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File 13996159341.jpg - (833.92KB , 2250x1193 , 13475756239.jpg )
3381 No. 3381 ID: 585821
Sup Opchan. Gonna be visiting Seattle this Memorial day weekend, and planning on being in Portland for a collector's show that Sunday.

RTF/Lei/Others in Portland area, are you guys available around Sunday 5/25 ish after tactikool and I finish perusing the Portland Arms Collector show, probably around the afternoon? Grab some drinks, catch up? It's been a while.
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>> No. 3382 ID: d2556a
I'm definitely down!
>> No. 3396 ID: ab28f4
Bump for tactikool approved.
>> No. 3406 ID: 451480
Bump cause I'll probably be in Portland on the weekend of july fourth
>> No. 3407 ID: 22deac
Portland and Seattle, quite possibly the only two places where your 'stache may not stand out as absurd. Just, you know, ironic.

I've got no plans for the time you're around, but it is extremely unlikely that I can scrum together the resources to kick it down to Portland at this time. If something local comes together, I might show up.
>> No. 3408 ID: c5a191
If you can get to the Olympia /tumwater area, you might be able to bum a ride with me.
>> No. 3409 ID: 06f96c
We should all wait at serv's point of ingress to line up and kick him in the dick.
>> No. 3410 ID: ab28f4
I'll come say hi if youre in portland and I might be able to give you a ride to seattle if youre interested/need one. Got a thing to go to down there that weekend anyway.
>> No. 3411 ID: 22deac
Unlikely. I am for all intents and purposes immobile outside of Seattle. Looking for a van to help fix that, and a job to further address the issue. Shit's just not been going real well for me on that front.
>> No. 3412 ID: ab28f4
So, we're probably going to be shooting in the PDX area, I'm sure if other OpChanners want to join in they are welcome to! RTF knows the precise location of the range I'll leave it to him if he wants to post it or not.
>> No. 3413 ID: db80fc

We'll be shooting Sunday at the campsite we use from this thread, not sure of exact time yet:

>> No. 3414 ID: feafd7
Post time when you have it, buddy. I might try rolling that direction.
>> No. 3415 ID: b0d5e4
I haven't been up there since, but the last time we were there, the roads kinda sucked. One thing we might do is just park at the camp site at the bottom of the hill, and drive in the gravel with our more capable vehicles only.
>> No. 3416 ID: 06f96c
I think heading in the back way that goes under the power lines is definitely easier on vehicles.
>> No. 3419 ID: 9cdcdb
So meet at the same walmart from the thread at noon tomorrow if you want to go shooting!
>> No. 3420 ID: ab28f4
Shoot will be around noon-1pm guys. See you tomorrow!
>> No. 3421 ID: 22504e
Ok. Just got back. So both ways are decent actually. And also, the "new" way that we all took back on our return trip last time is downright civilized and also way faster. I shall be using this route for now on unless they fill it up with giant boulders for gravel again.
>> No. 3424 ID: 585821
File 140126120455.jpg - (74.73KB , 720x576 , 24165_397262957200_8228513_n.jpg )
Just got back home in LA from a flight from SEA. It was great meeting up with everyone in PDX again and having a great time shooting! Definitely hit me up if any of you guys ever happen to be in Failifornistan, at least we can still have some guns.
>> No. 3453 ID: 18bb47
OK, guys. My contract here at Cessna in KS is up in 18 weeks, and I've been looking at moving back to the PNW, because my parents are in the Boise area. Only there's not a lot of A&P jobs there, so I'm basically drawing a 500-mile circle and looking in those areas.

Which brings up Portland. There's a fair number of jobs posted there, and once my contract is down to a few weeks, I would like to have a pretty firm idea of where to apply and where to avoid.

From a local's perspective, is the area decent for gun owners? Would working in PDX and living north of the border be the way to go? I know they won't recognize my WA out-of-state permit, is getting an OR CCW a pain in the ass?

What about long arms?

My email is where it goes, and/or reply in the thread. I'll also be applying for jobs up in WA, but I know the laws there are friendly enough that I can handle it.

Thanks in advance.
>> No. 3454 ID: 18bb47
Forgot I wasn't on my home comp. This is more like it.
>> No. 3455 ID: 22504e
OR CCW is pretty easy. Only marginally more difficult than the WA one. You have to take a short class about where you can carry and shit like that (which can be online) and should only cost like, ~$30. Then you will receive a certificate which you bring with your ID, letter stating your "need" (could be pretty much anything, including living close, or working in OR), and finger skin over to a OR sheriff office of your choice after arranging with said sheriff's office for an appointment.

The area overall is very gun friendly, both WA and OR. Though OR is still more NFA friendly. WA you can have SBR's, AOW's, and suppressors. In OR, you can have any NFA.

As far as living in WA and working in OR, well, I currently do that. IMO, there's no real reason other than liking the particular neighborhood or whatnot. You still have to pay OR's income tax. And if you shop near your home, you will pay WA's sales tax. I mean, if you get a job at PDX, it may be easier to find a non-shit, non-super expensive, neighborhood on WA side close by than on OR side.

There's a couple of other airports in the area as well. Dunno if you work on the big jets or not. But Hillsboro airport is also a huge one, though mostly cargo instead of passenger like PDX is. There's also Troutdale airport a little to the east of PDX. It's much smaller though. Plus, a smattering of tiny airports lying around.
>> No. 3456 ID: fd3911
Looks like either state is goodago, then. Thanks, bro. I've seen jobs posted for both Hillsboro and PDX, I'm cool with whatever as long as it's not a megacorp union shop like an airline or Boeing.
>> No. 3457 ID: 19fec5
You could move to The Dalles. We have a little airport across the river that's undergoing a big expansion recently.

Of course, then you'd be stuck out here with me.
>> No. 3458 ID: 22504e
No man. We're still trying to get you out here.
>> No. 3521 ID: 1bcc0d
Less than 9 weeks to go, and I had a second interview with a company at Hillsboro today. Dude said he wanted to hire me, but isn't sure if they'll still have positions open by then. So...Portland soon, fellow OPERATORS.
>> No. 3551 ID: 1bcc0d
I start work at Hillsboro Airport on 15 December, and should be arriving the Friday before that.
>> No. 3552 ID: cf8737
Dude, could we have a dinner or something in Portlandia to celebrate your arrival?
>> No. 3553 ID: 1bcc0d
File 141562564550.png - (281.47KB , 809x601 , St Nick.png )
Please, man, PLEASE. I need to meet friendly folks, and it never hurts to get some info on the good and bad places in town right at the beginning.

Speaking of which, is the area between Hillsboro and (pic related) in SW Portland bike-friendly? I'm not sure if I can afford to repair my car AND move to Portland, and so I've been considering getting what I can for salvaging it and using that to buy a bicycle for the short-term. Also, it may not be economically wise to repair, depending on the costs involved, which I'm still trying to figure out.
>> No. 3554 ID: 485ab1
Portland is pretty much the bike friendliest place ever. It is a good city for temporary carlessness.

See you soon bro.
>> No. 3555 ID: c1c101
This city also has pretty damn good public transit. You're looking at about 16 miles to ride from the area indicated to the airport. And that means either taking on a pretty gnarly hill or adding distance circumventing it.

If you're gonna ride, your best bet would be to cut north and catch the MAX Blue Line. Or you can hop a bus and get to it that way. Either way you'll get off by the fairgrounds and be just a few hundred yards from work. If you add in the 12 bus, you'll have under a mile of walking involved. A monthly TriMet pass is $100, and you'll easily get your money's worth out of it versus daily fares.

Where you're gonna be living, with or without a bike, it's very realistic to do without a car for a while.
>> No. 3556 ID: 84c0d7
That's a pretty long ass bike ride to Hillsboro airport. I would do what the others said and go with public transit if you can afford.
>> No. 3557 ID: 1bcc0d
I should have clarified that the pic related is the Orthodox church I'll be attending, not my future apartment. So it won't be a daily ride by any means, I was just hoping that it's not brutal if I live between the two somewhere.

But, thanks for the info! I should be goodago either way, and that's what I was hoping for.
>> No. 3560 ID: 19fec5
If any of you guys needs help/whatever from a fellow OPERATOR in the Gorge, I've got my email in my name here. Winter in the Gorge sucks, don't get caught in it.
>> No. 3561 ID: 19fec5
Also, I know the owner of Premier Jets in Hillsboro. Dude is awesome, flies restored MiGs and the F-86 they have at the air museum there.
>> No. 3562 ID: 18bb47
Confirmed for room in south Beaverton with two 50-something guys who work in IT. 8 miles from work.

Should arrive Thursday afternoon/evening.

Everybody in PDX, find me on facebook and add me, I want to get in touch with you guys as soon as I can.
>> No. 3563 ID: fd3911
Or email me. whatever.
>> No. 3564 ID: cf8737
How would dinner and drinks on Friday night in Portland somewhere work for folks? Got a protest up in Olympia on Saturday, so will be in dispose then.
>> No. 3565 ID: caef81
I might be able to make it, if someone lends me a crashpad.
>> No. 3566 ID: fd3911
Totally works for me, I don't have any plans (obviously).
>> No. 3567 ID: 5f2bf8
Who's all planning on attending the anti-594 rally on the 13th?
>> No. 3568 ID: dc9249
How do we find you? "Tall dude named Soren" isn't pulling anything up on Facebook.
>> No. 3569 ID: dc9249
Balls, I'm out. My glasses broke, and getting them repaired and the lenses replqced is going to be well over $400. I'll have to meet you some other time, Soren. I still need to meet Alpha Hotel, too.
>> No. 3570 ID: fd3911
Right, I forgot that you all can't just scroll through PBE's facebook page and find me. Email incoming.
>> No. 3572 ID: 294081
Anyone know good places to shoot rifles in King County? Insufficient jewgolds for indoor rifle ranges.
>> No. 3573 ID: cf8737
Nothing definite from the Portland area guys. I can still head south for a very small meet if you are interested. Email me your number, if you don't mind.
>> No. 3574 ID: 5a022d
Ok, we are looking at 7:30 PM at the Deschutes brew pub in Portland.
>> No. 3577 ID: b89631
Hei guis whats going on? Please dont say I'm missing a meetup tomorrow.

I usually head out east. Shoot me your num if you're in king county, I'll let you know next time I/80sporncop/hoolahoop go shoot. There's a spot I know out near Monroe/Sultan, but it might be getting shut down so I need to scout before promising anything.

I'm planning on getting an ISA membership at some point eventually, if I can get off work early enough on the first wednesday of a month and sign up.
>> No. 3579 ID: 75e134
File 141838052610.png - (165.78KB , 349x476 , 6lYZZM6.png )
>I'm planning on getting an ISA membership at some point eventually, if I can get off work early enough on the first wednesday of a month and sign up.
>> No. 3581 ID: a6b004
File 141843005689.png - (1.27MB , 863x617 , Broohaus.png )
Awesome, but I haz no idea where to park in PDX. Are there no-go areas for parking, or is it all more or less good?
>> No. 3582 ID: ab961c
It's more like "all terrible".
>> No. 3583 ID: b89631
BTW, did you end up scouting that spot recently and seeing what was going on?
>> No. 3585 ID: cf8737
It has always been terrible in my experience.
>> No. 3590 ID: 84c0d7
Sup. Getting married. Sorry for the short notice, but I didn't really plan on doing anything originally, but RTF convinced me we should have a pub crawl in Portland.
>> No. 3592 ID: d2556a

True story I almost cried when I heard yo.

I'm 100% down for a pub crawl, and my pad downtown is open for people to crash if needed. Lei gets to set the date and time of course!
>> No. 3593 ID: cf8737
Ok, when?
>> No. 3594 ID: a6b004
I'll be there. :)
>> No. 3595 ID: 84c0d7
Well, I'm thinking over Christmas break, so we would probably have better availability. Lets just try and find a time that would work for as many as us as possible. I'm good probably starting the 27th on until new years.
>> No. 3596 ID: cf8737
I can do the 27th.
>> No. 3597 ID: a6b004
The 27th works, I'm going camping over New Year's (and parking would be even harder to find than usual).
>> No. 3598 ID: d2556a
I'll be out of town for a gun show in Eugene on the 27th, so I'd be out for that one :\ If it's not an inconvenience I could do the following weekend on the 3rd.
>> No. 3599 ID: 75e134
yeah, the 3rd & 4th would be great.
>> No. 3600 ID: 1cc715
I'd be down for the 27th. I'm starting a new job on the 30th.
>> No. 3601 ID: 5a022d
I can do the 3rd. How about the man of the hour?
>> No. 3602 ID: 84c0d7
The third also works for me.

So far for the 3rd:


I guess the 27th is out of the running. I forgot about the Eugene show (it is so forgettable).
>> No. 3603 ID: 75e134
cool, i guess if it's pretty much locked in, i'll book tickets down to portland in the next couple of days.
>> No. 3604 ID: a6b004
Your wedding, your call. I'm down for whatever.
>> No. 3608 ID: b89631
I can probably drive
>> No. 3609 ID: 84c0d7
Yeah, seems like the 3rd is going to be the day. Rogue Hall at 7. Look for the table with all the neckbeards and anime shirts.
>> No. 3610 ID: 46c138

Sounds good, I'll be there! And my place downtown is open for anyone who needs to stay the night.
>> No. 3611 ID: a6b004
And the freakishly tall guy that looks like a monk.
>> No. 3615 ID: 06f96c
Congratulations LEI, welcome to the world of the dammed.
>> No. 3623 ID: 5a022d
Anybody wanna drink to excess on New Year's Eve?
>> No. 3624 ID: 75e134
if you dont mind being around a bunch of overbearing east asians and the chance of catching a second hand cold, you could head over to my place for new years eve.
>> No. 3625 ID: ed9e7d
I'll be there, sectoidman too
>> No. 3626 ID: a6b004
Alright, gents, now that I'm in PDX and mostly settled, I am not going to waste a single weekend of not living in KS by staying indoors and playing vidya. Instead, I'm going hiking on Saturdays.

This is the first hike:


I don't want to make wild guesses about how long it will take, but since it's partly a conditioning hike for BCEP through Mazamas and Mt. St. Helens this summer, I'm going to be carrying my ruck (and as always, my rifle and ammo) on the hike, and moving at training speed instead of lazy sight-seeing speed.

If you want to come, email me or text me, and we'll carpool out there. I plan on leaving PDX at 0900, and being back in PDX by 1600 so I can be showered and at church at 1700. Not that it should take anywhere near that long, of course, because it's only 2.5 miles.
>> No. 3627 ID: 407fbe
Are cascadia patches still a thing?
Soon I will be free of commiefornia,back to my native land.
I can taste the freedom.
>> No. 3629 ID: 06f96c
Here you go bro
>> No. 3632 ID: a6b004
>> No. 3633 ID: 407fbe
>> No. 3634 ID: a6b004
I'll leave shortly after church, rendezvous with a friend from Moody and some of her local friends, and head out. I hope to be there by 1330, who knows exactly.

>> No. 3638 ID: a6b004
Hurr, that's supposed to be January.
>> No. 3639 ID: a6b004
Hey, what are we doing for the Super Bowl?

I am TOTALLY up for a road trip north to watch it with the Seattle office of PBE, if we can get a meetup going.

Or we can have a party here in PDX.

What I don't want to do is sit at my house, with no way to watch the game, hoping the Patriots are losing.
>> No. 3643 ID: 613147
I fully intend to be working my ass off, for I am eyeballing an Elcan Specter DR 1.5-6x and give pretty much no fucks about the Superb Owl anyway.

Not sure how many sportsballers the Seattle crew has as a whole though.
>> No. 3651 ID: 75e134
File 142389612793.png - (236.30KB , 1400x1000 , 1417590503842.png )
anybody up for a st.paddy's day pub PNW pub crawl? my birthday is around the same time so i'll have two more reasons to get shit-canned with friends. i was thinking around the night of march 14th to the 17th, i usually get pretty weird days off.
>> No. 3652 ID: a6b004
We're having one at Rogue's down in PDX, bro. Tonight at 7, but I think that's not enough time for you to get here.

I need to go North, but working six days a week has killed pretty much everything related to free time.
>> No. 3653 ID: a6b004
Alrighty, so I was out running in the woods and found a decent place to shoot, so I'll be going there again next Sunday (22 March). It *might* be called the "North Fork Wolf Creek" road, but I left a trail, crossed a river on logs, and never saw a road sign on the logging road where I walked on it. Googling the trail I was on isn't working, it just comes up with a state forest. Stupid tablet...

I'll be going there directly after church, so meeting at St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church in Beaverton at 1300 makes the most sense. I don't think anyone will bother cars left there for a few hours.

This location may be viable for a run and gun, so expect me to do some tunning while there.

Email posted, use it if you want to come.
>> No. 3656 ID: 613147
So as it turns out, the 1.5-6x Elcans are fucking unobtanium around here, and I've not even found one to take a peek through. Don't suppose any of you fucks know anyone that has one? I'd like to look through one before I toss down that much dosh.
>> No. 3658 ID: 82d7fe
Church range day is rescheduled for 8 March. Leaving St. John The Baptist GOC at roughly 1300, probably stopping for Lenten takeout on the way.
>> No. 3690 ID: a6b004
Is anyone else interesting in signing up for this? I am, but it's a team event. I figured we could start with the "light" event, and work up from there, because it's not simply a ruck march.

>> No. 3692 ID: 9b4024
Hey, so this being Holy Week, and the end of the fasting being Sunday, I'm going down to Rogue's next Friday to get myself a good reuben sandwich. Ya'll are welcome to join me, I'll be down there around 2100 hrs.
>> No. 3695 ID: 06f96c
Crazy eastern calender, Lent ended on Good Friday.

I learned that when you don't eat sugar for 40 days it makes you sick.
>> No. 3696 ID: 8faec6
Lent did end Friday, but we fast for Holy Week, too.

Orthodoxy: Christianity, only harder.

I really need to get up your direction. Being unemployed sucks, got no spare monies.
>> No. 3697 ID: 85304d

Night shoot at a gravel pit in Capitol Forest Sunday April 19th at about 8:00. Planning to bring stands and a cube. Bring melons for hostage target.

Drinks follow. Couches available.
>> No. 3698 ID: 8faec6
Im in. PDX folks who want to carpool should message me so that we can arrange that.

I'll bring two target stands and steel targets.
>> No. 3700 ID: 85304d
Plan is to meet at about 7:30 PM in the parking lot of the Olympia Haggen and then convoy up.
>> No. 3702 ID: 06f96c
Which Haggen?

1313 Cooper Point Rd SW? or 3520 Pacific Ave SE
Olympia, WA?
>> No. 3703 ID: 85304d
The cooper point road one.
>> No. 3705 ID: c7f756
electronica issues gotta bail sorry
>> No. 3706 ID: ec41b2
>> No. 3708 ID: 75e134
File 142958879954.jpg - (826.67KB , 900x1200 , SAM_1418s.jpg )
it was just me, porncop and soren that showed up but i have to say it was a hoot. here are some lame digicam pics.
>> No. 3709 ID: 75e134
File 142958899399.jpg - (771.29KB , 1200x900 , SAM_1414s.jpg )
it was a pretty good day out, clear skies and cool enough when the sun went down.
>> No. 3710 ID: 75e134
File 142958908827.jpg - (773.28KB , 1200x900 , SAM_1411s.jpg )
the bbq some dudebro left behind proved to be a pretty good makeshift rest when we set up a steel plate from it to about 20 yards for the night...if you dodged all of the jagged bullet holes and broken glass on it, that is.
>> No. 3711 ID: 75e134
File 14295891422.jpg - (670.01KB , 1200x900 , SAM_1423s.jpg )
here were our variations in light setups. this was porncop's...
>> No. 3712 ID: 75e134
File 142958915674.jpg - (707.49KB , 1200x900 , SAM_1425s.jpg )
>> No. 3713 ID: 75e134
File 14295891846.jpg - (670.79KB , 1200x900 , SAM_1424s.jpg )
and soren's. can't beat that for the price of free.
>> No. 3714 ID: 75e134
File 142958956020.jpg - (785.31KB , 900x1200 , SAM_1428s.jpg )
we managed to salvage some cardboard from a box lying around the gravel pit. luckily, somebody else had left a washington arms collectors publication for us to use as a center mass-sized target.
>> No. 3715 ID: 75e134
File 142958988622.jpg - (569.62KB , 900x1200 , SAM_1433.jpg )
the steel plate target soren had brought along. it was fun trying to hit the thing at about 20 yards from a shitty rekt bbq tray, navigating through the gun smoke while trying to make out the target with your weapon light.
>> No. 3716 ID: 75e134
File 142959658556.jpg - (434.98KB , 1200x900 , SAM_1430s.jpg )
porncop and lolopsec.
>> No. 3717 ID: 85304d

Conditions were better than could have been asked for. Clear, cool, dead calm, moderate humidity. Star light was just bright enough to illuminate ground. Tried a few variations of the following drill: Run 20 yard up to about 4 yards of the target stands, engage with pistol, two shots each, run up to grill (about another 20 yards if my beer addled memory is to be trusted) engage steel at about twenty or thirty yards, shooting about 4 shots.

Ranges need to paced off in the daylight as course is set in the future, as fuck if we are gonna figure it out after dark.

It seems that standard rifle loads produce sufficient smoke as to obscure the target after but two or three rounds at night. This was a problem presenting with all three lighting solutions, and with each wolf gold, standard wolf, PMC XM193, Federal M855, and torn down and reassembled M855. Hypothesis given initial results is that rifle loads are simply too smokey to retain a sight picture in conditions while remaining stationary with longer strings of fire. Proposed solutions are relocating after double-taps or changing shooting stance.

Several variations of course tried, including standard, added alternation between pistol targets, added reload between pairs of rifle shots. Each proved both challenging and amusing for at least myself.

Shooting while moving course of fire proposed but opposed by majority.

Bounding fire course of fire proposed but tabled in the interest of further training.

Target stands worked admirably. Lighter weight PVC easier to reassemble on sight, but do not hold up to strikes as well. Standardization of pipe diameter will ease maintenance. New stand sustained several strikes to one of the uprights, resulting in subsequent failure in the part. More careful target placement, smaller backer, or several centered targets could all prevent future stand damage.

Clearest result is that rifle lights are necessary for night shooting. Head lamps improperly illuminate sights, impeding proper sight employment.
>> No. 3718 ID: 75e134
File 142960268819.jpg - (769.59KB , 1200x900 , SAM_1436s.jpg )
don't forget the part about how shitty rugers are.
>> No. 3720 ID: 06f96c
Dammit indeed, my cell went down.

But soon
>> No. 3725 ID: 8060ad
I think I can do this.
Not 100%, but I want to. I haven't gone in forever. Plus, I have a car that can actually get me long distances in comfort now.
>> No. 3726 ID: b52eac
Late notice, but I can do it again on the 17th if any one is interested. Can either go same bat time or get some grilling some first of there is any interest.
>> No. 3727 ID: e6eb4d
So, church range day is this Sunday. We'll be leaving St. John's at roughly 1300. I'm not sure how many folks are planning on coming, but rumor has it one of the priests enjoys shooting, so who knows.

of course, all of you are invited as well.

I might be. I think I'm busy that weekend.
>> No. 3728 ID: b52eac
Mother's day. No can do.
>> No. 3729 ID: 7355c1
File 143102801766.jpg - (38.43KB , 400x360 , S2_21_Night_Nine_patch.jpg )
so we're on for another night shoot on the 17th? i'd better find me more .223 and quick.
>> No. 3730 ID: 06f96c
Mothers day is the 1st and the 15th
>> No. 3731 ID: c1c101
I should be down to hit this one, provided a few things are true. Namely that I'm not dying of plague in 9 days and I can ride up with Soren, as my current wheels are somewhat less than ideal for a road trip and I'll happily pitch in for gas. Also provided I won't have any personality clashes with anyone else who goes. I'm sure this allusion isn't lost on porncop at the least.

For clarification, are we talking the night of the 16th into the 17th, or the night of the 17th into the 18th?
>> No. 3732 ID: e6eb4d
I'm out. My truck is giving me an education in vehicle maintenance and I don't have the funds for good times.
>> No. 3733 ID: e232ff
File 143123963052.jpg - (797.66KB , 1280x960 , leiandsoren.jpg )

I've got work and will be unable to make it.


Did you make it home ok after we last saw you today?

Also here's a pic of Lei and Soren from the spot Soren showed us today.
>> No. 3735 ID: c4008f
I'm fine, got a new battery in the truck, and will be putting a new alternator in the truck this week. It works for about 5 minutes after I start the truck, then dies.

"Fair" condition my ass, but on the bright side in getting an education in car repair, so meh.
>> No. 3736 ID: 158bf6
Bummer, I know how that can go. I loved my old Ranger but I'll be damned if I didn't spend more weekends under the hood swapping alternators and starters and plugs and distro caps...loved that truck for how easy things were to get to but I don't miss sinking so much time into it. Hope the rig works out for you in the long haul.

Anyone else from the Portland area gonna hit the night shoot who has an extra seat?
>> No. 3737 ID: 158bf6
AlternateLy, if I can make the meeting point in Olympia, can I ride up the rest of the way with someone?
>> No. 3738 ID: 85304d
Sure can. It is sounding like just a three man event right now.
>> No. 3739 ID: d24efb
Word. So again for clarification, is this Saturday night or Sunday night we are talking about?
>> No. 3741 ID: b52eac

But for clarity, this Sunday, meeting at the Cooper point road Haggen at about 8. Mr. Fir, if you will be joining us, please drop me an email.
>> No. 3742 ID: c1c101
My attendance is currently....uncertain. I've gained some ground in my battle with the plague,but am currently at a standstill. Still have a few days to get over it, though.
>> No. 3743 ID: 85304d
That is ok, because I am regretfully going to have to cancel the shoot. They have, quite literally, blown the pit up. Shoot is off.
>> No. 3744 ID: 06f96c
>> No. 3745 ID: 85304d
Wanna grill some chicken tomorrow? Might as well make use of the day.
>> No. 3746 ID: 283f1f
This post now requires pictures.
>> No. 3747 ID: 75e134
File 143200273969.jpg - (1.58MB , 2592x1456 , WP_20150517_005.jpg )
finna got our grill on my niggaz
>> No. 3748 ID: e6c121
What kind of cat?
>> No. 3749 ID: 35f753
Got a call today about a contract gig fixing 737-800s near Everett. I've been unemployed for 8 weeks, so I'll take it.

Won't be official until next week, but it looks like I'll be headed that way soon.

Unless anyone knows of a spare bedroom on that end that can be rented out to a guy with a dog, I plan on sleeping in my truck.

I don't know how long the job will be, so it's not a "move all my stuff" move. I'll take the basics.

I plan on returning to PDX after the gig is over.

Unless something huge changes.

But in any case, looks like I'll be headed north on 8 June. We're meeting up somewhere in that AO that Friday, because we need to.
>> No. 3750 ID: 060538
Don't know of anywhere, as right now my place is +1 over capacity. Can make sure you've got a shower and secure storage (garage) space, though, if you need it for anything you wanna bring but don't want in a vehicle. Downside is that it's a good 30m drive from Everett.
>> No. 3751 ID: 4aea00
I start at ATS in Everett on 15 June. I'll drive up at some point the week before, not exactly sure when, and try to figure out where the dog and I are going to sleep long-term.

It's not a permanent job, though.
>> No. 3752 ID: 06f96c
My dog HATES black labs, but you are welcome to stay a few nights, clean up etc. I am also in pretty close proximity to both an orthodox church (Serbian) and a Monestary
>> No. 3753 ID: d3cb3c
I plan on attending Liturgy at the monastery on Vashon Island every weekend anyways.

Send me your address, please. I'll need to crash with you or hoolahoop for a few nights before I get an apartment so I can avoid ending up with another psycho.
>> No. 3754 ID: 75e134
File 143311726437.jpg - (974.95KB , 2592x1456 , WP_20150519_002[1].jpg )
dougfir is practically just across a bridge from me. either way you end up just hit me up bro.
>> No. 3761 ID: f2c4ed
Hey, so Tacticool and I are going hiking Saturday, mid-day. This is a "guns and strutting" hike, not a "bring toddlers and a picnick basket" hike.

Which makes it awesome.

We'll try to be back by 1700.

Get a hold of either of us if you want to join, I'm assuming we'll all carpool out.
>> No. 3763 ID: 7fa4f5
Gentlemen: Arms expo in Yakima. Was going to go with Porncop Senior, but he bailed on me. Any interest?
>> No. 3764 ID: 329078
I got my shift assignment today, Friday to Monday, 0530-1600. I'm pretty much unavailable for everything.
>> No. 3793 ID: c2d7da
Pretty much the same situation I'm in. Sucks.

On that note, I do plan on trying to get out during my weekends a bit. Anyone know of a few spots near Seattle that aren't always full of chucklefucks, preferably stretching out to ~400m? At the very least I need to get out & zero my stuff properly, and it'd be damned handy to do it in a more flexible environment.
>> No. 3809 ID: f2c4ed
Tacticool showed me a spot the week I arrive that's that or more, but I don't know the exact location. I'll be going innawoods to hike and climb most every week, if I find any good shooting spots I'll be making a note of where they are.
>> No. 3810 ID: c2d7da
Got a rough idea? Going to go zero my stuff, as I'd like to try to kick over to the Appleseed shoot in Port Townsend this weekend and see what that's all about. Unfortunately, it's a bit of a pain in the ass to to it by the book at a local range, because nobody's got a 25m line. Ideally I'd like to do more than just zero and stretch my legs a bit after, especially since I want to see how close the BDC on my new optic is.
>> No. 3811 ID: f2c4ed
File 14362853083.png - (1.16MB , 1113x697 , Shootan ranging.png )
I found it.

See this, kids, is why when you're walking inna woods, you should be making mental notes about major landmarks. I found it by tracing high-tension lines until I found the substation, then looked for a quarry.
>> No. 3812 ID: b52eac
Also, the one pit that we had the night shoot is open again.
>> No. 3813 ID: c2d7da
What sort of available target placement distances are open there? Seems like it'd be a bit of a haul for me, but might well be worth it.

Any idea who controls that land? Doesn't look like BLM/National land at a glance, and the last thing I wanna do is set up for the day then have some Deputy show up and ruin it.
>> No. 3815 ID: b52eac
The line of fire is max about 50 yards or so. About a 120 degree arc of backstop.
>> No. 3816 ID: f2c4ed
I don't. I know that Tacticool said it required a DIscovery Pass or whatever it's called, so I'm assuming it's BLM/State Forest land.

It's definitely gated, we had to walk in, so I don't think anyone'll just show up on you.
>> No. 3817 ID: c4277d
Oh shit, anyone planning a shoot again soon? I just relocated up to Tacoma area from AZ, and am looking to get out a bit.
>> No. 3818 ID: f2c4ed
It depends on your work schedule. I work weekends, so does DougFir, whilst PornCop and Tacticool get normal shifts. I'm not sure what days of the week Hoolahoop works, all of which stacks up to "we don't get to shoot anywhere near as often as I'd like."
>> No. 3819 ID: c4277d
I work monday-friday 7-4, so yea, pretty normal
>> No. 3820 ID: c2d7da
I'm in the Friday - Tuesday group, so maybe we can get a midweek group going with the 3 of us?
>> No. 3821 ID: 7355c1
i'm off sundays through tuesdays. sundays are usually ideal because tacticool is typically off on weekends only.

it's a little bit of a haul. typically id bring a pack and a war belt along to distribute the weight of all my shooting gear, water, snacks and other supply on me because it's like a mile from the gate to the gravel pit we would typically shoot at in the area.

fuck yeah, night shoot when?
>> No. 3822 ID: f2c4ed
You and I are going to have to go hiking/shooting Tuesdays, then. There's just no way I'm going to try to fit a Sunday afternoon shoot in when I get off at 1600 and have work at 0530 the next morning.
>> No. 3823 ID: f2c4ed
Just not this Tuesday, because I have to drive back to PDX to get my car title out of my gun safe, turns out I have register my car here in WA even if I'm only a temporary resident. Thieves.
>> No. 3824 ID: c2d7da

Managed to hit up the Monroe pit that Soren posted. Not bad at all, aside from that fucking gate. Reasonably clean, too. If I'd been able to get my van back to the pit itself, I'd have been able to clean up the whole thing in less time than the round-trip walk took, and had a bunch of trash bags with me for just that purpose.

I wonder if there's a way to get a key for those gates, or at least request they be unlocked for a couple days at a time?
>> No. 3825 ID: 294081
File 143691879088.jpg - (235.01KB , 768x1024 , DSCN3200.jpg )
Well, I finally got my stuff up to snuff. Was anyone talking about doing another PNW meet this summer?
>> No. 3826 ID: f2c4ed
It's a matter of work schedules, mostly. Otherwise, yes, I'd be totally up for something.
>> No. 3827 ID: cf0c2a
PNW Opchan campout. Also known as: how to end the drought.
>> No. 3828 ID: 8060ad
I live like 20 minutes from the Monroe pit. Whenever I go, I clean up a little trash. It's honestly not that bad.

We could all have a little shooting time sometime there.
>> No. 3829 ID: b89631
Fugg, this thread has been a lot more active recently, sorry I was afk but works been busy.

The spot is pretty good, I've only seen chucklefucks once. But, lets try to keep it on the dl. I know opchanners arent going to ruin everything, but I'd hate for this spot to become triangle pit 2 as everyone tells their friends tells their friends about it.

Could have shot me a text or something, I would have hooked you up, though thanks for the more accurate range estimate.

Its DNR land. Other than a discovery pass youre good to go unless you start killing deer out of season.

Yeah, that fucking gate helps keep the tards out. They did a bunch of work to close up the alternate paths in recently which I haven't seen ANY tards since then. The guy who showed me the place does good work keeping it clean, but thanks for lending a hand. He's been trying to get a key for a year or so so he can drive his truck up the path and pick up all the trash, but he keeps getting bounced around between agencies and logging companies and has since given up iirc. You're free to try your luck though, I'd love to be able to get up there without having to do the hike (though i guess it builds character)

Havent seen your ass in forever. Hows shit been man? I didn't know you knew about the spot or even shot anymore. Get any 7.5x54 in recently?
>> No. 3830 ID: b52eac
Gentlemen, having whiskey and cigars at my place on the 30th. Beats the fuck out of commemorating my birthday at work. Email if you are interested and if you need me to pick a stick up for you.
>> No. 3831 ID: f2c4ed
Since it's been far too long since I've pulled the trigger, I'm going to hit up the Monroe pit next Sunday after work. I'll have to swing past home in Marysville first, but I think I can be at the pit by 1715.

Ya'll should show up.
>> No. 3832 ID: c4277d
That's almost 2 hours from my place, in good traffic, but I might try and make it out...
Damn, cant make the 30th, but look forward to meeting you in person eventually.
>> No. 3833 ID: c2d7da
Not even off of work until 1700 on Sundays. Figure half an hour home, half an hour to load up / grab a bite, and then an hour to Monroe would put me at 1900 at best. With the locked gate, figure 20-30 minutes to the pit...

...doesn't seem real likely, but I guess we'll see.
>> No. 3834 ID: 7355c1
shiiiiiet i aint never free on no thursday.

i guess we could end up turning that into a night shoot of sorts.
>> No. 3835 ID: f2c4ed
Not with work at 0530 on Monday, we're not. At least, not for me.
>> No. 3836 ID: 2b336e
If you do make it, give Soren's truck (and Soren himself, possibly) some lovin' for me.

You know what I mean.
>> No. 3837 ID: b89631
File 143754094760.jpg - (1.20MB , 2592x1456 , WP_20150721_20_06_56_Pro.jpg )
>> No. 3838 ID: f2c4ed
Dude, I fuckin' love that picture. The best part is that a full-size Kraut machine gun looks proportional to me.
>> No. 3839 ID: 4e5fd8
If you go out to the pit tomorrow, do me a solid and grab any identifying marks (manufacturer, model) of the gate lock there. Photos would be good, too. I remember the general look of it, but not enough to ID it.
>> No. 3840 ID: f2c4ed
I'm pretty sure I don't want to know why, so don't tell me unless we're face-to-face so I can deny it later.
>> No. 3841 ID: f2c4ed
Sorry, I remembered on the way in, and totally forgot when I was actually near the lock.
>> No. 3843 ID: 4e5fd8
Yeah, not anything destructive, of course. Call it less-than-idle curiosity.

I'll probably make another trip up to sight in my PS90. I'll just grab the info I need then.
>> No. 3844 ID: f2c4ed
Let me know when you're going, I want a comparison picture to this: >>3837
>> No. 3845 ID: b89631
I wanna head out there too if you guys go, I can be tempted to bring the 34 to function test it and for comparison against the ps90.
>> No. 3846 ID: f2c4ed
Sunday evening, 9 August. Meetup at the Monroe walmart at 1530, travel to the pit from there.

Also, on a totally (un)related note, I have a buddy that's selling a car. This is relevant because it doesn't go in reverse, overheats on the highway, and is basically a rolling piece of shit. He's kinda unlikely to get an offer on craigslist, and will probably have to scrap it.

I kinda want to buy it for scrap prices, trailer it out to a shooting location, shoot the hell out of it, and then drop it off at a scrapyard.

On video of course, with precise pictures taken for the purposes of scientifically determining things like how bullets travel through windshields, engine blocks, and doors.
>> No. 3847 ID: 85304d
Well, shit, gonna be in South Dakota. Enjoy, gents.
>> No. 3848 ID: c4277d
Damn, I would, but that is a long drive in rush hour traffic for me to go shooting... It would be super cool if we could find a place to shoot closer to Tacoma...
>> No. 3849 ID: f2c4ed
If you know of a free-to-play range where we can move around while we shoot, post up a location and we'll go there. The Monroe pit's like 45 minutes from my house, good enough for me, but it ain't great for everyone else.
>> No. 3850 ID: 294081
Where's the pit in question?
>> No. 3851 ID: f2c4ed
The one pictured here. >>3811 There's no address, but if you can't find a location from a sat map and GPS...LEARN.
>> No. 3852 ID: b89631
>I kinda want to buy it for scrap prices, trailer it out to a shooting location, shoot the hell out of it, and then drop it off at a scrapyard.
Id be down to pitch in if we can find a place to shoot it.

You might be interested in using it as cover in training...shooting around/over/through it and stuff. I know some guys practice drawing and firing around a steering wheel for example.
>> No. 3853 ID: 3f073c
I am interested to check it out. I havent been to a decent pit since Barrack Hussein Obama's forest service appointee closed Tinkham.
>> No. 3854 ID: 294081
File 14392699375.jpg - (40.35KB , 480x360 , P08-09-15_17_37.jpg )
Well, I had fun.
>> No. 3855 ID: 1fcda9
Don't suppose you grabbed any shots of that lock, specifically the keyway, didya?
>> No. 3856 ID: 294081
>> No. 3857 ID: 75e134
File 143931997091.jpg - (478.76KB , 720x1280 , 1.jpg )
yep, sure wish we had more shit to shoot at, though.
>> No. 3858 ID: 75e134
File 143932000745.jpg - (1.02MB , 720x1280 , 2.jpg )
forgot muh trip.
>> No. 3859 ID: 294081
File 143934228559.png - (1.47MB , 735x877 , View.png )
Also: called it.
>> No. 3860 ID: f2c4ed
Uhh, so during the drive back from PDX, where Tacticool and I picked up my gun safe, my surfboard, and his new M1A, the rear diff on my truck blew out the oil seal, followed shortly by the everything else.

I spent all day yesterday getting it rolling, it can do that, but it's entirely non-driveable. The T-case doesn't work (might be a simple linkage issue), and with the rear driveshaft gone, there's a lovely new vibration that I can't drive with. Until I can replace the rear axle housing and (almost certainly) the driveshaft and/or U-joints, my truck is down.

Now, there are quite a few similar rigs around town in the various junkyards, and I've seen a couple parts rigs on craigslist, but that's not my immediate problem. The right now problem is that I have to get to work, otherwise I've no money for anything, parts or otherwise.

Is there anyone here that has a spare car I can borrow for the short-term?
>> No. 3862 ID: b89631
File 14398365705.jpg - (1.36MB , 2592x1456 , WP_20150816_19_09_59_Pro.jpg )
Heres a pic of the gate lock, NLA. Its trapped in a barrel which is only accessible from the bottom, so it makes it really hard to see the sides/top, but this pic turned out pretty well.
>> No. 3863 ID: 7d4d14
Sadly, I've not got much to offer you, especially since I'm working 70+ hours this week. Guessing repair isn't really an option, but if you need tools or anything I might be able to help out there.

Groovy. Sucks that it's a BEST, but looks like it's probably a BA or K keyway. If you (or anyone else) heads back and can get a good head-on shot of the keyway, that'll probably help me narrow it down a bit more. I was hoping to head up in the middle of the week with a couple books and such and ID it on the way by, but OT has shot that right in the ass. I'm not even sure I'll have a day off before next month.
>> No. 3864 ID: 85304d
Any interest in a night shoot on the September 6th? Plan is head out at dusk, get back when we are done.
>> No. 3865 ID: b89631
I'll take a head-on pic if you don't already have one next time I'm up there, but it may be a while.
>> No. 3866 ID: f2c4ed
>implying I'm not going to have repairs finished later today.
>> No. 3867 ID: 237eb2
>> No. 3868 ID: ff96cf
File 143993758133.jpg - (4.10MB , 5312x2988 , 20140925_065948.jpg )
I should be able to make that. Was pretty bummed when the last one got cancelled.

Been pretty eager to see how my afro-engineered tape setup works on the range.
>> No. 3869 ID: ff96cf
File 143993778295.jpg - (4.14MB , 5312x2988 , 20140925_065958.jpg )
Or i could post the side that actually has the tape switch. Derp.
>> No. 3870 ID: 75e134
File 143996797149.jpg - (216.39KB , 532x480 , Night%20Nine%20Subduded.jpg )
i used zip ties to secure the tape switch i got with my mini-scount to the top of my pic rail. they seemed to hold fine after 100 continuous rounds despite being mounted directly on top of the gas block after.

also, night shoot at capitol forest on the 6th of september, gents?
>> No. 3871 ID: cd325b
Yeah, but electrical tape is 90's delta force chic!
>> No. 3872 ID: f2c4ed
Anyone else feel like spending the night out at the range pit? I don't know (or particularly care) what the weather's going to be like, and I feel like throwing up a shelter half and just sleeping out there, especially given that we'll probably be out there until midnight anyways.
>> No. 3873 ID: e6c121
Just don't try to find the river at night while wasted.
>> No. 3874 ID: 85304d
My concern with the plan is how profoundly unclean others are when they use the pit. My proposal is either finding a camp a little ways off or crash at my place. I have done a little scouting and found a few little roads near there that would work.
>> No. 3875 ID: 75e134

also, does anybody have a laser rangefinder i could use during the shoot? i'd like to zero my optic when we go out.
>> No. 3876 ID: 027dd3
I'm a no-go. I was voluntold for a firewatch Sunday night.

At least it's double-time for doin' nothing.
>> No. 3877 ID: 85304d
At that pit, there is a sizable cliff that we would find before the river.
>> No. 3879 ID: b89631
File 144136780452.jpg - (127.20KB , 1080x612 , V__1442.jpg )
Here's the headon. Its pretty hard getting a good pic though, the angles are weird. Its basically at the bottom of an upside down steel bucket.

I'm in once I get the necessary gear.
>> No. 3880 ID: b52eac
If you have both a couple of flashlights and some sort of tape, you have all of the shit you need. The tacticool shit is much more slick and pretty, but you can do what needs doing with just those. Hell, we didn't even give Soren shit (or at least, not much) for his afro-engineered light mount. And besides, we can let you try some different light set ups, see what might work for you. Just bring some range fodder.
>> No. 3881 ID: f2c4ed
If it works, it ain't stupid. That fuckin' flashlight is still paracorded to my rifle, too.

I have to step out of the night shoot, I don't have enough money to buy bullets in sufficient quantities to make for a worthwhile range trip.
>> No. 3882 ID: b52eac
AAR: Shoot was a success. Most attendees were not opchanners. Safety was a major concern, but seemed to be good overall. Two issues that arose were the difficulty of head counts prior to courses of fire and positive identification of admitted shooters. A proposed solution was looping a light into shooter's kits.

Most illumitation solutions seemed adequate. It seems that the shooters without illumitation on their secondaries had to improvise, some using their primary pointed by their support hand at the target.

I am considering adding a light to my kit to make ninja belt light and pistol use more similar to that with my edc shit. Some manner of dump pouch might also be nice, as having a place for empties will help, though dropping them into my jacket proved sufficient.
>> No. 3883 ID: 4c9c56
File 144186485183.jpg - (74.44KB , 1000x670 , BIG GUY.jpg )
>A proposed solution was looping a light into shooter's kits.
some of the shooters had glow sticks looped around their tacticool gear, or just shoved between their earmuffs and skulls. i always make it a point to bring a few of those every time we shoot at night to loop around my war belt.

> Some manner of dump pouch might also be nice, as having a place for empties will help, though dropping them into my jacket proved sufficient.
i ended up picking up an old SAW pouch yesterday when i was casing out milsurp stores with tactikool, which i'll probably use for shotshells if im not using it as a dump pouch. also, huff puts hi-vis tape on some of his mags for easy identification when dropped on the ground.
>> No. 3885 ID: e6c121
File 144255943673.jpg - (703.11KB , 1200x1600 , IMG_0175.jpg )
Fall and winter are coming. Time for another SW WA/Portland area camp and shoot?
>> No. 3886 ID: f2c4ed
>> No. 3887 ID: 85304d
>> No. 3888 ID: 4c9c56
File 144263426157.jpg - (111.14KB , 600x744 , 1403499769514.jpg )
i've heard the stories. count me in!
>> No. 3889 ID: ad31ba
I have some tannerite, I could bring.
>> No. 3890 ID: 0b4467
Pending on what dates it happens I should be down.
>> No. 3894 ID: f2c4ed
Somebody set us up a date for the campout as soon as possible, please. I'm good for any Friday night, and stretching it out to Saturday night as well also works.
>> No. 3895 ID: 0b4467
Getting into the busy time of year so I don't have too many weekends open. My schedules pretty restrictive, so if it has to happen on a weekend I can't make it I completely understand.

I can get either of these weekends off (including Fri) just need at least 2-3 weeks advance notice so my boss can make the schedule work.

>> No. 3896 ID: f2c4ed
>implying we can only go camping once...
Why not try to make this a monthly thing? That way folks can sometimes make it, and sometimes they won't get to, but it's not going to be the only one we do that season.

October 16-18 works for me, so would the week after that. I'm probably going to be arms-deep in my truck the 10th, unless things go *very* well this coming weekend.

But let's also go for Nov 27-29 as well, because damnit, camping's fun, and we should do it more often.

>> No. 3897 ID: b52eac
Sounds good to me. Just need to request the time off. November might be tough at this point because lolstate.
>> No. 3898 ID: 4c9c56
the november dates sound the best to me.
>> No. 3899 ID: 335a26
Just realized the Nov weekend is Black Friday weekend so will not be able to get the time off for that one, and the October 10/11 schedule has already been written so I can't get it off.

Sorry guys, looks like I won't be able to camp this winter :(
>> No. 3900 ID: f2c4ed
What, you leaving town after November?
>> No. 3901 ID: 335a26

Nope just have a gun show every weekend for the rest of the year - excluding Christmas when I'll be out of town. Don't have my Jan schedule set yet but if its like last year will most likely be the same story.
>> No. 3902 ID: 54dd4d
File 144374590214.jpg - (9.14KB , 368x267 , 1440136251808.jpg )

I'm going to be in town tomorrow, so lets hit up Rogue's at 9PM and bitch about guns.
>> No. 3903 ID: d90840
File 144399223182.jpg - (3.23MB , 4320x2432 , IMG_20151003_154434578.jpg )
>> No. 3904 ID: d90840
File 144399225458.jpg - (4.12MB , 4320x2432 , IMG_20151003_154923605.jpg )
more guns
>> No. 3907 ID: d90840
File 144399237369.jpg - (3.79MB , 2432x4320 , IMG_20151003_160616050.jpg )
weird nugget bullets
>> No. 3908 ID: d90840
File 144399240415.jpg - (3.61MB , 2432x4320 , IMG_20151003_160656567.jpg )
>> No. 3909 ID: d90840
File 144399251441.jpg - (3.23MB , 4320x2432 , IMG_20151003_164017442.jpg )
>> No. 3910 ID: d90840
File 144399253462.jpg - (3.06MB , 4320x2432 , IMG_20151003_164214277.jpg )
>> No. 3911 ID: d90840
File 144399260375.jpg - (3.27MB , 2432x4320 , IMG_20151003_165702725.jpg )
I didn't know the RPD was made by HK
>> No. 3912 ID: d90840
File 144399266196.jpg - (3.05MB , 4320x2432 , IMG_20151003_170406014.jpg )
>> No. 3913 ID: d90840
File 144399272557.jpg - (4.92MB , 4320x2432 , IMG_20151003_180454848.jpg )
>> No. 3914 ID: d90840
File 144399275321.jpg - (3.30MB , 2432x4320 , IMG_20151003_180951781.jpg )
>> No. 3915 ID: d90840
File 144399278333.jpg - (2.81MB , 2432x4320 , IMG_20151003_174557459.jpg )
>> No. 3916 ID: d90840
File 144399281443.jpg - (2.89MB , 4320x2432 , IMG_20151003_173420092.jpg )
ultimate sniper challenge winner
>> No. 3917 ID: d90840
File 144399304457.jpg - (2.64MB , 2432x4320 , IMG_20151003_154727306.jpg )
rtf doing his best impression of a cool spy
>> No. 3918 ID: d90840
File 144399306412.jpg - (3.91MB , 2432x4320 , IMG_20151003_155644841.jpg )
>> No. 3919 ID: d90840
File 144399378812.jpg - (3.13MB , 2432x4320 , IMG_20151003_164954904.jpg )
>> No. 3922 ID: b52eac
You guys ready for some camping?
>> No. 3923 ID: f2c4ed
Yes, absolutely. Where and when? I got too busy with other things the last few weeks to locate a spot.
>> No. 3925 ID: 85304d
I had thought we were on this weekend, up for a shoot instead?
>> No. 3926 ID: f2c4ed
Works for me. At the Oly pit?
>> No. 3927 ID: b52eac
Probably the easiest place to go. I will get some ribs started. Be nice to have some pig along with our shooting.
>> No. 3931 ID: f9afee
Weekend of the 25th works best for me.
>> No. 3933 ID: 35d98d
I'm booked for the next couple of weeks. I've got to save up for a possible Christmas road trip, that means working a lot of overtime.

Let's aim for 20 November.
>> No. 3934 ID: e9b78a

Since I'm picking up a pair of TLR-1s tomorrow, in going shooting at the Monroe pit next Saturday at our around 2030.

So be there if you want to be.

Rain or not.
>> No. 3935 ID: 644af8

Gonna have to vote for late Nov too. At this point it's questionable whether or not I'll have a day off before December.

I've really got to get my shit together. Seems like I've missed every meet or shoot due to work or some other bullshit.

OTOH, I'm almost certainly going to profit enough to get some neat new toys. Thinking I'll get an integral laser added to my PS90.
>> No. 3944 ID: f2c4ed
I'll be going camping up inna hills on the night of 27 November. That's Black Friday, because I'm not going to go shopping, and don't really even want to be out around town It's going to be about 2 miles to the campsite from the trailhead, but it's a mean two miles. This will be a "IT'S HAPPENING" camping trip, meaning bring your backpack and your weapons.
>> No. 3945 ID: 85304d
Shoot me details, if you get a chance. I should be able to make it.
>> No. 3946 ID: 4c9c56
where at? monroe?
>> No. 3951 ID: f2c4ed
So, in view of a burgeoning need to not be inside, I've decided that the first FRIDAY of every month will be my camping night. Locations will be determined on a more or less unplanned basis, and may involve rain, snow, and/or misery.

ALL camping trips will involve carrying the full SHTF load, just because reasons.

Ya'll have my email, hell, most of you have my phone number, so if you want in, just lemme know.

And there's always next month.

But tonight, I'll be at the Monroe pit. Saturday's not going to keep working, though.
>> No. 3957 ID: 644af8
Any of you fuckers wanna buy an AAC SDN-6, NIB? $700's what I'm asking, because I want rid of this thing and Obama's goddamned EO requiring CLEO sigs may just finally hit in the next month or two, so I wanna move it quick.
>> No. 3970 ID: f2c4ed
File 145372303514.jpg - (1.34MB , 2064x1161 , PBE BRV.jpg )
We need to find a range where I can drive this thing all the way to the backstop.

I'd like to keep it functional for as long as possible, so we can do tactical vehicle shit with it, but I also want to take video (good video!) of through-the-glass shots at targets inside and out to get an idea of how that affects things. Engine/drive train are "please don't shoot", the rest is goodago.

It cost me the equivalent of a single shift of OT, and renting a car hauler will be about $50 + fees to bring it out for a day of shooting. I'll drop by DMV tomorrow, but I won't be getting plates or insurance for it because there's really no point for a car that won't be roadworthy at all, and barely is now.

To me, this is totally worth it for the added benefit of being able to engage a target through a windshield, because I for one don't really want to do tactical drills in my daily driver just in case I accidentally a round into the dashboard.
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