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File 143801937842.jpg - (199.68KB , 937x739 , map.jpg )
3842 No. 3842 ID: 17e2ba
Any flatlanders in Southwest NM, or NW Texas want to shoot something or meetup?
>> No. 3929 ID: c6cdc3
Seems this thread is quite old but I'm up in Santa Fe. Weather willing I wouldn't oppose a little meetup in December. I'd probably just bring my Kadet Kit and do some 22lr shooting since money's tight and 9mm is stupid pricey where I'm at. Also, I'll most likely be going to Dallas at that time so it wouldn't be a big issue to take the long way there. In fact if i40 is looking shitty I'd probably end up driving through Roswell anyway.
>> No. 3930 ID: 17e2ba
Huh; bummer. I was just in Albuquerque for the hot air balloon festival for a few days. I'll keep my eye on this and maybe something will materialize soon.

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