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File 144292554465.jpg - (720.91KB , 1031x1031 , IMG_20150920_180433.jpg )
3892 No. 3892 ID: c9b17d

>pic related dirt mountain.

Alright general discussion for the KY shoot.

I have a sizable about of land that we can shoot out to 250m. We could possibly get out more. There will be a rifle and pistol range.

>What will we do?
We will run drills, shoot, blow up shit, show all our fancy gear off. Whatever your /K/ommando hearts desire.

>Should i bring something?
Some targets will be provided. But we would like everyone to bring something we can shoot. Cinder blocks, steel, tanerite, etc.
Bring whatever you have, bug out bags, tactifag gear, milsurp, nice rifles, shit rifles, bring your fucking nugget for all i care.

>Who can come?
Now this is hard to answer, originally traps were not going to be allowed to come, but due to the current situation of /k/ they will be allowed to come ONLY if you act accordingly and don't act like a fucking creep. If any problems arise i will send you home. Any one else is cool to come... except bronies those people are fucked. But really lets keep shit real i don't want to send anyone back.

>What are the dates, how long?
November 7th-8th. Saturday starting at 12pm and ending at sunday at 6pm. We will be camping on gravel next to some woods. BUT there will be no shooting at night. i have family that live close and do not want to wake them up. But we will have a bonfire and roast food, cook whatever.

>where will it be?
I have some property we will be staying at on the outskirts of Paducah KY, off exit 16 on I-24
Note this maybe changed to somwhere else in the area if i can get some land that we can go out farther and shoot at night.

>What are the rules?
Basic range safety which im sure you all know.

>how do i contact you?
In this thread and email.


Some of you have already emailed me but ANYONE who is coming email me ASAP with your first name and what you will be bringing.
>> No. 3893 ID: 50cd85
Bringing misc scrap and crap from work to act as targets, may drag out the arisakas if I can get enough ammo loaded by then.
>> No. 3924 ID: 6e0ff0
Ballard County here - I've talked to OP, he's a bro, already told him I'm going. I'll be bringing an oh shit kit in case of booboos.
>> No. 3928 ID: eed5a2
I'm in. I've got some steel targets I can bring.
>> No. 3936 ID: f07f0b
Anybody got any ideas on what the weather is going to be like?
>> No. 3937 ID: 50cd85
I have a fairly large FAK as well, will bring it to back up yours.

Will have a bunch of power trowel blades we can zap.

Might be drizzly, will bring some ponchos and tarps in case.
Hoping it's nice though.
>> No. 3940 ID: 50cd85
Weather next weekend is supposed to be mid 50's and mostly sunny.
Hopefully that holds true.
>> No. 3943 ID: 52ed6e
So what happened?

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