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File 13996159341.jpg - (833.92KB , 2250x1193 , 13475756239.jpg )
3381 No. 3381 ID: 585821
Sup Opchan. Gonna be visiting Seattle this Memorial day weekend, and planning on being in Portland for a collector's show that Sunday.

RTF/Lei/Others in Portland area, are you guys available around Sunday 5/25 ish after tactikool and I finish perusing the Portland Arms Collector show, probably around the afternoon? Grab some drinks, catch up? It's been a while.
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>> No. 3879 ID: b89631
File 144136780452.jpg - (127.20KB , 1080x612 , V__1442.jpg )
Here's the headon. Its pretty hard getting a good pic though, the angles are weird. Its basically at the bottom of an upside down steel bucket.

I'm in once I get the necessary gear.
>> No. 3880 ID: b52eac
If you have both a couple of flashlights and some sort of tape, you have all of the shit you need. The tacticool shit is much more slick and pretty, but you can do what needs doing with just those. Hell, we didn't even give Soren shit (or at least, not much) for his afro-engineered light mount. And besides, we can let you try some different light set ups, see what might work for you. Just bring some range fodder.
>> No. 3881 ID: f2c4ed
If it works, it ain't stupid. That fuckin' flashlight is still paracorded to my rifle, too.

I have to step out of the night shoot, I don't have enough money to buy bullets in sufficient quantities to make for a worthwhile range trip.
>> No. 3882 ID: b52eac
AAR: Shoot was a success. Most attendees were not opchanners. Safety was a major concern, but seemed to be good overall. Two issues that arose were the difficulty of head counts prior to courses of fire and positive identification of admitted shooters. A proposed solution was looping a light into shooter's kits.

Most illumitation solutions seemed adequate. It seems that the shooters without illumitation on their secondaries had to improvise, some using their primary pointed by their support hand at the target.

I am considering adding a light to my kit to make ninja belt light and pistol use more similar to that with my edc shit. Some manner of dump pouch might also be nice, as having a place for empties will help, though dropping them into my jacket proved sufficient.
>> No. 3883 ID: 4c9c56
File 144186485183.jpg - (74.44KB , 1000x670 , BIG GUY.jpg )
>A proposed solution was looping a light into shooter's kits.
some of the shooters had glow sticks looped around their tacticool gear, or just shoved between their earmuffs and skulls. i always make it a point to bring a few of those every time we shoot at night to loop around my war belt.

> Some manner of dump pouch might also be nice, as having a place for empties will help, though dropping them into my jacket proved sufficient.
i ended up picking up an old SAW pouch yesterday when i was casing out milsurp stores with tactikool, which i'll probably use for shotshells if im not using it as a dump pouch. also, huff puts hi-vis tape on some of his mags for easy identification when dropped on the ground.
>> No. 3885 ID: e6c121
File 144255943673.jpg - (703.11KB , 1200x1600 , IMG_0175.jpg )
Fall and winter are coming. Time for another SW WA/Portland area camp and shoot?
>> No. 3886 ID: f2c4ed
>> No. 3887 ID: 85304d
>> No. 3888 ID: 4c9c56
File 144263426157.jpg - (111.14KB , 600x744 , 1403499769514.jpg )
i've heard the stories. count me in!
>> No. 3889 ID: ad31ba
I have some tannerite, I could bring.
>> No. 3890 ID: 0b4467
Pending on what dates it happens I should be down.
>> No. 3894 ID: f2c4ed
Somebody set us up a date for the campout as soon as possible, please. I'm good for any Friday night, and stretching it out to Saturday night as well also works.
>> No. 3895 ID: 0b4467
Getting into the busy time of year so I don't have too many weekends open. My schedules pretty restrictive, so if it has to happen on a weekend I can't make it I completely understand.

I can get either of these weekends off (including Fri) just need at least 2-3 weeks advance notice so my boss can make the schedule work.

>> No. 3896 ID: f2c4ed
>implying we can only go camping once...
Why not try to make this a monthly thing? That way folks can sometimes make it, and sometimes they won't get to, but it's not going to be the only one we do that season.

October 16-18 works for me, so would the week after that. I'm probably going to be arms-deep in my truck the 10th, unless things go *very* well this coming weekend.

But let's also go for Nov 27-29 as well, because damnit, camping's fun, and we should do it more often.

>> No. 3897 ID: b52eac
Sounds good to me. Just need to request the time off. November might be tough at this point because lolstate.
>> No. 3898 ID: 4c9c56
the november dates sound the best to me.
>> No. 3899 ID: 335a26
Just realized the Nov weekend is Black Friday weekend so will not be able to get the time off for that one, and the October 10/11 schedule has already been written so I can't get it off.

Sorry guys, looks like I won't be able to camp this winter :(
>> No. 3900 ID: f2c4ed
What, you leaving town after November?
>> No. 3901 ID: 335a26

Nope just have a gun show every weekend for the rest of the year - excluding Christmas when I'll be out of town. Don't have my Jan schedule set yet but if its like last year will most likely be the same story.
>> No. 3902 ID: 54dd4d
File 144374590214.jpg - (9.14KB , 368x267 , 1440136251808.jpg )

I'm going to be in town tomorrow, so lets hit up Rogue's at 9PM and bitch about guns.
>> No. 3903 ID: d90840
File 144399223182.jpg - (3.23MB , 4320x2432 , IMG_20151003_154434578.jpg )
>> No. 3904 ID: d90840
File 144399225458.jpg - (4.12MB , 4320x2432 , IMG_20151003_154923605.jpg )
more guns
>> No. 3907 ID: d90840
File 144399237369.jpg - (3.79MB , 2432x4320 , IMG_20151003_160616050.jpg )
weird nugget bullets
>> No. 3908 ID: d90840
File 144399240415.jpg - (3.61MB , 2432x4320 , IMG_20151003_160656567.jpg )
>> No. 3909 ID: d90840
File 144399251441.jpg - (3.23MB , 4320x2432 , IMG_20151003_164017442.jpg )
>> No. 3910 ID: d90840
File 144399253462.jpg - (3.06MB , 4320x2432 , IMG_20151003_164214277.jpg )
>> No. 3911 ID: d90840
File 144399260375.jpg - (3.27MB , 2432x4320 , IMG_20151003_165702725.jpg )
I didn't know the RPD was made by HK
>> No. 3912 ID: d90840
File 144399266196.jpg - (3.05MB , 4320x2432 , IMG_20151003_170406014.jpg )
>> No. 3913 ID: d90840
File 144399272557.jpg - (4.92MB , 4320x2432 , IMG_20151003_180454848.jpg )
>> No. 3914 ID: d90840
File 144399275321.jpg - (3.30MB , 2432x4320 , IMG_20151003_180951781.jpg )
>> No. 3915 ID: d90840
File 144399278333.jpg - (2.81MB , 2432x4320 , IMG_20151003_174557459.jpg )
>> No. 3916 ID: d90840
File 144399281443.jpg - (2.89MB , 4320x2432 , IMG_20151003_173420092.jpg )
ultimate sniper challenge winner
>> No. 3917 ID: d90840
File 144399304457.jpg - (2.64MB , 2432x4320 , IMG_20151003_154727306.jpg )
rtf doing his best impression of a cool spy
>> No. 3918 ID: d90840
File 144399306412.jpg - (3.91MB , 2432x4320 , IMG_20151003_155644841.jpg )
>> No. 3919 ID: d90840
File 144399378812.jpg - (3.13MB , 2432x4320 , IMG_20151003_164954904.jpg )
>> No. 3922 ID: b52eac
You guys ready for some camping?
>> No. 3923 ID: f2c4ed
Yes, absolutely. Where and when? I got too busy with other things the last few weeks to locate a spot.
>> No. 3925 ID: 85304d
I had thought we were on this weekend, up for a shoot instead?
>> No. 3926 ID: f2c4ed
Works for me. At the Oly pit?
>> No. 3927 ID: b52eac
Probably the easiest place to go. I will get some ribs started. Be nice to have some pig along with our shooting.
>> No. 3931 ID: f9afee
Weekend of the 25th works best for me.
>> No. 3933 ID: 35d98d
I'm booked for the next couple of weeks. I've got to save up for a possible Christmas road trip, that means working a lot of overtime.

Let's aim for 20 November.
>> No. 3934 ID: e9b78a

Since I'm picking up a pair of TLR-1s tomorrow, in going shooting at the Monroe pit next Saturday at our around 2030.

So be there if you want to be.

Rain or not.
>> No. 3935 ID: 644af8

Gonna have to vote for late Nov too. At this point it's questionable whether or not I'll have a day off before December.

I've really got to get my shit together. Seems like I've missed every meet or shoot due to work or some other bullshit.

OTOH, I'm almost certainly going to profit enough to get some neat new toys. Thinking I'll get an integral laser added to my PS90.
>> No. 3944 ID: f2c4ed
I'll be going camping up inna hills on the night of 27 November. That's Black Friday, because I'm not going to go shopping, and don't really even want to be out around town It's going to be about 2 miles to the campsite from the trailhead, but it's a mean two miles. This will be a "IT'S HAPPENING" camping trip, meaning bring your backpack and your weapons.
>> No. 3945 ID: 85304d
Shoot me details, if you get a chance. I should be able to make it.
>> No. 3946 ID: 4c9c56
where at? monroe?
>> No. 3951 ID: f2c4ed
So, in view of a burgeoning need to not be inside, I've decided that the first FRIDAY of every month will be my camping night. Locations will be determined on a more or less unplanned basis, and may involve rain, snow, and/or misery.

ALL camping trips will involve carrying the full SHTF load, just because reasons.

Ya'll have my email, hell, most of you have my phone number, so if you want in, just lemme know.

And there's always next month.

But tonight, I'll be at the Monroe pit. Saturday's not going to keep working, though.
>> No. 3957 ID: 644af8
Any of you fuckers wanna buy an AAC SDN-6, NIB? $700's what I'm asking, because I want rid of this thing and Obama's goddamned EO requiring CLEO sigs may just finally hit in the next month or two, so I wanna move it quick.
>> No. 3970 ID: f2c4ed
File 145372303514.jpg - (1.34MB , 2064x1161 , PBE BRV.jpg )
We need to find a range where I can drive this thing all the way to the backstop.

I'd like to keep it functional for as long as possible, so we can do tactical vehicle shit with it, but I also want to take video (good video!) of through-the-glass shots at targets inside and out to get an idea of how that affects things. Engine/drive train are "please don't shoot", the rest is goodago.

It cost me the equivalent of a single shift of OT, and renting a car hauler will be about $50 + fees to bring it out for a day of shooting. I'll drop by DMV tomorrow, but I won't be getting plates or insurance for it because there's really no point for a car that won't be roadworthy at all, and barely is now.

To me, this is totally worth it for the added benefit of being able to engage a target through a windshield, because I for one don't really want to do tactical drills in my daily driver just in case I accidentally a round into the dashboard.
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