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File 13903568554.jpg - (117.63KB , 960x720 , 1148942_208483172644499_796621129_n.jpg )
3281 No. 3281 ID: 88cf89
Florida shoot? Mid to late February? For some reason us Florida operators cannot get our shit together. Or I'm just too north and should hit up the Georgia operators...
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>> No. 3282 ID: 0d5a2f
Shit, us Georgians have been having issues with scheduling ourselves. Closest we've come to a meetup lately is stoplossed and I testing some new projects.
>> No. 3284 ID: fa3154
I'd be down for it, potentially. Depends on where and when. Moving from SWFL to Orlando-area soon.
>> No. 3285 ID: 13dbd1
When and where would be the deciding factor for me too, personally I would probably be better with sometime in April, I have a ton of stuff going on in February.
>> No. 3286 ID: 13dbd1

Strike that, I meant March, why the fuck did I say April.
>> No. 3288 ID: 3b61ff
Slightly off-topic, but does anyone here in the greater central florida area shoot IDPA?
>> No. 3290 ID: 8959e9
File 139097933760.jpg - (671.38KB , 1080x810 , DSC00082_jpg2.jpg )
I need to calibrate my carbine before the end of next month, as always my vote is for the WMA range in Lake City.
>> No. 3291 ID: 88cf89
I'm in jacksonville. Soon to pick up some new things during tax time. Let me know when you make it to orlando. It's far, but 2 hours drive isnt bad.

The only ranges that I know of currently are in the greater Jacksonville Area/St. Augustine. Any ideas? I need an excuse to get out of the house for a few hours.

I thought all of the IDPA stuff was all in Lake City and rest of the panhandle. Let me know, I'm interested in trying my hands at some "shooting sports".

>> No. 3292 ID: 8959e9
File 139105795380.jpg - (631.26KB , 1080x810 , DSC00083-2.jpg )
Theres a USPSA tournament in St Augustine every month, I believe its at the Fraternal Order of Po-nizz range. iirc there's a carbine competition or 3-gun in the G-ville/central FL region in the middle of every month.
>> No. 3294 ID: 88cf89
I'll have to check it out. Thankyou.
>> No. 3295 ID: 88cf89
Also, I'm waiting on taxes to buy more ammo. So, I'm planning on waiting til then. But Id really like to get to know some fl operators. Learn more about guns. I'm going to make a thread in /k/ soon about rifle choices since I already settled on getting another CZ 75 or a G21..
>> No. 3296 ID: ea2c7d
ive got a nagant and an M4.. having been around this block a few times now, i trust you know plenty about those. unless that range in orange park opened already, i dont know of any local places that allow shooting rifles. except that place off 103rd st, but they're a bunch of faggots.
>> No. 3316 ID: cdaf54
Have ammo, could travel, would have to know dates to clear up my schedule.

Wouldn't be opposed to turning it into a weekend deal. I'd probably go straight up I95 if anyone wants to roll up North with me. I'm in Lauderdale.
>> No. 3321 ID: e43bf7
i went to lake city last weekend. they already had cardboard target holders set up, plenty of open spots to shoot. i do love that range
>> No. 3324 ID: d5389e
oops forgot to clear name field after trolling him
>> No. 3350 ID: 1f64a0
I'd be up for it if I could find a way to make it. I'm in Brevard.

I fucking wish dude. I can barely afford ammo, I've been down to 88 rounds for a long while now.
>> No. 3364 ID: 6fd17d
File 139862036910.jpg - (39.91KB , 768x576 , 8035868.jpg )
i went to the new range in orange park, every lane has an ipad you use to set the target distance. kinda fimmicky kinda cool. no shotguns :(

also tried a range called 2nd amendment on us17 close to georgia but its just too small, plus no shotguns :(

so lake city is still best, excepting private property of course
>> No. 3429 ID: cdaf54

Shit, I was in Titusville a few weeks back with fuckall to do. Didn't remember you were in Brevard.
>> No. 3438 ID: 591338
Our paths will eventually cross, we're not that far apart. Especially when I have a vehicle. I have some family in south Florida, so I plan on driving down there quite often when I can.
>> No. 3478 ID: 966935
File 14107684081.jpg - (174.07KB , 3043x1083 , 1389948078073.jpg )
I don't know if this is dead, but I go to Ocala national forest. Would love to shoot sometime with gents. Anyone up for the ides of November?
>> No. 3479 ID: 966935
Not mine. I hope to have a scope by then.
>> No. 3495 ID: d94be2
If I can figure out a way up to Ocala, I'll join in. I'll bring brownies.
>> No. 3949 ID: a804a5
anyone wanna try and schedule something after the first of the year
>> No. 3969 ID: 618803
Jan 23/24 (sat/sun) ?
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