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File 136730226233.jpg - (615.13KB , 1793x1124 , Austin-TX.jpg )
2518 No. 2518 ID: 2e023e
I know we've got at least a few OPERATORs behind enemy lines in the Austin Pocket with me. Why haven't we had a shoot since Tracer Tong left?
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>> No. 2522 ID: 09caf9
I don't live in Austin but I'll be there the weekend of July 5th for RTX. Last 2 years I had a hard time wading through all the bars that sell bud/miller light and other flavored piss to college kids while trying to find a place that sells a good dark beer. I won't have time for a shoot that weekend but if you want to grab a drink I'd be down.
If I remember correctly starduks/Txoperator is still in the area for the next few months, so there's at least one other in the area.
>> No. 2528 ID: c84eae
yo! i'll be in atx till the end of december. cliff what days exactly are you going to be in town?
>> No. 2530 ID: 39047a
Roughly the evening of July 5th through the afternoon of the 7th. There hasn't been an official schedule posted yet but going off of last year I expect to be in the convention center all day Saturday and Sunday save for lunch. However if you want to get together for some food or drink my evenings will be free.
>> No. 2542 ID: c84eae
email out
>> No. 2556 ID: 5adb5b
I'll be around then, I'm up for a meetup.

When ammo becomes possible to find I'd be up for a range day in liberty hill.
>> No. 2573 ID: 2e023e
Sounds like a plan. I'm sitting on about 900 rounds of 5.56 and enough buckshot to last me a while, but I need 9mm so I can actually practice with my carry gun goddamnit.
>> No. 2602 ID: 005da8
If Im not working I'm up for a bit o range time.
>> No. 2607 ID: 3d78ca
Hell. If we're looking at a weekend, I'm down. With the university being out of session for the summer, I'm looking at quite a bit of time off.
>> No. 2647 ID: 090c13
I'm always up for an opchan range day!
>> No. 2753 ID: df6df8
Range day in LH? So I wont even have to leave town to meetup? Let's do this.
>> No. 2757 ID: d15a75
File 137277529569.jpg - (78.07KB , 620x350 , rtx.jpg )
So this is the weekend. I'll be at the Austin convention center until around 5 or 6 and up for food and drinks thereafter on Friday and Saturday evening. Who wants to meet up and where?
>> No. 2759 ID: 5adb5b
I'm up for hanging out, send me a message if you have a plan.
>> No. 2938 ID: 861761
File 137711577763.jpg - (69.17KB , 816x612 , Durp.jpg )
CenTex shoot, at the Lonestar Range in Lockhart.

Either the 26th or 27th of August. (next thursday/friday)

Operators Welcome.

I'm bringing my Mak90, 10/22 takedown, 870, and PF9
>> No. 2939 ID: 2e023e
Aug 26/27 is Mon/Tues. Any chance to reschedule for a weekend?
>> No. 2940 ID: c574bd
I will be in Houston on the 4th of September, and moving to Austin within 3 months.

I hope your bodies are ready.
>> No. 2943 ID: 861761
I must be high!! (not really)

I meant the 27th/28th (Tuesday/Wednesday)

Reason for those days is they are my only days off from work, and I have a friend visiting, and I am taking him to the range (he owns a bunch of guns himself).
>> No. 2946 ID: d444df
Hoo boy, you'll be pretty close to the AZ rape train.

Maybe uh, maybe there should be another Danderdude Hog Shoot.
>> No. 2962 ID: 861761
Heading to the range this afternoon around 2-3pm. So far I have 4 people coming with me.

Mak90, 870, 10/22, pf9, wasr10/63, cetme, ar-15, ar-15, glock, xd, nugget, and mak90.

confirmed toys being brought to the range.
>> No. 2964 ID: 01d4e5
File 137778935758.jpg - (108.97KB , 960x720 , 1239554_414638158647036_1390002745_n.jpg )
Twas a good range day.

Sad none of the operators showed up.

Surplusoria and I shot with our friends instead.
>> No. 2965 ID: 01d4e5
File 137778938385.jpg - (90.95KB , 960x720 , 1170795_414638698646982_1169864478_n.jpg )
>> No. 2973 ID: 005da8
Mo pics mah nig? Post moar.
>> No. 2975 ID: f3095e
I am on the ground in Houston.
>> No. 2990 ID: 12fa69
I'd be down for driving south for a shoot in the near future. Hopefully when it ain't so goddamn hot.
>> No. 3002 ID: 861761

sounds like a plan
>> No. 3003 ID: f3095e
Paging Danderdude.

I'd really like to set up a shoot with the Austin/Houston/San Antonio triangle of OPERATORS soon, especially since weather will be cooling down shortly. Doesn't need to be a huge deal, but a decent range or piece of land where we could get together and meet up would be excellent.

I'll be heading up to Austin in a few weeks for a work thing, will advise when so if anyone wants to grab a drink we can go do so.

I'll also be in San Antonio in the next few weeks also.
>> No. 3006 ID: f3095e
Shoot is stickied in /t/, hope some people can make it!
>> No. 3245 ID: 8adf82
Anyone in the area want to do the local IDPA carbine matches?

>> No. 3247 ID: 861761
busy sunday :(
>> No. 3248 ID: 861761
File 138864072979.jpg - (62.42KB , 540x720 , 1554485_471256236318561_552978809_n.jpg )
Me at the new range in creedmoor
>> No. 3249 ID: 861761
File 138864074819.jpg - (81.72KB , 540x720 , 1488232_471256359651882_2134069812_n.jpg )
>> No. 3250 ID: 861761
File 138864075423.jpg - (75.62KB , 720x540 , 1504059_471257969651721_1882626802_n.jpg )
>> No. 3265 ID: f5a27c
Looks like a nice place. How's it compare to Lone Star?
>> No. 3272 ID: e365e5
From what I've heard, it's great, good long range, an "explosive" range, tannerite and old cars and whatnot.

Haven't been yet, technically, tried to go weekend before last, but they were closed, still building up it seems.
>> No. 3273 ID: 861761
The City of Creedmoor has obtained a temporary restraining order against The Shooting Ranch from operating until we have a hearing in District Court on Jan 23rd. Until then we will be closed. We will reopen very soon! Sorry for the inconvenience. Additionally if any friends of The Shooting Ranch would like to have their voice heard please attend the City of Creedmoor meeting on Thursday Jan 16th at 7pm. They will have an open forum for you to voice your opinion. Feel free to show up to support the 2nd Amendment.
>> No. 3427 ID: d5e5a4
Question for Austinbros:

What ranges in the Austin area allow automatics?
If indoor, do they allow rifle calibers?
What about steel cased ammo?
>> No. 3432 ID: 5adb5b
Didn't see this, I never check /meet/ anymore, probably call Best of the West, I know you won't be able to fire autos at Red's or Eagle Peak, Lone Star in Lockhart is also no autos IIRC.
>> No. 3435 ID: d5e5a4
Thanks for the info.

I'll call Best of the West and ask them.
>> No. 3436 ID: d5e5a4

Best of the West does allow autos in the tactical bays, but you have to qualify before they'll let you use them. Qualification is shooting at 250 yards.

Dang. Why does Austin suck when it comes to allowing automatics at their ranges? Almost every public indoor range in Houston allows automatics (some are pistol cartridge only, but almost all of the new ranges allow automatic rifles). Hell, most of them rent autos.
>> No. 3437 ID: 8e7819
Most of our ranges are outdoor and outside of the Austin area.
So liability of outdoor ranges...
We only really have a couple ranges in Austin and they're indoor. Basically the establishment of new ranges never happen in Austin because well it's Austin. It's a nice city and all but the politics are different from the rest of the state.

It used to be decent but it's getting worse with the incoming population of Californians.
>> No. 3968 ID: 5658ae
IDPA shoot on Sunday at CAPS Club
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