with right now saw it liked its sketchiness and wanted to work on it.
>> No. 11666 ID: f865ef

Personally, the trick's always been repetition. It's a bit Xzibit in nature, but you need to get yourself used to drawing consistently in order to draw consistently. Hell, it helps to develop your characters' appearances while you're working to get them to a set look.
>> No. 11667 ID: 9b5ec0
File 13512025374.jpg - (115.33KB , 1000x750 , Meanwhile in Poland.jpg )
I meant to point out that she's got some short legs and man shoulders, then a crazy thin corset-waist, so I don't think that that particular rendition of her is my favorite.

As for a DA account or anything of that sort, I do not have one, so for now, what you see is what you get. It's not a bad idea, though, it'll motivate me to draw daily to keep it updated.

I don't claim to be a god artist, but this is what had worked for me. Take it as you wish.

I have found that the key to the arts is the same as to marksmanship - concentration and observation. When you find or think of something that you would like to draw, you should commit yourself to rendering it as close to what you want it to be as possible.

Don't be afraid to erase, even if you have to start over from scratch.
Don't rush, study your tools of the trade and take note of what they can do - note what angle and what pressure should be applied to get a certain type of line until you have an intuitive understanding.

Study your subject well and draw with resolve - if it takes you two strokes of the pen to put down a line, rethink your approach until it takes you one.
Don't just copy what you see, think in 3 dimensions and once you have understood your subject, put your own understanding down on paper. If you draw everything mindfully, experimenting and trying out different approaches every time you draw, you will learn in no time, and if you were to take a break and completely forget the knack of it, you will pick it back up even faster.

Attaching today's doodle - mechanical pencil, gel pen and sharpie. The Pallad-M should have value, but I haven't figured out how to achieve it yet. More to come later.
>> No. 11674 ID: 75d991
File 135120485367.jpg - (759.54KB , 1545x2000 , Then and now wip.jpg )
I've always tried to get myself to draw whenever I had free times, but then I end up being too mentally overwhelmed by the end of a workday or I'm too preoccupied with something else that I just end up not drawing at all. I've always felt inadequate and more so, each time I look at a better artist.

Hopefully, with the sheer amount of chaos from my unit's SFAT team finally deploying and the actual changing of the flag for my unit, I'll get more consistent time to draw as opposed to simply spending what little time doing nothing or playing vidya. Maybe even have the money saved up for a Cintiq tablet.
>> No. 11675 ID: 008397
File 13512070549.jpg - (245.20KB , 1024x768 , DSCN2158.jpg )
Today I was thinking a lot about the nitty gritty of supporting large numbers of personnel in free-fall. Since any kind of radio communication will exposes the position of a unit, dependence on remote-controlled systems are out of the question; the gunboats must be manned.*

Obviously, you can't leave men in constant microgravity;
Muscles atrophy and zero gravity can even cause "severe eyesight problems". Centrifuges will be essential for offworld garrisons. Since it will be difficult to assemble a large centrifuge, we should assume that most will be relatively small. This presents a few problems;
1. What if men moving around in the centrifuge shift it's center of gravity?
2. How will angular acceleration of the centrifuge affect the positioning of the larger platform?

The first problem necessitates some kind of sensor-driven counterweight to keep the C.G. and axis of rotation absolutely stationary.
The second problem is especially pressing if the centrifuge is damaged. One way of preventing a spin-out would be to include a second, counter-rotating centrifuge or gyro, perhaps consolidating this system with the sensor-driven counterweight.

It then occurred to me that you could cut out an entire system by having the centrifuge assembly be driven by the occupants themselves. Manually stopping, spinning and restarting the centrifuge would provide the essential exercise and could even be used to regenerate power!

* I'd even mandate that radio transmission only be carried out between expendable vehicles. These could relay their messages to armed platforms visually.
>> No. 11676 ID: 008397
Is Johnnyreb still around? What's the premise?
>> No. 11677 ID: 9b5ec0
File 13512094175.jpg - (748.30KB , 1578x1102 , AK74 Color.jpg )

>This site was mainly intended for science fiction authors who wanted a little scientific accuracy so they can write SF "the way God and Heinlein intended"

One of the topics is artificial grvity:
>> No. 11681 ID: 388296

They just need PBE patches, and you're G2G!
>> No. 11688 ID: c2f1f3
ok, ill work on doing more studies then,

a lot of beginning/unskilled artists always end up shying away from hands/feet, and stick to drawing poses that hide them, or just poses that they are used to drawing. it's always high time to mix it up a bit; try a new kind of pose whenever you draw, whenever you can, as often as you can.

back when i was still learning animation, we were also taught to draw with straight up ink in some drawing sessions to sort of build confidence. kind of like what >>11667 says:

>Study your subject well and draw with resolve - if it takes you two strokes of the pen to put down a line, rethink your approach until it takes you one.
Don't just copy what you see, think in 3 dimensions and once you have understood your subject, put your own understanding down on paper. If you draw everything mindfully, experimenting and trying out different approaches every time you draw, you will learn in no time, and if you were to take a break and completely forget the knack of it, you will pick it back up even faster.

having more confidence in your line strokes also means that you take less time pondering over the form, and more time transitioning that picture you see in your imagination, or a figure that you are copying, onto the paper or canvas. its also something i constantly forget and need to work on apparently!

probably the most important thing you should remember is to take everything with an open mind, it's never too late to learn something new, especially with art.
>> No. 11691 ID: 008397
File 13512203559.jpg - (156.88KB , 670x670 , DSCN2160.jpg )
>beginning/unskilled artists
>> No. 11735 ID: 6fced1
Thank you for posting that link. I shall reference it when I'm writing.
>> No. 11761 ID: ffc9e7
I don't want to be "that guy" but I was wondering if someone here would be able to draw a woman in a ripped tank top, one arm holding up her massive breasts, and the other holding up an AK-47 sideways with the other.
>> No. 11763 ID: 57ceac
Yeah, I'm here. Currently writing a story bible for my script.
>> No. 11773 ID: 71d13c
File 135137834610.jpg - (106.48KB , 637x757 , kaede1_pencil.jpg )

>dat brilliant plan

Oh god my sides

I was overcome by the urge to make a semi-operator magical girl. If it was an anime, it would have an awkward and wordy title, like "Adapt and overcome! Mojokko Kaede-chan!" or something.
>> No. 11776 ID: 008397
File 135138166026.jpg - (155.25KB , 743x453 , DSCN2168.jpg )
Hard science or soft?
>> No. 11777 ID: 57ceac
>> No. 11779 ID: 008397
...How so?
>> No. 11781 ID: 57ceac
It's not like star trek where I'm gonna explain every little detail. I'm not gonna explain shit about how stuff works, it just does, because how shit works is not important in the story. I think that's what makes sci-fi hard or soft, right?
>> No. 11782 ID: 6fced1
I always thought the difference was in the level of handwavium used vs the level of actual physics, not in the level of explanations given. In the story I'm going to start writing soon, I'm going to try to stick to physics as much as possible, but the actual mechanics of how stuff works are fairly irrelevant to most stories.

I mean, honestly, think about it. Who really cares how something works in a movie or book, so long as the result of it working isn't completely retarded? As long as we're talking physics, not psykers and force fields, then to me it's not really important how it works.

Scenes that are full of technobabble get annoying anyways.
>> No. 11790 ID: 75d991
File 135139877033.jpg - (857.68KB , 1545x2000 , Then and now wip 1.jpg )
Sooner or later, I'll finish this damn drawing.
>> No. 11792 ID: f865ef
File 135140219190.jpg - (109.96KB , 1024x710 , GDI Harvester1.jpg )
Trying to into vehicle design...

You'll probably see some more civvie stuff soon enough.
>> No. 11793 ID: 008397
Hard sci-fi is defined by plausibility. 1984 is hard science fiction. Star Wars is science fantasy.
I was interested in knowing what kind of sci-fi tropes were involved;

Is there artificial gravity?
Is there faster-than-light travel?
Do the guns shoot blue shit?
Is this more like Stalker, Killzone or Halo?
>> No. 11795 ID: 57ceac
Killzone and Halo would probably be the closest comparisons.
>> No. 11802 ID: 008397

go on...
>> No. 12035 ID: f865ef
File 135169545318.jpg - (290.31KB , 1024x1572 , Nod Confessor1 Mod2.jpg )
I've got other stuff aside from this Tiberium Wars stuff, but I'm still working on them.
>> No. 12038 ID: 054e00
File 135170885493.jpg - (474.22KB , 1257x907 , img031.jpg )
more studies for ma webcomic
>> No. 12054 ID: f865ef

Shit, I oughta get around to doing some of these reference sheets for Blood Money Boogie as well...
>> No. 12055 ID: 054e00
File 135171311775.jpg - (256.61KB , 951x1291 , img028.jpg )
you should try drawing some more dynamic poses too, i don't see too many in your DA gallery
>> No. 12056 ID: 054e00
forgot me namefagging
>> No. 12066 ID: 9b5ec0
File 135173140930.jpg - (154.02KB , 788x1182 , FED hand 1.jpg )
>"Adapt and overcome! Mojokko Kaede-chan!"
Ha! That made my day!
>> No. 12078 ID: 054e00
her lips look a little too low and her torso looks really inflated. also, are her eyes intentionally derpy?

i like how you drew her foreshortened hand, though
>> No. 12169 ID: 5e2f63
File 135201510387.jpg - (189.85KB , 1600x900 , Isv.jpg )
Today I had an idea for a unified R.K.V. and 'infection' system.

Basically, It's a Valkyrie rocket with four engines. It's a generation ship that produces a large number of individuals after it's final deceleration.

Midway into it's trajectory, the craft jettisons two of the four engines, reverses it's orientation and decelerates using it's remaining thrusters. The jettisoned engines continue to accelerated towards the target. Both of these elements are crewed, with the engine crews living out the rest of their lives before impact.

The function of the engine crews is to
1: Determine whether a relativistic impact is necessary.
2: Collect intelligence and pass it to the main body.
3: Disassemble and jettison Expired systems on collision courses with orbital and planetary targets.

The original chassis maintains a living population to seed on the pacified planet.
In normal flight, the main body has a disk-shaped centrifuge towed behind the engines, which is normally spun about the axis of motion. When the craft arrives at the target, it begins to tumble end-over-end. This swings the centrifuge about the engines and produces artificial gravitation towards the broad face of the centrifuge, allowing it to accomodate a larger population in preparation for landfall. Finally, individual landing craft are jettisoned from the "bottom" of the centrifuge in a retrograde trajectory, causing atmospheric entry with minimal fuel waste. Core chassis maintains orbit and deploys communication systems.
>> No. 12433 ID: f865ef
File 135231233733.jpg - (841.87KB , 1024x1329 , Whammy1.jpg )
Fucked up the perspective a good bit, but I'll be touching this up. Gotta love the classic 3025 Warhammer. At least before I started to work on it.
>> No. 12448 ID: 054e00
File 135234838676.jpg - (382.67KB , 880x1481 , img037.jpg )
bumping a sticky.
>> No. 12640 ID: f865ef
File 135250787838.jpg - (668.64KB , 1024x1462 , Strong1.jpg )
Surprise, motherfucker!

One more thing to throw into the rejects pile.
>> No. 12678 ID: 369cb3
I think a battering ram would have been a better idea. That and shotguns, sledgehammers, and armored vehicles always make me think of the words "KNOCK KNOCK."
>> No. 12683 ID: a8177c
File 135258257066.jpg - (1.67MB , 2388x2559 , gipn promarker NB sketch.jpg )
Hi all, just finished a little sketch :3
>> No. 12851 ID: e32a8f
File 13528501841.jpg - (474.50KB , 1000x713 , Despoilers no text.jpg )
Cultural costume study.

Despoilers, the gangsters of the dead.
>> No. 12875 ID: 5509cc
File 135289439832.jpg - (73.97KB , 851x667 , Havis-Traley.jpg )
Got bored, thought I'd contribute some terrible, got out tablet, posting results.
>> No. 12876 ID: 3a7486
Why does Travis have down syndrome?
>> No. 12906 ID: 5509cc
'cause thats the way I wanted to caricature him.
>> No. 12922 ID: 0ea4b8
File 135297247089.jpg - (1.86MB , 1700x1839 , comicsketch2.jpg )
Got a tablet for my bday, so I've been redoing some old drawings. I'm glad I got it too, since my college is hosting its annual comic contest this semester.
>> No. 12924 ID: 0ea4b8
File 135297309922.jpg - (869.22KB , 960x1320 , cyborgninja2.jpg )
second picture im done with.
>> No. 12935 ID: f66336
File 135300132428.jpg - (1.43MB , 2296x1415 , bd 1 case 1 001.jpg )
I forgot the name of this rifle, but i love it =3
>> No. 12937 ID: 30f6c7
>forgot the name
>magwell marked Mk. 11 Mod. 0
It's a Mk 11 fitted with an SPR rail tube.
>> No. 13173 ID: b8145d
You know that the PRI Gen III tube wouldn't fit on an SR25, right?
>> No. 13258 ID: b9bc0c
It's a drawing.
>> No. 13261 ID: b8145d
they appear to have put so much detail into other parts of it, i figured they would want it correct. i was just offering some constructive criticism for those going for accuracy
>> No. 13271 ID: a468a6
File 135347520428.jpg - (54.89KB , 426x640 , Boss Welder.jpg )
Here's a picture of me welding on a sculpture some friends in my welding classes and I did together. Not drawn, but I guess it's art.
>> No. 13275 ID: ffc9e7
how much does that weigh?
>> No. 13282 ID: f865ef
File 135351614547.jpg - (1.21MB , 2543x3296 , img180.jpg )
Learning me some vehicle design.
>> No. 13312 ID: a468a6
450-500 pounds or so.
>> No. 13327 ID: f3508c
File 135358201383.jpg - (1.83MB , 3180x1835 , quadripod arachnoid.jpg )
little sketch :3
>> No. 13360 ID: 8227f7
You drew this? That's awesome work man, it really reminds me of vid related, which is a good thing!
>> No. 13369 ID: c3e6b2
File 135369858136.jpg - (388.30KB , 1600x1200 , SouthSun-Cove-4.jpg )
You've been playing Guild Wars 2?
>> No. 13392 ID: 2711df
haha yes they are very similar but not the same architecture, I did not know this monster. I am inspired by wheatley (portal 2) for the head
>> No. 13484 ID: f865ef
File 135395227489.jpg - (221.98KB , 1024x670 , Nod Militia Spread1 Mod1.jpg )
I need something less sci-fi, so...
>> No. 13778 ID: 162a27
File 135442492775.jpg - (493.09KB , 1545x2000 , Dream Rig WIP.jpg )
I keep telling myself I'll finish my drawings.

For sure, this one is actually looking good and I plan on making variations. Need to figure out what kind of battle-belt I'd like, and maybe some thigh-rigs.
>> No. 13800 ID: 162a27
File 135450262197.jpg - (434.55KB , 1545x2000 , Dream Rig WIP1.jpg )
>> No. 13804 ID: f865ef
File 135451683487.jpg - (334.97KB , 1024x677 , TIC1 Mod2.jpg )
I think I'm getting the hang of enviros now...
>> No. 13896 ID: e32a8f
File 135476731261.jpg - (594.21KB , 800x947 , Who is Wasting Resources.jpg )
>> No. 13919 ID: c570d5
File 135480841129.jpg - (786.20KB , 766x1024 , northstar girl 1024.jpg )
My last sketch *-*, created during my dutch course xD
>> No. 13920 ID: 7c5539
Ga eens opletten, joh.
Nederlands is hartstikke belangrijk.
Voor de rest ziet het er goed uit.
>> No. 14090 ID: f865ef
File 135517487731.jpg - (397.82KB , 1024x677 , TIC1 Mod3.jpg )
Meanwhile, trying to unfuck the perspective while starting to put details in. On the brighter side, I found a shitload of brushes that help a lot when laying grime in.
>> No. 14388 ID: c2cc51
File 135545914838.jpg - (194.01KB , 987x1065 , thisiswhyIcanthavenicethings.jpg )
It's a start. Going to redraw this 50,000 times until I can claim it's not shit.
>Lol biologist trying to do art.
>> No. 14390 ID: f865ef
File 135546588892.jpg - (627.25KB , 1024x1507 , Vassily GSG91.jpg )
And working on some lines...
>> No. 14466 ID: 162a27
File 135554320183.jpg - (169.60KB , 818x1000 , Sci-Operator.jpg )
Fuck, could've sworn I posted in this thread.
>> No. 15091 ID: f865ef
File 135666284922.jpg - (274.88KB , 1024x622 , Mine Town1.jpg )
Daubed the hell out of this. Clearly still need to clean it up and detail.
>> No. 15558 ID: cffca7
File 135746041592.jpg - (549.60KB , 580x1487 , small.jpg )
cool, i like the rendering. cant wait to see the details!

more concepts for >>11443 now that i have the time.
>> No. 15797 ID: f865ef
File 135774922826.jpg - (321.34KB , 1024x622 , Mine Town1 Mod0.jpg )
Scanning some stuff in shortly. Should be pretty Operator. In the interim, a more finished iteration of the town.
>> No. 16292 ID: f865ef
File 135848614329.jpg - (264.95KB , 1024x663 , Greymoor Castle1 Mod0.jpg )
I REALLY suck at getting the atmosphere right for this stuff...
>> No. 16303 ID: eb1ee5
Just lower the brightness of the greens and add some brown to the green if you can speckle different colors of brown and darker yellows into the green also.
>> No. 16338 ID: b10f36
Flag's facing the wrong way, it's retreating.
>> No. 16340 ID: 162a27
File 135869551175.jpg - (467.93KB , 1545x2000 , Gothic Claymore.jpg )
Nah, flag patches go on the right shoulder and are reversed to give the impression that it's moving forward.
>> No. 16345 ID: b10f36
Oh, you are correct. I simply saw the stars incorrectly. My bad.
>> No. 16401 ID: 388296

Had a co-worker point out that "mistake" on my old field jacket, so I enlightened her.

>her: "Oh, well, you would know."
>me: "Yeah, I actually would. So why would you think it was wrong in the first place?"

Goddamn, some people. smh
>> No. 16461 ID: 111168
I'd just like to point out that the reason I made that mistake was not because of ignorance of the tradition, but rather seeing the image wrong.
>> No. 16493 ID: 388296

Oh no, I understand that in your case it was an honest mistake. I was "Goddamn some people" about my co-worker.
>> No. 16554 ID: f865ef
File 135900226247.jpg - (263.48KB , 1024x663 , Greymoor Castle1 Mod2.jpg )
Next up: I try to cloud.
>> No. 16649 ID: a96727
File 135917338847.jpg - (322.58KB , 800x800 , 02.jpg )
out of work and back to school! (sort of)

shot you an email, brohan
>> No. 16984 ID: 66e5e5
File 135971455664.jpg - (109.49KB , 800x425 , arte.jpg )
forgot my trip.
>> No. 17023 ID: f865ef
File 135977870956.jpg - (186.83KB , 1024x663 , Scrin Disintegrator1.jpg )
After being inspired a little bit by the latest Feng Zhu video...
>> No. 17298 ID: f865ef
File 136047453582.jpg - (1.25MB , 2543x3336 , img248.jpg )
Big ol' picture from my sketchbook. Something I'm working on with SousEstime, actually.

On a related note, I have an absolute hatred for Canadian pencils.
>> No. 17310 ID: f865ef
File 136051713482.jpg - (305.70KB , 1024x663 , Greymoor Castle1 Mod2.jpg )
Sort of like how the clouds are turning out, but it still feels like I horribly fucked up there.
>> No. 17365 ID: d4fb8b
File 136062220361.jpg - (227.39KB , 1024x768 , DSCN2388.jpg )
Cumulus clouds tend to be flat on the bottom, and higher clouds tend to be slightly translucent.
>> No. 17373 ID: f865ef
File 136063267122.jpg - (4.21MB , 5100x3300 , Greymoor Castle1 Mod2.jpg )

Oh. Er, oops.

Kidding aside, I'm gonna definitely flatten the clouds a bit more and spread it out so it's not so sore thumb looking. For my next trick after somehow unfucking that: How to make nice-looking trees.
>> No. 17374 ID: f865ef
And I suppose I should have remembered to shrink the picture down.
>> No. 17390 ID: 162a27
File 136071865233.jpg - (371.22KB , 1500x1500 , SALTY DOGS LOGO WIP.jpg )
Making a jolly roger based on my platoon back in Ft. Benning.
>> No. 17530 ID: f865ef
File 136129302338.jpg - (234.70KB , 1024x576 , Sandcloud1.jpg )
And trying to start with something more post-apocalyptic-ey.
>> No. 17559 ID: 31077a
File 136135473029.jpg - (363.40KB , 900x600 , 001.jpg )
i finished the summary of chapters/episodes in the story these characters are supposed to be in, now i'm just sketching more of them outside of homework and work applications.
>> No. 17589 ID: 369cb3
Your work just gets better and better every time you post something new.
>> No. 17648 ID: 31077a
File 136161956368.jpg - (272.23KB , 635x750 , 0012s.jpg )
thanks. it's really all i have left to do to keep myself sane nowadays.
>> No. 17699 ID: f865ef

Definitely concurring. I really need to work on my pen/marker skills a lot.

On the brighter side, I got some new sketchbooks and pencils so I'll try to post something from that soon.
>> No. 17857 ID: 31077a
File 13617023057.png - (141.63KB , 510x800 , img102.png )
thanks, you're doing pretty good yourself. i actually sold my tablet some time ago to pay for some daily expenses, so pen, ink and markers are really all i have to draw with right now.

i'd like to see you do more scenes, where your characters interact more with the backgrounds or bg elements you create...more actiony stuff, basically.

i did this with india ink, some watercolor brushes and my copics a while ago. i'm about halfway through writing a short comic strip with her in it.
>> No. 18010 ID: f865ef
File 136200843350.jpg - (238.04KB , 1024x576 , Creed5 Trench.jpg )
So, threw this together to test out some ideas I had about rendering.
>> No. 18138 ID: ed9792
dat fuckin poster...
>> No. 18312 ID: f865ef
File 136251224317.jpg - (433.36KB , 1024x683 , Merc1 Mod1.jpg )
Some action-ey stuff. Still tightening it up a lot.
>> No. 18465 ID: 162a27
File 136287325968.jpg - (668.15KB , 2000x2000 , SALTY DOGS LOGO wip2.jpg )
How the hell do I misspell Salty?
>> No. 18697 ID: 54eb48
File 136333858336.jpg - (226.91KB , 720x550 , ex2.jpg )
cool, you should polish this up a bit more.

here's a panel for that comic im working on.
>> No. 18707 ID: f865ef

Check dat anatomy out first...

On a related note, got a brush pen so I've been trying to figure it out in terms of pressure applied. It's great for drawing trees though.
>> No. 18708 ID: f865ef
File 136337932055.jpg - (1.09MB , 2543x3303 , img290.jpg )
And whoops, forgot to trip.

Some silliness involving WWI.
>> No. 18996 ID: 1341b4
File 136425768435.png - (468.69KB , 600x843 , waterfall copy.png )
Oh my god. I have not used photoshop in a very long time. Or painted or drawn anything for that matter. Been trying to force myself into drawing and shit again now that I am on spring break and forced to be away from my lovely machines.
>> No. 19001 ID: f865ef
File 136426811276.jpg - (337.06KB , 638x1350 , Nod SF Recruitment1.jpg )
And a rather fast paint-up courtesy of post-con madness. Still working on it, but it's fairly presentable.
>> No. 19004 ID: 388296
File 13642819775.jpg - (855.07KB , 2811x3403 , 4_da_Emprah.jpg )
Sharing an old pic, just because.
>> No. 19006 ID: f865ef

Whoa, what was that done with? Nice lines.
>> No. 19031 ID: 50f19d
File 136435718945.jpg - (155.26KB , 900x300 , ex3.jpg )
which parts in particular? if i have time to fix it before the deadline then i'll get back to it.

cool colors. you should do cleaner, more dynamic stuff though. like try finishing this one or something >>18312 also dat hand >>18708

nice, wish i could make competent digital paintings.

about damn time! looks pretty cool.

anyway more WIP stuff for my entry in that Premier Pulp anthology.
>> No. 19033 ID: 1341b4
File 13643607283.png - (1.98MB , 1280x1650 , seraph.png )

The guy on the left's left arm. Well, it's more "foreshortening gone wrong" than anatomy I guess.

>nice, wish i could make competent digital paintings.

Me too man. Me too. I've never been very good with colors unless I was like, life painting or something. Or painting based off a photo. Or hell, I've never been very good paining in general. Drawing is more my strong suit.

Also, Did you get a .22 yet?

Here's a picture I drew about a year and a half ago, which I think was my last non-blueprint, non-ten second doodle I did. Or at least, I think. My hard drives are pretty disorganized, and my memories even worse.
>> No. 19034 ID: 50f19d
File 13643613837.jpg - (214.85KB , 530x800 , img103.jpg )
oh yeah i noticed that. it probably went wrong when i was inking and rendering it, but if there's time i'll try to fix it after i finish the pages i'm working on now.

also, no .22 yet. i'm still out of the job and relatively skill-less so its going to be a while before i'll be able to afford any guns of my own without dipping into my survival savings fund.
>> No. 19041 ID: 388296

My hand, a pencil and a pen? I basically draw on whatever's available, with whatever's available to draw with. Only recently did I come into some Micron art pens, and that was only because my art director said "you need these, so I'm buying some for you."
>> No. 19118 ID: 57a7ef

I sincerely hate this character you draw so much.
It's proficient, yes, but I just hate it.
>> No. 19140 ID: 50f19d

is there a particular reason why?
>> No. 19148 ID: e28a05
WOULD you?
>> No. 19154 ID: f865ef
File 136469895462.jpg - (281.73KB , 1024x1442 , Nod SF1.jpg )
Cleaning up the previous guy with some proper lines this time, and more MURRIKA.
>> No. 19197 ID: 57a7ef

Upturned nose (personal beef, but whatever), extreme tightness in the hips (nonsexual) almost like... Too much tension, as if her hamstrings had been surgically cut shorter. >>16649 shows it really well. Tension, high-strung, I dunno what to call it.

It's good stuff, just the poses you have her in don't look quite right or natural. Almost robotic, impersonal, unfitting... I can understand she's OPURATIN' or whatever kids are on about these days, but try to loosen up maybe?
>>18697 is a good example of this.

This is probably one of the best out of the whole set of her. It feels natural. The posing is much more relaxed and believable. I don't get the feeling that the artist took a swim in ice water followed by 10 cans of red bull and then drew this character.
>> No. 19212 ID: 50f19d
File 136484309173.jpg - (346.13KB , 730x750 , ex5.jpg )
ok. i guess i have a lot of practice left to do before i'm able to make this a totally believable operator hot chick character.

>try to loosen up maybe?
i really don't practice as much gesture and life drawing as i preach to other people, i guess it shows.

thanks for the feedback.
>> No. 19235 ID: f865ef
File 136487798821.jpg - (339.51KB , 1024x1442 , Nod SF1 Mod0.jpg )
Speaking of which, I need to get around to doodling out my "Operator-tan" idea properly. The face is basically set, but I'm not sure what sort of hair to give her since my work thus far has favored the practical shoulder-or-shorter hairstyles.

Also, cleaning up the lines a bit.
>> No. 19253 ID: 26614b
File 13649299232.jpg - (3.72MB , 4320x3240 , DSCN2509.jpg )
I doodled a little in class today.

Some near-future digs for the Indian army.
>> No. 19256 ID: 26614b
File 136493243278.jpg - (699.07KB , 2048x1536 , DSCN2520.jpg )
I think we're less than a decade away from really cheap infrared sensors, so the future of war is all about heat signatures.

I had an idea for a helmet with panoramic night vision around the brim, with the images stitched together on a goggle display. All this with room for an ordinary IRNVG in the middle.
>> No. 19259 ID: 26614b
File 13649334126.jpg - (870.59KB , 2048x1536 , DSCN2515.jpg )
You also need coveralls and some kind of chemical cooling system, since electric cooling is shitty.
>> No. 19261 ID: 26614b
File 13649337535.jpg - (769.25KB , 1536x2048 , DSCN2525.jpg )
Basically Neotokyo without cloaking haxx.

And robots. Killer robots.
>> No. 19275 ID: 26614b
File 136493510737.jpg - (819.34KB , 1536x2048 , DSCN2528.jpg )
I also drafted a sort of 'Playbook' for Project Reality.
>> No. 19288 ID: 26614b
File 136493581460.jpg - (693.38KB , 1536x2048 , DSCN2529.jpg )
I incorporated symbolism to communicate basic gameplay concepts.
>> No. 19305 ID: 26614b
File 136493656644.jpg - (786.85KB , 1536x2048 , DSCN2531.jpg )
I sort of lost my motivation midway into this though; PR is pretty much a dead mod, and my new rig is too ghetto for it anyway.
>> No. 19351 ID: daa9e8
I really do like your art Opforian, it reminds me of another artist, but I can't quite seem to recall who, but at the same time it's unique.

Dirty, gritty, yet detailed and clear.
>> No. 19372 ID: f865ef
File 136500612810.jpg - (128.27KB , 1024x545 , GDI Hammerhead 3 Mod0.jpg )

I lost it here.

And now Anonymaus attempts to draw vehicles again!
>> No. 19394 ID: fd5b33
File 136501909675.jpg - (1.40MB , 3300x2338 , Scan0001-page-001.jpg )
Sharpy marker self portrait without the use of a mirror.
>> No. 19395 ID: fd5b33
File 136501930590.jpg - (330.99KB , 1056x816 , Picture_Page0.jpg )
Ink pen drawing. Done with a basic Pentel R.S.V.P. writing pen. NO MISTAKES ALLOWED WHEN USING A PEN.
>> No. 19396 ID: fd5b33
File 136501936991.jpg - (318.38KB , 816x1056 , PIcture2_Page0.jpg )
Ink pen yet again. I did this about 10 years ago.
>> No. 19397 ID: fd5b33
File 136501941443.jpg - (237.82KB , 816x1056 , Picture13_Page0.jpg )
Sharpy and ink pen combo.
>> No. 19398 ID: fd5b33
File 136501947016.jpg - (268.80KB , 1056x816 , Picture9_Page0.jpg )
More sharpy.
>> No. 19399 ID: fd5b33
File 136501956228.jpg - (287.87KB , 1056x816 , Picture5_Page0.jpg )
I did this one about 11 years ago during HS history class. Who says I wasn't paying attention?
>> No. 19400 ID: fd5b33
File 136501958271.jpg - (343.33KB , 1056x816 , Picture4_Page0.jpg )
Ink pen again.
>> No. 19402 ID: fd5b33
File 136501960659.jpg - (182.23KB , 1056x816 , Picture7_Page0.jpg )
>> No. 19403 ID: fd5b33
File 136501961992.jpg - (200.51KB , 816x1056 , Picture8_Page0.jpg )
>> No. 19404 ID: fd5b33
File 13650196479.jpg - (181.52KB , 1056x816 , Picture12_Page0.jpg )
Sharpy and ink pen.
>> No. 19405 ID: fd5b33
File 136501968198.jpg - (156.90KB , 1056x816 , Picture11_Page0.jpg )
>> No. 19406 ID: fd5b33
File 13650197149.jpg - (253.22KB , 1056x816 , Picture6_Page0.jpg )
Sharpy and Pen combo. I late did an oil panting of this one.
>> No. 19408 ID: fd5b33
File 136502272685.jpg - (159.23KB , 1056x816 , Picture10_Page0.jpg )
Fucking spelled Sharpie* wrong that whole time.

Another pic. I messed up on this one but covered it well.
>> No. 19432 ID: 13b0bc
Right in the feels. I don't often see art that does that, even at museums.

Which reminds me, I need to hit up Tulsa's art museums before I skip town.

Good work, man.
>> No. 19473 ID: 1341b4
Man, you must use up ink like a motherfucker.
>> No. 19478 ID: 1341b4
File 136514073538.png - (215.17KB , 900x1500 , gungoddess copy.png )
Work in progress. Gonna have her lying on a bunch of guns and boolats. Some ended up seeming like sort of dakimakura for some reason. But oh well.
>> No. 19485 ID: f865ef

Whoa, might want to check that Glock out, it's forming a weird tangent with her right arm. Throw a suppressor on it or maybe use a shorter pistol?
>> No. 19488 ID: 49857d
>going beyond normal commando
>have to treat rashes from strap every so often
>infection threat
>hair will get in way and possibly snagged
>no knee pads
>no elbow pads
>no footwear whatsoever
>no grenades
>no extra ammunition
>no communication
>no armor

Would not operate with.
>> No. 19489 ID: 388296

I used to draw nude chicks.
In Catholic school.
Before a teacher caught me drawing a strip club scene for a classmate, prompting a meeting with my mom to discuss the "issue" with me.
>Teacher: "It's a very nice drawing, but he shouldn't be drawing in class..."

This was back in fourth grade
>> No. 19512 ID: fd5b33
File 136520509459.jpg - (713.92KB , 1650x1175 , Scan0005-page-001.jpg )
Thanks. I'm self taught, I could probably do a Hell of a lot better if I had actual classes and formal training.
>> No. 19513 ID: fd5b33
File 136520530245.jpg - (268.16KB , 1171x1650 , Scan0006-page-001.jpg )
>Man, you must use up ink like a motherfucker.

Ha, you have no idea. Its especially bad when I have to start over several times. Its a bit wasteful and bordering on insane, but in the end its worth it.

Pic related. More ink pen and sharpie work.
>> No. 19517 ID: 388296
>I could probably do a Hell of a lot better if I had actual classes and formal training

Maybe. Maybe not. I was drawing for years before taking actual classes in college; "academically," I allegedly sucked at drawing.
>> No. 19518 ID: 369cb3
Such talent, skill, practice.
>> No. 19536 ID: fd5b33
Real/true art is about pulling an emotion out of the observer. Its not about just doing a good job drawing, painting or making shit that looks like something. A lot of people can draw really really well, but they are still NOT artists. They are more like parrots instead of humans. They can duplicate a message but cant come up with their own without looking at something and dont know why or what the message is. The better you are at pulling that emotion or thought out of people looking at your art, the more human and an artist you are. I've seen artist that sucked at detail work or making things look exact, but damn could they convey a message or feeling.
>> No. 19538 ID: fd5b33
File 136526829144.jpg - (678.75KB , 3300x2342 , Burdenofbecoming.jpg )
Ink pen and sharpie.
>> No. 19542 ID: 50f19d
File 136528060290.jpg - (147.59KB , 550x540 , ex6.jpg )
>Real/true art is about pulling an emotion out of the observer. Its not about just doing a good job drawing, painting or making shit that looks like something.

i agree with that...a while back an artfriend of mine nerdraged about the difference between "art" and "illustration" to us after one of our classes once. after a while it kind of made sense.

love it.
>> No. 19814 ID: e8f1d4
File 13660462754.png - (53.31KB , 2780x974 , Untitled.png )
Want to make this into a sticker for my back glass.
>> No. 20037 ID: c265c2
File 136649055586.jpg - (238.24KB , 994x703 , xMUJ2P4.jpg )
commissioned somebody else to draw my character since i can't seem to draw her well enough myself.
>> No. 20041 ID: e28a05
I hope you didn't pay too much because they really fucked the perspective up.
>> No. 20059 ID: 369cb3
Unless she's switched to a different target other than the one in the background, the artist fuxxored the angle.

And other than the fact that the lines are cleaned up and there's color, I say your art's better.
>> No. 20239 ID: 1098d5

i don't know, it could easily be attributed to artistic license.

with drawn art you have the advantage of being able to put more on a situation in frame than with traditional live action by fucking with perspective.

by showing her in profile you're getting a beyyer feel of her stance and her shooting ability, while seeing the target that she's shooting at, even though it looks like she's not aiming at it.


honestly, I agree with previous posters in that your art is better.
>> No. 20244 ID: 2ed985
File 136701756785.jpg - (370.76KB , 520x700 , battle_secretaryS.jpg )
i don't feel bad for the amount i paid, since i really admire that artist's work. inb4 shitty taste in art

did you ever revise that comic script you sent me last time? i'm curious as to how it's coming along. and thanks!

the comic i made for Premier Pulp came out if anybody's interested, btw. it's called "Battle Secretary."

>> No. 20247 ID: b6eb2a
File 136702797514.png - (475.63KB , 1300x1300 , Deculture_kaede.png )
>>20037 I commissioned Deculture to draw >>11773 when he was doing his fundraiser for the tablet, and because I enjoy MGNQ far more than I should.

I may have squee'd a little.
>> No. 20260 ID: 1098d5
>did you ever revise that comic script you sent me last time? i'm curious as to how it's coming along. and thanks!

i'm struggling with dialog.

I'm awesome at coming up with action scenes and characters, but my lack of social skills tends to kill me in writing believable conversation.
>> No. 20279 ID: 3137be
Hey, I consider dialogue to be a strong point of mine, if you wanna send me the script.
>> No. 20288 ID: 1098d5

it's on my google drive.

I can give you viewing rights to it and what I have of the production bible.

also, hoolahoop, you have editing privileges on this, too.
>> No. 20388 ID: 4f3a00
cool, i see it on my google drive. the production bible would be nice to see, too.

also, i had an idea for a project involving fellow operator-drawfags...maybe we can all band together put together some kind of "how to draw guns correctly" kind of guide. a lot of how-to-draw guides that also focus on a specific kind of thing (clothing, etc.) include a little bit of background about that thing sometimes too, so it might be a good idea to get some feedback from fellow OPERATORS in the process.
>> No. 20393 ID: fff7d4
File 136741203257.jpg - (1.08MB , 4152x1424 , 003.jpg )
Fucking great idea. Like, we'd have what an OPERATOR would normally carry, maybe why, how shit works, how they OPERATE and move, stuff like that... How shit works, different styles of look (IE Hollywood-style flashes and flames vs realistic)... We could even do stuff about designing functional-looking fictional stuff, for, like, the sci-fi crowd and shit.

Anyways, pic tangentially related. Drew this a long time ago.
>> No. 20405 ID: 388296

One time in college, during a morality/ethics lecture (no, not taught by "Prof. DuBois"), I uttered something along lines of, "yeah just kill the motherfuckers" or whatnot. Idk. I think it was a discussion on abortion. I forget.

Anyways, the three people immediately behind me in the auditorium, started muttering, and that's when I realized I was still doodling guns.

>> No. 20406 ID: 2ed985
>Fucking great idea. Like, we'd have what an OPERATOR would normally carry, maybe why, how shit works, how they OPERATE and move, stuff like that... How shit works, different styles of look (IE Hollywood-style flashes and flames vs realistic)... We could even do stuff about designing functional-looking fictional stuff, for, like, the sci-fi crowd and shit.

yeah, i was thinking pretty much the same thing. like, it could start off with some background on how to properly hold, grip and operate a gun, different stances, and then eventually branch out into creating different fantasy firearms after that.

i know them feels too.
>> No. 20411 ID: 0e1404

the production bible is really just ONE character right now, mainly because I keep putting off adding the rest of the shit in.

but you have viewing rights.
>> No. 20439 ID: d41216
File 136757278711.png - (64.99KB , 800x600 , Eatta.png )
I made a thing.
>> No. 20494 ID: 5c3093

Sheeee-it, that's basically what I'm trying to do with Blood Money Boogie. Realistic-ish Operators doing Operator Things(tm).
By the way, got a shitload of snaps of Vietnam and Hong Kong that I can probably upload somewhere when I get back into the States. Not too many pictures of this skinny Asian guy behind an RPD so I theoretically have less to worry about on the PERSEC front.
But on a more artfaggy front, holy shit I love the stationary stores in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Damn sketchbooks I brought along for the trip all basically came apart in the local humidity. The nice and cheap sketchbooks that I bought locally? They fear no moisture, not even rain. The pens and markers are great as well. First time I'm getting a real opportunity to combine them all, and it's turning out pretty okay. Any of you guys ever have any experience with Tokushu sketchbooks? I got a pair of fucking awesome A5 sketchbooks in HK but I can't find anything about them.
>> No. 20498 ID: c258ab
Are you stateside yet?

PM me on Skype when you get a chance...
>> No. 20501 ID: 3e2838
File 136779116170.jpg - (47.28KB , 446x308 , crescent_rendr_post.jpg )
looks like a thing...!

>Sheeee-it, that's basically what I'm trying to do with Blood Money Boogie. Realistic-ish Operators doing Operator Things(tm).

well, the purpose of the proposed guide would be leaning more on teaching artists how to manipulate and draw firearms themselves correctly, but i suppose we can throw in more OPERATOR advice and tutorials should this project ever get off the ground. maybe i should start a separate thread about it?

>The nice and cheap sketchbooks that I bought locally? They fear no moisture, not even rain. The pens and markers are great as well. First time I'm getting a real opportunity to combine them all, and it's turning out pretty okay. Any of you guys ever have any experience with Tokushu sketchbooks? I got a pair of fucking awesome A5 sketchbooks in HK but I can't find anything about them.

that sounds pretty odd...then again a lot of the sketchbooks i owned in the Philippines seemed a lot weirder and rougher than most other ones i have owned stateside. maybe the paper is built differently to withstand tropical heat?

pic related, i guess. its the sketch journal i'm using now.
>> No. 20518 ID: e0b533

I will be in about a week, give or take. If you want, just shoot a message my way anyway, I should be able to get to a computer with Skype sometime this week and I'm pretty sure I can read offline messages.


Heh, drawing firearms correctly is easy if you can draw straight lines. Handling-wise, I'm pretty sure I still have a bit of a rep on CA.org about that.

The paper stock they offer here is generally a bit thicker than the stuff stateside. But also I tend to prefer hot-pressed paper which can be a bit tougher than the artsy cold-pressed stuff. Except, oddly enough, my Strathmore sketch pad that I brought along for work-related thumbnails (A bit overkill seeing as the thing's got a hundred sheets at 9x12). That, instead of wilting in the local humidity, has actually turned into a better surface.

That said, got my mitts on some nice hardware recently. It's definitely helped with my comprehension of doing Operator Things(tm).
>> No. 20521 ID: 3e2838

>Heh, drawing firearms correctly is easy if you can draw straight lines. Handling-wise, I'm pretty sure I still have a bit of a rep on CA.org about that.

well, a guide would certainly help a lot of artists (myself included) to understand and draw guns a little better too. i guess if we put our heads together, we'd be able to come up with something to cross-post on CA.org, DA, etc.?

>The paper stock they offer here is generally a bit thicker than the stuff stateside. But also I tend to prefer hot-pressed paper which can be a bit tougher than the artsy cold-pressed stuff. Except, oddly enough, my Strathmore sketch pad that I brought along for work-related thumbnails (A bit overkill seeing as the thing's got a hundred sheets at 9x12). That, instead of wilting in the local humidity, has actually turned into a better surface.

thats cool. i always preferred rougher to cold press paper for sketching, since hot press papers tend to be smoother and better-suited for finer, more detailed work. the sketch journal i use is kind of between rough and cold press so it looks pretty good when i use markers, india ink with brushes, etc. on it.
>> No. 20522 ID: e0b533

Actually, I've been working on a...dissertation of sorts about fictional firearms design in video games and movies. So far I haven't covered the guts of how the things work, but I'd like to imagine that I'm codifying some shit on how things should at least look. Seeing as it looks like it was written by Ted Kaczynski though, I think I might need to type it up after I'm done writing it old-fashioned on a stack of loose leaf.

Also, apologies for a lack of pictures to go along with my posts. I've got a crapload of sketches, but the whole scan and upload thing isn't working in my favor right now.
>> No. 20531 ID: 3e2838
cool, maybe we could turn that thing into a full-blown tutorial if you're willing to collaborate. it could start with the basics, like how a hand would wrap around a gun for a proper grip, then go down to the stance...then with all the basics covered, it could move on into the fictional firearms and weapons category.
>> No. 20793 ID: 3ae347
File 136839036188.jpg - (18.79KB , 468x930 , Doodle 2012 05 12.jpg )
Most of the time I draw from the inside out - mark up the major parts and joint, outline a skeletal frame and flesh out - and then I don't finish because I lose the will to cover it all up with clothes. Here's one of those times
>> No. 20794 ID: 3ae347
File 136839067390.jpg - (178.26KB , 839x1186 , Doodle 2012 05 12-2.jpg )
and from the back this time, this drawn from top to bottom, no markup, no blocking.

Also, haunting stuff, stoplossed...
>> No. 20798 ID: 1341b4
Lol! That happens to me all the time. So it was great when I was doing mainly digital art. Cause I'd just duplicate the layer and then hide it. So I can always go back and view the original picture in all it's sketchy and nude glory.
>> No. 20805 ID: 388296
I tend to draw the weapon first, and then draw the character "around" it. Which works well, for individuals. For groups? Not so much.
>> No. 20879 ID: 274071
I'm more of a conventional block-in drawer. Helps to keep things in perspective and I can still focus on stuff without everything else being distorted by that attention.
>> No. 20894 ID: 9b5ec0
File 136858959081.jpg - (906.70KB , 1000x1203 , Doodle 2013-05-13.jpg )
I can see drawing the gun first - it defines a lot of direction very quickly.

The closest I come to that is drawing the head first and marking up the eyes, then adding the gun so that they align, but that's provided that you actually want to show your subject aiming.
>> No. 21003 ID: 327cb0
File 13687528745.jpg - (152.03KB , 1000x1000 , IG Stormxof.jpg )
I have no idea where I'm going with this.

It was going to be an IG storm trooper but now I'm not so sure.
>> No. 21014 ID: 446161
helmet/facemask design is neat
>> No. 21042 ID: 162a27
File 136883314182.jpg - (202.36KB , 1000x1000 , IG Stormxof.jpg )
It's always weird how comically huge your head tends to look when you wear a pro-mask of any kind.
>> No. 21102 ID: f865ef
File 136891340894.jpg - (387.68KB , 1024x1442 , Nod SF1 Mod1.jpg )
Lawdy lawdy back at last. Sketchbook stuff should be scanned in soon enough, in the interim, something I'd been working on before my working vacation.
>> No. 21112 ID: f865ef
File 136893582381.jpg - (7.35MB , 2812x5000 , Thumbsketches1.jpg )
Actual sketchbook pages!
>> No. 21119 ID: 3e2838
i liked the inked BG study down there. good stuff.
>> No. 21165 ID: 958934
File 136909801676.png - (423.40KB , 1920x1080 , msixteen.png )
>> No. 21166 ID: 958934
File 136909805462.jpg - (170.43KB , 720x960 , IMG_0105.jpg )
>> No. 21167 ID: 958934
File 136909806741.jpg - (264.60KB , 720x960 , IMG_0118.jpg )
>> No. 21185 ID: f865ef
File 136915428974.jpg - (266.07KB , 1024x576 , Yellow Zone1 Mod0.jpg )
Environmental doodle, unduly inspired by my vacation.
>> No. 21188 ID: 327599
Diggin this man!

I've been doin a bit more with the wacom, will post when its finito
>> No. 21353 ID: 38b35c
File 136995109982.jpg - (2.00MB , 1590x1920 , SMGs in the Cold 1 midres.jpg )
>> No. 21373 ID: 38b35c
File 137002180582.jpg - (2.12MB , 1590x2132 , SMGs in the Cold 2 mid resolution.jpg )
>> No. 21403 ID: 38b35c
File 137012935899.jpg - (1.81MB , 1590x1961 , SMGs in the Cold 3 mid res.jpg )
Part 3.

Also, I noticed the missing ejection port on the K-50M and fixed it, but can't delete old post.
>> No. 21405 ID: 38b35c
File 137013209272.jpg - (794.36KB , 1600x690 , SMGs in the Cold Combined low res.jpg )
And now everybody together!
>> No. 21490 ID: 1e33f0

Looks like you're going for an awesome amount of detail here.

May I offer one teeny tiny nitpick comment? From that angle, you should be able to make out the tip of the barrel nut latch on the uzi.
>> No. 21573 ID: f865ef
File 137062698359.jpg - (1.59MB , 3556x2000 , Yellow Zone1 Mod1.jpg )
Guess I'll start putting the colors in soon enough.
>> No. 21584 ID: f865ef
File 137066285244.jpg - (481.53KB , 1024x1128 , Whammy2 Mod0.jpg )
And dusting off an old POS for polishing.
>> No. 21739 ID: 399ea7
File 137144277923.jpg - (1.16MB , 2550x3300 , CreepyEye.jpg )
Ink pen and a lot of sharpie.
>> No. 21746 ID: 327599
G'damn dude! Fuckin fantastic!
>> No. 21780 ID: 399ea7
File 137176146571.jpg - (1.15MB , 3300x2550 , art1.jpg )
Ink pen and sharpie(as always)
>> No. 21789 ID: 5810aa
Well, that's not creepy or anything.

If one maxes out the Stoplossed scale of craziness, does one become SoL?
>> No. 21807 ID: b6db4c
God damn Stoplossed. Too many feels.

Good shit.
>> No. 22140 ID: f865ef
File 137325689071.jpg - (1.23MB , 2543x3403 , img415.jpg )
Stuff from the sketchbook...
>> No. 22141 ID: f865ef
File 137325695872.jpg - (1.29MB , 2543x3403 , img413.jpg )
Another page from the sketchbook...
>> No. 22142 ID: f865ef
File 137325698926.jpg - (1.31MB , 2543x3403 , img420.jpg )
>> No. 22143 ID: 719cdf
File 137325855670.jpg - (353.59KB , 750x730 , laughing_operators.jpg )
>> No. 22498 ID: 94be52
File 137411670422.jpg - (1.20MB , 3292x2338 , Art19.jpg )
>> No. 22524 ID: 6efaef
that's good shit and you should consider selling prints.
>> No. 22801 ID: 47a4d1
File 137504978635.jpg - (3.01MB , 2345x3298 , art18.jpg )
Sharpie and ink pen as always..
>> No. 22894 ID: db4bb1
File 137540038263.jpg - (1.30MB , 2353x3300 , art20.jpg )
More of the same. Sharpie and ink pen drawing.
>> No. 22895 ID: 39d4a6

That. Picture. Is. AWESOME!!!
>> No. 22977 ID: 8ffb83
File 137557852493.jpg - (1.01MB , 1600x1002 , Object FFE3A2main midres.jpg )
Gee Bill, why does your mom let you have two mag releases?

Don't worry, there's a method to this madness.
>> No. 23028 ID: 73d623
File 137570837714.gif - (2.08MB , 259x199 , 135619992969.gif )

It says it's running an SMG conversion, so a new magwell is put in with an HK-style magazine release close to the shorter mag.

Presumably the "rifle" magazine would fill more room and go all the way to the release closest to the trigger.

inb4 you already knew all this

>7.62x27mm Butter

TL;DR Fucking gook space magic
>> No. 23379 ID: f865ef
File 137616252490.gif - (967.92KB , 683x1024 , Tiber-Suit-Animated-WIP.gif )
Non-looping, because I'm too hipster for that.
>> No. 23564 ID: 9cf1c2
File 137693815697.jpg - (297.83KB , 1176x1650 , art21.jpg )
>> No. 23587 ID: 8ffb83
File 137703122610.jpg - (924.54KB , 1000x1293 , EarlyHalberdiers lowres.jpg )
It is what it is, I suppose. I'm just tired of working on it.
>> No. 23856 ID: 8ffb83
File 137807345998.jpg - (734.96KB , 1600x711 , Objects FFE3-6 03 lowres.jpg )
Now for the full family of >>22977
>> No. 24312 ID: 8ffb83
File 137979729079.jpg - (184.47KB , 626x858 , 1 Plainclothes2.jpg )
Some quick sketches
>> No. 24313 ID: 8ffb83
File 137979731568.jpg - (822.27KB , 1400x725 , 1 Holobeard.jpg )
>> No. 24314 ID: 8ffb83
File 137979736113.jpg - (869.40KB , 1000x1203 , 4 Marian.jpg )
>> No. 24315 ID: 8ffb83
File 137979742163.jpg - (1.66MB , 1400x1370 , 4 El Wrongo.jpg )
>> No. 24316 ID: 8ffb83
File 137979744452.jpg - (1.11MB , 1400x1142 , 12 Broken Bob.jpg )
>> No. 24317 ID: 8ffb83
File 137979747091.jpg - (499.29KB , 828x658 , 13 The Climb.jpg )
>> No. 24318 ID: 8ffb83
File 137979749168.jpg - (241.00KB , 1200x1034 , 9 The OHWS.jpg )
>> No. 24321 ID: 8ffb83
File 137979762570.jpg - (724.60KB , 1000x1144 , 11 Duel with Creus.jpg )
>> No. 24322 ID: 8ffb83
File 137979764516.jpg - (1.55MB , 1200x1567 , 0 The Soot.jpg )
>> No. 24323 ID: 8ffb83
File 137979767318.jpg - (1.57MB , 1400x1243 , 5 Take Control.jpg )
>> No. 24325 ID: 29a738



I like you.
>> No. 24342 ID: 8ffb83
File 137988060939.jpg - (816.21KB , 1000x1262 , AssaultRifles intheCold 1 low res.jpg )
Back to the 1960's for a moment.
>> No. 24347 ID: f87e0a
>Chinese AK
>ribbed magazine
>> No. 24348 ID: c5e3fa
File 13798948837.jpg - (345.58KB , 600x775 , cover3c_text.jpg )
are these for a game or comic or something? these look pretty dope.
>> No. 24349 ID: f87e0a
You're back!
>> No. 24350 ID: ee333d
File 137989791524.jpg - (2.87MB , 3300x2346 , Scan0016-page-001.jpg )
Learn to art motherfuckers.
>> No. 24393 ID: 52b35a
File 138000621382.png - (605.33KB , 1200x1776 , 31B_c1P2.png )
After seeing a thread on kinder/k/ about what a garrison SOL 4koma would be like, I slapped together a few pages for my own personal amusement. This one is my favorite.
>> No. 24403 ID: 8ffb83
File 138006627542.jpg - (416.87KB , 1000x1082 , 2 Overwatch Van.jpg )
Looks like a significant part of this story will be taking place in and around vans.

Not really. In the Cold is just a series of methodical (and rather repetitive) images focusing on the 1960's.
>> No. 24410 ID: c5e3fa
File 138007387089.jpg - (232.86KB , 800x745 , img006S.jpg )
oh ok. do you have a website where you keep your art or something?

also, do the other drawings have a cohesive story going on with them?
>> No. 24413 ID: daa9e8
File 138008668657.jpg - (182.91KB , 759x1000 , Max.jpg )
Ok so I draw shit too.

http://lostink.tumblr.com/ I also have this here little tumblr with my stuff on it.

Although not so much of it is OPERATOR related.
>> No. 24414 ID: daa9e8
File 13800867118.jpg - (163.93KB , 1000x1000 , Dr Sketchy's1.jpg )
Less operator related.
>> No. 24415 ID: daa9e8
File 138008673985.jpg - (129.86KB , 1000x1000 , Dr Sketchy's2.jpg )
Not operator related at all.
>> No. 24416 ID: daa9e8
File 13800867669.jpg - (166.90KB , 1000x716 , Dr Sketchy's3.jpg )
About as far from operator related as you can get.
>> No. 24439 ID: bebedd
File 138020867645.jpg - (703.09KB , 1024x1536 , Rooftop Entry1.jpg )
Currently inking this guy among other things.
>> No. 24451 ID: c5e3fa
File 13802741799.jpg - (298.01KB , 680x800 , img006c.jpg )
are you that guy stalking me in those /co/ threads? where should i start that worldbuilding thread at?
>> No. 24455 ID: f87e0a
Probably /t/ or /dmz/.
>> No. 24456 ID: 4d93e5
File 138030531975.jpg - (780.51KB , 1024x1536 , Rooftop Entry1.jpg )
Optics next.
>> No. 24460 ID: 6b253c
I think that was me and I recall claiming some kind affair with another artist here. I forgot who though. <:3c

That said, looking at Anonymaus's work motivates me to get back into drawing, but then I go off to do something else and completely forget about it.
>> No. 24462 ID: 4d93e5
File 138033869644.jpg - (336.92KB , 1024x1536 , Rooftop Entry1.jpg )
And now the rooftop and their departing transport.

Hey, best way to practice the fundamentals when you don't feel like doing the artsier stuff: Guns. I keep telling folks that and they don't seem to believe me. Rifles and pistols are a great way to learn perspective, construction, and form.
>> No. 24477 ID: 388296

I was drawing guns during one of my college lectures, and at some point was ranting to myself in counterpoint to the instructor; I didn't understand why my nearby classmates kept eying me...
>> No. 24503 ID: c5e3fa
File 138050902956.jpg - (250.20KB , 580x800 , img002.jpg )
oh alright. and you should most definitely get back to drawing.

followed you bro.

every time i draw guns it always goes something like this
>fuck yeah im gonna draw me dis dope ass gun wit all da details
>get around to actually drawing the gun
>fuck this shit is hard, why did i want to draw this gun with all the details and perspective and shit, i dont got da patience for dis shit
>> No. 24548 ID: daa9e8
>followed you bro.

I noticed, thanks.

I'll try get up some more operator related content in the future.
>> No. 24635 ID: 16cf28
File 138100502494.jpg - (30.10KB , 540x720 , 971286_490137507723986_2077579054_n.jpg )
Just some sketchwork
>> No. 24801 ID: 0a916b
File 138162083095.jpg - (2.65MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_1162.jpg )
Hey guess what I'm dumb. I've deleted the two "oops" threads but I'll probably keep getting "duplicate file detected", so I'll start with shittier stuff. Here's a copy of a Lichtenstein. Which is pretty Meta when you think about it.
>> No. 24802 ID: 0a916b
File 138162095733.jpg - (2.64MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_1161.jpg )
a two tone line portrait of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. I like his Qawwals.
>> No. 24803 ID: 0a916b
File 138162101775.jpg - (2.65MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_1164.jpg )
I picke up a 4 pack of 6"x6" canvasii, here are a few of them. 1/3
>> No. 24804 ID: 0a916b
File 138162105625.jpg - (2.81MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_1163.jpg )
>> No. 24805 ID: 0a916b
File 138162111048.jpg - (2.22MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_1165.jpg )
This one's in the mirror every time I brush my teeth. I find it amusing. 3/3
>> No. 24806 ID: 0a916b
File 138162123920.jpg - (517.51KB , 1616x1212 , IMG_1160.jpg )
Portrait of my M70 at 9/10ths scale. Shakyhands McGee strikes again.
>> No. 24807 ID: 0a916b
File 138162163185.jpg - (433.38KB , 1632x1224 , IMG_1151.jpg )

Holy chit. here's a half-done comic cell done with a really fine pen and a chunk of dried out cactus flower. I've only made my peace with ink very recently. I had a really nice reverse-ground DaVinci copy I did for a class on a dark grey rough texture paper but my mom's got it.

This was before I mixed up some washes and took a brush to it, as well as working in some yellow to unfuck the overwhelming blue-ness.

You've got some serious inking ability. I will be slavishly copying your technique in the near future.
>> No. 24950 ID: 4d93e5
File 13820715609.jpg - (468.92KB , 1024x576 , Yellow Zone1 Mod4.jpg )
Putting some colors in this now at long last.
>> No. 24984 ID: c5e3fa
File 138216148889.jpg - (227.93KB , 605x800 , img006s.jpg )
>tfw i never got around to resuming that webcomic and ended up working on an entirely new one after nearly over a year

thanks, ink washes are also a medium id like to try out more but i havent had much time between work, school and comic work to experiment with.

the colors and contrast make me think that this was a screen from ARMA 2 or something.
>> No. 24986 ID: 0afc87
File 138216601926.png - (334.06KB , 640x480 , demo quick render.png )
Here's some things I've been messing with now and again.

I enjoy modding, and these are mainly intended to be able to fit into a Zero Hour/CnC3 RTS setting. Naturally, rule-of-cool>realism in this case.

I have been making drastic revisions lately and am nowhere near done. They are not at all optimized for any sort of gameplay yet.

Advanced Guard Tower
Prism Turret
Heavy Bunker with point defense
An IFV based on the bradley
Some kind of large caliber (60mm+) flak SPAAG
Some kind of railgun tank with point defense
A fucking prism tank
>> No. 24987 ID: 0afc87
File 138216636443.png - (338.86KB , 640x480 , demo quick render 2.png )
>> No. 24993 ID: 6b253c
That's some seriously awesome work you got going there.

Cheers to them popping up in an actual game/mod.
>> No. 25052 ID: 4d93e5
Haven't you heard the news? Tans and browns are realistic.

On an unrelated note, anyone here familiar with toned sketchbooks? Pastels shouldn't have a problem with it, right?
>> No. 25059 ID: 75d3c4

I'll probably release them under some sort of "CC BY-SA" license when my perfectionism finally allows me to be satisfied.
>> No. 25167 ID: 4d93e5
File 138264232379.jpg - (1.40MB , 2523x3356 , img589.jpg )
A bit of something.
>> No. 25506 ID: c5e3fa
File 138387198764.jpg - (255.88KB , 530x740 , COVs.jpg )
suggest you downsize these and up the contrast/levels in photoshop for better image clarity.

>post this on a /co/ drawthread
>receive a reply
>"Oh! This is that awesome commando secretary who kills masses of men like they're worthless sub-humans, isn't it?"
>"It seems /co/ is really loving the idea of badass women killing men indiscriminately at the moment. And I approve."
>not sure if serious
>> No. 25558 ID: adf191
File 138413205016.jpg - (602.79KB , 1650x1174 , art22.jpg )
Lets get some more hand drawn shit in here.

Pic related. Ink pen and a fat ass sharpie drawing.
>> No. 25927 ID: 22504e
File 138612498744.png - (302.71KB , 600x771 , galilgirlwip.png )
Been awhile since I drew anything.
>> No. 26134 ID: e50883
File 138679986441.jpg - (850.57KB , 1400x868 , assault Object 9 midres.jpg )
Designation: "Object 9"
Caliber: 7.62x51mm
Materials: Aluminum construction w/ bakelite furniture
Operation: Long stroke piston
Features: Standard compensator on threaded barrel, left-folding stock (release button near pistol grip on right side), adjustable butt (release button near sling loop), bolt catch inside trigger guard.
Sights: Iron sights only. No provision for optics. (Top is an anti-glare serration, not a rail.)
Controls: Paddle mag release behind magwell, non-reciprocating charging handle at upper front left position, can be switched to right side.
Takedown: Use a cartridge or something to depress the button between stock & rear sight. Pop the upper receiver up. It's held in place by pressure from the recoil spring.
>> No. 26135 ID: 8bdc9a
You sir have drawn the greatest rifle to never exist (yet). Id buy one if it was real.
>> No. 26436 ID: e50883
File 13883499913.jpg - (664.45KB , 1600x1117 , Sniper KTCNCI Bolt Rifle 03.jpg )
I have no idea what I'm doing.
>> No. 26446 ID: d444df
>that Kel-Tec waffle on everything

and tbh that mag looks like it would hold a bit more than 10 rounds.
>> No. 26495 ID: 1dfdad
File 138895570935.jpg - (8.92KB , 306x306 , 308winchester.jpg )
Not really, looks like a single-stack .308 mag.
>> No. 26673 ID: 4d93e5
File 138973730672.jpg - (638.23KB , 1400x931 , Reb Dropships1.jpg )
Been a while.
>> No. 26881 ID: 1dfdad
>looks like a V-22 Osprey + Pelican

I like this
>> No. 27252 ID: 52b35a
File 139180737385.png - (66.14KB , 908x685 , Brevet_Winters_WIP.png )
Tomboy with an FAL
>> No. 27412 ID: e9341d
File 139279088626.png - (283.21KB , 1219x793 , Helcu.png )
Some gear I drew on my notes.

Near-future war scenario with off-the-shelf technology.
Thing up front is a helmet mount for PNVGs and Thermal monocular.
>> No. 27413 ID: e9341d
File 139279159757.png - (191.16KB , 597x749 , F2.png )
General idea is China as the primary world superpower, with backwater countries using 'legacy' U.S. equipment. Robotics and self-aiming weapons taking precedence over ordinary small arms.
>> No. 27414 ID: e9341d
File 139279264524.png - (551.34KB , 1472x1172 , Unifc.png )
By this time, thermal optics are ubiquitous, so everyone is wearing some kind of heat-blocking outer layer and personal cooling device.
Majority of 'combat personnel' actually supervise groups of autonomous drones in the field, which protects larger command centers from detection and destruction.
>> No. 27415 ID: e9341d
File 139279302629.png - (321.11KB , 1155x802 , exog.png )
Personal robotics are quite common, taking the form of exoskeletons and "smartguns", although most autonomous weapons are more compact handheld suites or shoulder mounted "budgie" guns.

The application of direct fire is almost entirely automated, which allows the man-animal to pursue more complicated problems.
>> No. 27416 ID: e9341d
File 139279426596.png - (293.56KB , 879x1141 , mand.png )
The Rifleman, as we know him, still exists but he is mostly a tool of social control rather than killing power(except where an excess of human life permits).
Powered armor is available for technically and politically complicated missions, but the robot has become the tip of the spear in most situations.
>> No. 27870 ID: 52b35a
File 139469832797.png - (321.83KB , 1020x666 , stream2_paralines.png )
The british para from that argentine propaganda cartoon.

>Muh Malvinas!
>> No. 28005 ID: 31f90c
File 139538239031.jpg - (74.97KB , 1280x510 , gallery_1_7_151018.jpg )
Loving your "near future" pics, Opforian. They really remind me of ARMA 3. And GITS. And Blacklight.
>> No. 28014 ID: 499506
File 139544409919.jpg - (350.03KB , 588x955 , She_is_a_Monster_by_MRCL_Daedalus.jpg )
>> No. 28367 ID: 52b35a
File 139792672422.png - (395.54KB , 1344x1029 , queens_rangers_da.png )
Turn is a fun series about the valiant Captain Simcoe teaming up with the worldly Major Rogers and his intrepid Queen's Rangers as they race to root out a treacherous insurrectionist spy ring.
>> No. 28374 ID: 388296
>rifle pointed at fellow soldier
>not aiming down pistol sight

>> No. 28383 ID: 52b35a
What do you expect from irregulars?
>> No. 28397 ID: 388296

Better firearms usage than ATF, at least!
>> No. 28494 ID: e50883
File 139856846816.jpg - (870.34KB , 1200x1230 , fat guy 01 midres.jpg )
>> No. 28550 ID: e50883
File 139898430080.jpg - (844.72KB , 1200x1396 , Beautiful Benny midres.jpg )
>> No. 28570 ID: f70034
Love it.
>> No. 28634 ID: 75e134
File 139960644243.jpg - (340.60KB , 1000x775 , 02020901s.jpg )
>> No. 28706 ID: 634497

That chick's built like a fucking Gundam o.0

Is the artist one of ours? Hope I'm not stepping on any toes.
>> No. 28713 ID: 52b35a
File 139984428560.png - (353.59KB , 917x1056 , MGNQ_200_F.png )

Everything in the thread is done by one of ours

>boltface on the deagle brand deagle
>> No. 28715 ID: 634497

Well, now I just feel like a prick.

Sorry, OPERATOR, if you see this, you draw infinitely better than I ever could.
>> No. 28717 ID: 75e134
File 139985889752.jpg - (225.19KB , 800x660 , img051r.jpg )
aint no thing but a chicken wing man.
>> No. 28730 ID: be5e9c
The guy in the picture looks familiar. I want to say the guy from Far Cry 1 or the former Delta guy in Strike Back.

Is he from anything or totally original?
>> No. 28740 ID: 75e134
File 139995066666.png - (362.22KB , 500x525 , joe.png )
i like to think that he's a composite character. i guess he and all the other characters i make aren't totally original, they are more like a combination of what makes some of my favorite ones so awesome all re-packaged into something i can shove into a storyline.
>> No. 28767 ID: e50883
File 140008790648.jpg - (1.12MB , 1000x1301 , 1 The Route.jpg )
I don't even know, man. I don't even know.
>> No. 28768 ID: e50883
File 140008794477.jpg - (281.93KB , 800x680 , 8 No Better Disguise.jpg )
>> No. 28864 ID: 75e134
File 140039532052.jpg - (595.18KB , 1000x770 , 02070901cs.jpg )
i don't either.

also, i really like your art.
>> No. 28920 ID: 3c3ef9
File 140060456283.jpg - (10.84MB , 6972x4920 , EPSON001.jpg )
Ink and sharpie yet again.
>> No. 29129 ID: e9341d
File 140143144854.jpg - (525.10KB , 1617x2010 , notesplash1crop.jpg )
I drew on my notes again.
>> No. 29200 ID: 7d8bca
File 140220326533.jpg - (72.70KB , 704x960 , dammit.jpg )
something I'm working on for a friend
>> No. 29214 ID: 7d8bca
File 140229037379.jpg - (404.40KB , 1700x2337 , PhotoScan.jpg )
so I got drunk and mspaint happened
>> No. 29216 ID: 392229
File 140229744278.jpg - (204.12KB , 1640x2184 , Mechanic_Skull.jpg )
I took some liberties with colours. It should be easy enough to mspaint them out or to your liking.

>> No. 29541 ID: a2f356
File 140450173987.jpg - (1.93MB , 4139x3426 , MeatGrinder.jpg )
Happy 4th of July faggits.

I tried my hand at oil painting and incorporating some color in my art for a change. What better place to start than red, white and blue.
>> No. 29543 ID: e28d25
That is impressive.
>> No. 29564 ID: e28d25
File 140466144570.jpg - (41.26KB , 512x340 , man-and-woman-in-office.jpg )
Sorry I was kind of buzzed and recovering to regain buzz July 4th and 5th and could not find this pic again.

So dimensions of the canvas? I am in negotiations on where this can be hung here at the house.
>> No. 29614 ID: aa7603
File 140501350464.jpg - (2.38MB , 4475x3453 , IllEagle.jpg )
Perhaps I could interest you in some other ones I have as well.

This is another oil painting I did a few weeks ago. I would say this one is actually finished. This >>24350 was my rough draft.
>> No. 29624 ID: 388296

>> No. 29628 ID: d94be2
File 140510366786.jpg - (1.08MB , 4896x3258 , Hannibal.jpg )
I know, he's definitely one of my favorite artists. Dude's scary good.

I wonder if he has any culinary skills.
>> No. 29629 ID: 388296
File 140510484856.gif - (11.69KB , 469x382 , 70db4f_1091984.gif )

I see what you did there.
>> No. 29656 ID: e28d25
Nice piece, just does not speak to me.

I am serious though about inquiring regarding dimensions and whatnot for this canvas.


Need details if you want to sell it, so I can negotiate the place to hang it and figure out a frame for it.
>> No. 29741 ID: 559ef9
Didn't know you did a colored version of the eagle.
I also would like to buy a copy of either or both. Email in field.
>> No. 29899 ID: 3c3ef9
  24x30 If you're still interested.
>> No. 29995 ID: a312ec
So, would anyone here want to doodle me up a little something?
>> No. 30157 ID: 52b35a
File 140713938028.png - (196.45KB , 1294x879 , operatebro.png )
I'm only a little sorry
>> No. 30197 ID: 559ef9
Yes, I am. Email me a quote, please.
>> No. 30741 ID: 17ebee
File 141245432456.jpg - (1.05MB , 1600x1234 , People and Things draft small.jpg )
I'm just doing what Jeebus tells me to.
>> No. 30824 ID: 17ebee
File 141305447778.jpg - (1.06MB , 1600x1233 , People and Things midres.jpg )
All this bouncing off the walls is really getting to me.
>> No. 30831 ID: 17ebee
File 141308409839.jpg - (739.67KB , 1600x1195 , assault JQSZ-43, 44, 45.jpg )
After adopting the QBZ-95 as service rifle, the People's Republic of China found it inadequate and replaced it with a new rifle patterned in a traditional layout: the QBZ-03, which served as its main service rifle for a while and during the Moment of Reorganization. Under the new ADR government, a new, distinctive rifle was requested and developed, both out of nationalistic reasons and also to catch up with modern materials technology.

Upon realizing that the new JQSZ-41 rifles had a very short sight radius, an uncomfortable cheekweld (due to rails positioned to the rear), a lack of forward accessory capability, and feeding problems, the ADR government launched an investigation into the procurement process and found multiple instances of bribery and corruption. A new committee was appointed to replace the weapon, and, revisiting other prototypes designed for the initial round of testing, they found some promising alternatives, including the similar but superior JQSZ-43. After several months of improvement, a new version of it was eventually purchased and entered into service as the JQSZ-44 and 45.

The JQSZ-43 is a prototype developed at the same time as the 41, with a straight-track bolt carrier. Although it is larger, its better cheekweld, sight placement, and rail positioning have brought it to the attention of acquisition officials when the JQSZ-41 purchase was cancelled.

The JQSZ-44 is an evolution of the 43, with a simpler stock, resembling that of the QBZ-95. It was finally adopted as the main ADR service rifle, replacing the JQSZ-41.

The JQSZ-45 is a carbine version of the 44, with a short barrel, modified gas system, and vertical foregrip. Otherwise, the rest of its parts are identical.
>> No. 30832 ID: 17ebee
File 141308883158.jpg - (197.69KB , 1600x733 , sniper LMDA-1.jpg )
No story for this one.
>> No. 30842 ID: e1fa77
It's like an M14, a MAS-49 and an FR-F2 had some sort of unholy love child.
>> No. 31030 ID: 52b35a
File 141507011895.png - (629.02KB , 1057x890 , t97_contractor.png )
Basically just fanart of my Type 97
>> No. 31031 ID: 17ebee
The tightness of the holster strap and the chest rig strap create a nice, outstanding result.
>> No. 31085 ID: 52b35a
File 141559287234.png - (201.63KB , 1079x488 , twtr.png )
Thanks! That effect always comes out good, you just have to remember that the equipment straps hug tight to the body, then the clothing billows over it.
>> No. 31107 ID: 388296

Mmmmmm, my OTP
>> No. 31155 ID: 84c0d7
File 141621217549.png - (215.99KB , 840x881 , valk.png )
Sup dudes. Haven't been drawing much at all. Also. Nothing I do will ever get past the sketching stage.
>> No. 31449 ID: ac904b
File 141863458852.png - (811.32KB , 1366x685 , canada_TFK.png )
>> No. 31620 ID: 88c72a
Audio - (5.06MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 5:32
I suppose music is art. Here's a recording of me fucking off one night with my ocarina to the instrumental song "Higher Than Hope" by Nightwish.

It was recorded on a webcam, and I don't have tablature- just played by ear; so be easy on me if it's a bit kareokeish.
>> No. 31627 ID: db7b1c
Reminds me of that one Futurama episode

Lost my shit at 2:23
>> No. 31652 ID: f3a555
File 14197384771.jpg - (322.65KB , 563x759 , 1371703010715.jpg )
Is hoolahoop still around? I want to hire that motherfucker for a job.
Email me at rottenbear@gmail.com
Example of your art from way back when.
>> No. 31687 ID: 75e134
File 142016121863.jpg - (1.14MB , 865x1200 , 01.jpg )
i sent you an email.

i like your style.
>> No. 32010 ID: ac904b
File 142277529059.png - (515.71KB , 1800x1118 , yandere_val3_card.png )
I drew some valentine's day cards

>> No. 32011 ID: de0bec
Fantastic work. I'm still chuckling.
>> No. 32017 ID: ce3c20
Damn dude, I absolutely adore your art.

The heart pupils on the first girl are perfect.
>> No. 32024 ID: 75e134
File 142310804385.png - (105.72KB , 502x544 , valentines2.png )
did you draw these too?
>> No. 32025 ID: 75e134
File 142310806143.png - (106.84KB , 434x685 , valentines1.png )
>> No. 32027 ID: ac904b
File 142316983361.png - (133.63KB , 714x626 , opval3.png )

Yep, and this one too. They were the originals I drew last year, on valentine's day night. I came up with the concept too late! I've been waiting all year for the chance to get them done right, and on time.
>> No. 32028 ID: 75e134
File 14232153887.jpg - (250.98KB , 714x402 , banner_notext.jpg )
that's pretty cool. do you mind if i make a rendition of one of these for myself? also, do you have a tumblr or DA i can follow you on or something?

i made this banner for my comic, i'm finally going to have it up by the end of march. i've got patreon and smackjeeves accounts up already, now all i have to do is keep the content flowing.
>> No. 32029 ID: ac904b
>do you mind if i make a rendition of one of these for myself?

Go for it!
>> No. 32066 ID: 9507dc
Get ready to see those all over reddit and facebook and shit.

>> No. 32067 ID: ac904b
I've already seen them all over facebook, it was only a matter of time
>> No. 32068 ID: df12a0

I'm doing my part.
>> No. 32403 ID: ac904b
File 142872703477.png - (440.94KB , 1050x925 , remove_melonrev.png )
REMOVE MELON remove melon
>> No. 32581 ID: ac904b
File 143107438388.png - (299.85KB , 849x801 , upotte_tavor1.png )
The Tavor needed an Upotte
>> No. 32603 ID: 1ea489
>that "suspicious" bulge in the skirt
>> No. 32616 ID: ac904b
File 143150247782.png - (823.93KB , 1400x1194 , tavortan_stupid_goy.png )
Just the skirt bunching up, I swear!
>> No. 32619 ID: 1ea489
I love you so much right now.
>> No. 32646 ID: 81be18
File 143241793727.jpg - (885.83KB , 1000x1263 , AssaultRifles intheCold 2 low res.jpg )
Y'all kids ready to get stoned?
>> No. 32682 ID: 0f61f0
File 143323844628.png - (392.08KB , 761x940 , re_class_F.png )
Pacific Axis Shipsluts get dunked on

Western Ally Abyssals are best
>> No. 32860 ID: f2dc1f
File 143625833617.jpg - (183.16KB , 1907x1080 , Ocean Combat.jpg )
Owned a tablet for half a decade now. Just now trying to make something with it. Got a sketch going.
>> No. 32940 ID: 6d6cb1
File 143693892944.jpg - (238.57KB , 1600x1200 , 1403169163388.jpg )
Does anyone here take commissions?
>> No. 32966 ID: 81be18
I took one once.

Since then, I haven't had a life.
>> No. 32974 ID: 5d684d
File 143737373680.jpg - (2.34MB , 4000x3000 , cold war girl.jpg )
Sorta inspired by various Euro and Scandinavian armed forces. Rifle is a mashup of AK, G3, and Daewoo K2
>> No. 32985 ID: 0f61f0
File 143760481862.png - (439.98KB , 1154x872 , espoir_f.png )
On occasion
>> No. 33188 ID: e8f530
File 144143272596.jpg - (1.70MB , 1600x1521 , Nat Res Rifle Combined Midres.jpg )
Is of simple constructions.
Gun is just tool. Weapon - you are.
>> No. 33189 ID: 360825
File 144147708568.jpg - (110.86KB , 1536x2048 , limes_guy.jpg )
>> No. 33212 ID: 33338c
File 144253540193.jpg - (587.40KB , 4253x2235 , Vahan2.jpg )
Armenia stronk.
>> No. 33215 ID: e8f530
File 144254702438.jpg - (836.79KB , 1000x1128 , Assault System Infantry LowRes.jpg )
>> No. 33276 ID: 0b7429
I has question, artfags.

I'm wanting to improve my ability to draw. I'm not that good, but like this thread is named, I'm better than J Grant and you can definitely make out what I'm drawing, even though it's just reduced to its simplest form without a lot of detail. I am good with angles, though.

Is there any reason to actually pick up art supplies for general sketching? Is there a purpose to sketch pads that I don't understand? I just have a shitload of grid paper that I plan to carry around and doodle with.

My end goal is to improve my art to be as realistic as I can, so I'm just going to keep doodling while waiting around for appointments and whatnot. Seems more productive than playing on a phone like everyone else does.

I essentially want to be able to draw what I see, be able to sketch out ideas and plans, and I want to pick up charcoal drawing because I've always been interested in that. I just want to improve in something I've always enjoyed doing, but never actually put any time into.

Tldr: art supplies, yay or nay? Should I stick with the #2 and grid/ruled paper?
>> No. 33336 ID: df12a0

Practice makes perfect, IMHO.
>> No. 33349 ID: d1a611
File 144614957835.jpg - (956.51KB , 956x1200 , daily_sketching 1.jpg )
daily sketching
>> No. 33350 ID: f0df0e
File 144617000921.jpg - (174.46KB , 1280x932 , 1428261355_klokwrkblu_x15_ravin_png.jpg )
>> No. 33617 ID: e45b11
Are there any /k/ drawfags here who take requests? I want to get some guns drawn for a fallout campaign.
>> No. 33743 ID: 0c6790
File 14538345869.jpg - (253.69KB , 1700x2338 , tiffany0001.jpg )
personal file hosting, used a weapon outfitter image as reference

never drawn a woman before
>> No. 33744 ID: 0c6790
I'll do what I can, I know the SCAR in my image sucks but I was more focused on the woman's facial features.
>> No. 33750 ID: 0c6790
File 145407731566.jpg - (184.76KB , 1700x2338 , tiffany0002.jpg )
File hosting again.

Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner.

Used some stock image of WWII reenactors as a reference
>> No. 33752 ID: 0c6790
File 145408845060.jpg - (191.31KB , 2338x1700 , roland.jpg )
>> No. 33767 ID: ab87d3
Goddamnit lapland. You've drawn three things for us and every one has been a hit.

Why the fuck won't you let us give you money for your fucking draws? Literally fucking years and we're still wanting more. Maybe one of your peers can replace you
>> No. 33788 ID: 3455ae
A combination of lack of motivation, short attention span, and most importantly, lack of a tablet prevents me from drawing right now. Pretty sure one of the draw-operators here would certainly like to take your requests and even produce you better art work.
>> No. 33821 ID: 031f6a
Pretty sure at this point we'd just buy you a goddamn tablet.
>> No. 33822 ID: 031f6a
Also your sketches look better so we'd still pay for those.
>> No. 33854 ID: fcb208
File 145686803150.jpg - (1.92MB , 2000x1291 , Sketch17.jpg )
Man, it's been a while. Recent sketchbook stuff after rereading Princess of Mars.
>> No. 33943 ID: 61bb11
File 146096496299.jpg - (153.08KB , 1625x1067 , img002.jpg )
i did thing
>> No. 33989 ID: 9d645e
File 146278468498.jpg - (895.04KB , 725x1000 , 02240901.jpg )
breddy gud
>> No. 34005 ID: 52ed6e
When are you actually going to launch this comic?
>> No. 34006 ID: 93d42b
File 146385234611.png - (6.76KB , 220x280 , ultramarine.png )
Did some quick doodling in Paint after watching some cutscenes from WH40K games (Space Marine and Dawn of War). Note that I only recently started reading up on the universe and don't really have much of a clue yet, but here's an Ultramarine anyway. Color scheme and details taken from this one here, since it's a nice clean design: http://mavhn.deviantart.com/art/Ultramarine-120466821

This size would probably work decently in a game with 16x16px tiles, but with Games Workshop being Games Workshop, I'll probably leave it at some pixel art.
>> No. 34009 ID: 93d42b
File 146387639633.png - (31.90KB , 580x530 , power marines.png )
Some more.
>> No. 34024 ID: 709454
File 146441968942.jpg - (215.40KB , 1428x1548 , img017.jpg )
>> No. 34042 ID: 9d645e
File 146598265721.jpg - (1.20MB , 970x1500 , sample0.jpg )
when it's done.

i actually just nuked the smackjeeves site for a reboot. there will be new a new page or two up in a couple of weeks.

do u hab tumblr m80?
>> No. 34045 ID: f0df0e
File 146613847358.png - (1.79MB , 932x1280 , no_surrenderc.png )
>> No. 34048 ID: 43218b
File 146663113183.png - (12.43KB , 648x387 , italianguns.png )
Some Italian WW1-era guns. The wooden-stocked Villar-Perosa was really difficult to draw (and is probably still wrong) since there's precisely two pictures of it on the internet, both from above.
>> No. 34050 ID: f87148

>dat subgun doe

Holy shit, that looks like something from Fallout.
>> No. 34189 ID: 92e833
File 147340454619.jpg - (66.56KB , 1000x1000 , skelly1.jpg )
Picked up a Surface Pro 4 for drawing on the go and to replace my old Intuos 4. So far I'm pretty happy, but damn, I have not drawn in a hot minute.
>> No. 34198 ID: 391a27

>> No. 34205 ID: d166f9
File 147373796841.jpg - (0.97MB , 2391x4623 , img041.jpg )
i gotta pixiv and thats about it
>> No. 34299 ID: fd465c
File 148177774271.jpg - (631.67KB , 1536x2048 , 15493597_10209570508712270_4667667783338751568_o -.jpg )
Something I sketched up pretty quickly.
>> No. 34306 ID: 6d019b
When I found this dude's facebook profile, I had a mutual friend with him.

So I guess the question is which one of you guys is Florkofcows?
>> No. 34329 ID: 033e11
File 148896058350.jpg - (320.67KB , 1280x1243 , LA LVOA.jpg )
>> No. 34338 ID: 7b825a
What dude's profile, JGrant?
>> No. 34344 ID: fe9a82
File 149284372491.jpg - (655.47KB , 1366x1056 , img230resize.jpg )
been on a bit of a milsurp rifle kick
>> No. 34351 ID: 9ae5bb
File 149456800767.jpg - (188.14KB , 487x674 , prev.jpg )
there are now three pages, and three character profiles on the smackjeeves site. better late than never i guess; i just want to get the comic rolling already after hyping it for all this time.

i can't really say it's officially launched yet until i complete the layout and keep my update rhythm down (there are two more pages in the works right now) but there is now finally material to speak of.


whats your pixiv fam?

we warsport now
>> No. 34353 ID: 2bfa23
Eww, an Audi.
>> No. 34366 ID: fe9a82
File 149665011624.jpg - (1.17MB , 2435x1741 , img264cropped.jpg )
>whats your pixiv fam?
>> No. 34367 ID: fe9a82
File 14966509419.jpg - (635.20KB , 1667x1208 , img234resize.jpg )
what's wrong with Audi?
>> No. 34419 ID: 7e827c
IHC hates everything VW.
>> No. 34420 ID: f7374f


Nothing, really.
At least not until you have to work on one, or buy parts, or drive it.
They're nice to look at though. Giugiaro had some great designs in the '70s.
>> No. 34495 ID: a11463
File 151769532847.jpg - (377.04KB , 1600x789 , air fighter J-7 01 midres.jpg )
dunno, man
>> No. 34496 ID: 8f4706
File 151772310984.jpg - (238.39KB , 1000x1148 , LF late uniform 003.jpg )
Time for rounding up some sketches I've had lying around but hadn't bothered to scan.
>> No. 34497 ID: 8f4706
File 151772313973.jpg - (111.40KB , 982x640 , Assault System Infantry sketch.jpg )
>> No. 34498 ID: 8f4706
File 151772318476.jpg - (98.04KB , 1200x731 , air attack Object XA-61.jpg )
>> No. 34499 ID: 8f4706
File 151772323338.jpg - (180.80KB , 1200x856 , air attack Object XA-62.jpg )
>> No. 34500 ID: 8f4706
File 151772330266.jpg - (175.03KB , 1400x834 , M2 Carbine Mod Vers.jpg )
>> No. 34504 ID: 4d62f8
File 152054862976.jpg - (5.62MB , 4160x3120 , 20180308_023116.jpg )
My midterm for Drawing 2. It was a pain in the ass.
>> No. 34505 ID: 1685d5
File 152066511585.jpg - (770.22KB , 3467x2514 , img279.jpg )
i've always enjoyed your fictional gun designs.
>> No. 34529 ID: 577256
File 153287427782.jpg - (777.99KB , 1000x1297 , In the Cold Rifles 1 lowres.jpg )
>> No. 34537 ID: 577256
File 153592382721.jpg - (738.29KB , 1000x1292 , In the Cold Rifles 2 3 lowres.jpg )
>> No. 34559 ID: 32c421
I love that SKS.
>> No. 34560 ID: 32c421
Good job!
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