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File 14507714555.jpg - (36.30KB , 300x424 , night time is the right time.jpg )
3959 No. 3959 ID: 85304d hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Night shoot is a go! Plan is Saturday the 2nd. Sorry for you no saturday folks, but this time around is going to be a Saturday game. Drop me a line for directions and times.
>> No. 3962 ID: 85304d
Visited the spot last night and it was snowy as shit. If you do not have 4WD, I would highly suggest you speak to me ahead of time so I can arrange enough seats for everyone.
>> No. 3963 ID: f2c4ed
  I haven't gotten that fixed yet...
>> No. 3964 ID: b52eac
No worries, got space in the lesbo wagon.
>> No. 3965 ID: 4c9c56
i call backseat. still room for others next to the asian manlet twink and all.
>> No. 3971 ID: 85304d
Ok, it is coming up on that time again. How does 2/6 grab you guys? Same bat time, same bat channel.

File 13903568554.jpg - (117.63KB , 960x720 , 1148942_208483172644499_796621129_n.jpg )
3281 No. 3281 ID: 88cf89 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Florida shoot? Mid to late February? For some reason us Florida operators cannot get our shit together. Or I'm just too north and should hit up the Georgia operators...
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>> No. 3478 ID: 966935
File 14107684081.jpg - (174.07KB , 3043x1083 , 1389948078073.jpg )
I don't know if this is dead, but I go to Ocala national forest. Would love to shoot sometime with gents. Anyone up for the ides of November?
>> No. 3479 ID: 966935
Not mine. I hope to have a scope by then.
>> No. 3495 ID: d94be2
If I can figure out a way up to Ocala, I'll join in. I'll bring brownies.
>> No. 3949 ID: a804a5
anyone wanna try and schedule something after the first of the year
>> No. 3969 ID: 618803
Jan 23/24 (sat/sun) ?

File 136730226233.jpg - (615.13KB , 1793x1124 , Austin-TX.jpg )
2518 No. 2518 ID: 2e023e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I know we've got at least a few OPERATORs behind enemy lines in the Austin Pocket with me. Why haven't we had a shoot since Tracer Tong left?
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>> No. 3432 ID: 5adb5b
Didn't see this, I never check /meet/ anymore, probably call Best of the West, I know you won't be able to fire autos at Red's or Eagle Peak, Lone Star in Lockhart is also no autos IIRC.
>> No. 3435 ID: d5e5a4
Thanks for the info.

I'll call Best of the West and ask them.
>> No. 3436 ID: d5e5a4

Best of the West does allow autos in the tactical bays, but you have to qualify before they'll let you use them. Qualification is shooting at 250 yards.

Dang. Why does Austin suck when it comes to allowing automatics at their ranges? Almost every public indoor range in Houston allows automatics (some are pistol cartridge only, but almost all of the new ranges allow automatic rifles). Hell, most of them rent autos.
>> No. 3437 ID: 8e7819
Most of our ranges are outdoor and outside of the Austin area.
So liability of outdoor ranges...
We only really have a couple ranges in Austin and they're indoor. Basically the establishment of new ranges never happen in Austin because well it's Austin. It's a nice city and all but the politics are different from the rest of the state.

It used to be decent but it's getting worse with the incoming population of Californians.
>> No. 3968 ID: 5658ae
IDPA shoot on Sunday at CAPS Club

File 138112456261.jpg - (44.49KB , 800x533 , California-Commiefornia-State-Flag-Unarmed-Bear.jpg )
3023 No. 3023 ID: 585821 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
PRK OPERATORs, please report in. I know we live in a shitty state with shitty regs, but there are still probably a lot of us. Just curious to know who's around my AO.

It's a big state, so I figure we can kinda post general geographical area, such as Southern California/Northern California, or major metro areas such as LA, SF, SJ, SD, etc. Then, perhaps we can organize some shoots/meets and to collectively bitch and complain about how much Sacramento tries to fuck us every year.
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>> No. 3947 ID: 918481
Sacramento reporting in, i'd love to do a shoot near here.
>> No. 3952 ID: 465a11
File 144952001892.jpg - (13.35KB , 460x460 , Kalifornia.jpg )
>> No. 3953 ID: c7fc1a
File 145049354329.png - (218.61KB , 611x410 , Screen-shot-2013-10-09-at-5_16_40-PM.png )
Sherman Oaks here. This is my favorite spot.

34.688091, -116.918747

This is a great BLM area for shooting and general grabassery. On the other side of the 247 is a popular rock climbing spot, sawtooth canyon/new jack city, with free camping sites: clean vault toilets, bbq, shaded picnic tables, and tons of metamorphic basalt. Absolutely not OK to shoot here, but we always head down the 4wd road near ^coordinates and shoot at shit. The roads are mostly well-graded and go all over for miles of mojave high desert.

Closest gas and groceries would be all the way in Barstow or Apple valley, but there's a decent bar midway between new jack and barstow, circle x or something like that.

No water.

3-4k feet, so pretty cold and the wind can be comically intense in the afternoons and early evenings. Similar weather to Joshua Tree, but more arid.

There are weird 'compounds' in the area that have fired upon climbers that have inadvertently trespassed into the area.

Don't shoot, or otherwise harm the joshua trees. They are a protected species.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 3966 ID: 8ff5ba
File 145154853175.jpg - (180.53KB , 590x722 , enhanced-buzz-26790-1369318854-6.jpg )
>literal Warrantless gun confiscation enacted into law in California

In California you are our outnumbered and the majority is brainwashed into thinking that anyone who owns a gun is mentally ill. Your vote does not matter in California. When the cops roll up to your house to take your AK and your AR15 they will shoot your dog, shoot you, take your guns, the news will run a story of a right wing libretarian gun nut getting into a shooting with police and loosing, your neighboors will say, "Oh, he was too quiet, I'm not surprised he was a crazy gun liking person." Your life does matter in California.
Migrate to Washington or Oregon. To Cascadia. Cascadia was a strong culture of individual rights, a "live and let live" attitude, and you moving there, living there, and voting there, will keep it that way.
Talk to your family about moving, talk to your friends about moving there with you. Migrate! Californians would feel SAFER knowing the cops killed you. Vote with your feet.
>> No. 3967 ID: b89631
>Cascadia was a strong culture of individual rights, a "live and let live" attitude
Shame Seattle/Portland are becoming SF II: SJW (D)ictatorship Boogaloo, the libertarian style dems up here are giving away to CA dems with all the CA transplants coming here for the DUDE WEED and to escape the bed they made.

But CA OPERATORS should still come and reinforce Cascadia.

File 141939959465.jpg - (2.54MB , 3216x4288 , 100_1953.jpg )
3605 No. 3605 ID: a6b004 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So, as some folks may know, while I was out living in Kansas, I ran a pair of biathlons. The first was the Battleroads USA Zombie Destruction Run 'n Gun, the second was the Pawnee Run 'n Gun. Well, now I live in the Portland area, and I have decided that the spread of coke-bottle glasses, sweaters, and hippies needs to be countered by spreading a sport that involves guns, skill, manliness, and pain.

This will be my plans, updates, and ideas thread for the event as I get things progressing.

I'm going to be needing volunteers to help run the event itself, from range officers to help shooters through the stages, to folks to handle the start-stop times and scoring, to people to ladle out bowls of chili after the event, and so on. Hopefully, this is something that the West Coast posse of Opchan can get together and work on, because it'd be kinda cool if we ran this shit and it went off without a hitch.

Arfcom may have meetups and 3-gun range masturbation trips, but we're OPERATORchan, let's do something hardcore and then invite all of our friends.

Status so far: I have a POSSIBLE host for the event. If they're cool with it, I'll be driving out there in a few weeks to check the facilities out, take some pictures, and come up with a rough course for the run. A month or two after that, I'm going to need to get some folks (That's you guys) together to show up on a Saturday, set up the course, run it by ourselves, then walk back through it as a group and talk about what works and what doesn't.

Ideally speaking, we'll have the rough logistics figured out by Summer 2015, and then it'll be time to advertise the hell out of this so that the event (which I'd like to have somewhere between Nov 2015 and Feb 2016) sells out the 50-75 tickets I'm going to cap things at.

My ideal course goes as follows:
1. Start line

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
44 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3954 ID: f2c4ed
File 145052000833.png - (1.55MB , 1113x693 , BRAVO SITE.png )
They just get postponed.

Having finally acquired GPS coords for the shooting pit in Olympia, I looked it up on giggle earf and found that it's almost as good as the spot down in Oregon.

So as soon as I've scouted it in person and on foot, I'll be resuming the ad campaign and begging people to come.

Gonna strip it down, though. Probably 3 stages, maybe 4 if I get enough people that want to participate. Looking back over the previous runs I've been at, I think we could cycle out ROs to cover the stages and get everybody through in one day. It's only a 5k, so even at a tactical mosey that'd take someone 1.5 hours. I'd still need six active ROs and start/finish line people, but we'll see what happens.

I'm tentatively looking at the first week of June for a date, I'll head south in a couple weeks to scout the area.

Do your PT!
>> No. 3955 ID: 85304d
No go, everything before stage four is in no shoot territory.
>> No. 3956 ID: f2c4ed

It can always be stage 1. Or we'll run down the hill, instead of up, and it'll stay the end. Or who knows, but damnit, that's some nice terrain, and I'm not giving up on bringing this sport to the PNW.
>> No. 3958 ID: 85304d
Oh, I don't mean to have you do that. There are some nice lines of fire up the road further. If you got a minute on Saturday the 26th, we should go take a drive.
>> No. 3960 ID: f2c4ed
Ehh, I think it'd be easier to just show up early for the night shoot and drive around.

And my truck's being a bitch, I need to work on it this weekend if it's not raining.

File 144292554465.jpg - (720.91KB , 1031x1031 , IMG_20150920_180433.jpg )
3892 No. 3892 ID: c9b17d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

>pic related dirt mountain.

Alright general discussion for the KY shoot.

I have a sizable about of land that we can shoot out to 250m. We could possibly get out more. There will be a rifle and pistol range.

>What will we do?
We will run drills, shoot, blow up shit, show all our fancy gear off. Whatever your /K/ommando hearts desire.

>Should i bring something?
Some targets will be provided. But we would like everyone to bring something we can shoot. Cinder blocks, steel, tanerite, etc.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3928 ID: eed5a2
I'm in. I've got some steel targets I can bring.
>> No. 3936 ID: f07f0b
Anybody got any ideas on what the weather is going to be like?
>> No. 3937 ID: 50cd85
I have a fairly large FAK as well, will bring it to back up yours.

Will have a bunch of power trowel blades we can zap.

Might be drizzly, will bring some ponchos and tarps in case.
Hoping it's nice though.
>> No. 3940 ID: 50cd85
Weather next weekend is supposed to be mid 50's and mostly sunny.
Hopefully that holds true.
>> No. 3943 ID: 52ed6e
So what happened?

File 144409480952.png - (83.64KB , 2000x1333 , 2000px-Flag_of_Arizona_svg.png )
3920 No. 3920 ID: f92b94 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I'm deploying in November and would like to shoot my gats before then. I'm in Tucson but was wondering if any AZ peeps in general would like to meetup sometime within the next few weeks to shoot while the weather is cooling down?
>> No. 3921 ID: 134a40
File 14441355191.png - (52.48KB , 1000x666 , OCsnB5A.png )
Sure, I'd be down.
>> No. 3938 ID: 5d94d1
Will Saturday or Sunday work best for most people?

File 143801937842.jpg - (199.68KB , 937x739 , map.jpg )
3842 No. 3842 ID: 17e2ba hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Any flatlanders in Southwest NM, or NW Texas want to shoot something or meetup?
>> No. 3929 ID: c6cdc3
Seems this thread is quite old but I'm up in Santa Fe. Weather willing I wouldn't oppose a little meetup in December. I'd probably just bring my Kadet Kit and do some 22lr shooting since money's tight and 9mm is stupid pricey where I'm at. Also, I'll most likely be going to Dallas at that time so it wouldn't be a big issue to take the long way there. In fact if i40 is looking shitty I'd probably end up driving through Roswell anyway.
>> No. 3930 ID: 17e2ba
Huh; bummer. I was just in Albuquerque for the hot air balloon festival for a few days. I'll keep my eye on this and maybe something will materialize soon.

File 13996159341.jpg - (833.92KB , 2250x1193 , 13475756239.jpg )
3381 No. 3381 ID: 585821 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Sup Opchan. Gonna be visiting Seattle this Memorial day weekend, and planning on being in Portland for a collector's show that Sunday.

RTF/Lei/Others in Portland area, are you guys available around Sunday 5/25 ish after tactikool and I finish perusing the Portland Arms Collector show, probably around the afternoon? Grab some drinks, catch up? It's been a while.
253 posts and 50 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3945 ID: 85304d
Shoot me details, if you get a chance. I should be able to make it.
>> No. 3946 ID: 4c9c56
where at? monroe?
>> No. 3951 ID: f2c4ed
So, in view of a burgeoning need to not be inside, I've decided that the first FRIDAY of every month will be my camping night. Locations will be determined on a more or less unplanned basis, and may involve rain, snow, and/or misery.

ALL camping trips will involve carrying the full SHTF load, just because reasons.

Ya'll have my email, hell, most of you have my phone number, so if you want in, just lemme know.

And there's always next month.

But tonight, I'll be at the Monroe pit. Saturday's not going to keep working, though.
>> No. 3957 ID: 644af8
Any of you fuckers wanna buy an AAC SDN-6, NIB? $700's what I'm asking, because I want rid of this thing and Obama's goddamned EO requiring CLEO sigs may just finally hit in the next month or two, so I wanna move it quick.
>> No. 3970 ID: f2c4ed
File 145372303514.jpg - (1.34MB , 2064x1161 , PBE BRV.jpg )
We need to find a range where I can drive this thing all the way to the backstop.

I'd like to keep it functional for as long as possible, so we can do tactical vehicle shit with it, but I also want to take video (good video!) of through-the-glass shots at targets inside and out to get an idea of how that affects things. Engine/drive train are "please don't shoot", the rest is goodago.

It cost me the equivalent of a single shift of OT, and renting a car hauler will be about $50 + fees to bring it out for a day of shooting. I'll drop by DMV tomorrow, but I won't be getting plates or insurance for it because there's really no point for a car that won't be roadworthy at all, and barely is now.

To me, this is totally worth it for the added benefit of being able to engage a target through a windshield, because I for one don't really want to do tactical drills in my daily driver just in case I accidentally a round into the dashboard.

File 142974763320.gif - (3.28MB , 409x235 , rocket-propelled-grenadecamperblown-upboom.gif )
3719 No. 3719 ID: 097fc9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
GA OPERATOR range meet on private land (thank Stoplossed for the hook up)

Date: 7/4/15
Time: Starts at 12 and main even at 5

Main Event: Pic related (sub RPG with tannerites)

Location: some where in south GA (will update info as we get them nail down)
40 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3804 ID: 097fc9
File 143615341246.jpg - (41.83KB , 960x543 , Plato.jpg )
@0:25 you can see something return to earth... that's Plato's pair eye balls
>> No. 3805 ID: 097fc9
File 143615345193.jpg - (49.66KB , 960x543 , Plato Surgery.jpg )
When Plato was getting the implant
>> No. 3806 ID: 097fc9
  Here is one of the Scooby boom video, as you can see I was hauling ass and forgot to press record on the camcorder on tripod. It started to rain and the gas didn't spray and when the tannerite went off it collapsed the dirt behind it and just snuff out the road flare.

But Stoplossed and I learned a lot from this one, we'll do the camper right next time.
>> No. 3807 ID: 097fc9
Someone uploaded the slow mo version. I was blowing the dirt off the un-fired round not kissing it.
>> No. 3808 ID: 097fc9
  After the tannerite shoot, we went to the WMA range and shot some more. I was doing some reloading drill and the end is pretty cool

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