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File 142974763320.gif - (3.28MB , 409x235 , rocket-propelled-grenadecamperblown-upboom.gif )
3719 No. 3719 ID: 097fc9
GA OPERATOR range meet on private land (thank Stoplossed for the hook up)

Date: 7/4/15
Time: Starts at 12 and main even at 5

Main Event: Pic related (sub RPG with tannerites)

Location: some where in south GA (will update info as we get them nail down)
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>> No. 3755 ID: c3e6b2
File 143327257059.jpg - (693.50KB , 1449x2091 , DSC05943 - Copy.jpg )
I found a dog this morning and we can take it to the range meet to shoot it.

Pic the dog I found
>> No. 3756 ID: a8b93c
File 143369946457.jpg - (1.32MB , 2048x1536 , IMG_0300.jpg )
Any update on this? I have an old computer case and several lbs of binary I've been saving for just such an occasion.
>> No. 3757 ID: c3e6b2
:( I thought I had a possible place lined up but it's not working out. Stoplossed is asking someone in Monroe county. There is a place in Rhine, GA but that is a small town and people go missing there.

Worse case it would be White Oak, GA (it's going to be a hell of a drive). Also going to order the tannerite soon - $300 for 40lb of that stuff
>> No. 3758 ID: a8b93c
File 143396949129.jpg - (142.43KB , 960x848 , 1430022189094.jpg )

You can get 40# for $249.99 at boombinarys.com
>> No. 3759 ID: 097fc9
File 143408626414.png - (81.55KB , 421x422 , 4th July.png )
Got more update from Stoplossed he found a place in Wheeler County, GA and to quote "vacant dirt road" once he is back in civilization he will give coordinates so we can find direction for it.

Going to order the tannerites this weekend or early next week.
>> No. 3760 ID: c3e6b2
Doesn't come with mixing container but from their video it doesn't look too hard to mix them. Beside we have a big ass container already >>3377

>> No. 3766 ID: f7aef9
File 143489886288.jpg - (37.74KB , 500x349 , 1309306261747.jpg )
Ok this just in: The dirt road plan is shit canned due to an eccentric farmer that owns property on it. According to rumor he's a dick.

Good news is there is another place. Private property. Another eccentric farmer type of guy but he likes explosions. I will confirm it tomorrow.
>> No. 3768 ID: a8b93c
File 143498305465.jpg - (95.50KB , 1000x423 , M11_Lage_11112008_ 014.jpg )

How many eccentric farmers do you know?

I am down to bring pic related if you are down to bring 9mm.
>> No. 3769 ID: c3e6b2
File 143498702960.jpg - (61.24KB , 663x960 , Creeper.jpg )
Do you have mag loader for those?

As soon I get the word I'll order the tannerite, also going to blow this thing up too
>> No. 3770 ID: a8b93c

I do. They are a pain in the butt to reload without one.
>> No. 3772 ID: a8b93c
File 143498977912.gif - (778.44KB , 409x360 , 1306367367779.gif )

You should fill him up with ketchup packets like pic related. He can become Squibby Doo.
>> No. 3773 ID: c3e6b2
Jesus O_o that is fucking awesome looking. May have to pay a visit to thrift store for some cheap ass plushies + store brand Ketchup
>> No. 3774 ID: 097fc9
  I want to do something like this but with REAL guns
>> No. 3775 ID: a8b93c

I have always wanted to do a "drive by" on a reactive target or ketchup animal... Some guy on the History Channel did it out of an old gangster car with a tommy gun shooting at a stack of paint cans... looked like too much fun.
>> No. 3776 ID: c3e6b2
Damn that boombinarys.com doesn't fuck around, I ordered it last night and it's already shipped
>> No. 3777 ID: c3e6b2
Doesn't look like we'll be able to find a place to explode the camper but Creeper and Scooby still need exploding so we are going to meet at Beaverdam WMA range

Beaverdam WMA Shooting Range Toomsboro, GA 31090

32.703724, -82.983096

We usually meet at near by Wal-Mart for potty break and pick up last min stuff. Then head to the range.
>> No. 3778 ID: a8b93c

You have been to this range before then? Is there usually a RO? WMA staff usually get a hair up their ass about explosive targets.
>> No. 3779 ID: 097fc9
File 143563047616.jpg - (105.49KB , 500x375 , hambeast_by_mikokume_raie-d4a1ilb.jpg )
We been there multiple time, no RO. The few times OpChan has been there we usually scare the people away by our array and quantity of our weaponry.

But last time a single family creep us out, a car pulls up and just sit there with engine running. After 30 mins a ham beast and her spawning came out of it with alpha male still in the car enjoying the AC. We let the range go cold so they can setup target too. Hambeast "My son likes to shoot alone"

"Umm, it's going to be a while before we leave"

hambeast "That's ok we'll wait"

Nothing we can't handle really but this time I am walking down range with my rifle with me instead of leaving them on the bench like last time.
>> No. 3780 ID: a8b93c
File 143563430399.jpg - (1.42MB , 2048x1536 , IMG_0316.jpg )

Oh okay cool. Good to know. Hopefully it won't be too busy what being the 4th and all.

I made some blood plushies because why the hell not. Yes I have a fucked up sense of humor.
>> No. 3781 ID: c3e6b2
File 143567947676.jpg - (141.27KB , 960x717 , Rules.jpg )
I found the range rule looks like no FA stuff (Rule 6) and as long as target won't cause ricocheting (Rule 10)
>> No. 3782 ID: a8b93c

Well maybe they will make an exception for one day in the year.
>> No. 3783 ID: c3e6b2
File 143568671371.png - (8.97KB , 415x451 , litter_container.png )
As long we pick up after ourselves we should be alright
>> No. 3784 ID: 37573e
Found a location just in time. Old war buddy from my first deployment( Big Ray ). One problem. No camper explosion this time. Too short of a notice. But! We can still blow the camper up later and can still blow shit up this time, just not a camper (too much cleanup and time constraints). Still going to be epic though.
>> No. 3785 ID: c3e6b2
Meet up 11:30 at

Choo-Choo Build-It Mart
2835 GA-257
Dublin, GA 31021

we'll wait for 30 min, roll out to the site at 12:00 sharp so Stoplossed can lead us to the tannerite shoot site.
>> No. 3786 ID: a8b93c
>Choo-Choo Build-It Mart

I... totally thought you just made that up until I googled it.

Is your email still m--------4@bellsouth?
>> No. 3787 ID: c3e6b2
Yes email me
>> No. 3788 ID: a8b93c
Well the blood plushies may have to wait until next time if my buddy decides to come. Come to find out his good friend shot himself this week. And I don't want to be -that- guy. If he decides to come. We'll see. I will bring some boxes of wood chips to blow up then.
>> No. 3789 ID: 37573e
This just in. Frankengun has a collapsed lung, again. Being that he is being such a faggit about his internal organs collapsing, there wont be epic drone footage of the mushroom cloud. So ground view only of the explosion.
>> No. 3791 ID: 097fc9
I hope Frankengun has a speedy recovery

No it's not Ice Ice Baby
>> No. 3792 ID: 7d8bca
File 143603737325.jpg - (10.62KB , 225x225 , 10464272_666095086798544_9042817349671737866_n.jpg )
>> No. 3794 ID: 097fc9
  Creeper went first
>> No. 3795 ID: 097fc9
  Razor behind my raifu
>> No. 3796 ID: 097fc9
  I guess you can say this range meet was possible in part of... Publix
>> No. 3797 ID: a8b93c
File 143615183164.jpg - (942.69KB , 1600x1200 , IMG_0327.jpg )

It was a bad day to be a computer case or stuffed animal.
>> No. 3798 ID: 097fc9
  Razor blowing up the piggie, afterward he worn piggie's head/face as a hat over his hat.

Razor just wondering if is cool to upload you shooting the 500 Express. Let me know.
>> No. 3799 ID: 097fc9
  Because she was leaning back the MAC-10 stove piped
>> No. 3800 ID: 097fc9
The slow hunch over was just awesome
>> No. 3801 ID: 097fc9
Like Mac from Future Weapon says "One hit from this, and its all over"

This is Cookie Monster taking a 500 Express round.
>> No. 3802 ID: 097fc9
  We blew Scooby >>3755 before this video. It started rain a little, I hauled ass to get behind the raifu and forgot to his record... but don't worry there were plenty of other footages and I am still waiting on them. I'll try to put a multi angle video together.
>> No. 3803 ID: 097fc9
The pfft pfft pfft you hear in the beginning of the video, that's Stoplossed's AR-45 (Urban Survival Rifle)
>> No. 3804 ID: 097fc9
File 143615341246.jpg - (41.83KB , 960x543 , Plato.jpg )
@0:25 you can see something return to earth... that's Plato's pair eye balls
>> No. 3805 ID: 097fc9
File 143615345193.jpg - (49.66KB , 960x543 , Plato Surgery.jpg )
When Plato was getting the implant
>> No. 3806 ID: 097fc9
  Here is one of the Scooby boom video, as you can see I was hauling ass and forgot to press record on the camcorder on tripod. It started to rain and the gas didn't spray and when the tannerite went off it collapsed the dirt behind it and just snuff out the road flare.

But Stoplossed and I learned a lot from this one, we'll do the camper right next time.
>> No. 3807 ID: 097fc9
Someone uploaded the slow mo version. I was blowing the dirt off the un-fired round not kissing it.
>> No. 3808 ID: 097fc9
  After the tannerite shoot, we went to the WMA range and shot some more. I was doing some reloading drill and the end is pretty cool

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