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File 134133522650.jpg - (313.54KB , 1600x1200 , IMG_6667.jpg )
928 No. 928 ID: 4151ea hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So, I'm in Helsinki. Any of my fellow OPERATORS in the area? Last I recall we had a few Finns here.

Have some quad Vickers mounted on a Ford M40 truck.

Also, what the fuck does "hakkaa paalle" mean?
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>> No. 935 ID: b4b804
File 134134178540.jpg - (83.39KB , 768x576 , 3135152.jpg )
Well a Marttiini puukko would be a classic one but I don't think much of their quality.

For a heavy duty, purely utilitarian one I'd go with a "sissipuukko" Pic related.

Or Roselli made puukko, more traditional but should be of better quality than a Marttiini made one.
>> No. 936 ID: 4151ea
Also, meetup? Drinks or something (NSWGface.png)?
>> No. 937 ID: 63d5a1
File 134134689152.jpg - (109.48KB , 406x364 , 1340515599153.jpg )
Tempted to move this to /meet/.
>> No. 938 ID: 4151ea
I figured it would be more visible here. Also, I only just remembered /meet/ actually exists.
>> No. 939 ID: 63d5a1
File 134136323350.jpg - (424.97KB , 990x618 , deal with it pool.jpg )

File 134125194281.jpg - (61.78KB , 589x660 , Pwnocchio4fc84dff3a066.jpg )
919 No. 919 ID: 3d9375 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Just wondering if anyone else is going to be attending RTX this weekend.

File 133939274475.gif - (49.09KB , 396x270 , OldArizonaStateFlag.gif )
743 No. 743 ID: fc5f19 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Date: 30 June 2012
Time: ~0600?
Location: 33.287320, -111.261039 (Initial meetup point)

Same general area as last Queen Valley shoot.
Time is flexible if you guys don't feel like getting up at the ass-crack of dawn. I just picked 0600 because the heat's going to be a bitch later in the day.
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>> No. 748 ID: fc5f19
It's ConcernedCitizen, if that wasn't obvious already.
>> No. 749 ID: 0aa47e
File 133940207252.jpg - (161.82KB , 673x432 , 1320388360541.jpg )
either way, I've got nothing left but emergency ammo. No money, no license.

I'm sitting this one out.
>> No. 750 ID: fc5f19
Alright, hope to see you at the next one then.

(1 WEEK)
>> No. 754 ID: d5e5f1
Sebas, reporting ConcernedCitizen for "Shitposting and encouraging doxing" is the dumbest report I have ever received in my report box. CC can pretty much rape puppies in /t/ for all I care, given what the man has done for this community. Not only would I be mostly okay with him shitposting in your direction, there is the small fact that he was neither shit-posting or encouraging doxing, making your report both untrue, and a dumb idea.

You are banned. I've been as patient as a saint with you since we took over, in spite of many, many calls to just nix you outright, which frankly, given the rate at which stupid asinine shit seems to spew from your every orifice at every opportunity, I entirely understand.

This is your last warno ban. The next time you shit up my report-box, or otherwise make me spend more than fifteen seconds of my life dealing with you, I'm going to unilaterally ban you until kingdom come.
>> No. 774 ID: d5e5f1
Cleaned up and locked.

File 13390221279.jpg - (63.19KB , 515x350 , roadtrip.jpg )
708 No. 708 ID: e87589 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I'm out of state taking a college course up near Wichita, KS until June 15th. On the 16th; I'm driving back south through OK city and Wichita Falls, TX to Big Spring TX.

Any OPERATORS along the way want to get together for a quick range session, or bullshit over dinner?
>> No. 709 ID: 319d7f
Shit. I'd love too, but I'm all the way out in Texarkana.
>> No. 710 ID: 609d6f
Got a Cousin in Ft Worth, going through Paramedic training.
Maybe you'll run into him.

Names "Ryan".
>> No. 713 ID: e87589
On a related note; are there any good tittie bars in Wichita, KS? Some of the nurses and firemen want to get three sheets to the wind this weekend.

File 133584477696.jpg - (2.89MB , 2560x1600 , wallz2060_Arizona_flag.jpg )
398 No. 398 ID: 431003 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone interested in getting an Arizona shoot together in May?

If you want to go,

Email me:

Find me on Facebook:

Or find me (IHC) on IRC (I'm always on #/k/ and #Taclink)
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>> No. 541 ID: 609d6f
File 13382280489.jpg - (405.08KB , 1280x960 , Photo675.jpg )
A chunk of 3/8" steel that was supposedly AR500.

Something tells me it was just cold-rolled.
>> No. 543 ID: 166e91
File 133831705830.jpg - (970.24KB , 3264x1840 , IMAG0161.jpg )
Aww I fuckin missed it.
>> No. 545 ID: 2e55e4
File 133833727316.jpg - (1.15MB , 2592x1456 , 2012-05-27_13-45-51_194.jpg )
Fear not, dear Cable. Another one in July I believe?

Hmm... Independence Day shoot sounds good...

Well, you were the most prolific shooter there, so of course there would be more photos.
And besides, there's plenty of photos of me.

One thing I forgot, here's that steel plate after being hit with a few 5.45x39 bullets.
>> No. 546 ID: 609d6f
Those were my handloads, 5.56 55 grain soft points. The one I posted were the 5.45's.

I shot it first thinking they'd just splatter then we flipped it over and it got plang'd by the AK.
>> No. 681 ID: 617bd1
In my own personal testing the performance of slav surplus against mild steel is very good. 5.45 & 7.62x54R

I would not want to be in a light skinned vehicle with that shit incoming.

File 133111043716.gif - (28.05KB , 625x596 , florida-county-map.gif )
45 No. 45 ID: 8a1019 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey K so ive got me a few new long arms and want to do some distance practice, basically a .270 and a 300wmg i live in santa rosa county in the far northwest and was wondering if anyone knows where a good 600-1000 yard range is at that i can go for a day to do some precision shooting, don't know anyone who has a private range and dont want LE capping my ass for shooting in black water national forest. distance is no concern as it would be either done as a day trip or on weekends. any help appreciated.
>> No. 438 ID: 8a1019
welp bumping for any interest in a panhandle shoot got a few ranges here in Pensacola and beaches for folks to do outside the trip along with some decent clubs, am pretty much free all the time so hit me up.
>> No. 515 ID: 185761
The only range over 300yds open to the public in Florida supposedly...


I've never been myself but I probably will eventually.

File 133183995231.png - (331.26KB , 644x577 , Opchan shoot-float trip.png )
72 No. 72 ID: aaff85 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This is just in the planning stages, but would anyone be interested in a OpChan shoot/camp/float trip sometime this summer?

It's in southerm Missouri on the Black River, my cousin has a camp site out in the mountains that kind of over looks the river. I still have to make sure it's cool with him. Just wanting to see who'd be game.

Also, no cops please.
4 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 105 ID: d083ad

I've seen that picture at least a dozen times puruzing /meet/'s first page, and I just now realized there's a rifle in it.
>> No. 350 ID: aaff85
Hey Lulz, do you know if there are any other St. Louis area Operators? Perchaps we could turn this into a St. Louis shoot/meet/whatever.
>> No. 351 ID: c52779
I think there's one in the area. I think another in KC. Not too sure if they're still around, though.

Like said I ain't going to be around myself this summer.
>> No. 394 ID: aaff85
Well if I would make my way over to you before the summer, what would we do? It's not like we can go get a beer or anything. I'm open to suggestions though. Email in in the field if you want to get ahold of me..
>> No. 397 ID: c52779
Unfortunately after these finals are done I'm going to be quite busy trying to work things out before I ship off to work.

I'll shoot you an email though, if I have any spare time... but I have far too many projects already slated to take up plenty of time.

File 133409319535.png - (194.96KB , 1921x1283 , azflag.png )
302 No. 302 ID: fc5f19 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Date: 27 April 2012
Time: TBD ~0900?
Location: 33.276767, -111.276060 (Initial meetup point)

The area isn't an official range, but tons of people use it. It's out inna desert, so bring plenty of water and sunscreen. The way in is a dirt road, so use or get a ride from somebody who has a vehicle that can handle it.

All of this stuff is tenative right now, but I figured I may as well get a thread going.
47 posts and 16 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 386 ID: fc5f19
File 133567215768.jpg - (89.19KB , 728x1296 , Trayvontarget.jpg )
Yeah, you didn't know that? lol.

Myself, Trombley and AverageJoe.
>> No. 387 ID: fc5f19
File 133567220417.jpg - (95.65KB , 1296x728 , Flutterboom.jpg )
>> No. 390 ID: 609d6f
Wanted to go out, but have too much work.
Looks like youall had fun at least.
>> No. 391 ID: fc5f19
It's all good man.
We did have a blast, but I'd like to shoot with you again.
Which days normally work for you?
>> No. 392 ID: 609d6f

File 133273751193.jpg - (129.84KB , 960x720 , 397294_2755194732955_1650320509_2642919_374970141_.jpg )
128 No. 128 ID: aea0c9 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
this is a thread that will never ever take off
upper peninsula shoot
pic related
>> No. 336 ID: 0ba7d4
If only you would have caught me a month or so ago. I moved now, but shit, just go knock on your neighbors door and walk into the woods and shoot.
>> No. 343 ID: 8c9cd8
is that you, John?

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