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File 138112456261.jpg - (44.49KB , 800x533 , California-Commiefornia-State-Flag-Unarmed-Bear.jpg )
3023 No. 3023 ID: 585821
PRK OPERATORs, please report in. I know we live in a shitty state with shitty regs, but there are still probably a lot of us. Just curious to know who's around my AO.

It's a big state, so I figure we can kinda post general geographical area, such as Southern California/Northern California, or major metro areas such as LA, SF, SJ, SD, etc. Then, perhaps we can organize some shoots/meets and to collectively bitch and complain about how much Sacramento tries to fuck us every year.
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>> No. 3024 ID: 585821
I'm personally in the LA AO; specifically Santa Monica.
>> No. 3025 ID: 2980e3
I'm in LA as well, would be very down to go to an LA area, [or even Ventura area] shoot. Ive got the guns, the problem is ammo for the time being. But I could definitely get some if given some time.
>> No. 3026 ID: 7e23db
San Diego here, guns and ammo.
>> No. 3077 ID: f37cb4
San Diego reporting in
>> No. 3086 ID: 585821
Planning on going to the Prado IDPA match in Chino this Saturday if anyone's interested.
>> No. 3102 ID: 3ff87e
Los angeles area, hunington park
>> No. 3152 ID: 0b0b64
San Luis Obispo reporting in
>> No. 3200 ID: 2c18a1
Huntington Beach reporting in.
>> No. 3223 ID: c799d6
I'm down in santa monica right now, no specific plan or agenda.
>> No. 3235 ID: d2bb3a
South Bay area..
All I have is an old ass J.C Higgins 12 gauge cut down to 18'' with an adjustable choke on it.
But, if anyone wants to meet up and just blast some shit, I'm in.

I always like busting clays, buy a couple boxes of Target loads and a few boxes of clays at the good old WalMart and have fun all day.
>> No. 3242 ID: 789726
Ventura here, I usually only go when they have the $2 lane fees at Island view. Piru is too far and I always regret shooting so much 5.56 there.
>> No. 3513 ID: 600bb0
Long Beach area here
>> No. 3531 ID: 554b24
Inland Empire here, usually go to Raahauges or Lake Matthews blm land
>> No. 3588 ID: d4df2e
South bay area.

Sunnyvale Rod and Gun.
>> No. 3591 ID: b92916
This is me.
Guess nobody ever wanted to shoot skeet.
Going to start an ar build soon.
>> No. 3640 ID: 310217
the hard streets of irvine standing by
>> No. 3676 ID: b51060
I'm headed to Wes Thompson's rifle range in Piru this weekend (3/21) If anyone's interested.

$15 shoot all day they supply the targets. No magnetic ammo, theres no food or drink there, but its got a decent pistol gallery of steel targets.
>> No. 3704 ID: 5783a6
Chico reporting in. The clay pits are horrible and awesome at the same time.
>> No. 3707 ID: 497e13
I'm in Temecula.
>> No. 3884 ID: 5c387d
4/k/ is planning a BLM meet up at Panoche Hills that'll happen sometime this winter.
>> No. 3932 ID: 43be62
I'm just off of culver. Should meet up
>> No. 3947 ID: 918481
Sacramento reporting in, i'd love to do a shoot near here.
>> No. 3952 ID: 465a11
File 144952001892.jpg - (13.35KB , 460x460 , Kalifornia.jpg )
>> No. 3953 ID: c7fc1a
File 145049354329.png - (218.61KB , 611x410 , Screen-shot-2013-10-09-at-5_16_40-PM.png )
Sherman Oaks here. This is my favorite spot.

34.688091, -116.918747

This is a great BLM area for shooting and general grabassery. On the other side of the 247 is a popular rock climbing spot, sawtooth canyon/new jack city, with free camping sites: clean vault toilets, bbq, shaded picnic tables, and tons of metamorphic basalt. Absolutely not OK to shoot here, but we always head down the 4wd road near ^coordinates and shoot at shit. The roads are mostly well-graded and go all over for miles of mojave high desert.

Closest gas and groceries would be all the way in Barstow or Apple valley, but there's a decent bar midway between new jack and barstow, circle x or something like that.

No water.

3-4k feet, so pretty cold and the wind can be comically intense in the afternoons and early evenings. Similar weather to Joshua Tree, but more arid.

There are weird 'compounds' in the area that have fired upon climbers that have inadvertently trespassed into the area.

Don't shoot, or otherwise harm the joshua trees. They are a protected species.

Rascalsnakes, cholla, whiskey tangos, and all the other standard Mojave hazards.

As far as I can tell, shooting coyote and jackrabbits are probably ok. You can

Poor cell reception, but you can get a signal sometimes. If you shoot yourself, expect a long ride to the hospital or a medevac.
>> No. 3966 ID: 8ff5ba
File 145154853175.jpg - (180.53KB , 590x722 , enhanced-buzz-26790-1369318854-6.jpg )
>literal Warrantless gun confiscation enacted into law in California

In California you are our outnumbered and the majority is brainwashed into thinking that anyone who owns a gun is mentally ill. Your vote does not matter in California. When the cops roll up to your house to take your AK and your AR15 they will shoot your dog, shoot you, take your guns, the news will run a story of a right wing libretarian gun nut getting into a shooting with police and loosing, your neighboors will say, "Oh, he was too quiet, I'm not surprised he was a crazy gun liking person." Your life does matter in California.
Migrate to Washington or Oregon. To Cascadia. Cascadia was a strong culture of individual rights, a "live and let live" attitude, and you moving there, living there, and voting there, will keep it that way.
Talk to your family about moving, talk to your friends about moving there with you. Migrate! Californians would feel SAFER knowing the cops killed you. Vote with your feet.
>> No. 3967 ID: b89631
>Cascadia was a strong culture of individual rights, a "live and let live" attitude
Shame Seattle/Portland are becoming SF II: SJW (D)ictatorship Boogaloo, the libertarian style dems up here are giving away to CA dems with all the CA transplants coming here for the DUDE WEED and to escape the bed they made.

But CA OPERATORS should still come and reinforce Cascadia.
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