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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 133864423270.png - (232.47KB , 878x761 , sorenthread.png )
632 No. 632 ID: 42ca4f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Due to a minor incident of blue-on-blue, Soren's Supermeet thread got axed. The moderator in question is now hogtied in our HQ basement with electrodes attached to his testicles and probably won't make it through the night (we run a tight ship). Pic related is how far the thread got, please continue the discussion here. The Disney World thread is for that proposed meet only. Thank you for your compliance.
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>> No. 1306 ID: ffba8d
The legalities of doing things in your state still bother me a bit, because here if you get busted CCing without a permit it's just a warning.

There if you get busted CCing with a permit you still might end up getting shot.

I have a friend's farm we could probably get on.
Maybe a superfarm or something out in the boonies.
There's like 3 or 4 options really I'm just too lazy to look into.

You give me a bit.
And how far is the distance of your home to Louisville?
>> No. 1307 ID: ffba8d
Fuck, we're buddies on facebook.

Hit me up negro.
>> No. 1308 ID: aaff85
Alright. I'll shoot you a message when I get home.
>> No. 1309 ID: 0384f5
Wait a second, my cousins place is in south eastern Missouri. No need to come into failinois at all.
>> No. 1310 ID: a44a95
It's after graduation, so just set the date, and I'll try to work around whatever you set. At this point, there's just no way to predict where I'll be working, or whether or not I'll be able to get time off.

File 133974553078.jpg - (303.84KB , 1600x1066 , 131651058038.jpg )
782 No. 782 ID: 87e3f5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
OK, so who wants to do an Opchan shoot in July?

Hopefully keep it high quality, like the last one was.
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>> No. 1235 ID: bc22d4

Sorry, I'm an Illinois transplant - used to cops wrecking my shit for being white at 4:30 or some other bullshit.
>> No. 1236 ID: 934856
I just realized this is directly south of where I shoot, flatiron mountain.
>> No. 1237 ID: 609d6f
Flatiron was the alternate.

Used to be tons of MG shoots held there, back 15~20 years ago.
>> No. 1238 ID: 609d6f
I can think of two run ins with cops at shoots like this.

Both times, the cops left empty handed with no tickets or warnings issued, and shooting resumed as normal.

One MG shoot, a Coco county deputy tried to roust about 50~60 shooters, til another Coco county deputy who was participating at the shoot told him to fuck off.

Unless there are signs everywhere, or you are obviously doing something plain idiotic, it's a non issue.

Especially in a place like that, where the whole side of that rise had been sodomized with a bulldozer.
>> No. 1239 ID: d63e10
The southern half of the mountain out to the road is all BLM land. Unless there is a fire restriction, you can shoot on most BLM land at any time.

File 133001956537.png - (86.05KB , 2000x1200 , Cascadia.png )
3 No. 3 ID: a468a6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
So there have been murmurs of a PACNW shoot for quite some time now. SwissGuy will be up this way in May from the sounds of it, so that would be groovy if we could all go shooting while he's in town. I figure we can use this thread to nail down date(s) and location(s), and get other related info sorted out.

General Cascadia shoot thread go.
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>> No. 1292 ID: 75c150

Going to PAX!
>> No. 1294 ID: e7121d
File 134635719520.jpg - (60.61KB , 604x453 , 8520_139819252021_2574942_n.jpg )
Fucken vidya.

Keep an eye out for my slut ex-girlfriend, total conwhore. She was a lot cuter before she went from goth to "nerd girl."

Also hit me up if you wanna drink in cap hill Sunday night
>> No. 1295 ID: e7121d
File 134637820611.jpg - (325.49KB , 1200x800 , G_HomePageHero_01.jpg )
Also the Outdoor Reasearch retail store is having a killer sale 30-70% of all kinda shit. If you haven't already pick up some goretex or a soft-shell for the rainy season I.E. the next 9 months. These guys are some of the best in the industry.

Outdoor Research Retail Store
2203 1st Ave. S
Seattle, WA 98134
(206) 971-1496
>> No. 1296 ID: 2ceb59

Just got back to the hotel, and I have to be back there in 6 1/2 hours...this is a lot of work.

Good news is I have an Exhibitionist pass, bad news is I don't have a lot of spare time.

If I can I'll definitely hit you up Sunday, but might have to help take down everything, not sure yet.


I love OR, got a pair of gloves from them which have lasted much longer than they reasonably should have, but since I'm trying to save up for my SBR build I know I should avoid that store...or lose all my $$$. Plus I have 3 TAD jackets...I can't justify getting another jacket...

Maybe I'll visit them...just for a few minutes...I'll only try things on, I won't buy anything...right?

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 3301 ID: 4a8829
Anyone in Portland here?

File 133859618567.png - (115.12KB , 772x587 , PBEopompatch.png )
563 No. 563 ID: 185761 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Gentlemen, I recently decided that it would be an excellent idea to get a large number of us together from all over the country (and hopefully even the world) to engage in some fun and hijinks. Where better for PBE to OPERATE vacationally than in the Happiest Place on Earth: The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida.

PBE will be OPERATING OPERATIONALLY 5 nights and 6 days from February 4th to February 9th 2013

What will we be doing? We'll be having shit tons of awesome fun with our opchan/PBE bros!

So I'm sure your next question is "but wait how much does this cost, and what is included?"

Here are the perspective rates I am going to list both the cost if you engage in double occupancy (two OPERATORS to a room) or single occupancy (if you don't wanna sacrifice some privacy) be advised that some elements in these rates may change by a small amount as Disney has not issued some of their prices for 2013 yet, the room rates however are correct and current for 2013 and considering that is the major portion of the cost you can expect end costs to vary little from these numbers)

Per OPERATOR for 5 nights, double occupancy: $680

Includes: 5 nights in a Disney resort
3 day park hopper ticket
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 990 ID: 76b1af
I hope I can make it. Life has been hectic and I hope it slows down enough for me to attend. It would be a nice break.
>> No. 996 ID: f76cee
  >this thread
>> No. 997 ID: 0324c7
File 134199470728.jpg - (132.36KB , 900x535 , niggamoon.jpg )
>Procure Funds.
>Rape NSWG
>Get Pictures/Videos So He Cant Deny It.
>> No. 1220 ID: 4a2634
I'd love to see what happens if you all turn up dressed and equipped as operators operating operationally at Disney World.
>> No. 1222 ID: 75b7e4
something like this would happen.

File 133904222672.jpg - (2.65MB , 3264x2448 , 2012-06-02_10-15-39_653.jpg )
711 No. 711 ID: e87589 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
On a related note; are there any good tittie bars in Wichita, KS?
>> No. 1221 ID: 4a2634
Real operators don't go to tittie bars, they just hang around and wait for women to start taking their clothes off (it's practically a certainty, so why make it expensive?).

File 133748769331.jpg - (39.02KB , 450x300 , portland_skyline.jpg )
468 No. 468 ID: 46ca18 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Mods, if this is the wrong place I apologize, figured since its area specific this might be the best place for it.

Hey guys,

It's not 100%, but pretty damn close to it, that I'll be moving from Southern California to Portland, Oregon late July/early August.

Plan is to attend Portland State University, and try to get a part time job. For the first few weeks I'm going to mainly settle in and look for work, but I'm also curious about the lay of the land in terms of OPERATOR related stuff.

Good gun stores, ranges, camping, even airsoft, etc. Any info is appreciated! And of course, since I'm a /g/whore, any good places to pick up military surplus or good gear.

Also looking for any good info on the city, I'm a huge beer fan, so info on any good breweries is appreciated too (I know Rogue, Deschutes, Widmer Bros, and Voodoo Doughnut are there).

Would love to meet/grab a drink with any OPERATORS once I'm up there, and thanks in advance!

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 1175 ID: 4c2259
>bench grinder

I bet your neighbors would have loved that, lol! Also, it's probably for the best that you didn't bring it. Shit leaves a mess.
>> No. 1181 ID: 9df9b5
Good god DAMN bro, that place really came together nicely! I guess having an interior decorator for a mother really pays off!

You got my number and I'm off the next four nights. Hit me up if you wanna grab a drink and chase some tail or something.
>> No. 1182 ID: 75c150

Yep it definitely comes in handy. Took a LOT of unpacking, cleaning, and assembling furniture though, but well worth it.

I'll hit you up tomorrow night, definitely down for some drinks!
>> No. 1183 ID: 9df9b5
Sounds like a plan.
>> No. 1197 ID: c40a8b
Late to the party, but Beaverton reporting in.

File 134308512881.jpg - (2.29MB , 4288x3216 , 100_0259.jpg )
1154 No. 1154 ID: bbca0c hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Uhhh, it occured to me that someone else from Opchan may be at Airventure.

I've been working West Ramp and Kidventure, at the Tulsa Tech booths, if you want to find me, or send me an email if you want to trade phone numbers.

Ya'll know what I look like, I'm the tallest frood around, and I wear a MARPAT boonie hat.

Pic related, we can collectively boo the shit out of George "Fuck my fans" Lucas when he screens Redtails on Wednesday.

I will most likely be yelling "HAN SHOT FIRST" at some point.

File 134121000767.jpg - (6.34KB , 259x194 , images.jpg )
915 No. 915 ID: 16ccb7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Any interest in meeting at BOTW in Liberty Hill or at Bullet Hole in San Antonio? I'm thinking of renting a tactical bay for a shoot. Can't have too many people but if there's enough that want to go it might be fun!
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 945 ID: dc3131
Count me as tentative depending on date. I'm still getting my personal life unfucked ATM but I should be good to go in a month or two.
>> No. 958 ID: 1cd3fb
21st/22nd weekend sound good? Opening time Bullet Hole
>> No. 980 ID: 110acb
Probably not in, have stuff to do, but I'm always around the Austin area so just contact me if you are ever heading out to BOTW.
>> No. 1079 ID: bd5739
>MY opchan at the Bullet Hole
That sounds interesting though it seems like this all fell through which is too bad.
I'm going to be there probably the first weekend of August assuming my pay check is as big as I expect.
>> No. 1082 ID: 9cc472
I hear good things about BOTW, but I am broke as a mofo until mid August. PBEAR build, Vacation, booze, bitches, boolits...standard OPERATOR shit. Maybe in the future.

File 133266062547.jpg - (36.13KB , 390x459 , 1292211221053.jpg )
121 No. 121 ID: d57300 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
'Bout time we went out thar again with the OPERATORs and Assets.

I'd be bringing everything again and I bet it we plan it right I could invite a few CGN members, like the one with the fucking 1919 and shit.

I'm thinking sometime in the summer when everyone can make it, and not a day that someone fucks up their travel schedule.

Pic unrelated but probably good at catching attention. Plus I want sauce but I don't want to waste an /r/ thread.
57 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1050 ID: 8062b4

And no formal dress. It's fucking 40 out or something.
>> No. 1051 ID: a30fde

When I was picking up my pay I noticed she was #24 on the signup list, I hold a faint sliver of hope. Not much though, because she's actually good at the job so they'll probably bump her up.
>> No. 1058 ID: ad3afd
File 134246573442.jpg - (171.71KB , 1154x420 , wut.jpg )
Not going to be able to make it. Sudden family issues that require me to be a couple of hours away from Ottawa today and tomorrow.

Sorry guys, it seems like I'm destined to never make it to a shoot.
>> No. 1060 ID: 8062b4
Whelp ktrol, looks like it's going to be just us folks.

We'll set up another shoot for Jasta and the other dudes when it cools down, I guess.
>> No. 1061 ID: eaeb32

Yeah, sounds good to me, I'll shoot you an email tomorrow when I go to leave.

File 134204709443.jpg - (28.49KB , 351x304 , 19043_104061562949485_100000369253462_102728_22899.jpg )
999 No. 999 ID: ec87e7 hide watch quickreply [Reply]


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