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File 133392422431.gif - (10.38KB , 390x265 , georgia-flag.gif )
288 No. 288 ID: b6f26a
Alrighty y'all, bout that time again. Let's plan out another shoot for some time in the near future. I'm good for most weekends when I'm not at drill.
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>> No. 300 ID: 1e65c6
File 133402388946.jpg - (68.91KB , 557x720 , chubaka nazi art_.jpg )
This is relivant to my interests.. Hopefully I can get this super shotgun built before the day of the shoot.

<<<<Pic not related but still cool though.
>> No. 303 ID: c445c1
I'd be down. Let's start working on a date. Preferably sometime not in the middle of summer...
>> No. 326 ID: 08bfd9
given about 2 weeks notice i can swing this. i will start loading 10mm.
>> No. 327 ID: c3e6b2
File 133477771990.jpg - (30.29KB , 394x388 , 1333208732828.jpg )
As long it's Sunday I am down for it.
>> No. 328 ID: 467d63
I might be in if I'm off, forced overtime is a bitch.
>> No. 403 ID: aaadae
How does memorial day weekend sound to you guys?
>> No. 421 ID: 486ec5
File 133609783830.gif - (2.22MB , 250x139 , slomokaratech.gif )
So May 27th (Sunday) I am down for it.
>> No. 425 ID: ccffbf
time off request is in.
>> No. 426 ID: 96db86
I'll mark mah calendar
>> No. 432 ID: 82b3a8
File 133652046934.jpg - (2.25MB , 1944x2592 , DSC04924.jpg )
I guess we'll do the usual arsenal check in to see if anything people would love to shoot (so we know to bring ammo for them)

I don't think there will be short for 5.56/.223 and 7.62x39 rifles. CZ-97 (.45ACP), H&K P7 (9mm, SIG 522 (.22lr) with EoTech and magnifier - if I haven't sold it by then) and of course it is not a range meet if nugget didn't show up. I will have plenty of 7.62x54r for your shoulder cracking pleasure.

Pic related - from last range meet. The high light was the Kel-Tec RFB (it was awesome)
>> No. 434 ID: d8f79c
I'll be bringing the SCAR, FNAR, FsN and maybe the Rhino if I have it by then.
>> No. 435 ID: c3e6b2
For some reason he can't post in here
"If I am off i will bring
Glock 29 10mm
Smith and Wesson 19 .357 Magnum
Sig P6 9mm
Bersa Thunder .380ACP
Raven P25 .25ACP
Marlin model 60 .22
And i will take my fathers Winchester model 94 out if someone wants to shoot it but I will leave it at home if no one is interested it is in mint condition and was one of his prized possessions
I also have a Winchester model 70 30-06 but the stock cracked the other day and I dont want to risk further damage."
>> No. 436 ID: f8b092
AMD 65, M4gery, YHM AR, Glock 26, Mossberg 590A1, and maybe the XM177 clone if my ploy works.
>> No. 439 ID: 4b693c
1) Saiga 12
2) 2 AR15s one being kinda retro, the other a CMMG piston version.
3) AR10 DPMS.
4) Springfield XDM .45acp.
5) Something special I have been working on.
>> No. 444 ID: 31dbc9
M&P Pro
Gen 4 Glock 17
2 AR's
1 CZ452 military trainer

I've had to downsize my collection to pay for classes and ammo.
>> No. 445 ID: 116397
what range is this going down? I might be home/in town around the throw down date.
>> No. 446 ID: 1dd081
Beaverdam WMA in Laurens county.
>> No. 451 ID: 79a8a1
File 133724967126.png - (426.15KB , 448x500 , Oblivion-Redguard.png )
Well gentlemen my boss being a dick has decided not to honor my time off request so I cannot attend this meet it makes me sad to no end but it would be entirely too transparent if I call out.
>> No. 457 ID: 0fe3d7
File 133732703272.jpg - (18.44KB , 280x350 , 6a011168476f8c970c0133f4d922bc970b-300wi.jpg )
Are we going to have steak after the meet like last time?

I'll be bring CZ-97B, nugget, AK (if is back from the gun smith), 18" AR-15
>> No. 458 ID: 8979d9
I dunno about the rest of 'em, but I planned on a good steak myself. I know people were pissed at Longhorn Steakhouse for adding the tip to the bill last time, but it seems that's standard practice with parties over 8 people.
>> No. 463 ID: 11c2c7
File 133737825844.jpg - (50.79KB , 500x333 , Happy dog.jpg )
I say mexican food at the special eatin spot next to where I can buy my favorite beer.
>> No. 464 ID: 8979d9
I can also dig this.
>> No. 477 ID: bc597d
Who was pissed about the tip? It is actually standard practice for party of 6 or more.
>> No. 487 ID: 8979d9
Some guy who doesn't eat with large groups much.
>> No. 493 ID: 31dbc9
What time do ya'll reckon we meet up? Do we figure on meetin' up at the range proper, or do we all meet up somewhere and then go as a group?
>> No. 494 ID: 4fa16b
Meetup as a group is the best option IMO. As those of you who came last time know, the range is a bit out of the way. I'd hate for anyone to get lost.
>> No. 497 ID: 31dbc9

I've got the coordinates for the range save in mah GPS, but the range is still a huge pain the ass to find. Where do you propose we meet up?
>> No. 500 ID: 226a73
Wal Mart is still the easiest place to find, I think, plus with so much parking space no one will call the cops if a few vehicles loiter there for awhile. Any other recommendations are welcome.
>> No. 501 ID: 31dbc9

If memory is serving me correctly, this was the Walmart we've used as a rally point.

2423 Us Highway 80 W
Dublin, GA 31021
>> No. 502 ID: ef626a
>> No. 504 ID: 226a73
What time do you guys want to meet?
>> No. 507 ID: 31dbc9

I'm down for whenever, so long as we set a time. I'll adjust accordingly.
>> No. 508 ID: c6ab4c
I'm thinking around noon to 1-ish, so everyone has time to get some lunch. No fun shooting on an empty stomach. We can plan to be out there for at least four hours (if the last two shoots were any indication), so we oughtta be good'n hawngry by the time we get back to town. We have a few options available to us for food, and there is a fuckawesome Mexican food place in Dublin if anyone's interested. Or we can do Longhorn, I'm down for whatever.
>> No. 510 ID: 31dbc9

Noon sounds good. Hopefully, I won't be put behind schedule with another drunken idiot on a 2-lane that had to be airlifted from the scene of the crash.
>> No. 520 ID: 218fb8
We're here in Dublin at Firehouse subs. We'll be in the Walmart parking lot on the far right side next to the gardening section in a green mini cooper at noon.
>> No. 536 ID: 41752c
How was it? I gave my boss the evil eye all day today.
>> No. 539 ID: c6ab4c
Pretty fun, actually. Unfortunately synonymous and mammoth couldn't make it, but white zombie, kommandgoat, stoplossed and a few lurkers had a good time. Hopefully we'll have a bigger turnout and a better time next go round. I vote we move the shoot to somewhere closer to ATL or Augusta next time, so the folks up that way don't have to ride so far.
>> No. 540 ID: 857541
Lurkers! Awwww new faces from the pictures looks like you guys had a lot of fun as usual.

I was looking over the GA WMA range the other day I noticed a lot more ranges are open now on Sunday.


> Cohutta WMA - Daily: Sunrise to sunset
> Wilson Shoals WMA - Sunday: 12pm-5pm
> Yuchi WMA - Tues-Sun: 10am-2pm
> West Point WMA - Sunday: 12pm to sunset
> Big Lazer WMA - Mon- Sun: sunrise to sunset
> Ocmulgee WMA - Sun: 1pm-6pm
> Cedar Creek WMA - Thurs-Sun (10am-6pm) Year-round (but has R.O.)
> Hannahatchee Creek WMA - Tues-Sun: sunrise to sunset
> Mayhaw WMA - Tues-Sun: sunrise to sunset
> Chickasawhatchee WMA - Sunday: 12pm-6pm
> Beaverdam WMA - Daily: Sunrise to sunset (we know this one)
> Big Hammock WMA - Daily: Sunrise to sunset
> Bullard Creek WMA - Daily: Sunrise to sunset
> Dixon Memorial WMA - Daily: Sunrise to sunset
> Richmond Hill WMA - Mar 16-Sep 15: 9am-8pm

When did all this happened? Now we have a lot more ranges to choose from.
>> No. 542 ID: 31dbc9

It was a blast. Fun was had by all. Missed Mammoth being there, along with that Alabama lurker who's still in Arizona. You all missed my hitting half-gallon sized containers with my pistols at 100 yards. Frankengun was spottin' for me. It took me around 3-4 shots per target to get my eye in and hit it. Good times, yo. Was kinda wishin' we had a shorty nugget there for the OH GAWD THE BLAST factor, though that RFB that was brought went a long way towards makin' up for it.
>> No. 544 ID: eb87f8
Wish I coulda made it back in time. Shitty florida weather combined with holiday travelers had every single flight overbooked until Monday morning when we were finally able to get out of there.

>> No. 547 ID: 6dc03e
That was a pretty good shoot. My new scope worked as I had hoped and the masterkey/''300meter shotgun LOL'' worked also. The big drag about the whole thing as Mammoth didn't show up with a nugget.
>> No. 550 ID: eb87f8
We need to do another one September-ish once it cools off a bit.
>> No. 554 ID: 7a8c37
I'd be down.
>> No. 784 ID: 535ec7
Me too, I hope I won't be under the weather this time :(
>> No. 829 ID: 185761
I would like it known that I will be trying to plan and save funds to be able to drive up from America's Dick to engage in a September GA shoot. Depending on when it is and what day of the week.
>> No. 1208 ID: a3545e
To whom it may concern, I found a 500 yard shooting range on ''PRIVATE'' land. Which means no WMA bullshit. Also with steel pop-up targets. Free of charge for one day. Its located in Twiggs county.
>> No. 1246 ID: 01b9fb
File 134421324853.jpg - (100.47KB , 900x1200 , 133830588523.jpg )

When do we leave?!?!?!?
>> No. 1247 ID: 49d12e
That's a seriously adorable picture.
>> No. 1252 ID: 185761
I am def down to make my way up to join in on your fun if the next GA shoot is in like late September/early October I'll have all my new goodies to play with by then hopefully.
>> No. 1253 ID: 8b603c

That's more or less the plan to have the next one when it isn't hot as satan's ballsack outside.
>> No. 1286 ID: 7bcb9d
Ok for seriousnessly when the fuck are we going to shoot again?
>> No. 1288 ID: fd1934

Pretty much any weekend in September or October will work for me. How about we tentatively plan somewhere in the last week of september, first week of october to give people time to check their schedules?
>> No. 1319 ID: fb132a
I'll be at the Eastmans gun show at the coliseum in Macon this evening and tomorrow if anybody wants to chill and piss off some stall owners by finger fucking everything.
>> No. 1336 ID: c3e6b2
File 134755562080.gif - (2.00MB , 400x348 , 1333209262183.gif )
SHIT it's September isn't it?

> To whom it may concern, I found a 500 yard shooting range on ''PRIVATE'' land.

Well are we going to that one? And bring your suppressor(s) I want to see (more like hear) how they work.
>> No. 1573 ID: f1a6db
>> No. 1574 ID: ffba8d
I may be able to get involved in the next one.
Might end up living somewhere in Kennesaw.
>> No. 1575 ID: f1a6db

Oh rry? I used to live up there for a couple years.
>> No. 1576 ID: ffba8d
How was it?
>> No. 1577 ID: f1a6db

It's aight so long as you don't live near KSU. Tons of traffic in that general area, especially on Chastain and Barrett. Kennesaw as a whole is growing up rather quickly. Used to be nothing but the school and Barrett Parkway up there and trees and farmland past that. Now there are little developments popping up all over. It probably has about 5-10 more years before it's just as crowded as places closer to the perimeter.

Plus it holds the distinguished honor of requiring every household to own a firearm (though it isn't really enforced).
>> No. 1604 ID: 3854c8
File 135252711422.jpg - (129.99KB , 748x671 , kennesawcommand.jpg )
kennesaw feels like its waiting for the apocalypse

all in all it is a pretty strait area with 'plenty' to do

just watch out for all the college fodder cause those girls will get you in trouble

and do be mindful of the school hours like he said, not to mention anywhere around 75 between 4-7 as traffic will cripple you

i found the best part of kennesaw being that if you go north you GTFO real quick and can enjoy nature but in the same amount of time be in ATL goin south

if you ever fancy a drink come see me at Marietta Sports Bar and Grill (formally Marietta Billiards) on Roswell Road
>> No. 1611 ID: a483ea

Is that the place behind Psycho Tattoo?
>> No. 1614 ID: 467d63
So when can we get this shit together and plan another Georgia shoot? Seeing as how I have two decent cars and plenty of guns to contribute I would love to show up to the next one.

>> No. 1628 ID: 394c39
Bring the AR500 plate for more testing
>> No. 1629 ID: 8bbc5c
CORRECTION! FIRST weekend, that is 1st and 2nd of December.
>> No. 1630 ID: 8cfc76
So, I'm in Tallahassee, FL.
I *can* drive, but I'm wanting to possibly carpool. All I need is someone within ~100 miles of tally, that will let me leave a car there, and won't rape me. I'll pitch in gas jewgolds.
>> No. 1631 ID: 467d63
Fucking hell, I will be in Jacksonville on the 1st and 2nd and in the Bahamas for the next week after that, fuck you vacation.
>> No. 1632 ID: ffba8d
I may be down in GA helping someone move.

But I don't know if time will permit me to meet up with anyone.
>> No. 1633 ID: 1130dd
id be down for that. duval county here.
>> No. 1634 ID: 1130dd
youd probably want to leave your car in lake city though. i think there's a walmart, or maybe at the boatdock near the wma range entrance.
>> No. 1635 ID: 8cfc76
Email me. You can park your truck at my place in tallynasty, and as long as gas is split (and you toss me a pack of smokes) I'm groovy. It's 200 miles one way from me, so, you're on the spot for 10 gallons of gas from my place. Don't be rapey
>> No. 1639 ID: aa16e9
So, logistics question.

I assume we're invading a barn / camping to crash the night, right? I'm at the 'were is I gonna sleep / what am I gonna eat' logistics stage, huehue
>> No. 1642 ID: 1130dd
1130dd officially calling shotgun.
>> No. 1644 ID: 3dd6e3
Alright, retro brings up some good questions.

As much as I hate to say it, my house will be off limits for this, partly because I hate strangers in my house (haven't met any of you guys IRL, so...), partly because it's a tiny ass house with very little parking, and partly because I'll have stoplossed and another bro of mine there already.

I would suggest those of you coming from Florida gangbang a hotel room for cheap in Dublin, GA, if you plan on not driving 10+ hours straight to the shoot and want to sleep first, or finding a suitable campground nearby. The details on the range aren't up yet, will have stoplossed brief us in this thread.
>> No. 1646 ID: a483ea
File 135317897110.gif - (494.21KB , 170x231 , 1134445422347.gif )

So December 8-9? Awesome. I'll be back from Texas by then. Was talking with Mammoth today and he said it was the first weekend in December and I was very sad panda. Now I am not! Happy panda!
>> No. 1647 ID: 2c3008
Hmm, I'll delete that comment in case anyone else gets confused. It's Dec 1-2, I have drill on the second weekend.
>> No. 1648 ID: 2c3008
We can push it to the third weekend, or if the majority of y'all want it on the second I'll either not be able to make it or will be late.
>> No. 1650 ID: b4b692
k so im drunk at the moment so pease dont bith about my spelling. Her's an update on things at the moemnt . I called a gy that knows the guy that own s the reange and se said that the chan t get al hold of the gy and the thinks the dude chtnded is nomber. so eh will rty again later. sory guys i will get batk thyou olater
>> No. 1651 ID: ffba8d
>> No. 1652 ID: aa16e9
So he changed his # and looks like a bitch? Hmmm
You suck more dick then bucky, that is all
>> No. 1653 ID: b4b692
Ok I'm back. I called the guy that knows the guy who owns the range. He said he cant get a hold of him. He thinks the dude changed his number. He will try to get a hold of him another way. Its still in the works.
>> No. 1655 ID: 112cdd
Looks like the private range is a wash.

Any other ideas?
>> No. 1656 ID: b4b692
I'm going to try SGT Madsen. Its been a while since I talked to him but I like to think we are on cool enough terms to ask him.
>> No. 1660 ID: aa16e9
Otherwise, you could come to tallahassee, and we can have a shoot down here. Would have to see if I can rent out a bay at a local range, or just go inna woods and shoot legally.
>> No. 1663 ID: 9931f0
Kinda defeats the purpose of a GA operator's shoot though.
>> No. 1668 ID: aa16e9
Eh, kinda, but it's close enough, 20 minutes to the border, 70 minutes to the range. Have a weekend of camping and shooting. Options are always available
>> No. 1677 ID: b8145d
Well Tallahassee is a 6+ hour drive for 90% of GA operators.

fuck, Dublin is a 2-3 hour drive for 80% of them.
>> No. 1679 ID: 636d5b
SGT Madsen is a no-go. Im trying to get the hook up on a 300 yard range in Dublin. I would rather go to a range in north GA. I will see what I can do. Also, it would be nice if some of you fag-gits would try to find something too.
>> No. 1680 ID: 31dbc9

On it. Will advise when I actually have some concrete results.
>> No. 1692 ID: d102d7
Any word brother?
>> No. 1698 ID: 31dbc9
None so far. Other than some OpChanners in that area, I've no contacts to speak of. Been busy and working from scratch sucks.
>> No. 1700 ID: d102d7
I understand and appreciate you.
>> No. 1704 ID: ffba8d
Driving to Kennesaw tomorrow.
Don't shoot the Black Charger if you see it.
>> No. 1706 ID: 30d3db
Cool how long are you staying in Kennesaw? Take you to Tilted Kilts for drinks.

Worse case we can meet at the Beaverdam WMA, the 3 times I've been there it's been empty or we scare away people who showed up.
>> No. 1720 ID: ffba8d
Let it be known, Kennesaw is officially a spot I can be caught roaming every few months or so.
>> No. 1722 ID: 31dbc9

Ah shit, son.
>> No. 1765 ID: a483ea

Feel free to shoot me or mammoth a note whenever you're in town, always a pleasure to hang out with opbros.
>> No. 1784 ID: 037398
File 135497688170.jpg - (221.54KB , 1024x683 , adventure.jpg )
Did someone say Kennesaw? I ramble them streets every other day in search for delicious foods and such.
>> No. 1785 ID: 037398

>> No. 1786 ID: a483ea

>delicious foods

The fuck are you doing in Kennesaw, then? The only delicious foods there are college girls. Oh, I get it.


I've wanted to go there for a while. My lack of long-range skills and the two-hour drive kinda put me off of it, though.
>> No. 1788 ID: 30d3db
Only 2 hr drive better than 3 hr to Beaverdam range. I am down for it.
>> No. 1798 ID: d102d7
>> No. 1811 ID: a483ea

Maybe get a few bros together to take whatever class it is that he puts on. I think it's like $100 and takes about 3 hours' time. Could make for a fun morning/afternoon.
>> No. 1812 ID: a483ea
One last thing. He is closed on Sunday so it would need to be a weekday or Saturday that we go down there.
>> No. 1813 ID: 4a3917
File 135546131265.jpg - (76.71KB , 546x640 , Dick knob.jpg )
Not a bad idea. No knowledge is useless.

Pic related. More knowledge....
>> No. 1839 ID: ffba8d
Well when I'm done fucking kitchens up like a boss.
I'll be down if you guys can get the date set up, and possibly ride with or take someone with.

Just so long as they're good at nav shit.
Because fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffucking driving.
>> No. 2099 ID: 4e43c1
so whats the deal with this shoot? It already happen?
>> No. 2102 ID: c3e6b2
Sandy Hook/Panic buy/cold weather happened :(
>> No. 2105 ID: 31dbc9

Pretty much. Mostly the panic buying and lack of gainful employment for me, though.
>> No. 2116 ID: 8abcec
File 136053955074.jpg - (781.42KB , 2592x1944 , muh PTR + SIG.jpg )
I'm not happy with the Sandy Hook aftermath, but I am happy this is postponed. I only have these to shoot and I don't have a single round of .308 to feed the beast. And I'll have some time to settle into the area.
>> No. 2129 ID: c3e6b2
File 136078528748.jpg - (20.04KB , 700x379 , acfebb.jpg )
I saw some .308 battle pack (green package) ammo 200 round for $139 let me know if you want me to pick some up for you.
>> No. 2137 ID: a483ea

Which stuff is it?
>> No. 2143 ID: a79c2b
Not sure exactly but they have a few bags over at GA Firing Line, I'll go check for you tomorrow when I pick up the shotgun.
>> No. 2145 ID: 31dbc9
Reminds me of the 200 round South African battle packs. Decent plinking ammo, though the brass is kinda brittle and none too reload friendly. I like West German DAG ammo better.
>> No. 2174 ID: 8abcec
I'm thinking about it. I wouldn't be able to get up there until the end of March or beginning of April, even though I'm trying to leave sooner.

Would you be okay holding onto it for that long?
Depending on my finances at the time, I might have to pay you in two installments, though I'm fairly sure I'd be able to afford it in one go.

200 rounds sounds like a good number to get acquainted with a new rifle. Hopefully I can find a job up there and increase that number significantly.
>> No. 2175 ID: 8edebf
>cold weather
>at least 3 days every week of "winter" with highs in the 60s

sorry we can't have vietnam-level heat and humidity 100% of the year instead of just 70%.
>> No. 2210 ID: 6c92c9
I'll go pick up a pack for you and hold it will we have the range meet, worry about the money then.
>> No. 2230 ID: 8abcec
File 136150733893.gif - (84.53KB , 375x375 , yay!.gif )
You're awesome. I'm paying extra for your generosity.
>> No. 2234 ID: 6c92c9
File 136151636583.jpg - (153.33KB , 741x960 , 1361499459904.jpg )
>> No. 2246 ID: c3e6b2
File 136163845622.jpg - (3.69MB , 626x15852 , 5663137_700b.jpg )
FUCK! I went back to the gun store... all gone, all fucking gone. I'll keep checking there and grab a pack for you... meanwhile enjoy this life hack picture.
>> No. 2278 ID: 8abcec
File 136191232669.jpg - (868.50KB , 1600x1043 , 135055833388.jpg )
No worries, man. You don't need to do anything. I feel uncomfortable when people spend money on me anyway, even if I'm paying it back.

I thank you for being a generous bro. Here's an adorable little girl with a big rifle.
>> No. 2288 ID: ffba8d
That is without a doubt one of the most useful images I've ever seen on the internet.
>> No. 2290 ID: ffba8d
Alright seriously this should be in the life tips thread.

And there needs to be more of them.
>> No. 2373 ID: 7a2cf3
File 136408266267.gif - (1.36MB , 240x180 , 136392491841.gif )
> Tim-O sent me XM193 ammo for AR500 plate testing
> weather is getting warmer
> scare for AWB is lower now
> Stoplossed's paperwork came in for AR-45

Should we start talks about GA OpChan Range meet again
>> No. 2390 ID: ffba8d
I still want to know what the question mark rounds were.
>> No. 2393 ID: fd5b33
File 136444558861.jpg - (71.13KB , 640x480 , AR45.jpg )
I had this one idea about floating down a river in a canoe while drunk and shooting(with suppressors) wild pigs on the banks drinking water in July. Yeah do that for about 100 miles. Not sure if its completely legal but is any body up for it?
>> No. 2397 ID: a388fe
I love canoeing and I love hunting boar. If isn't too illegal, count me in.

Though, I don't have a suppressor and I wonder if I could shoot a PTR out of a canoe comfortably. I don't want to drown a $1000 rifle.

Are you guys also having a problem with the boar population in Georgia?
>> No. 2410 ID: df3aef
water doesnt hurt guns and $1000 is not a lot for a rifle
>> No. 2411 ID: a388fe
It is when you're unemployed. And I'm not worried about water damaging the gun (even though I wouldn't want to get the wood wet, it's a beautiful stock). I know how to protect metal from the elements.
I'm worried about having to fish it out of the water because I'm not used to wielding something so large on a small boat. I'm a pretty small guy.

If I do this, I'll probably pick up a slug gun or a Nugget. Probably the slug gun, I have more experience with a 12 gauge than I do with rifles. Also because I can't find Nuggets anywhere.
>> No. 2484 ID: df3aef
this should have happened this weekend, the weather is great.
>> No. 2498 ID: c3e6b2
File 136675131456.jpg - (27.66KB , 400x250 , 88I9_pollen.jpg )
GODDMAN POLLEN COUNT!!! If I stay outside too long I'll start tearing like a little girl.
>> No. 2499 ID: 31dbc9
Claritin Redi-tabs are your friend.
>> No. 2577 ID: 920720
Impromptu shoot at the Beaverdam WMA this weekend in Laurens county if anyone's interested in showing up. We'll be doing science as well.
>> No. 2583 ID: 31dbc9

What day?
>> No. 2584 ID: 868536
Looking like Saturday.
>> No. 2673 ID: 158907
I just got moved to Ft. Benning, if anything goes down in this area I would probably show up. I'll have a car in a month or two.
>> No. 2675 ID: b16bb2
We we go to Beaver Dam to shoot it's about 2:40 drive for you too just direct across to the east.
>> No. 2954 ID: 433b30
File 137746200927.jpg - (551.55KB , 1383x1037 , IMG_0198.jpg )
We need to schedule another range day. September's fucked for me, though. Will be in Ft. Stupid.
>> No. 2957 ID: 1956a2
File 137748619858.jpg - (36.58KB , 720x960 , Target.jpg )
Early October? I am itching to go shooting. AirCav's AK will have to be test it indoor. I can't drag his AK out till October. I hope I get my Khyber Pass AK receiver in in Sept. and build it and test fire it at the range meet.

I was cleaning out the closet and found Cartman. We'll be shooting him.
>> No. 3015 ID: e914df
File 138051394875.jpg - (493.71KB , 1944x2592 , IMG_20130930_000049.jpg )
BUMP for October also I found more target while cleaning up my kids' room.
>> No. 3018 ID: 52ed4a
This is becoming relevant to my interests.
>> No. 3019 ID: c3e6b2
File 138098365586.jpg - (57.73KB , 604x453 , tannteite.jpg )
Stuff them with some tannerite
>> No. 3031 ID: 0906c4
Get us a sold date and I'll see if I can make it, provide I'm not moving or at drill that weekend
>> No. 3082 ID: c297d2
So is this happening some time soon? I'm pretty much free whenever.
>> No. 3083 ID: c3e6b2
I can't do Saturday and 27th of October (Halloween party)
>> No. 3089 ID: ee333d
I've got word on a camper on PRIVATE land (just south of Macon)that we can fill with 25+ lbs of Tannerite and shoot. Alcohol and pharmaceuticals are also welcome. I'll check more into it if anyone is interested.
>> No. 3090 ID: ebcfe0
This sounded fucking amazing.

(just south of Macon)
Fuck I'd go down there, might bring TIGL with me if I get to be around when a camper is blown the fuck up.
>> No. 3091 ID: ae14b1
So "entry fee" is tannerite do they still sell those? I thought a lot of gun stores stop selling them because hurr hurr durr ATF explosives.
>> No. 3093 ID: c297d2
I'm down.

How long of a range?
>> No. 3094 ID: ee333d
More than 200 yards, that I know. I'm still inquiring about setting it up.
>> No. 3095 ID: a28f92
File 138223497823.jpg - (69.08KB , 640x429 , 88.jpg )
You guys bring the 9mm and I will bring pic related.
>> No. 3097 ID: ae14b1

> $170 for 20lb
>> No. 3098 ID: ee333d
File 138228577759.jpg - (360.92KB , 1600x1200 , IMGP1289.jpg )
I say we buy it in bulk like that and we split the cost 5+ however many ways amongst the operators that show up. Hell lets make it 40 lbs. What do ya say?

>>3095 Consider it a deal only if you buy the .45 ammo you shoot through my ''Urban Survival Rifle'' (it likes Fiocchi and S&B). Non NFA is a free for all.
>> No. 3105 ID: 52d04a
so... when?
>> No. 3107 ID: ee333d
File 13830091019.gif - (49.79KB , 355x479 , mickey mouse invasion.gif )
Bad news and some good news guys. Being that the camper belongs to a simple country dwelling type of man of whom dwells in the midst of other country dwelling folk, we will not be able to blow up the aforementioned camper at this time.... Its fucking hunting season and they aint about that sort of shit at this time.

Good news is...

Its not cancelled and the exploding camper shoot peaks the owner's interest for sure. He said get back with him after deer season closes and the location will be at a farm with at minimum of 700 meters of shooting range to stretch our legs.
>> No. 3109 ID: 99555b
>hurr muh durrs

i don't know that i'd be comfortable with fudds of this caliber near me operating firearms...
>> No. 3116 ID: ea2c7d
really? because he doesnt want a bunch of anonymous nerds and gun nuts setting off explosions on his property to scare off all the fucking deer? id be more worried about being around YOU ya fuckin loon
>> No. 3118 ID: 99555b
Scaring the deer off? Are you really this stupid?
>> No. 3120 ID: adf191
File 138394533048.jpg - (39.99KB , 530x421 , stupidassdeer.jpg )
Thousands of gunshots and 40 lbs of tannerite blowing up is some pretty scary stuff man. Especially if you're vegan and have a single digit IQ. Just sayin...
>> No. 3121 ID: 99555b
>Especially if you're vegan and have a single digit IQ. Just sayin...

And let's not forget a memory span of about 5 minutes... Where are the fucking things going to go?

Come on, I know you are a fucking redneck, but use some common sense. I shoot rifles in my back yard regularly in my back yard yet i will see deer in my field no less than once per week. They don't fucking go anywhere for long.
>> No. 3122 ID: adf191
File 138400773834.jpg - (26.15KB , 391x344 , Dumbass.jpg )
>>I know you are a fucking redneck, but use some common sense.

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. I haven't laughed like that since I was a little girl. Seriously you DONT want to get me started.
>> No. 3142 ID: a6f12a
watch out, its the north american steven irwin over here
>> No. 3158 ID: 99555b
Watch out we got a basement dweller who's never seen a deer that wasn't on a computer screen over here
>> No. 3354 ID: c3e6b2
File 139646434378.png - (51.77KB , 643x571 , Hunting Season.png )
So are we waiting for turkey season to be over too?
> 3/22 ~ 5/15
>> No. 3355 ID: 98e826
File 139663055548.png - (335.69KB , 595x541 , pubicHare.png )
Oh shit! I lost track of time. I will bring it up the next time I see the guy.
>> No. 3377 ID: c3e6b2
File 139914965528.jpg - (2.03MB , 2592x1944 , DSC05653.jpg )
What if we fill this bad boy up with tannerite?
>> No. 3430 ID: 3854c8
bump for great justice
>> No. 3431 ID: dccacd
File 140353362123.jpg - (1.76MB , 2592x1944 , GOPR0001 (2).jpg )
I'm in the Valdosta/Remerton area. The only range worth something is Olympia bend. Me and some folks from my work are going down there next weekend 28-29 June. The place has steel targets up to 500 yds and so does the pistol range. If anyone is interested just give me a ring.
>> No. 3464 ID: 9dee3b
File 140976716194.jpg - (27.38KB , 500x500 , 0007023001669_500X500.jpg )
>not 35lb box
>> No. 3469 ID: c3e6b2
/k/inder has a range meet on the 20th of September

>> No. 3470 ID: 5f37cf
File 141031212562.jpg - (20.25KB , 600x800 , markings-23.jpg )

You gonna be there, Mammothbro?
>> No. 3473 ID: 06ae7b
File 141056820588.jpg - (1.07MB , 2313x1091 , AUG.jpg )
Yup I am going, cleared it with work, I think Frankengun and Stoplossed are going too as long as Frankengun's doctor say he is healthy.
>> No. 3474 ID: 5f37cf

Cool, me too. At this rate I think we might run out of benches..
>> No. 3482 ID: c3e6b2
File 141106856249.jpg - (65.64KB , 504x502 , 634277874_o.jpg )
I can finally use Cartman as a target. I was thinking putting a tannerite in it as a surprise then get kick out of the range.
>> No. 3483 ID: 5f37cf

Haha, just go into Oconee forest for the explodey stuff. Kinder Ln goes right into and is literally across the road from the range.
>> No. 3484 ID: 06ae7b
If you guys know secret shooting range that's near by that's fun allow maybe we can migrate after meeting up at the Cedar Creek.
>> No. 3485 ID: 5f37cf

That would be cool cause I don't think the range allows funs with a giggle switch
>> No. 3486 ID: 7d8bca
Ate supper with stoplossed and mammoth at Longhorn. Was a decent shoot, but I think I'm gonna stick with operatorchan members from now on... some seriously weird motherfuckers out there today.
>> No. 3487 ID: 5f37cf

It was a pleasure to meet and shoot with you three.
>> No. 3488 ID: 06ae7b
File 141125996321.jpg - (819.48KB , 1944x2592 , Sako.jpg )
I like the Dudley Brother shooting airsoft the best

razor your Sako.... HNNNNNNNNUGGGGG!!!! For noob like me, I was getting this kind of grouping.
>> No. 3489 ID: 06ae7b
File 141126002380.jpg - (1.70MB , 1944x2592 , IMG_20140920_132629.jpg )
Here is Stoplossed getting a lube/burnt powder facial from the Hi-Power carbine.
>> No. 3490 ID: 5f37cf
File 141126064978.jpg - (1.47MB , 2048x1536 , IMG_0210.jpg )
My best grouping of the day was .65 CtC... eh. I've done better.
Only shot about 25 rounds though.
>> No. 3491 ID: 06ae7b
File 141127349580.jpg - (203.34KB , 1006x2202 , 1411271614611.jpg )
>> No. 3492 ID: 5f37cf

Even though I didn't eat one I still hate you.
>> No. 3493 ID: 06ae7b
Did you see the rest of the thread?
>> No. 3494 ID: 5f37cf

Yes I did.
>> No. 3503 ID: c3e6b2
Didn't get to shoot my shotgun at the range meet :(
>> No. 3559 ID: 5f37cf
File 141601812437.jpg - (216.38KB , 768x1156 , 1409822945_foxsvir_dsc03503.jpg )
Can we set up another Georgia meet? Preferably Opchan only and on private land. Who's got some acreage? Early December would be cool I think.
>> No. 3571 ID: c3e6b2
razor you will have to understand GA OPERATORs are terrible of picking a date for a meet, I think is because everyone just too polite. But if someone pick a date most of us will try to make it.
>> No. 3575 ID: c67706
Looks like it'll be at Charlie Elliott WMA the morning of 12/20. Be there or be trapezoidal.
>> No. 3576 ID: c67706
*Except for Flandre. He can just be a trap.
>> No. 3580 ID: c3e6b2
File 141842762913.jpg - (189.57KB , 663x566 , FIRE.jpg )
I looked up Charlie Elliott WMA... oh boy. OpChan set that range on fire I think where I circled is where the fire was. Stoplossed can verify that.
>> No. 3589 ID: c67706
File 14189199046.jpg - (129.97KB , 1152x768 , img_8815.jpg )
Daily GA meet bump.

When: This Saturday, Late Morning
Where: Charlie Elliott WMA range
Cost: $6 for three day pass, $22 yearly pass
Who: You

Don't set the range on fire with tracers this time you chucklefucks.
>> No. 3606 ID: 5b964e
Ok. Rally the troops and stand at the ready. We have a camper trailer to blow up. Anyone interested needs to bring some tannerite. We are looking to use over 30lbs worth.
>> No. 3616 ID: c3e6b2
Can I just bring/send money and someone order the tannerite? Also let me spread the word to other GA Operators
>> No. 3621 ID: c67706
File 141974300768.jpg - (79.56KB , 629x619 , 1413072576733.jpg )
Snap. When and where?
>> No. 3622 ID: f1d6de

<_< hey anon, that wouldn't happen to be afghan 13(ish) would it? If so were you part of the K or B team?
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