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File 13996159341.jpg - (833.92KB , 2250x1193 , 13475756239.jpg )
3381 No. 3381 ID: 585821
Sup Opchan. Gonna be visiting Seattle this Memorial day weekend, and planning on being in Portland for a collector's show that Sunday.

RTF/Lei/Others in Portland area, are you guys available around Sunday 5/25 ish after tactikool and I finish perusing the Portland Arms Collector show, probably around the afternoon? Grab some drinks, catch up? It's been a while.
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>> No. 3382 ID: d2556a
I'm definitely down!
>> No. 3396 ID: ab28f4
Bump for tactikool approved.
>> No. 3406 ID: 451480
Bump cause I'll probably be in Portland on the weekend of july fourth
>> No. 3407 ID: 22deac
Portland and Seattle, quite possibly the only two places where your 'stache may not stand out as absurd. Just, you know, ironic.

I've got no plans for the time you're around, but it is extremely unlikely that I can scrum together the resources to kick it down to Portland at this time. If something local comes together, I might show up.
>> No. 3408 ID: c5a191
If you can get to the Olympia /tumwater area, you might be able to bum a ride with me.
>> No. 3409 ID: 06f96c
We should all wait at serv's point of ingress to line up and kick him in the dick.
>> No. 3410 ID: ab28f4
I'll come say hi if youre in portland and I might be able to give you a ride to seattle if youre interested/need one. Got a thing to go to down there that weekend anyway.
>> No. 3411 ID: 22deac
Unlikely. I am for all intents and purposes immobile outside of Seattle. Looking for a van to help fix that, and a job to further address the issue. Shit's just not been going real well for me on that front.
>> No. 3412 ID: ab28f4
So, we're probably going to be shooting in the PDX area, I'm sure if other OpChanners want to join in they are welcome to! RTF knows the precise location of the range I'll leave it to him if he wants to post it or not.
>> No. 3413 ID: db80fc

We'll be shooting Sunday at the campsite we use from this thread, not sure of exact time yet:

>> No. 3414 ID: feafd7
Post time when you have it, buddy. I might try rolling that direction.
>> No. 3415 ID: b0d5e4
I haven't been up there since, but the last time we were there, the roads kinda sucked. One thing we might do is just park at the camp site at the bottom of the hill, and drive in the gravel with our more capable vehicles only.
>> No. 3416 ID: 06f96c
I think heading in the back way that goes under the power lines is definitely easier on vehicles.
>> No. 3419 ID: 9cdcdb
So meet at the same walmart from the thread at noon tomorrow if you want to go shooting!
>> No. 3420 ID: ab28f4
Shoot will be around noon-1pm guys. See you tomorrow!
>> No. 3421 ID: 22504e
Ok. Just got back. So both ways are decent actually. And also, the "new" way that we all took back on our return trip last time is downright civilized and also way faster. I shall be using this route for now on unless they fill it up with giant boulders for gravel again.
>> No. 3424 ID: 585821
File 140126120455.jpg - (74.73KB , 720x576 , 24165_397262957200_8228513_n.jpg )
Just got back home in LA from a flight from SEA. It was great meeting up with everyone in PDX again and having a great time shooting! Definitely hit me up if any of you guys ever happen to be in Failifornistan, at least we can still have some guns.
>> No. 3453 ID: 18bb47
OK, guys. My contract here at Cessna in KS is up in 18 weeks, and I've been looking at moving back to the PNW, because my parents are in the Boise area. Only there's not a lot of A&P jobs there, so I'm basically drawing a 500-mile circle and looking in those areas.

Which brings up Portland. There's a fair number of jobs posted there, and once my contract is down to a few weeks, I would like to have a pretty firm idea of where to apply and where to avoid.

From a local's perspective, is the area decent for gun owners? Would working in PDX and living north of the border be the way to go? I know they won't recognize my WA out-of-state permit, is getting an OR CCW a pain in the ass?

What about long arms?

My email is where it goes, and/or reply in the thread. I'll also be applying for jobs up in WA, but I know the laws there are friendly enough that I can handle it.

Thanks in advance.
>> No. 3454 ID: 18bb47
Forgot I wasn't on my home comp. This is more like it.
>> No. 3455 ID: 22504e
OR CCW is pretty easy. Only marginally more difficult than the WA one. You have to take a short class about where you can carry and shit like that (which can be online) and should only cost like, ~$30. Then you will receive a certificate which you bring with your ID, letter stating your "need" (could be pretty much anything, including living close, or working in OR), and finger skin over to a OR sheriff office of your choice after arranging with said sheriff's office for an appointment.

The area overall is very gun friendly, both WA and OR. Though OR is still more NFA friendly. WA you can have SBR's, AOW's, and suppressors. In OR, you can have any NFA.

As far as living in WA and working in OR, well, I currently do that. IMO, there's no real reason other than liking the particular neighborhood or whatnot. You still have to pay OR's income tax. And if you shop near your home, you will pay WA's sales tax. I mean, if you get a job at PDX, it may be easier to find a non-shit, non-super expensive, neighborhood on WA side close by than on OR side.

There's a couple of other airports in the area as well. Dunno if you work on the big jets or not. But Hillsboro airport is also a huge one, though mostly cargo instead of passenger like PDX is. There's also Troutdale airport a little to the east of PDX. It's much smaller though. Plus, a smattering of tiny airports lying around.
>> No. 3456 ID: fd3911
Looks like either state is goodago, then. Thanks, bro. I've seen jobs posted for both Hillsboro and PDX, I'm cool with whatever as long as it's not a megacorp union shop like an airline or Boeing.
>> No. 3457 ID: 19fec5
You could move to The Dalles. We have a little airport across the river that's undergoing a big expansion recently.

Of course, then you'd be stuck out here with me.
>> No. 3458 ID: 22504e
No man. We're still trying to get you out here.
>> No. 3521 ID: 1bcc0d
Less than 9 weeks to go, and I had a second interview with a company at Hillsboro today. Dude said he wanted to hire me, but isn't sure if they'll still have positions open by then. So...Portland soon, fellow OPERATORS.
>> No. 3551 ID: 1bcc0d
I start work at Hillsboro Airport on 15 December, and should be arriving the Friday before that.
>> No. 3552 ID: cf8737
Dude, could we have a dinner or something in Portlandia to celebrate your arrival?
>> No. 3553 ID: 1bcc0d
File 141562564550.png - (281.47KB , 809x601 , St Nick.png )
Please, man, PLEASE. I need to meet friendly folks, and it never hurts to get some info on the good and bad places in town right at the beginning.

Speaking of which, is the area between Hillsboro and (pic related) in SW Portland bike-friendly? I'm not sure if I can afford to repair my car AND move to Portland, and so I've been considering getting what I can for salvaging it and using that to buy a bicycle for the short-term. Also, it may not be economically wise to repair, depending on the costs involved, which I'm still trying to figure out.
>> No. 3554 ID: 485ab1
Portland is pretty much the bike friendliest place ever. It is a good city for temporary carlessness.

See you soon bro.
>> No. 3555 ID: c1c101
This city also has pretty damn good public transit. You're looking at about 16 miles to ride from the area indicated to the airport. And that means either taking on a pretty gnarly hill or adding distance circumventing it.

If you're gonna ride, your best bet would be to cut north and catch the MAX Blue Line. Or you can hop a bus and get to it that way. Either way you'll get off by the fairgrounds and be just a few hundred yards from work. If you add in the 12 bus, you'll have under a mile of walking involved. A monthly TriMet pass is $100, and you'll easily get your money's worth out of it versus daily fares.

Where you're gonna be living, with or without a bike, it's very realistic to do without a car for a while.
>> No. 3556 ID: 84c0d7
That's a pretty long ass bike ride to Hillsboro airport. I would do what the others said and go with public transit if you can afford.
>> No. 3557 ID: 1bcc0d
I should have clarified that the pic related is the Orthodox church I'll be attending, not my future apartment. So it won't be a daily ride by any means, I was just hoping that it's not brutal if I live between the two somewhere.

But, thanks for the info! I should be goodago either way, and that's what I was hoping for.
>> No. 3560 ID: 19fec5
If any of you guys needs help/whatever from a fellow OPERATOR in the Gorge, I've got my email in my name here. Winter in the Gorge sucks, don't get caught in it.
>> No. 3561 ID: 19fec5
Also, I know the owner of Premier Jets in Hillsboro. Dude is awesome, flies restored MiGs and the F-86 they have at the air museum there.
>> No. 3562 ID: 18bb47
Confirmed for room in south Beaverton with two 50-something guys who work in IT. 8 miles from work.

Should arrive Thursday afternoon/evening.

Everybody in PDX, find me on facebook and add me, I want to get in touch with you guys as soon as I can.
>> No. 3563 ID: fd3911
Or email me. whatever.
>> No. 3564 ID: cf8737
How would dinner and drinks on Friday night in Portland somewhere work for folks? Got a protest up in Olympia on Saturday, so will be in dispose then.
>> No. 3565 ID: caef81
I might be able to make it, if someone lends me a crashpad.
>> No. 3566 ID: fd3911
Totally works for me, I don't have any plans (obviously).
>> No. 3567 ID: 5f2bf8
Who's all planning on attending the anti-594 rally on the 13th?
>> No. 3568 ID: dc9249
How do we find you? "Tall dude named Soren" isn't pulling anything up on Facebook.
>> No. 3569 ID: dc9249
Balls, I'm out. My glasses broke, and getting them repaired and the lenses replqced is going to be well over $400. I'll have to meet you some other time, Soren. I still need to meet Alpha Hotel, too.
>> No. 3570 ID: fd3911
Right, I forgot that you all can't just scroll through PBE's facebook page and find me. Email incoming.
>> No. 3572 ID: 294081
Anyone know good places to shoot rifles in King County? Insufficient jewgolds for indoor rifle ranges.
>> No. 3573 ID: cf8737
Nothing definite from the Portland area guys. I can still head south for a very small meet if you are interested. Email me your number, if you don't mind.
>> No. 3574 ID: 5a022d
Ok, we are looking at 7:30 PM at the Deschutes brew pub in Portland.
>> No. 3577 ID: b89631
Hei guis whats going on? Please dont say I'm missing a meetup tomorrow.

I usually head out east. Shoot me your num if you're in king county, I'll let you know next time I/80sporncop/hoolahoop go shoot. There's a spot I know out near Monroe/Sultan, but it might be getting shut down so I need to scout before promising anything.

I'm planning on getting an ISA membership at some point eventually, if I can get off work early enough on the first wednesday of a month and sign up.
>> No. 3579 ID: 75e134
File 141838052610.png - (165.78KB , 349x476 , 6lYZZM6.png )
>I'm planning on getting an ISA membership at some point eventually, if I can get off work early enough on the first wednesday of a month and sign up.
>> No. 3581 ID: a6b004
File 141843005689.png - (1.27MB , 863x617 , Broohaus.png )
Awesome, but I haz no idea where to park in PDX. Are there no-go areas for parking, or is it all more or less good?
>> No. 3582 ID: ab961c
It's more like "all terrible".
>> No. 3583 ID: b89631
BTW, did you end up scouting that spot recently and seeing what was going on?
>> No. 3585 ID: cf8737
It has always been terrible in my experience.
>> No. 3590 ID: 84c0d7
Sup. Getting married. Sorry for the short notice, but I didn't really plan on doing anything originally, but RTF convinced me we should have a pub crawl in Portland.
>> No. 3592 ID: d2556a

True story I almost cried when I heard yo.

I'm 100% down for a pub crawl, and my pad downtown is open for people to crash if needed. Lei gets to set the date and time of course!
>> No. 3593 ID: cf8737
Ok, when?
>> No. 3594 ID: a6b004
I'll be there. :)
>> No. 3595 ID: 84c0d7
Well, I'm thinking over Christmas break, so we would probably have better availability. Lets just try and find a time that would work for as many as us as possible. I'm good probably starting the 27th on until new years.
>> No. 3596 ID: cf8737
I can do the 27th.
>> No. 3597 ID: a6b004
The 27th works, I'm going camping over New Year's (and parking would be even harder to find than usual).
>> No. 3598 ID: d2556a
I'll be out of town for a gun show in Eugene on the 27th, so I'd be out for that one :\ If it's not an inconvenience I could do the following weekend on the 3rd.
>> No. 3599 ID: 75e134
yeah, the 3rd & 4th would be great.
>> No. 3600 ID: 1cc715
I'd be down for the 27th. I'm starting a new job on the 30th.
>> No. 3601 ID: 5a022d
I can do the 3rd. How about the man of the hour?
>> No. 3602 ID: 84c0d7
The third also works for me.

So far for the 3rd:


I guess the 27th is out of the running. I forgot about the Eugene show (it is so forgettable).
>> No. 3603 ID: 75e134
cool, i guess if it's pretty much locked in, i'll book tickets down to portland in the next couple of days.
>> No. 3604 ID: a6b004
Your wedding, your call. I'm down for whatever.
>> No. 3608 ID: b89631
I can probably drive
>> No. 3609 ID: 84c0d7
Yeah, seems like the 3rd is going to be the day. Rogue Hall at 7. Look for the table with all the neckbeards and anime shirts.
>> No. 3610 ID: 46c138

Sounds good, I'll be there! And my place downtown is open for anyone who needs to stay the night.
>> No. 3611 ID: a6b004
And the freakishly tall guy that looks like a monk.
>> No. 3615 ID: 06f96c
Congratulations LEI, welcome to the world of the dammed.
>> No. 3623 ID: 5a022d
Anybody wanna drink to excess on New Year's Eve?
>> No. 3624 ID: 75e134
if you dont mind being around a bunch of overbearing east asians and the chance of catching a second hand cold, you could head over to my place for new years eve.
>> No. 3625 ID: ed9e7d
I'll be there, sectoidman too
>> No. 3626 ID: a6b004
Alright, gents, now that I'm in PDX and mostly settled, I am not going to waste a single weekend of not living in KS by staying indoors and playing vidya. Instead, I'm going hiking on Saturdays.

This is the first hike:


I don't want to make wild guesses about how long it will take, but since it's partly a conditioning hike for BCEP through Mazamas and Mt. St. Helens this summer, I'm going to be carrying my ruck (and as always, my rifle and ammo) on the hike, and moving at training speed instead of lazy sight-seeing speed.

If you want to come, email me or text me, and we'll carpool out there. I plan on leaving PDX at 0900, and being back in PDX by 1600 so I can be showered and at church at 1700. Not that it should take anywhere near that long, of course, because it's only 2.5 miles.
>> No. 3627 ID: 407fbe
Are cascadia patches still a thing?
Soon I will be free of commiefornia,back to my native land.
I can taste the freedom.
>> No. 3629 ID: 06f96c
Here you go bro
>> No. 3632 ID: a6b004
>> No. 3633 ID: 407fbe
>> No. 3634 ID: a6b004
I'll leave shortly after church, rendezvous with a friend from Moody and some of her local friends, and head out. I hope to be there by 1330, who knows exactly.

>> No. 3638 ID: a6b004
Hurr, that's supposed to be January.
>> No. 3639 ID: a6b004
Hey, what are we doing for the Super Bowl?

I am TOTALLY up for a road trip north to watch it with the Seattle office of PBE, if we can get a meetup going.

Or we can have a party here in PDX.

What I don't want to do is sit at my house, with no way to watch the game, hoping the Patriots are losing.
>> No. 3643 ID: 613147
I fully intend to be working my ass off, for I am eyeballing an Elcan Specter DR 1.5-6x and give pretty much no fucks about the Superb Owl anyway.

Not sure how many sportsballers the Seattle crew has as a whole though.
>> No. 3651 ID: 75e134
File 142389612793.png - (236.30KB , 1400x1000 , 1417590503842.png )
anybody up for a st.paddy's day pub PNW pub crawl? my birthday is around the same time so i'll have two more reasons to get shit-canned with friends. i was thinking around the night of march 14th to the 17th, i usually get pretty weird days off.
>> No. 3652 ID: a6b004
We're having one at Rogue's down in PDX, bro. Tonight at 7, but I think that's not enough time for you to get here.

I need to go North, but working six days a week has killed pretty much everything related to free time.
>> No. 3653 ID: a6b004
Alrighty, so I was out running in the woods and found a decent place to shoot, so I'll be going there again next Sunday (22 March). It *might* be called the "North Fork Wolf Creek" road, but I left a trail, crossed a river on logs, and never saw a road sign on the logging road where I walked on it. Googling the trail I was on isn't working, it just comes up with a state forest. Stupid tablet...

I'll be going there directly after church, so meeting at St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church in Beaverton at 1300 makes the most sense. I don't think anyone will bother cars left there for a few hours.

This location may be viable for a run and gun, so expect me to do some tunning while there.

Email posted, use it if you want to come.
>> No. 3656 ID: 613147
So as it turns out, the 1.5-6x Elcans are fucking unobtanium around here, and I've not even found one to take a peek through. Don't suppose any of you fucks know anyone that has one? I'd like to look through one before I toss down that much dosh.
>> No. 3658 ID: 82d7fe
Church range day is rescheduled for 8 March. Leaving St. John The Baptist GOC at roughly 1300, probably stopping for Lenten takeout on the way.
>> No. 3690 ID: a6b004
Is anyone else interesting in signing up for this? I am, but it's a team event. I figured we could start with the "light" event, and work up from there, because it's not simply a ruck march.

>> No. 3692 ID: 9b4024
Hey, so this being Holy Week, and the end of the fasting being Sunday, I'm going down to Rogue's next Friday to get myself a good reuben sandwich. Ya'll are welcome to join me, I'll be down there around 2100 hrs.
>> No. 3695 ID: 06f96c
Crazy eastern calender, Lent ended on Good Friday.

I learned that when you don't eat sugar for 40 days it makes you sick.
>> No. 3696 ID: 8faec6
Lent did end Friday, but we fast for Holy Week, too.

Orthodoxy: Christianity, only harder.

I really need to get up your direction. Being unemployed sucks, got no spare monies.
>> No. 3697 ID: 85304d

Night shoot at a gravel pit in Capitol Forest Sunday April 19th at about 8:00. Planning to bring stands and a cube. Bring melons for hostage target.

Drinks follow. Couches available.
>> No. 3698 ID: 8faec6
Im in. PDX folks who want to carpool should message me so that we can arrange that.

I'll bring two target stands and steel targets.
>> No. 3700 ID: 85304d
Plan is to meet at about 7:30 PM in the parking lot of the Olympia Haggen and then convoy up.
>> No. 3702 ID: 06f96c
Which Haggen?

1313 Cooper Point Rd SW? or 3520 Pacific Ave SE
Olympia, WA?
>> No. 3703 ID: 85304d
The cooper point road one.
>> No. 3705 ID: c7f756
electronica issues gotta bail sorry
>> No. 3706 ID: ec41b2
>> No. 3708 ID: 75e134
File 142958879954.jpg - (826.67KB , 900x1200 , SAM_1418s.jpg )
it was just me, porncop and soren that showed up but i have to say it was a hoot. here are some lame digicam pics.
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